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Labrador puppy trainingLabrador Puppy Training is great fun.

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We especially recommend clicker training for young puppies.  It is stress free for your pup and for you!

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  1. Just wondering whether or not you can leave your puppy at home for a couple of hours at a time. Both my wife (3days) and I work but one can pop home every couple of hours to let the puppy out for a run etc.

    Would this be ok or not?

    Advice appreciated

    • Keeping a dog whist working is a contentious issue. You will get a different answer from everyone you ask when you say ” how long can I leave my puppy”
      Very tiny puppies sleep a lot, but that phase does not last long. And puppies vary greatly in how quickly they get good control of their bladders.
      Presumably his time out of the crate will be brief if you have to get back to work.

      Some puppies over three months old or so will last two hours without a wee if left in a fairly small crate. But if you then repeat the process several times during the day, each time leaving the puppy for that amount of time, he may get upset. If he gets upset he will howl and probably wet himself.
      To be fair, being shut in a small crate all day with just a few brief outings into the garden for a wee, is not the best start. If you leave him in a bigger space, a large crate or puppy pen it will be harder to house-train him and he will still be lonely. A lot depends on the temperament of your puppy, and on how old he is when you start to leave him.

      Getting a friend or dog sitter to have him for part of the day might be a better option.


    • Your puppy is too young to leave its mother. Please take it back to the breeder, or contact your local vet as soon as possible.


  3. hi
    i have 1year 4 months lab black.
    it does not bark to the strangers and it ll be friendly with strangers .

    can you please guide me how to train whats the problem with my pet???

  4. Hi Pippa.
    I was wondering if your Rachael is one of Tom’s (of Wylanbriar) puppies? We have an 11 week old pup called Hugo who is one of Tom’s and Peppers? I have been watching your video about recall and it really works, we too have a gun dog whistle. It’s early days but we are trying to train and socialise Hugo as much as possible.
    Thanks for all the information on this site – it’s fab!
    Charlotte & Neil Petersen.

  5. Hi, I have a 7 month old black lab with a recall issue.
    Upto about 6 months he came back on every recall command, I even changed his recall to “ball” as this seemed to be his favourite play thing.
    Since he has turned 7 months, no recall command seem to work. Everything he sees is more interesting (even dangers)
    Can anyone suggest anything?

      • Thanks for directing me to the recall page. I have tried what the page instructs but, this only seems to work on a 10m training lead. When I take him off lead he either ignores me after looking at me, or he runs like an absolute lunatic darting past me. I will persevere with your instructions but, if you are able to offer anything else it would be appreciated.

    • Hi Keshav, I cannot teach you how to train a dog in a comments box! You need to read the articles in the training section, and ask specific questions if there is anything you don’t understand. You can also join the forum for help and support, and you can buy my book Total Recall, which gives you lots of information on training generally, and teaches you how to get your dog to come back each time you call him. Good luck with your puppy

  6. Hi, I have a 4 months old puppy yellow / Golden Labrador who is to friendly with strangers I am worried what should I do? Please suggest . My friend’s thinks that he is an under nourish pup he ways 4.6 kg.

  7. I have 1.15 months old labrador puppy. he always potty in house, my sister schold this right/. please help me about potty

  8. Hi I have a 4 month old lab cross collie and he is forever chasing everyone tht comes and biting them how can I stop this plz thanks xx

  9. Hi,
    i have 4 month old female Labrador. i want to train him so send me some link of articles so that i can train her properly.

  10. My Labrador Alexis keeps trying to bite my hand or foot every time I go outside to play with her and my other dog , who is a Golden Retriever, Alex. Whenever my dad and me try to train her, she keeps thinking everything is a game and she has been biting and playing ever since we brought her home! I read an article that said puppies are supposed to stop biting by five months but I am worried for her because I am afraid she will still be biting when she is an adult. She chases the other dog around trying to bite him on the ear and keeps annoying him! How do I get her to take her training seriously instead of fooling around and annoying Alex? I am scared of her and for her!

    • Hi Arielle, your puppy is still very much a baby, and her behaviour is fairly normal. Check out the articles in the puppy behaviour and training sections for more information. Pippa

  11. Alexis also bites everything she sees, throws water out of her bowl, dumps the water on her by sticking herself in the bucket, bites up pommescythe from my dad’s tree and rolls it into the pool and mashes up all her toys! Please help me!

  12. My dad is thinking of building her a fenced off area in the backyard to train her and keep her out of mischief. Is that a good idea? She pulls whenever we walk her and she fights with any dog she sees on the road! What to do?

  13. Hi pippa

    i have a 9 month old male labrador. My problems with it are
    1) More shedding of the hair( toooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh)
    (For your info: I had taken it to my vet and he suggested some syrups but of no use.)
    2) He is eating his own faeces when no one is around and he is also eating what ever is in near to him( things which he ate in last 10 days: Curtains, bed spreads, door mats, door watchers, cycle tyre etc…. he even swallows some of that and vomits.)

    Please suggest me in this issue. Waiting for Your reply eagerly

    Thanks in Advance pippa.

    • Hi, you can find articles on poo eating and eating rubbish, in the behaviour section. Shedding is normal I’m afraid, regular grooming helps reduce the amount that falls in your house. Pippa

    • I would not leave him unsupervised in the yard to eat his poop. I also would not leave him unsupervised in the house until he learns what are his toys and what are NOT. Teach him an interrupter command (kikopup on Youtube has a demo of this). Make a kissing sound and then reward him when he gives you eye contact. That way when you catch him doing or chewing something he should not be, you can direct him towards his own toys. Make it positive. Also teach him the “leave it” command. It does not seem like he is learning what are his toys and what is off limits. Labs are smart. Teach him what to chew. And I would crate him for a portion of the day or put him in a 4 x 4 pen if you cant watch him more closely and of course spend quality time too.

  14. Hi my 17 week old choc lab is making a big mess in the middle of the nite in her cage. Im really tired off waking up to cleaning the dog and the cage evry morning she doesnt seem to be learning can anybody help me please.

    • Hi Ryan, you will need to set your alarm for a few nights and get up to let your dog out before she needs to empty herself. You can also help by making sure you do not feed her for the four hours before you put her to bed for the night. There are several articles on housetraining in the puppy care section in the Puppies Menu at the top of the page.

  15. hi, i have a 6month old lab pup, she is struggerling to go to the toilet she keeps trying but no joy, she is eating and drinking fine, and seems to be herself.. just wanted some advise please?

  16. Hello- my lab is 6 months old and yet to go to puppy school. She does the basics like sit and fetches toys on command but i want her to be properly trained. When we interact with other dogs and people she isn’t use to it she jumps up and gets overly excited. Is it to late to take her to school? i want her to be around other dogs more.what do you recommend?

  17. Hi Pippa, Please can you tell me when i can expect our 14week old lab to be able to hold his need for a wee during the day for the same period of time that he can,during the night? We are crating him and he is quite happy in there. He now goes upto around 7 hours during the night and so i assumed he would be ok for upto that period during the day. The longest he is left for is 7 hours, 4 days a week. So i stopped going home in my lunchbreak (after 4 hrs) and letting him go to the toilet outside, but after discovering a wet bed everyday following that, i started checking him after 4hour, 5 hour and 6 hour periods and its wet everytime. Do i need to start going home again at lunchtimes? If so how long is it likely to be before he gets it? I give him newly washed bedding everytime i come home to find his bed wet and spray his crate base with the odour stuff so i am really hoping that its not a habit he has gotton into, as he never does it when we are home and he does go in his crate for a nap voluntarily sometimes. I remember you saying a few weeks ago that its unlikely that a pup can hold his bladder for a whole night until he is about 13 weeks old, so i was elated when hestarted to a couple of weeks ago, but i am now confused and dont know what to do for the best.

    • Hi Louise, just like people, dogs need far more opportunities to toilet during the day than at night. Some adult dogs may cope if denied opportunity to toilet for seven hours in an emergency, but no dog should ever be left for this long as a matter of course!

      Puppies need company, opportunities to play, exercise and go to the toilet at regular intervals. It is completely inappropriate to crate any dog, even an adult, for the entire working day. And small puppies should not be crated for more than an hour or two during the day.

      If you want to go back to working full days, you need to arrange for someone else to care for your puppy during the day.

      Best wishes,

  18. We are picking up our Labrador puppy in a couple and obviously we are extremely excited! I’ve tried to be super organised and read through a lot of your articles on what to and what not to do

  19. Hi Pippa

    Thanks, not sure what happened here as all of my post hasnt come out, but basically i wanted to know whether you recommend using a puppy pad to begin with then moving it closer to the door and eventully going outside or whether you think best to start training outside straight away, I will be using the crate as well. I only ask as 2 days a week he will be left on his own as i work part time and someone cant let him out until lunch so dont want him to get so desperate that he makes has accident inside whereas if he has a pad may help him???? What do you recommend?


  20. hi i am getting a lab pup as soon as he is ready. I have owned a dog before but am reay keen to get the training right. please advise on where to start. many thanks

  21. Dear,
    Can any one suggest me how to stop hyperness of my Lab. she gets very hyper start licking when she sees any one on the public road or any one comes to my place. more over she never ever barks to any human not even stray dogs or animals. is any thing wrong in her or i have to give her some kind of training. i am little bit confused please suggest.

  22. Hi…..i have a 5 week old female black lab i am feeding her kibbles is this good for her health and what should i do to make her healthy and maintain her good health

  23. Hello! need some advice here…. I have a 6 year old female Lab and since our 8 year old male Lab passed away last week, we plan to add a 2-3 month old male Lab or Golden Retriever pup to our family. Would be be advisable and would my female adult Lab adjust to the pup being introduced? Any advice on this would be appreciated.

  24. Hi, I am about to get a lab just before Xmas . She will be 8 weeks old . My hubby and I have to work full time hours for next few months what advise do you have as to helping her no be all lonely till we get home ?

  25. I have a 15 month old lab. One of the problems we are having is that he continues to grab food if not paying attention off the table. This is serious and I don’t know how to break him of this habit. We don’t want to hit him but nothing seems to work. He can’t be trusted with any food left unattended..please help.

  26. Hey pippa…
    I have a 9 month old puppy. Hes very cheerful and active. The only problem m facing is that hes into too much of mouthing. When taken out for a walk, he eats mud n other stuff. Also when at home he bites us even. He has his teeth now. Wonder how to control his biting habbit. Pls help…


  27. First, I find your site very helpful! Thank you for that.
    I was in the mearket for a family/ duck hunting dog.
    I came acrossed a rescue site , and though it would be best to take on a rescues rather than buy one from a breeder . Anyways he is a yellow lab 1 yr 8 mounths, seems he is very smart, but pryer owns just let him run wild so training is a bite rougher than training my sherpeard , you have any tips for training older pups?

  28. hi
    my 1 month old golden Labrador has a very bad habit of teething. He also pees any where hi wants to even though he now recogonizes his bed,blanket and food bowl. what should I do to remove his teething habit and to stop him to pee anywhere he wants? punish him? pls help.
    ps. pls write to me and pls don’t give me links.

    • Your one month old puppy should be with it’s mother. If you cannot return it, then you need to contact a vet for advice. There is no point in me writing out the exact same explanations and information multiple times, which is why I provide links to the many articles on this website, that are there to help you. If you don’t read anything else, please read this one.

  29. hey Pippa
    my 1 month old Labrador has a very bad habit of teething. Also some times he has a very stinky breath. pls tell me what to do.?? Its breath is unbearable. pls suggest suitable methods for
    prevention of bad breath and teething.
    this is really serious.
    waiting for the answer

  30. I could use some advice. We have a 13 week old lab puppy- and he is very smart. He is using a bell to go outside to potty. He goes to work with me every day and uses the bell there as well. My issue is – twice, when my 10 year old son has been playing with the puppy- within my eyesight, the puppy pees on the floor in multiple places, any idea why? Even after calm time, he will pee on the floor 2 or 3 times. Could he be getting too worked up or excited to remember at this age?

  31. I’ll bring home an 8 week old Chocolate Lab in mid Feb. It doesn’t get that cold here so I’ll leave him outside in a fenced yard while I’m at work. I may not be able to get home to him everyday during work hours. He’ll have access to water and a Dogigloo. I will play with and crate train him when I am home. Will this work? Thanks for your opinion and guidance.

    • Some dogs live very happily in kennels, provided that they have a warm, dry place to sleep, shelter from sun and wind, space to run about and fresh water to drink. Having said that, some puppies can find it hard being kennelled alone all day and will howl and bark whilst you are out. A lot will depend on the state of your yard. A kennel run (or in this case your yard fence) needs to be very secure, at least six foot high and strong enough to keep your dog in (and predators or thieves out). You also need to check the run very carefully indeed to make sure there is nothing for your puppy to swallow and choke on, and nothing sharp that he can hurt himself on. Pippa

  32. Hi Pippa
    I have a 5 months old lab pup and how to train him to snif??? and he avoids to walk.. how to make him to have a long walk for atleast once a day.. i think its serious.. pls suggest and post some videos to train him…

    Waiting for your answer

  33. one of my distant relative is giving his lab puppy to me…he is 3months old…after i take him will i be able to train him?what if i call him by another name?will that be any problem?? plz help

    • Changing his name will be fine. Just use his new name followed by his old name for a week or so. Then gradually drop the old name as he responds to the new. Pippa

  34. Hi, my pup is now 5 months, he is fully house trained, but if I have to leave him in the house I nearly always come home to accidents. I always ensure he has been walked and had access to the garden to do his business before I leave him. I don’t leave him often, but when I do I always leave him in the kitchen with the radio on, his bed, toys and even a Kong with treats in it. Is it to late to crate/cage train him or can you offer any other advice? Many thanks.

  35. Can you advise me which whistle is suitable for training a 9 week Labrador puppy. He responds to my whistle but only when very near. I know whistles vary in pitch depending on which breed you are using them with. I have your book Total Recall and want to get started as he is very biddable so far. Thanks

  36. I have a AKC yellow lab puppy that is 11 weeks old. We have been working with him since the first day we got him at 6 weeks old on potty training and retrieving. The retrieving part is working.. the potty training is not. He does not mess in his kennel or his play pen, but does in the house. We take him outside and he will go, then come inside and go again 5 minutes later.

  37. My puppy keep coming in to my outside room and eating everything. He knows its the wrong thing because once he came in when I was in there a then ran out like nothing happened. How do I stop him from doing this?

  38. I just got a 7 month old yellow lab from the humane society i suggest getting your dog there its cheap, most are already fixed and have their shots, most are potty trained and know commands and not only that you get the pride of knowing you are that animals hero and the animals understand that and are forever loyal think about that the next time you get a dog and training a dog is all about redirection

  39. I have a black 45 days old lab and she is very disobedient. She doesn’t listen to anyone and she keeps on biting every possible thing she gets. I even got her all the toys she needs to nibble on but still it doesn’t work, she comes and bites us too, her teeth too are very sharp. I don’t know what am I supposed to do, please help me.

    • Hi Prajala, your puppy is not definitely not disobedient, she is just a baby :) It takes months of careful training to teach obedience. All puppies bite and you can find lots of information on dealing with this here For training advice, look in the training section in the menu above. At 45 days old, your puppy is too young really, to have left her mother. Please read up about using modern force free training methods with your puppy, then you can start training just as soon as you want.

  40. i have one very basic question to ask, i have recently booked a puppy out of a litter of ten, they are 16 days old and currently with their mother, what is the best age that i can take custody of my puppy? and what is the best recommended lactation period for pups ? as we recommend 2 years for humans with first 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding, is there any for dogs?

  41. I have a 13 week old chocolate. He chews on things (he is a puppy)
    He potties in the house sometimes (he is a puppy)
    He eats when he wants and what he wants (he is a puppy)
    He runs and bites and barks and wines and chews on my wife, daughter and myself ( he is a puppy)
    We are in the process of training him to be a dog when he grows up.
    I guess what I am saying is I enjoy my dog doing all these things. We are growing together.
    (You should enjoy the little things your puppy does. They will eventually grow up and the little things will be gone)

  42. i’m getting a lab soon,both my kids go to school and my husband and i go to work,is that fine for the first few weeks?

    • Are you asking if its ok to leave your puppy at home alone all day? If so, the answer is no I’m afraid. Check out our puppy care articles for more information. Pippa

  43. Hi!
    I live in a dense jungle isolated from the city and township. I am buying a lab puppy for the first time. The point is that i have everything prepared for him but i am afraid if the isolation would be a problem for the puppy. I will be there with him most of the time but should i take precautions for send ing him on a walk outside the house for a little alone time or something like that.. Would he try to run away?

  44. Hi, I have a 43 days old female Lab puppy, I have observed that after having food (pellets with water) she pee’s almost 4-5 times very frequently i.e. every 10-15 mins, is this normal.

  45. I’m wanting to get a labrador puppy; however, I’m at work all day from 9am till 7pm, five days a week. My husband works from home a minimum of 50% of the time. When neither of us are at home should I be putting the puppy into puppy daycare? At what age could I start leaving it on its own?

  46. Hi…i have a 7month old labrador….Plz help me to train my lab to Get inside his own shed….when i release him from there…he do not want to get inside…i give some rewards but no use of that

  47. I have two lab puppies from the same litter. We are trying to train them simultaneously but they seem to distract each other. Should we separate them for training?

  48. My 6 weeks Puppy which i bought from 2days back is too ill. Physician is suspecting it could be Parvo diseases. I am Just worried how to tackle this. Breeder says it was not Infected while giving to me. Physician is saying it’s too Ill and must be 4-5 days over it got effected.

    Can puppy survive. What care i need to take care.

  49. I have a 9 week old female black lab. She’s a really smart dog. I have her sitting, lay down and almost staying. She like to play with bumpers and brings them back sometimes. I don’t want her picking up any bad habits with dropping or not delivering to hand. What are some tips to get her delivering?

  50. Hi
    I have a 2year old female lab, we have had males in the past(2) both were very quick to train, heel,stay, recall etc. Piper is a totally different kettle of fish, has selective listening, will sit, wait till I tell her to eat, I have tried letting her off the lead but if she saw someone or a dog she knew she is off and won’t come back, I don’t want her to spend the rest of her live on a
    lead, what is the best way to deal with this problem, have done training classes.

  51. Hi,
    Would u have any advice/tips on how to go about introducing a new lab puppy to a 5 year old cat? Please help if possible

  52. Hi , we have a golden lab that is 18 weeks old and is a little menace all she does is do her business around the house and rips the bin open when she gets put in the kitchen if you have any advice please let me know many thanks

    ( also we have tried so hard to train her )

  53. I have a 36 week labrador puppy. I m giving him ceralc (wheat) 3 time a day. but cry a lot and he doesn’t stay in the carat. and he don’t sleep at night and thats making me hectic. wat to do?

    • Jayita, do you have your pup away from mom? Because a puppy that is only 4 weeks old is way too young to be away from mom and brothers and sisters, between 8-20 weeks is the most critical time for teething and mouthing. Do you have any kongs or rubber toys to keep your pup busy with? When he/she bites the skin, how do you correct the behavior so they know that you don’t want that?

  54. Hi Pippa,
    My Lab Ceaser is 13 mths old, weighs a healthy 30 kgs and stands a good 55 cms. He has a very healthy bone structure. The issue is that he is very fussy in his feeding habits and due to that looks very skinny, unlike other labs in the locality. Energy levels are also low and spends most of the time napping. We feed him fresh chicken, eggs, whole wheat chapatis, rice, bananas, boiled potatao and yogurt. But unlike other labs , we have to run after him to make him eat . Frequency of feeding is 3 times per day. Require your help, please.


  55. Hi pippa,i hv a 50days old female lab.she s always traing to bize my foot.will she do d same when she get der anythng to do to stop her dis behaviour?

  56. I Have 3 months old lab puppy, He used to biting and running everywhere, but since 2 days he eats and sits. He do not like to play or he dos not even responds when i call him. Does he scared or anything??

  57. Hi, I have a 5 month lab and she is very friendly and lovable but when we are playing in the backyard she turns vicious and attacks me. Is there a way I can change that? Thanks :)

  58. I have bought a 35 day old Lab pup but is it ok to leave her alone at home for almost 9 hours because everyone will leave home for work and school.

  59. Hi,

    I will have a labrador puppy soon, he is still with his mother. I’m planning stuff at home. What confuses me about toilet training is :
    I will be at home all day for the first 5 days in order to get him used to the house. I ordered a playpen for him to spend his time when Im not at home… I will put a training pad in a corner of it so that he can pee whenever needed. But the first 5 days , shall I take him out to the backyard each time he needs to pee or shall I teach him just to pee on the pads? If I do both, will it confuse him?

  60. I want to buy a chocolate lab. But according to pippa site there are many lab that dont get tarin properly bt why?? Plz tell me i want to. Know shall i buy that lab i mean choclatey lab or i dont??

    • I have a 4 months male lab. He does not wants to run, walk. Just wants to come back to home when taken out. He is healthy, eats proper diet. How to make him run more?

      • My puppy went through the same as that age, you just have to keep taking him out regularly to get them over the fear. Just keep temping him with treats until you get further and further away from home. Maybe try when hardly anyone’s around as noise can be is a big distraction/ fear to them

  61. Hi,

    I will have a labrador puppy soon, he is still with his mother. I’m planning stuff at home. What confuses me about toilet training is :
    I will be at home all day for the first 5 days in order to get him used to the house. I ordered a playpen for him to spend his time when Im not at home… I will put a training pad in a corner of it so that he can pee whenever needed. But the first 5 days , shall I take him out to the backyard each time he needs to pee or shall I teach him just to pee on the pads? If I do both, will it confuse him?

  62. I rescued Molly at 9 months old. She has developed posession agression. When she is fed, if we come into the room, she growls. I have moved her dish out of the room and near me. She will not eat if anyone is around. She stands over the food protecting it. There are no other animals or children in the house. She also growls when in her bed, but will come freely and sit on my lap and cuddle. She has only experienced love here. How do I train her that this behavior is not acceptable?

  63. I have a wonderful black lab that is almost two years old. Over the last month, he has begun to suck on a pillow (the same pillow that he has had since a pup and was in his crate when we crate trained him) and even knead with his paws. It’s very cat-like. How common is it for labs to suck on items. I thought he was doing it out of boredom, but over time, he just begins sucking on it right after playing fetch for 20 minutes. Any thoughts?

  64. Hi !! i want to buy lab puppy..
    there are lots of sellers in my town..
    i saw some pups.. bt am not sure which pup is origenal labrador ..
    i saw black lab under 3 month old in some pet shops..
    Every time i saw different size and shape in those puppies….
    help me .. i
    I want black male puppy.. pure breed

  65. I have a black lab puppy who is around 2 nd a half months old. The problem i have is that it was gifted to me by someone. It was separated from its mother wen it was 8 days old and the people who took care of it fed it milk and cerelac (baby food). On enquiry i found that they never bothered for a vet’s advice. Now that i have it i want to take good care of it. But i feel as if the loss of mother’s milk is bad for my puppy as it isn’t as healthy as it shud be…although i am consulting a vet I don’t think i am getting good results. It weighs 3 kgs for now. And she is really playful. I wound be thankful if you can suggest me something for this puppy. I just feel that its growth isn’t as good just because it was separated very early from its mother. Is it true??? Please help!! :)

  66. Hi! Pippa I hope u can help me my lab dog and all my other dogs they always come in my feet and I get very annoyed so how can I train them not to come in my feet or is it just in their nature ?

  67. hi, i have a 7 week old lab puppy, i have a large kennel outside and he hates it howls and barks whole time in it, in the house i try to walk him a lot, but he still uses in house, also hates the crate, tried what was on your site but nothing so far, he has to get use to outside kennel little at a time any suggestions on all ?

  68. My Labrador is 2 years old but he doesn’t barks when any stranger enters the house instead of that he just start moving his tail.
    Please help me

  69. Sometimes My five month young lab is getting too much off anger and trying to bite me….is there any problem… After few minutes it began to play with me as usual

  70. Hi Pippa, I have a nine week old black lab and I have been trying to get him to come to me with little result, he is a very clever dog as he will sit, stay and give a paw on command but will not come to me on command. I know it is very early but is there something I may be doing wrong.

    Thank you

  71. I have a black labrador bitch who is 1 year 4 month and she has became increasing disobedient over the last 3 months. We are currently taking her to 1 to 1 training and she has improved slightly over 3 months however she has now started with new things such as barking at anything that goes past the house and stealing any items possible i.e cushions, slippers, clothes etc. she also has stopped listening on walks and will just run off if she sees any dog or person on the walk which is very embarrassing. Any advise please. I want my lovely dog back.

  72. We have a seven month old choc lab, who is in general very well behaved and trained (walks off a lead, answers to commands etc.) but will not stop barking at people – and it seems it is a fear thing as the hair on his back stands up at the same time (although his tail can also be wagging). This can go on for a considerable amount of time before he realises that there is nothing wrong and then he is everyone’s best friend.
    Can he still be trained by ourselves or is he now too old to stop being fearful and therefore do we need professional help?

  73. Hi,

    I have had my black lab from 12 weeks, we have crate trained him though this first year, but im really in need of some adivce now. During the day I work but I go home at Lunch to let him out of the crate for a walk, pee etc. I put him back in his crate then go back to work. He is left on his own for approx 4 hours in the morning and 2.5 in the afternoon, which he seems fine with. When my kids get in from school at 3.30 they let him out of the crate and he stays out for the remainder of the day and all night. He sleeps upstairs with us then we repeat the process the next working day. Weekends he is crate free also. My question is I would like to leave him out of the crate during the day now and have asked my dad to pop in about every 1.5 hours to check and ensure he doesnt chew everything. I have provided bones, chew toys etc but wanted to know if there was anything else I could do ? am I actually doing this right and do you suggest anythig else I might try.

  74. Hi we have 4 months Lab, He came to my house at 25 days because his mom died in a accident, so we adopted him, we are following vet suggestions. feeding 3 times a day. Then we don’t have separate house for him, full day he play, sleep in our house, we have small garden for his play, in night time we left him outside for safety purpose. We have compound walls and shed, so he is safe. but when we close the door he start crying, full night he will cry, everyday this was happening, we don’t get sleep everyday. He sleep few hours then again he start crying in the early morning. we keep him inside for 2 months then 3 rd month on wards we left him outside but just 1 months he is crying. After his long cry some times we allow him to house but in middle of the night he bite the face, lick and pass the urine on us. In day time He likes to sleep in bath room and kitchen. We open the bath room in night times but he thinks bath room is his bed room, so he don’t pass urine in their he pass in our bed room. the only solution is we keep him to out side in night time, but he don’t like. I don’t know how to handle him pls help me