Our Favorite Puppy Toys

This is where you’ll find all the puppy toys featured on this website, gathered together in one place. There are quick links to buy plus links to reviews and other shop pages.

Kong Bear

Lamb Chop

Big Duck

TIP: Soft toys are not indestructible. We recommend you try one before ordering multiples

Scroll down for tougher toys, teething toys, ropes and balls!

Loofa Dog

GoDog Bruto

Puppy Kong

Rope Set


Kong Stick

Tooth Play

Ring Bone

Thank you for visiting our puppy toys page.  You’ll find some more information about using and choosing puppy toys below. Together with information on this websites affiliate terms and links with Amazon

Using and choosing puppy toys

When it comes to purchasing puppy toys it’s important to have realistic expectations. Soft toys for example are incredibly cute, but not all puppies can have them

Some puppies will cherish their soft toys and carry them around for months, others will destroy them in a single day. That’s why we recommend you experiment with one or two fairly inexpensive ones for your puppy, before digging too deep into your wallet!

Puppy Toy Safety precautions

It’s a good idea to discard toys once they are broken or start to fray. Damaged toys can be dangerous. Even chew toys are not indestructible, though some come pretty close.

The puppy kong is considered almost indispensible for new pups, and can be filled with food and frozen.  Then given to the puppy to keep him happy for a while, when you need to leave him on his own

Most puppies will also enjoy a selection of ropes, balls, and other chews. Just make sure to check over your puppy toys regularly to make sure they are in good condition.

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