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  1. Hello,i am getting a 1 year old yellow lab,he is my sons and hus family is just to busy,can you help me with some tips

  2. Will flying my 10 week old Lab puppy from breeder to his new home (1hour 15 minute flight) cause any harm to his socialization or perhaps enhance it?

  3. after reading about dogs eating dirt ihad a black lab that did this every day of his life and he lived to be 17 and a half years old

  4. Hi Pippa – we have a 11 week old chocolate Labrador, Ruby. We have started worming her but when do we staring with a flea preventative?

  5. Dear madam,Good day
    Thanks alot for your beneficial information, I just received my black lab (Daisy), I am living in an apartment, kindly help regarding her WC inside my house.

  6. Poppa,

    My 4 year old yellow lab is digging herself terribly. Her whole body seems to be itching. She is always hitting at herself. Nothing has changed in her living or eating. What could be going on with her? I had her groomed a week ago hoping that would help. Please help Poppa.
    Vickie PA

    • Hi Vickie, Have you taken her to the vet? There are numerous possible reasons for itching, which they are the best person to help you investigate. I hope she feels better soon. Lucy.

  7. I want to buy a Labra dog (Male) which should be in Brown color (Golden Shed). How much in total?

    Your response will be highly appreciated.

  8. My puppy is just 40 days old. He breath fast and his nose is dry while sleeping. Also I want to know about when I can bathe my dog?

  9. Hi. I have a yellow Lab Puppy who is soon to be 6 months. His testicles never dropped and are still in his abdomen! He is having surgery next Tues. Oct. 4 to have them removed! My Vet said he has Cryptorchidism? The problem is that the breeder of him ( a backyard breeder) doesn’t believe this, wants me to wait longer, get a second opinion & says he doesn’t have the symptoms! She’s never offered to pay for anything & I haven’t asked her to! I only paid $600 for him because his Dad is AKC, but the Mom was never registered. So she says. She believes they’re tangled on something! She’s expanded her breeding to include Pugs, which she’s breeding with Labs. *edited by web manager to remove personal information* HELP! Do you have any advice??

    • Hi Lisa, The person best qualified to make a medical diagnosis is a veterinarian. If you are not confident that your vet has made the right choice, then you can seek a second opinion from another qualified veterinarian.

  10. I have a 2 year old yellow lab when she plays hard, runs full out her leg is getting sore. once she rests for a while she is not able to put weight on it. We have taken her to the vet but came out with no answers. Nothing showed on the x-ray, if you have any suggestions or thoughts please share.

    • Ask your vet to do an MRI scan. Our lab had the same problem and X Ray’s showed nothing. Our vet referred him to Veterinary Hospital for a scan and it showed that our lab had elbow dysplasia.

      • I had a dog with elbow dysplasia once. She was a staghound and LOVED to run. For a long time we just couldn’t permit it, because she would be lame for days afterwards. The absolute best thing for her was a product called Synflex. It’s a liquid glucosamine supplement. It’s an American based company, they do have Australian suppliers now. Once we started her on that, she never looked back. I cannot recommend this stuff highly enough! It made such a difference to ur dogs life, she was quite young and would have had a miserable life if she was’t allowed to run like she wanted to.

  11. Hello ,
    I have a 1 years old lab. I want to know proper diet of lab. presently i am giving diet as below:and height increase tips and diet

  12. Hello ,
    I have a two years old lab. I want to know proper diet of lab. presently i am giving diet as below:

    8: 30 AM : 300 ml milk with water (600 ml) with 200gms wheat
    3: 00 PM : 300 ml milk with water (600 ml) with 5 pc breed
    9:00 PM : 300 ml milk with water (600 ml) with 200gms wheat

    i dont know its good diet or not . kindly suggest me some good….

  13. Hi,
    I will bring a puppy but before that I want to know the essentials which I need for my puppy. please please let me know because I want my sweetheart as soon as possible.
    and I must say u r a sweetheart dear Pipa <3 . I follow your site from past six months so I can do all preparations properly before bringing a puppy.
    I join your forum and waiting for confirmation. hope will get soon.
    take care. 🙂

  14. Hi pippa I have 7 months old black Male problem is this that my dog shows playful nature to everyone.never barks on anyone or not shows agressive or attacking skill.wat shud I do

  15. Hi… I have yellow lab 6months old..
    We hav little health issues..
    He’s 6month od n hes just 12kg..
    Please suggest some good nutritional diet so that he can gain weight fast.. As he’s small in size too n our vet told us he just has 2months left to grow..
    Please suggest us n we r purely vegetarian please suggest accordingly

  16. Hey Pippa, tomorrow I will be adopting a 10 month old male black lab. He was very calm and barely barked when I first met him. Which is great. He is also a huge boy! Do you have any tips on how to care for such a large dog?

  17. Sir i have 41 days old labrador male puppy. sir i give his for eat CERLAC 6 times in one day only 1 spoon in one time, but sir CERLAC is healthy for puppy or not and how many more days CERLAC give to puppy.

  18. Hi, My lab is 42 days old but her weight is only 2.7 kgs also she is playful only in morning, rest of the time she lie down or sleeping in some of the corner. Please help me how to make her more cheerful also is it good to keep her in crate. I m giving her Royal Canin starter twice a day and a cup of curd in afternoon.

  19. We have just got the most gorgeous 8 month old black lab. Hence the reason for joining this brilliant site! Our last lab was 17 when he died last year and we have been desperate to get another one. I must admit he is rather naughty and I am having to start training him. His main problems are pulling on the lead and not coming when called for, it sometimes seems he is deaf! We are working with Pippas training tips so hope for great improvement.

  20. my lab is 13 years old and a well loved member of the family, resently he has been trying to walk through walls and also the oven. although he cannot he keeps walking on the spot to try and get through. also on walks he has started to wonder off, when he is called he turns looks around then continues off in the same direction. His eye sight is still good as he can find a ball in the longest of grass or any were.
    any ideas what could be wrong and is it a natural behaviour as he has never done any of this at all.

  21. Hi , I have a Black Labrador of 5 years old. He has a problem with his hair now. It was silky and shiny black. But nowadays its getting white . How can i retain his old healthy hair back ?
    Thank you

  22. Hi Pippa,
    We have got a 9 week old labrador. He has settled in really well and we are following the advice in your books. The only difficulty is my 2 year old daughter who is really nervous around him. She doesn’t like to be put down when in the same room as him and really doesn’t want to be around him at all! Any advice would be appreciated!

  23. My chocolate lab is 10 years old now and having trouble getting up and down. When she is up she is playful and happy but getting there really looks like it hurts. What can we do to help her?

  24. I have a yellow lab/ ridge back mix. He is a year old and fixed. He doesn’t lift his leg. He also pees and poops once on walks. Is there something wrong.

  25. Hi! I have a 11 months old male lab. Is it the right time to him for mating?? as he is trying to mate our neighbour’s dog while playing with that lab. but i have stopped that. please suggest..

  26. Hi! I have a 2 year old lab that we have owned since she was 12 weeks old. Just in the last month she has suddenly started to act aggressively towards our 13 year old Jack Russell terrier. Up until now our Jack Russell has been the dominant of the two but it seems that our lab is now trying to become the alpha. I’m afraid she will hurt our Jack Russell during their scuffles as our Jack Russell will not back down and they have started biting each other during their altercations. Our lab will stare our Jack Russell down from across the room, block doorways, and when the kids play outside she will chase and corner our jack Russell in the dog house as if to keep her away from the kids. Any advise on what I can do to stop this behavior would be greatly appreciated!

  27. My 9 month old male lab lost weight. Nothing wrong with him – he still eats normally, still as energetic as ever, and his bowel movement is also regular. there is now change in his diet. He is still fed puppy food twice a day like before. What could be wrong?

  28. HI there Pippa, I’ve tried twice to register with the Forum but not heard anything about Login details. Am I doing something wrong?

  29. Hi not sure if this is something u could help with. If not you may beable to point us in the right direction. We bought a lab last year. Shes 8 months old now. Have had labs all our days. No problems. Had rescue labs and no problems we couldn’t handle. But Skye lol anyway. Got her when she was 9 weeks. All the problems we have we hand handle except one. shes still biting. We have tried everything to get this to stop but its getting worse. Its not what I would call aggressive biting. But it is sore. Only seems to happen in the livingroom when your sat down. She comes over gets clapped and then starts biting you. Like I say we have tried everything. the yelping, putting her out, water pistol, giving her a hcew to carry etc. nothing works. She still bites the children too. mostly as though she just wants to play with them. but when running around she she bites them and there clothes and tears them. She has biten through the skin just recently. Really really need help with her. Love her to bits but the biting really needs to stop asap. Any advice??

    • Hi Lisa, biting often makes a reappearance at 8-9 months of age. It is usually associated with rough play and overexcitement and is often much worse with children. Have a look at this FAQ, there are links to more information at the bottom, and drop into the forum for some support. Pippa

    • Hi Lisa – we had the same problem with our lab and we tried so many ways of trying to stop it. The only thing that worked and stopped him doing it was holding his snout tight as soon as he did and shouting NO BITING at him. We were adivsed to hold his snout just long enough that he needed to breathe and then let go. Our breeder gave us this advice and I am pleased to say that althought it seemed cruel at the time it did work and he soon stopped. Good luck!