Our Favorite Crate Covers

Dog crates are not very pretty, yet many of us are stuck with a large one in our home for several months. We’ve put together a range of products that will help your crate blend in with your decor. Scroll down for comments and reviews.

Molly Mutt


Molly Mutt



Pet Dreams

528 Zone

L Pet


A review of the very best dog beds for Labradors and other large breed dogs.

Dog crates need to be located in a busy part of the home, this inevitably means that they are prominently on display. Crate covers are a great way of making crates look more acceptable and they create a den like environment that is preferred by many dogs.

You need to be careful when buying crate covers that you measure your crate carefully and check the dimensions of the cover.

The simplest design is the Pet Dreams cover that covers the crate on three sides, leaving the front open for the dog to look out. Some fabric crate covers can drop down over all four sides at once and all have at least one side that rolls up or is open. The 528 zone covers can be rolled up on two sides. On some covers you can roll up all four sides if you want to.

Of all the fabric crate covers in our collection the Molly Mutt range has one of the widest choices of colors and designs.

Wooden crate covers

Having a crate cover with a hard surface that you can use as a side table is useful, and can look very nice, though these are generally more expensive than the fabric covers.

Both the dark wood crate cover by Merry Products, and the white wood crate cover by Zoovilla come as a set with the crate included – you don’t need to buy a crate separately.