Our Favorite Raised Beds

Raised dog beds are growing in popularity with Labrador owners. They are surprisingly comfortable and strong, and some are virtually chewproof. This is a collection of our favorites. Scroll down for the details, and use the review guides for more in-depth information.


K&H Bed

Kuranda Red


Kuranda Indoor


A review of the very best dog beds for Labradors and other large breed dogs.


Dog Cot

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Raised dog beds, or elevated dog beds as some people call them, serve a number of different purposes. They don’t look very ‘cozy’ but they are surprisingly comfortable for the dogs that sleep on them. The collection we have gathered here contains the most popular and best loved elevated dog beds on the market. Raised beds with mesh covers can help dogs stay cool in summer – important for our furry friends because unlike us, dogs don’t sweat much. Surprisingly, they can also help dogs stay warm in winter by raising them up away from cold drafts.  You can find out more about the pros and cons of using a raised dog be in my detailed review.  This page is about ‘choosing’ the best elevated dog bed for you. It isn’t just about features, big dog beds are – well big!.  They are not something you can hide away in a corner. So it’s about what appeals to you and goes best with the interior of your home, as well as about your dog’s comfort.

Choosing a raised dog bed

Fortunately there is quite a range of styles and features, and there’s something to suit most wallets. You may need to compromise on color and style at the lower end of the market, but even the most basic elevated dog bed, if well constructed, can be a good purchase. You do need to read the dimensions carefully. There is no ‘standardized measurement. Large in one brand isn’t the same as large in another. Some beds are much longer (proportionately) than they are wide compared with others.  So measure the space you have available, before deciding. If you have more than one dog and they like to curl up together as mine do, think about their combined weight. Each bed will state their weight limits. Don’t forget to check whether or not replacement covers are available. There’s no point purchasing a whole new bed if you can simply replace the cover. Coolaroo beds are hard to beat. They are tough and well constructed. But the Amazon Basics is also well worth a look. We use these here at Labrador Site headquarters and our dogs love them. Though we do LOVE the Coolaroo terracotta bed. Most of these beds are more resistant to chewing than traditional dog beds which have padding or cushions. The main difference lies between the Kuranda, and all the other beds. With the Kuranda, the edges of the frame contain the fabric within them. This makes it even harder for dogs to get a grip and damage the fabric by chewing. As a result Kuranda beds tend to be more expensive, but they are also pretty much chewproof, and some are also suitable for use outdoors