Today’s article is by writer & Labrador enthusiast, Lucy Easton.
dog-books-christmasFBBooks make great gifts. Especially for Labrador owners, obsessed with our furry friends.

Whether you are looking for something informative, or a complete work of fiction, dog books span the genres nicely.

So whatever the Labrador lover in your life is into, there will be a book that they will enjoy.

From funny to serious, sensible to silly, there is something for everyone.

Christmas at Battersea

Battersea are famous for helping and supporting lost, abandoned and unwanted cats and dogs.

batterseaThis is a moving collection of stories, about animals who have come to Battersea dogs and cats home around the festive period.

Tales related by the staff of Battersea and new owners of previously abandoned pets.

What dog owner wouldn’t want to hear more about the triumphs of dogs of a variety of breeds, and how people helped them to overcome difficult situations. Strengthening the bonds between us.

Sometimes sad, but always life affirming, the tales from Battersea will be a welcome addition to anyone this Christmas.

Find out more here.

Guide to Dog-Friendly Holidays in Britain

Phileas Dogg’s Guide to Dog Friendly Holidays in Britain is a great book for any dog owner.

phileas doggThis book will show you where in Britain you can go to find dog-friendly days out, beaches, hotels, pubs, campsites and cottages.

No more need to worry about whether or not your dog will be allowed at your desired destination, just check the book before you go!

Designed for ease of use with indexed place names, and chapters seperated by regions.

Find out more here.

The Happy Puppy Handbook

If your friend has a new puppy or is thinking of getting one in the new year, then this guide will be invaluable.

Happy Puppy jacket imagePacked full of helpful information on puppy care and training, this book is an essential read for new dog owners.

Get the help you need in preparing the house and garden before the puppy arrives.

Learn how to appropriately introduce your new friend to all the family (including children and other animals).

It also covers solving problems like crying, night waking, feeding, upset stomachs, biting, chewing and jumping up.

This book is packed with all you need to know as a puppy owner.

Find out more here.

Off The Leash: A Dog’s Best Friend

From the renowned writer of the Fred cartoons, comes a new cartoon blog for dog lovers.

off the leashThese short cartoons are brilliantly observed, and will ring true to any Labrador owner.

It includes the best dog photos sent in by fans of the online cartoon blog ‘Off The Leash’, and rounds up a new selection of touching and hilarious drawings of a variety of dogs making mischief.

From stealing beds, to out-smarting cats and searching for that ever elusive perfect stick.

Find out more here.

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