Halloween Fun with Labradors

by Lucy on October 20, 2014

Today’s post is by Labrador enthusiast and writer, Lucy Easton. 

Engel und Teufel (Golden Retriever und Labrador)When I was a child, halloween wasn’t really on my radar.

It was something that American’s had fun with on TV, but hadn’t really reached my corner of Hampshire.

It’s amazing to see how it’s popularity has increased.

Nowadays you can’t go past a shop in the run-up to Halloween without seeing a myriad of displays and costume options.

So is it any surprise that a lot of people now want the other important member of the family to join in the fun as well!

Costumes for Labradors

There are lots of fun ways to include your lovely Labrador in the festivities. If you’re bringing her along to a party with the kids, then they will love giving her a costume too.

Check out this page for some fun ideas we have found online.

Another fab way to enjoy the day is to encorporate their costume with your own.

You can get an off the shelf costume for yourself to go with theirs, with just a little imagination. For instance, if you fancy the lion mane for your Labrador, then why not go as Dorothy or The Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz?

Halloween Treats

If you’re hosting a halloween party, there will be plenty of tempting items around.

Your Labrador might be an angel, but most that i’ve known get up to a fair bit of ‘counter-surfing’ when left to their own devices. Remember to keep them shut away from your lovingly prepared food, or make sure it’s pushing right back on the kitchen units if you leave the room!

Don’t forget that not only could a Labrador upset your party by scoffing the food, but it could potentially be very dangerous too.

Please don’t be tempted to give your dog any of the human chocolatey treats from the table. Plenty of human foods are in fact toxic to dogs, so if you want to spoil him pick out something purpose made for dogs from the pet store.

Have Fun

So if you haven’t got involved before, why not make halloween a new bonding time for your family by involving your Labrador? You don’t have to go trick-or-treating to have an excuse to have fun.

Get dressed up, get creative and go nuts for the night.

If you have fun halloween ideas you’d like to share, why not leave them in the comments section below? 

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