Our Favorite Interactive Toys

This is our pick of all the interactive toys reviewed on this website, plus a few personal favorites from our team. Scroll down to read more detail about the toy collection or click on our review links for more information.

IQ Ball

Puzzle Dish

Flip Board

Kong Flyer


Bone Puzzle

Flip n Flap

Dog Twister


Interactive toys are toys that go that little bit further.  Providing extra opportunities for interaction and fun. We look for toys that offer something more before adding them to this collection.

The Treat Ball IQ (IQ Ball) is a great example of a new type of interactive ball toy that is growing in popularity at the moment. Treats can be inserted into the teeth of the ball and your dog has to figure out how to get them out.

The Puzzle Dish from Petzilla aims to make meal times more interesting. Dogs are encouraged to work out how to get more food by pressing on the flaps.  The Puzzle dish comes in three bold colors and in two sizes.  You’ll need ‘large’ for a Labrador

Trixie Pet Products say their dog activity flip board is for ‘intermediate’ players. You can vary how many treats you place in the toy to increase the level of difficulty.

If your dog’s preferences lie in the direction of more physical activities, then the Kong Flyer might be just the thing. The Kong Flyer is of course Kong’s own version of the ever popular flying disc dog toy. It’s made in the USA from durable natural rubber.

One of the most popular toys featured here is the Bone Dog Toy Puzzle (Bone Puzzle) from Ethical pets who claim it will actually raise your dog’s IQ.  While this may be a stretch, puzzle toys definitely reduce boredom and its associated naughtiness! Ethical Pet also make the Flip ‘n’ Flap toy and all their toys are made from natural ethical materials.

When it comes to interactive toys, the Nina Ottoson range is hard to beat. We especially like the Dog Twister, but most of the range is worth a look.

The Kong Jumbler Football (Football) is a great interactive ball with handles so that you can switch to playing tug too.  Don’t forget to check out our Kong Toys page for more great toys from the Kong ranges

Interactive dog toys go that little bit further and provide dogs with challenges and opportunities for more play. This is a collection of our favorites