Labrador Agility


Are you interested in Labrador Agility?

Do you want to have fun or even compete with your very own agility Labrador?

Then I am very proud to introduce you to the gorgeous agility Lab Chase.

Chase has distinguished himself through his exceptional jumping ability.

What Is Labrador Agillity?

You’ve no doubt seen dogs weaving in and out of brightly coloured poles, racing through tunnels and balancing on see-saws.

Labrador Agility

This is dog agility. A sport based around an obstacle course.

A dog and their owner work their way around the various pieces of equipment, with the owner giving instructions and verbal encouragement to their pet as he tackles each one.

The owner is not allowed to use treats during the course, or to physically touch or direct the dog.

So they need to well trained and enthusiastic to take part successfully.

It is a very exciting and often noisy activity. With lots of distractions both in terms of the obstacles themselves and the spectators, including other dogs, who are watching.

The speed, balance, and of course agility, of each dog is tested on a specially designed course.

Labrador Retriever Agility

We tend to think of smallish dogs when we think of agility.  Terriers, Cocker Spaniels and Border Collies.

Yet, as I discovered when I sold Chase as a puppy to a keen agility competitor a few years ago,  Labradors of a certain type can do very well at this sport.

Chase is a dog that I bred with gundog work in mind.  But I had no idea what the future would hold in store for him.

I am delighted to see how successful he has been in his new life.  The picture below is Chase with some of his agility awards.

Labrador Agility Is Gaining Popularity

The sport of agility was born in the UK in the late 1970s and has grown rapidly in popularity throughout the world.  An agility event is essentially an obstacle course.

The dog has to negotiate the course as fast and as accurately as possible. Obstacles include ramps, see-saws, long jumps,  high jumps and various types of tunnel.

In 2016 one of the finalists at Crufts in the Agility sector was a lovely Chocolate Lab, who you can see clips of in this video:

The Ideal Agility Labrador

The Labrador which excels at agility is the lighter, more agile working type built like Chase, with a lighter, faster frame than the more substantial show or bench labrador.

Can labradors do agililty?If you are thinking of buying a Labrador puppy and are interested in training for this fun activity,  then you should endeavour to ensure that make sure your puppy is from working lines.

Check out ‘Choosing the right dog‘  for more information on this.

Dogs compete against other dogs of similar size.

So you won’t be up against dogs much smaller or much larger than yours.

However you can see that a range of Labs are perfectly suited to enjoying agility if you are just looking to join in for fun:

‘Chase’ The Agility Labrador

Chase was coached to success by his owner and handler Sally Miller.   I would like to thank Sally for allowing me to use her photos, and for giving Chase such a wonderful life.

Creating Your Own Agility Labrador

If you are interested in having a go at agility with your Labrador, you can find out more on United States Dog Agility Association or

They give information in finding clubs and joining groups.

However, you don’t need to leave your backyard to have a go at Labrador agility.

You can buy the agility equipment online and set up a little course at home.

Not only is this a great way to exercise, train and bond with your dog without leaving the garden, it can give you an idea of whether agility is something you want to commit to seriously.

Do You Have An Agility Labrador?

Does your Labrador love agility? Let us know about your experiences in the comments section below!


  1. I have a now 4 year old rehomed 60cm Black Labrador. He is a tall lean boy and he loves to jump. I got into agility as a way to improve his behaviours. We still haven’t got a qualifier in Jumping (or Agility) but he is getting better slowly and most importantly he seems to love it. Finished with a big wagging tail.
    Today we had a mock trial at our local Club (small town 500km for Perth in Western Australia) and he won the novice jumping comp. We also did a tunnellers course for lots of fun.
    We are off to Perth in a fortnight to have a go at the trial there.

  2. I have a 2yo petite black Lab, long and sleek 42lbs. We are on a waiting list for agility classes that expects to open spots up in a few weeks. I’m not sure how TheLabradorSite knows this! It almost never fails that your articles are perfectly timed and appropriate for us! I had a hard time deciding btwn companion agility or competitive agility. The Trainer we are using claims training a dog for competition after it has been trained for fun complicates things. I sought out and spoke to a champion agility dog owner and found they spend thousands of dollars a year competing. Even if you are the best of the best, prizes will not cover the expenses. So we are sticking with Fun Agility! Cannot wait!

  3. My late labrador, Meg, who sadly died 14 months ago, adored agility and won many trophies. Although not quite as quick as some of the collies, she was careful, and was generally in the top 5. We now have another black working labrador. Ebony. who is now 17 months old, and coming on well with her agility training, but is a little too young to compete yet, but she loves her agility lessons.

  4. My yellow Labrador Harley who’s 3 in March has been doing agility for nearly 2 years. He comes from working lines and loves his agility, his tail wags the whole time. He started doing compitions last year and is also on a display team.

  5. I have been doing agility with my brown lab for a year now I re homed him when he was a year old it is a good way to bond with your dog he loves going to the mad about matts club in Hayes uk

  6. I take my 17 month old chocolate labrador, Gus, to agility lessons. He has a blast, but the tunnels are by far his favorite! It is, now, starting to sink in with him how much fun it is to work as a team together on the small courses we’re built up to.