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  1. Hi Pippa, I have a question about our new working cocker puppy, Callie (sorry it’s not a Q about a Labrador; this site was the only way I could find to ask a question!) I am a teacher in a boarding school which allows me to have a dog but she would have to be crated during lesson times. Even when I am not teaching she would need to be crated a lot of the time because of meeting, lesson observations, etc. We got Callie at 8 weeks old on the first day of the Summer Holidays (July 1st) and she is very well crate trained. She loves her crate and spends a lot of time in it in a 24 hour period. My problem is that in September, I will take her for some morning exercise in a field (half an hour), then crate her from 8am to 10am, then give her 15 minutes play time after which she will have to be crated again for 2 hours. Then I can exercise/play with her/ have her out of the crate for about an hour and then it’s the crate again for another 2 hours. After that I can exercise her in the grounds and she can freely hang around my classroom and office until it’s time to go home at around 7pm. So what I’m asking is whether it is okay to crate her for 6 hours in 1.5 to 2 hour sessions between 8am and 4pm or whether I need to look for somewhere else for her to go for part of the time (eg the house of someone who lives on site…)? I have read your ‘Totally Gundogs’ beginner’s guide where you recommend not to crate for too long, but I just need to know what counts as too long. She would not always be alone whilst in the crate, just not free to move around the classroom. Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

  2. I am posting for my neighbor who is an older woman with a rescue 1 year old Lab. The dog keeps biting at her hind legs and is releasing urine randomly, she’s been to the Vet. so there is no infection. That’s the first issue. Second is she runs after everything that moves, cars, birds, leaves, lightning bugs, airplanes (jumps in the air after them) , you name it. I think the dog just has a very strong instinct to do what it was bred for. I don’t think these two issues are related, the rescue said sometimes when a dog is spayed too early it can have problems with the bladder?

  3. Hi everyone
    I am a new dog owner to a ten week old black lab. His name is Rudy
    I have 2 young girls and we have come to find in the last week that he’s nipping and biting. I really don’t know what to do. We are also trying to train him which is difficult because it’s winter. Any helpful tips would be very much appreciated. I almost felt like giving him away this morning due to the nipping, I’m scared he’s going to hurt one of our girls
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Marlene, Labradors are not known as a guarding breed. Although it differs from case to case and some Labs will be more protective than others, most Labs will not be at all.

  4. Hello, i currently dealing with a 6 month old black lab he recently developed aggression towards random people. He appears very territorial it seems with my youngest daughter I also have another dog a border collie and the lab at times shows excessive aggresion when playing with him. Is this a matter i should be concerned? Would nuttering help? Any advise would help.. thanks he is a wonderful dog and would hate to rehome him if possible.

  5. Hi all I am British and living in the Philippines, my wife and I, both dog lovers, were looking for a dog and came across two gorgeous 4 month old black Labrador puppies. We immediately fell in love with them but could really only take one, the female.
    That all changed when my wife asked what would happen to the other one and was told the owner would take it to the local market because no one wanted them because they would grow large, my wife knew exactly what he meant, that the brother would end up on someones dinner table. We immediately took both of them , they are now 2 years old and are the most beautiful, affectionate dogs we have ever had.
    I dread to think of their fate if we had not adopted them as part of our family.
    I have a picture of them at the owners, tied together, and if you could see it the look in their eyes and faces pleading with us to take them home. I would like to think that any dog lover would have done the same

  6. Hi Pippa,
    My Labrador is 8 months old. I’ve been feeding him Hills Science diet food since I had him which is from 9 weeks of age. He is well exercised lean and fit. However he is boisterous, bites without provocation and tears everything in sight, quite a wild animal. On a couple of occasions he has had diarrhoea and was off regular pet food substituted with boiled chicken etc. I have noticed a drastic change in his behaviour when he is taken off commercial pet food. He is calmer, more loveable and tamed. I am very concerned by this. I would love him to be friendly and calm rather than his biting wild self. The commercial food he eats is the best selling recommended by the breeder and the vet. Could you please advise me whether I can take him off this food and provide him with fresh raw or cooked meats instead. Why is his behaviour so different when introduced to two different diets. Please help

  7. Hi,
    I have a 1 year old red labrador x and at the moment in the evening he goes in his cage and when anyone walks past the cage or goes near the cage he will bark and growling at you but in the day time he is fine, he plays, sleep and you can even walk past his cage go near it and he is fine.

  8. Hello Pippa. I have just discovered your helpful site. I’m looking to buy a chocolate puppy to bring home mid March. Any tips re local breeders etc would be welcome. Thank you

      • My little Luna – a purebred 9 week old yellow lab – has been at home for about 3 days now and is a fast learner. She sleeps inside and uses the doggy door to relieve herself out in the garden. My question is about her size. She is a show retriever, so understandably she has a heavier build. The concern arose when I had my friend bring his two 9-week-old Bullmastiffs over for a puppy playdate. We compared the pups and found that Luna is considerably larger than the two. She weighs 18.7 kilograms and sits at around 36 cm tall. Her food portions are 130 grams of dry puppy food twice a day. She seems healthy and perfectly fit. Is her size unusual and should I be concerned?

  9. Hello everyone my labrodor is 7 and half month now is very naughty to he love me to i love him too i can’t see him in any pain . Last time i have gone tour i had left him in kennel he didnot take care of of my puppy went i came back my home then i when to take he very shaced of he didn’t eat food till three day he run if i should give him food or water also he was not i was upset why he is not eatting any thing went dr. He told he was bitten buy him how took care of him now he fine happy normally after twenty day’s

  10. Hi pippa, we have a three year old labrador who has not been castrated. His nature is lovely if still a bit boisterous. My husband is reluctant……. A man thing,myself I think it could be a good idea.espescially as we intend having one of his sisters pups next year and it will be a girl. We fully intend to get her done,without question,and I am quite happy about that.Is it too late for our 3year old lab (Jack) ?
    Many thanks.

  11. My black lab was the runt, she is a year and a half and about 45 lbs. Do you think she is big enough to breed when she is about 2 years?

  12. My 16 mth lab has started barking at visitors/strangers and backing away as though she is afraid. She used to be very friendly and no event seemed to mark the change. Is this a stage she is going through and how should I react?

  13. We have a 10 month chocolate labrador who sleeps in his crate at night he is covered with a blanket st just goes to sleep we have done this since he was 3 months old. He sleeps from 7pm not a noise quiet has a button. He is not allowed upstairs have a gate on. He does not bother even when its open. No is No to him.
    Please could you tell me when do i cut his meals down from 2 to 1.


  14. Our 9 month old chocolate lab is very energetic, he sleeps on our bedroom floor at night, our problem is once he wakes he walks around carrying and showing us a shoe, then gets up on the bed and literally walks all over us to get us up, this can be any time from 4.30am we ignore him, and don’t get up until 6.30 but we are sooo tired. Any suggestions please.

    • Hi Steph, I currently have 2 labs (chocolate and white) and they really are my babies. BUT one thing I learnt very early on is that they do need boundaries! Although your 9 month old probably is in heaven being so close to you at night, he won’t recognise the restrictions of time. Can you start a new sleeping regime for him giving him his own space in a separate room? He may well grumble to begin with and the key here will be to be strong and reinforce what is your time as the pack leader. I know from experience how hard this is and I’m not posting this as a die-hard-authoritarian, I simply have learnt from a lot of experience with dogs that they need boundaries, they truly do, and ultimately you need your sleep! Good luck

      • I know I am trying he’s very difficult I’ve got books and the pack leader thing is improving, he’s our third and worst lab! We tried downstairs he is noisy we have thin walls and non tolerant neighbors, which is why I’m in this situation our previous dogs slept in kitchen. We tried shutting him outside the room and he pulls up the carpet and wrecks the door. The lack of sleep is killing me not had a lie in past 7am since last August! Thanks for your advice we will try it.

        • My 6 month old black lab is a beauty. Perfect child, neat and intolerant of mess in his crate or a noisy environment. Sleeps like a baby when no one is around during most of the day. In the evening is when he gets all energetic which is his walk time which is also fine. He was castrated 2 weeks ago and now wants to go to wee as late as 11pm and wakes the neighbourhood as early as 5.45. He used to retire at 10 and wake up at 6.15 sometimes even later. It is disrupting our sleep and the only cause of our worry. Please advise some tactics without having the neighbours at our doorstep due to his barking so early. Besides the castration nothing else has changed.

    • His your lab crate trained. Our 10 month crate puppy sleeps in a crate at night and awakes st 7 am ready to go out for a wee snd poo in the morning. He is really happy and no trouble at all.

      • Ours would not go in a crate as a pup, howled and cried. He toilets himself through the dog flap so it’s not toileting that’s the issue. Our previous labs have never given us this much trouble!! Our problem is we have intolerant neighbors so noise is an issue trying to keep him quiet is awful! He is very vocal and a bit of a stress head, very excitable. He has plenty of exercise, not just us suffering our 10yr old lab is shattered too!

  15. Help! Our beautiful 3 year old boy has started pestering to go for a walk …in the middle of the night, not content with a walk around the garden, he wants to walk around the village! We are really tired but are worried if we ignore him he’ll have an accident. He has been neutered. Any advice would be appreciated.

  16. i have a black labrador who is 3yrs old. the problem i am having with him is when i take him for a walk. he pulls me and is constantly sniffing and licking and then he starts drooling. he wont seem to take much notice of me at all especially where theres grass.when he sees a dog he goes crazy and i am fighting to keep hold of him, we lost one of our other dogs july this yr he was a white german shepherd he was diagnosed with epileptic fits in feb which he was only 3yrs old. also just before we lost him only wa week my lab got attacked by another dog which came out of its gate while i was out with him on a lead. i had to take him to the vet it made a mess of his neck he recovered really well but i think its caused this and i dont help because im also scared to walk him . mrs coupe

  17. Hi Elaine, you need to get some professional help. If you speak to your vet he or she will be able to recommend a ‘behaviourist’ who will observe your dog and advise you of the right course of action.

  18. Hi.
    hope someone can help. We have a six month old lab bitch and we love her to bits. She is especially close to my partner. When he is there no problem she is great, cheeky and very loving to me. However when he goes she just changes and basically physically attacks me. She will lunge and bite properly and if truth be told I get scared. If anyone can offer any suggestions I will be very grateful.

  19. Hi l had my lab out to sire today,he is 7 years old,and never had hip or any problems before.But since l have came home today he has been reluctant to walk and is showing signs of pain from his back legs ,could this be a simple strain or something more serious