Our Favorite Dog Blankets

Dog blankets are a great way to protect your furniture and vehicles from hairs and muddy paws, and there are some beautiful and cozy designs available. We’ve gathered our favorite large, washable pet blankets together here and you’ll find reviews, and our thoughts and comments below.

Pawz Grey



Red Fleece

Jojo soft

Pawz Blue

A review of the very best dog beds for Labradors and other large breed dogs.


West Paw


One of the most common complaints people make after buying dog blankets for Labs and other large dogs online, is that the blankets, when they arrive, are too small or too thin.

There are some very pretty blankets on the market, but a lot of pet blankets are intended for quite small dogs or puppies. Some of the smaller fleeces are extremely light and thin. Not the kind of thing you can throw over a couch. So it’s important to check the dimensions before you buy.

If you are going for a small blanket to line a puppy basket or crate, read the reviews to make sure that the blanket is substantial enough for your needs.

Most of the blankets in our collection are substantial in size (more than 4 feet across) and are machine washable

The Pawz Road blanket is a substantial 55 inches wide if you purchase the Large size and is available in three spotty colorways.

The Mambe is another substantial blanket. It is more expensive than some of the others here but has the added bonus of being 100% waterproof.  Great for protecting the seats in your vehicle after a trip to the beach. It also boast more variety in color and pattern than most brands. There are plain option as well as the striped version show here. The He&Ha blanket is another waterproof alternative

Pawprint fleeces are very popular and you can buy them in packs of four or five. Many of them are thinner than most buyers expect but they can make a good throw for the end of a bed or sofa. If it’s bold, bright colors you are after, try the Premium Shoppe range (Red Fleece above)

JoJo’s luxury blanket is probably the snuggliest of the collection. Just the thing if you like the idea of a furry warm rug for your pets to curl up on. The Jojo soft blanket is a touch smaller and is available in a range of solid shades including pastels.

Last but not least we really love the Big Sky blanket by West Paw, which comes in several nice colors, and at 73 X 56 inches this is one of the largest blankets in our selection