Can Labradors Swim?

can labradors swim

Can Labradors swim naturally or do they need to be taught? Not all Labs can swim, and some don’t even like being in water. But, if your Lab has positive experiences with water from a young age, they will likely love splashing about and swimming. Traits like their double coat, healthy facial conformation, and webbed paws help to make them great swimmers.

Can Labradors Swim?

If Labs are introduced to swimming gradually as a puppy, they are likely to be happy and confident swimmers. Labs swim, like most other dogs, using the doggy paddle technique! But some Labs might also enjoy diving into the water, and they may love to retrieve things from water.

Although most Labs will physically be able to swim if they find themselves in water, it’s still not a good idea to just chuck your Lab in deep water in the hopes that they’ll swim out. This can be very stressful for them, and can even lead to them avoiding water in the future. The best way to encourage your Lab to swim is to introduce the habit gradually and safely.

can labradors swim

Why Are Labs Such Good Swimmers?

If you’ve ever seen Labradors swimming, you might think they were made for the job! And the truth is, they were! Originally, Labrador ancestors were bred to work alongside fishermen on the island of Newfoundland, Canada. Labs descend from a breed called the St John’s Water Dog, which you can read about more here.

From these dogs, and other ancestors after British breeders first tried to standardise the Labrador breed, Labs inherited some traits that make them great swimmers. They have a thick, double coat that is water resistant and protects them against the chill of swimming in natural rivers and ponds. They also have a wide otter tail to help them swim, and webbed paws!

Do Labradors Like to Swim?

Although most Labs can swim if they’re given the opportunity, not all Labradors will enjoy swimming. Labradors that don’t seem to like water may be scared of it, because they haven’t been in it before, or may have suffered from a bad experience before now.

The best way to help guarantee that your pup enjoys swimming is to introduce them to water very gradually. Make sure that all of their experiences with water are positive, and that they never feel unsafe in the water. Don’t force them to do too much at once, and don’t ever put them in situations where they could get hurt, such as throwing them straight into deep water with strong undercurrents.

Are All Labs Good Swimmers?

Most Labs will be physically able to swim when given the opportunity, or if forced to do so. But, there are a few that may panic and struggle. So, as we said before, you should introduce your Lab to the water very gradually. Some pups will be more enthusiastic than others. As long as your Labrador is safe, don’t worry too much if he seems very excited to get in the water!

All Labradors have traits that can help them be strong swimmers. But, the prominence of these traits varies depending on the type of Labrador you have.

When Can Labradors Start Swimming?

It’s best to introduce your Labrador to water when they are young and open to new experiences. But, this doesn’t mean you should take your 8 week old puppy and pop them straight in the closest lake.

Firstly, you must wait until your Labrador puppy has all of its necessary vaccinations. This will keep them safe from health problems like parvovirus.

Secondly, you must introduce them to water very gradually, to ensure they don’t become scared of it. This might take longer than you would first think, involving chasing a stick over a small puddle at first. Gradually increase the amount of water your Lab is happy to wade through until it is slightly deeper or slightly wider. When your Labrador is happy, you can increase it again. Never make your Lab jump straight in at the deep end – literally!

It may take a few months before your Labrador is happily swimming in deeper water.

Can Labradors Swim in Cold Water?

Labradors have a lovely thick, water resistant coat, but this doesn’t mean they can go in water of any temperature. There are still risks letting your Lab swim in very cold water. Letting your Lab swim in cold water for extended periods can cause hypothermia, which can be fatal. If you think water might be too cold for your dog, it’s best not to let them swim in it. Waiting for those warmer summer months may be a better idea.

Helping your Labrador Swim Safely

As well as risks from cold water, there are a few other considerations to make before letting your Labrador swim. If your Lab is swimming in deep water, remember there could be strong undercurrents that could make them lose control.

Plus, because lots of Labradors love to swim, they may not stop until they are completely exhausted. Not only does this leave them vulnerable in deep water, but it can cause problems like limber tail, which is very painful for them. If your Lab’s tail is hanging completely straight and still after swimming, they may have limber tail. This problem usually goes away after a few days, but is still stressful for your pup.

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And, there’s a risk of predators if your Lab is swimming in the sea or natural rivers. Watch out for jellyfish, and worse! Keep a close eye on your Lab whilst they’re swimming to make sure they stay safe, and don’t let them exhaust themselves in the water.

Can Labradors Swim?

If they’re introduced to water gradually with all-positive experiences, most Labs can and will swim very eagerly. But, make sure they’re never out of their depth, and don’t let them tire themselves out in the water. Do you have a Labrador at home that loves swimming? We would love to hear about them in the comments!

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  1. Brucy our 7 month old fox red Lab puppy is a born swimmer, as soon as I get anywhere near water he just dives in like Tom Daily. When we take him down to our local river he just attracts an audience with his long dives and the unbelievable speed he swims at. Weighing in at 32 kilos at 7 months old I think he could be one of the best Labrador swimmers ever. Especially as we are planning to buy a Villa with a pool in Spain next year when we retire.
    Steve & Ester Gray

  2. My wife and I have a beautiful 4 year old Lab girl named Alli. My wife was very careful and protective of letting our girl swim too young and during colder months. We got her a kiddie pool to start with and let her splash around. Afterwards we took her to the lake and allowed nature to take over except that we kept her on a 50’ lead. Today she can’t get enough swimming and like any kid when the parents are ready to leave
    ….she jumps back in and the swims in a circle. Sometimes Dad has to go in and get her, lead her out and make her come on home. She’s such a wonderful companion and pet. I don’t know if I could ever own a different breed.