In Memory of your Beloved Labrador

labrador-rescue-christmasYour Labrador is a huge part of your life, and when they have gone they are sorely missed.

It’s important to remember them, and keep them close to your heart.

One way to express your ongoing love for your departed friend, is with an item of memorium.

We have selected a few that we feel reflect the beauty and loyalty of our Labradors, and the love we feel for them even after they have departed.

Garden or Graveside Memorials:

51USDT1qsoL Heart Memorial Plaque
“A great companion and a wonderful friend”
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91sN4vsK0gL._SL1500_ Heart Garden Stone
“Not just a dog, my best friend, miss you”
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 Engraved Garden Stone
Personalised with your dog’s name and dates.
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91txH2+8VEL._SL1500_ Sleeping Dog Statue
“You have left our lives but will never leave our hearts”
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 41XAmGCCvvL Personalised Memorial Sign
Engraved with your dog’s name and dates.
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71nwFs+jhHL._SL1500_ Photo Memorial Plaque
With space for your dog’s photograph.
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A1GQeuC4YDL._SL1500_ Garden Ornament Labrador
Labrador dog stone garden ornament.
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Memorials and Keepsakes for your Home:

My Dog Photo Frame
Frame with poem, candle and photo holder.
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71RkpM2MJqL._SL1200_ Black Labrador Statue
Hand painted and cast in quality resin.
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61NMbBNQe7L._SL1000_ Labrador Tealight Holder
Hand made candle holder with glass dish.
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 21JL-PBtuEL  Labrador Teabag Holder
China plate for drying out teabags after use.
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61A1SJLKT0L._SL1000_ Labrador Weathervane
Hand made in Britain.
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  1. I’m crying reading this. Had my Holly put to sleep over 4 years ago, still feel guilty & miss her so much, every day. She was 12 & was my saviour after my husband died suddenly. I tell myself it was best for her, she couldn’t get up on her own & her eyes were so sad but it hurts so much. I hope she’s running free & happy xx

  2. Labs are the best! we had to put our black lab Cole down Mon, July 6 2020 suddenly. He was only 11 and I am missing him like crazy. I feel for you all — but i am sure all our pups are gathered up there playing fetch with a tennis ball ;-).

  3. I put my lab to sleep yesterday after 12 beautiful years. He’s now pain free. He was simply the love of my life. A part of me has died too and I miss him so much…..

    • I feel the same about the loss of my lab. We put her to sleep March 23, 2020 and she was also 12 yrs old. It’s been hard and I miss her by my side and her wagging tail.

  4. Made the sad decision to put my Elvis down on Friday Nov 9, we had this kind gentle soul for 16 years , my chocolate lab was unique and perfect , i miss him dearly, along with over whelming guilt, as in should i have waited more ?? Vet said it was time, but i did not see it, all i saw was his never ending smile when he looked at me…I hope he is not mad at me or anything…any words of advice that will help is welcomed…Sleep well my best buddy!

    • It’s ok….I promise. Don’t carry guilt. You loved that sweet baby for 16 years….don’t let the way he/ she left this world override the wonderful memories and life your puppy had. 🙂