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General Labrador Breed Information

What Do Labs Look Like?

The Labrador comes in three recognised colors, but there are also a wealth of shades.  Find out more about these in the articles below:

Labrador Types

At one time, over fifty years ago now,  there were Labradors capable of competing successfully both in the Show ring, and in Field Trials.

This is effectively no longer the case, as the Labrador breed has been divided into two separate strains:

Finding A New Labrador

If you are thinking of bringing home a Labrador you will find the following sections of the website of interest:

More Labrador Information

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More information on Labradors

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  1. Hi I am having black male labrador and yellow female.Both are puer breed.But in their first pups I had black and chocolate brown ,both have white patch in their chest.Is this means my parents aren’t pure?.if not will this patches wil disappear later and wil continue in my next pups also.please help me

  2. Is it safe for me to breed my 8 year old lab? She has never had a littler b4 and she is in great health. She is a silver/chocolate but I would like to get a yellow out of her. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Jennifer, she’s a bit too old I’m afraid. In the UK you can’t register puppies from a female that is over 8 years old when her puppies are born.

  3. I have a beautiful black five year old Drakeshead male lab with full papers, i would like to breed him locally in the wrexham area. Where do i start?

  4. when my lab barks unnecessarily i tell him to stop immediately and when he does i praise him, this works for me as they are really intelligent and want to please you.

  5. Comment:Nice information. provided. It would have added more value if you would have provided details about looks of a pure breed, for the sake of identification.

  6. I have recently brought a black female lab pup. She is 3 months of old. But she bites anything and everything which she have in front of it.

    Is there any problem with her, if yes then what should I do.
    Waiting for your answer.

  7. I am trying to breed my 7 year old yellow lab with another pure bred lab. Any suggestions on who and where to go to? I don’t have paperwork on his bloodline or anything like that and breeders won’t use him to breed with their own because he has no papers. Thanks.

  8. Hi,

    My name is Kris. I am from India. I have a 3 month old female Labrador. I noticed a change in her ears recently. When i got her home she had floppy ears but now she has Flying Nun Ears. Why is that ? Doesnt labrador’s have Floppy ears?

    Someone who owns a labrador told me that when a labrador has flying nun ears it is an indication that she has worms. Is that true?

    Will her ears become floppy again?

    Thanks in advance.
    – Kris

  9. Hi,Pippa
    I have Read your book and I wanted to ask you that can I take my 2 months old Labrador for Vaccinations? And can you please tell me about Pargo disease and its vaccination…And that for rabies? Please reply,,Waiting for your answer! 🙂 <3

    • Hi Deepak
      You need to stop rewarding the barking. Don’t do anything your dog likes whilst he is barking. Wait for a little pause, then tell him good and give him a reward.

  10. Hi Pippa,

    First of all I would like to congratulate you on this wonderful site doling out good practical knowledge and information. My query is that I have a male and a female lab about 4.5 months of age and fully vaccinated. The problem lies when i take them out for a walk, that is when the female just sits down after a few minutes walk (say approx five minutes of walk) and thereafter she sits down and takes around a minute to start walking again. No matter what I do she does not budge for that one minute; no such problems with the male lab though.
    Please resolve this as it breaks the fun of the walk for me and the male lab.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hanoz Chinoy

    • Hi Hanoz,
      If she is reluctant to exercise at home, you need to get her checked by a vet. If it is just outside on the lead then You need to encourage your puppy with treats. Try taking her out on her own until she gets used to walking on the lead. And don’t forget that a four month old puppy needs very little in the way of walking.

  11. My Lola who is now 6 months has only barked 3 times since we got her at 8 weeks! She will sit and listen to dogs barking outside , but doesnt respond. The same when we are out walking, other dogs may bark at her, but she doesnt bark back.Its kind of a novelty and a surprise when she has barked! 🙂

  12. My 7 months old, chocolate lab doesn’t bark too. But he never let any stranger near me. Every evening we both go for the walk. If someone is walking behind or coming from front. my lab show his teeth to them. Even inside of my room if a family member or a relative come to visit he never let anyone near me. even he did not allow them to shake hands with me. This habit is bit strange isn’t it ? I had a black Labrador too long time ago from Sandringham kennels but he was quite a calm dog never got aggressive. Don’t know whats wrong with my chocolate labrador.

    • It sounds as though your chocolate labrador has not been properly socialised, and is guarding you. You might want to get some help with this from a behaviourist as it may get worse as he gets older. Your vet should be able to refer you. Pippa

  13. have my first choc lab, he is bright ,and smart, however he does need a lot of exercise , which is great for us ,he is big for a lab and i find his appearence seems to scare other dog owners , as he is large, but so full of fun ,he never barks, that i fins strange is this common. jw