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What’s in our bed & blanket collections?

Big dog beds take up a big space in your home. So we’ve been looking for beds that are big AND beautiful, and for quality blankets and bedding that will look great in your home and stand the test of time.

We know what Labs are like so we’ve included some chew-proof and chew resistant dog beds. We’ve also made sure that most of what you see here is big enough for at least one Labrador, and either machine washable or easily hosed down.

In our big bed selection we have looked for comfort and support. ┬áMany of these beds are ‘orthopedic’ beds with firm, memory foam base that offers good joint support for elderly dogs. Many of these beds are large enough to accomodate two full grown labs.

One of the big problems with many pet blankets, and a frequent source of disappointment, is just how small they are. ┬áThis is especially true of some of the prettier blankets in pastel shade. The dog blankets we’ve included in our selections are the larger ones that will cover much or all of a chair.

Raised, or elevated beds are on the up. We love them and this is one of our most popular pages. We have chosen a great selection of large raised beds in a variety of different styles. Some of them can be used outdoors too.

What to look for when you are bed shopping

Don’t forget to check the measurements when you are looking for beds for bigger dogs, and make sure the covers on soft beds are removable and washable. With elevated and waterproof beds check that they can easily be hosed down and don’t traps hairs. And for raised beds, the availability of replacement covers are a bonus

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