This article is by writer & Labrador enthusiast, Lucy Easton.

Labradors are the most popular pedigree dog breed in the world. They hold a special place in our hearts, and you only have to spend a minute with one to find out why.

Their amazing character and fun personalities, combined with great intelligence and loyalty, make them fantastic pets and much loved members of their families.

Here are just a few of the many ways in which Labradors have stolen our hearts:

1. They love a good cuddle


2. They can sleep anywhere


3. They are incredibly clever

4. They are endlessly optimistic

5. They are up for anything

6. They always know how to make us laugh


7. They are young at heart, even when they are fully grown


8. They help us to stay fit


9. But they also know how to relax


10. They are endlessly tolerant


11. They can make friends with anyone

12. They love spending time with their families


Labrador puppies biting

May 14, 2015

Biting is a frequent cause for concern with new Labrador puppy owners. Obviously biting is not an appropriate behaviour,  but we all know small puppies like to nip and bite. So how do we stop puppies biting and nipping us before they are able to do some real damage? At one time people were instructed to […]

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Limber tail, cold water, and your Labrador

May 13, 2015

Your Labrador’s wagging tail is a big part of who he is. It can be quite a shock to see that your dog has lost his wag, especially if his tail appears to be injured. The tail of a dog with limber tail may hang lifelessly from the root or stick out a little before […]

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How to feed a labrador

May 11, 2015

People often ask questions about the best way to feed a Labrador. There are two broad options available. Dry kibble Raw meat and bones Both methods of feeding have their supporters and detractors. How to feed a labrador By far the majority of Labrador owners nowadays, feed their dogs on kibble.   That is the dried […]

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Hip dysplasia: protecting your Labrador puppy

May 6, 2015

If you have purchased or are looking for, a Labrador puppy, you will probably have heard of hip dysplasia. This is a health condition that affects many different breeds of dog, and is particularly serious in larger, heavier breeds like Labradors. Today we are going to be looking at how you can protect your Labrador […]

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Caring for an Older Labrador

April 30, 2015

If you have an older Labrador to care for, you will want to enjoy his autumn years and keep him comfortable. We’re going to take a look at some of the common  problems old age can bring, and at strategies you can use to keep you senior friend fit and happy. It may surprise you […]

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15 Ways to Help your Labrador Stay Slim

April 29, 2015

This article is by writer & Labrador enthusiast, Lucy Easton. Labradors are meant to be fit and healthy. Allowing your Lab to get overweight isn’t just bad for his health, it’s also bad for your bank balance. Unfit dogs have more medical issues, which means more trips to the vet and expensive bills each month. […]

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Health Screening for Labrador diseases

April 27, 2015

Within the Labrador gene pool, lurks a range of unpleasant inherited diseases. Understanding these diseases and learning to detect and prevent them,  is an important part of improving Labrador health on a national basis. A good deal of research has gone into these Labrador diseases. Much of it funded by the Kennel Club and the […]

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8 Natural Snacks to feed your Healthy Labrador

April 21, 2015

Labradors love treats, just like the rest of us. But it is also important that we give them the right sort of food. Whilst it’s fine to give the occasional dog biscuit, you can also enjoy adding in some healthy, natural alternatives. Here are some fun foods you can share with your furry friend: 1. […]

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Labradors as service dogs

April 16, 2015

Labradors have a long tradition of working as service dogs. In recent years these roles have become increasingly diversified. From his origins as a hunting dog, the Labrador Retriever has arguably emerged as one of the most able, intelligent and useful animals ever to work with their human companions. Let’s take a look at some of the […]

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