Dog Food and Treats

Puppy eating dog foodYour Labrador’s diet is important.

What you feed him could potentially impact his health, as much as it could your bank balance.

Looking into raw food could be an option, so why not check out our articles.

If you would like to go ahead with a dry food, then we have taken the stress out of picking through the choices.

Dog Food

You will find below a great range of dog foods, suitable for your lovely Labrador Retriever.

41xBlADj7PL Wagg Complete Worker
A beef or chicken, and vegetables, dry mix, with no added sugar. For active working dogs. Promoting health from nose to tail.Find out more on Amazon here.
burns Burns Original Chicken
For adult and senior dogs. Comes in a 15kg bag. Natural food with a chicken and rice flavour.Find out more on Amazon here.
71N9-btZjvL._SL1500_ James Wellbeloved Kibble
Lamb and rice flavoured dried food. Full of natural goodness, with no unhealthy additives. In delicious crunchy nuggets.Find out more on Amazon here.
 810xdvLxdzL._SL1500_ Skinners Field & Trial
Tasty dry mix food. For sensitive working dogs. Aims to maintain energy and a healthy coat as well.Find out more on Amazon here.
51irVoyj02L Pedigree Pouch Favourites
A great selection of jellied dog food. Including beef, chicken lamb and rabbit, for a varied meaty diet.Find out more on Amazon here.
 71LXhmlRRFL._SL1500_ Lily’s Kitchen Stew
Something a bit different for your dog’s dinner – made with venison, pheasant, salmon and vegetables. Comes in a pack of 6 tins.Find out more on Amazon here.

Dog Treats

If you are clicker training your dog, treats can be very helpful. Just remember to account for them as a part of your Labrador’s daily food intake!

81ButBy5dPL._SL1500_ Coachies Training Treats
These popular treats are ideal for training. Not only are they pallatable, but they are designed not to break up in your pocket or treat bag.Find out more on Amazon here.
41HORKBV9UL Kong Stuff N Paste
Easy to dispense, liver flavoured paste. Simply squirt inside your dog’s kong toy, for him to enjoy licking out.Find out more on Amazon here.
 31+Ohhvvj5L Arden Grange Treat Paste
This tasty treat paste comes in 75g tubes, easy to pop in your pocket and carry when out and about training.Find out more on Amazon here.
81wyr3TK7fL._SL1500_ Greenies Pill Pockets
These dog treats are designed to help you give your dog medication, without the hassle. Simply pop a pill inside the treat, and reward your dog as normal!Find out more on Amazon here.
718dZkuddbL._SL1500_ Wagg Training Treats
These tasty treats are suitable for dogs aged 8 weeks upwards. These 125g bags (pack of 7) are a great size for carrying when you are out and about with your dog.Find out more on Amazon here.
ear Pig Ears
This classic dog chew is made from pieces of natural pigs ear. Also thought to help keep teeth and gums healthy.Find out more on Amazon here.
pizze Bull Pizzles
A long lasting, natural treat. From beef cattle. Good for teeth and gums, and your Labrador will love the taste too.Find out more on Amazon here.

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  1. Hi,
    I have a 8 weeks old puppy. He loves his Beta puppy food. Currently I am giving him it dry as suggested by breeder. Just wanted to check whether it is correct way or should I moist the kibble before feeding him.
    I have noticed that he drinks quite a lot of water specially after his meals.

    Many Thanks!!

  2. Hi, looking for some advice. My lab puppy is just over 5 months old and has had Skinners puppy lamb and rice since we got her. She has been really good on it and it suits her. However, it looks like they have changed things slightly and their food is all suited towards working dogs. She’s approaching 6 months so I wondered if anyone had any advice on what is similar to skinners but might be better for her now she’s getting a little older? She is not a working dog so I don’t want her to be eating the wrong food. Any thoughts? Thanks xx

  3. Is there a list of dog foods that you can find at a feed store to feed my 18 month old black lab? All I have seen is getting the food through amazon. Thanks

  4. Hi, i have a 3 month old Lab, hes stunning and as most owners I want the best for him without the price tag, I have bought him Carnilove Puppy to try out, have you heard of this/tired this? my only concern at the moment is how little i need to feed him, hes on beta puppy now and the amount i need to feed on Carnilove is more than half so i’m worried he will still be hungry?

    many thanks

    • I give my 20 month old since i had her from 12weeks old royal canine labrafor food and she absolutely loves it yes its pricey but what is money when you see your dog smiling eating her food

    • My Puppy is on Natures Way Puppy (60% Chicken). My Adult is on Natures Way Lamb (50%) & my 12 year old is on Natures Way Senior with joint aid. Fantastic food. Small waste product is the key to knowing it is good

    • I feed my 6 months old yellow lab N&D Chicken and Pomegranate low grain, puppy. It has lots of protein, fruits and vitamins, and is low grain food which means it helps the digestive system better.

  5. My puppy is 10 weeks old and is a sweetheart. I need to know how much and how often to feed him. I read somewhere that he should be getting 9oz a day divided among 4 feelings. That does not seem to be enough food to me. He seems hungry.

  6. mine is 2 months old puppy. Its bitting every thing , so can i hit him to say not to bit.. is there any problem hitting the puppy always.

    • Please remember a puppy is exactly that a puppy, just like a baby. They don’t know any better and will bite everything they can and around their site. labs are especially known to be chewers. It is wrong to hit them all the time because they don’t know and they are teething. The best thing to do is always have plenty of chewable dog bones for him to chew. (Like nylabones). The dog needs to be provided plenty of acceptable toys and bones to chew on, so you must provide that. Also it is up to you to remove anything you don’t want chewed and watch your puppy. In time (but a long time) the puppy will grow out of the chewing stage some.

    • is it ok to feed my 15 month old lab dry food that includes wheat and wholegrain cereal. meat products are the main ingredient.?
      he recently had hot spots , blisters that he scrathes, and the vet had to shave and treat him with cream and pills. a web site said it was caused by wheat in his food. vet says caused by not drying him after a wash or swimming.