The Happy Puppy Site

by Lucy on February 26, 2015

This article was written by Lucy Easton.

10 things to buy new puppyAt The Labrador Site we love writing articles which provide important information and fun ideas to owners of Labrador Retrievers.

We cover anything and everything that might be relevant to their lives with us, their training and their day to day care.

From tiny puppies to elderly dogs, we specialise in helping owners of this brilliant breed.

But what if you haven’t made up your mind on the breed of dog you want to share your life with?

What if you are looking for even more specific and detailed information on puppies in general?

Where do you go if you are still making your puppy decisions, or want to compare your breed of choice with some other popular dogs?

Well, I am very pleased to introduce you to The Happy Puppy Site.

The Happy Puppy Site

If you are a first time dog owner, or want to bring a new puppy into the fold, you will have a lot of questions.

Questions regarding breed, temperament, character and looks to begin with.

Then you will want to know how to find the dog of your dreams, in the most reliable and informed manner.

After that you will be getting prepared for welcoming them home, needing to know what equipment to get and what to expect in those early days together.

And after all of the above is said and done, you will need a lot of support in establishing your young friend into your home! From essentials like house training, to obedience training and more.

Why not pay The Happy Puppy Site a visit?

The Happy Puppy Site is run by Labrador Site editor and founder Pippa Mattinson, aiming to create a site which will in time bring you everything you ever needed to know about finding and caring for your puppy.

Just six months old at the time of writing this article, The Happy Puppy Site is already bursting with vital information for new dog owners.    Including an objective and no-holds-barred analysis of some of the most popular dog breeds.

Why not check it out, and let us know what you think!

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