Breeding From Your Labrador

Labrador breeding is a big responsibility, but breeding Labs can also be a lot of fun! At The Labrador Site we help you to decide whether your dog will be a good mother, let you know what health tests you will need, and give you advice on picking a stud dog.

If you are looking at mating labs, and raising a litter of puppies in your home, there are a lot of things to carefully consider first. Although the idea of having puppies is lovely, the reality of Labrador Retriever breeding is that it can be a lot of hard work and expense.

If you have already decided to breed from your dog, you may find our article on colour inheritance useful.

Predicting the color of your Labrador puppies

Here you can find out what color puppies you may get if you breed a yellow Labrador with a black Labrador, a black with a chocolate, breed two chocolates together, or any other combination of parents.

There can be quite a few surprises in store.  Find out more about coat color inheritance

Should you let your dog have puppies?

This article is for the owners of female dogs that may be considering letting her have a litter of puppies.

There are pros and cons to breeding from your dog – this article looks at all of them objectively and in detail and helps you decide what is the best course of action for you and your family.  Click here to continue..

So you want your Labrador to be a stud dog?

Having a litter of puppies sired by your male dog may seem less of a big deal than raising a litter of puppies.  But there are factors you may not have considered.  We let you know exactly what’s involved in this article.  Click here to continue..

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The Labrador HandbookYou can find out much more about choosing, raising, and breeding Labradors, in my new book – The Labrador Handbook

The Labrador Handbook is a comprehensive guide to every aspect of sharing your life with a Labrador

You can find a full list of related articles in our health and puppy articles categories.

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  1. I have a champion Black Lab, 5 years old, 58 lbs, AKC registered. His name is Juice and has picked up thousands of birds. looking for a girlfriend to have some puppies. we’re in Louisiana, can travel if needed

  2. I have a almost 13 month male Chocolate Lab fit and sweet fully Vaccinated and house trained we want to Stud him hes Akc . His name is Brody

  3. Hi I’ve got a 2 year old golden lab boy called cooper who I would love to stud out,he’s got a brilliant nature and is full breed and is KC registered

  4. I have a female silver lab. She is 3 years old and extremely intelligent. She is well trained ( obedient, ring bells when she needs to go outside, will grab her ball and give you when she wants to play, learns commands with days. Highly intelligent. Looking her a silver lab stud that is intelligent, no health issues, and friendly. Mating because I want to keep one pup of her bloodline.

    • Hi Darlene,
      I have a male silver lab stub named “Legend.” He is 2 1/2 today and looking for a girlfriend! LOL! He’s healthy, intelligent and he loves to play catch. I’d love to talk to you and exchange pics!! Merry Christmas!!

  5. Im in Jersey and I have a choc. Lab and we’re looking for a yellow lab for her. She’s kind and sweet but active and very sweet with children. She 2 years old just this past October. I also want to get her fixed but I would like to get her breed once before I get her fixed. She’s never had puppies.

    • We are in the same situation with our boy. He’s 11 but is such an amazingly loving and smart and beautiful dog that we want his soul to perpetuate and keep one of his children.

      • Where are you located? I have a wonderful loving black female I want to breed 1 time. She is registered and beautiful little girl.

    • I have a pure bred yellow Labrador retriever male i want to breed with a chocolate Labrador if possible my ig is Khaleesi_cece he is 8 years old great with kids and other animals active very smart and kind with AKC papers and up to date vaccinations

    • On Long Island his name is prince but he’s a black lab amazing with kids other dogs protection alerting us to potentially dangerous situations can walk off leash smart listens to commands but is snuggly and loving and silly at times too!

  6. Looking for a female chocolate lab to breed with my 12 year old chocolate lab not sure if he’s too old we just want his bloodline to continue on

  7. I Have a chocolate lab that just turned 1 looking for another chocolate lab to breed with in the next year we are in Massachusetts he is such a handsome chocolate lab have him on other sites he will definitely be a stud.

  8. We have a Male pure breed 5 year old yellow lab. We are looking for a yellow female lab to breed him with. We are located in central Minnesota.

    • Hi Amanda,

      We have a pure breed English black lab that we would like to breed. We are in Tryon/landrum. Is your female English or American?

  9. I have a pure bred male English black lab. He just turned a year in March. Very healthy and all shots up to date. He is very smart and is currently going through training to be a diabetic alert dog. We are looking to breed him, possibly with an English yellow female. Located in Ohio.

  10. Hi below are my male Labs bio data –

    I am looking for a female Lab

    Rio: Male labrador
    2.6 years old.
    1st mating.
    fully vaccinated. not on any medication & he is super healthy and fit

  11. I need to find a Male chocolate lab to breed with my female chocolate lab. as soon as possible she just came into heat. She is pure bread an papered. is there anyone out there that can help me I cant find a broader anywhere??

  12. I looking to breed my chocolate male with a chocolate lab female. He is an American style lab with strong hunting lineage from Georgia. I am in central North Carolina. I only seek a puppy as payment.

    • Did you find another lab for breeding? I see this is 5 months ago but my female AKC Chocolate lab just turned 3 & I want to have one litter before having her fixed. First, I live in southern Indiana so that may be the end of this discussion. If you are ‘close’ let me know & we’ll go from there. Gracie is the sweetest natures dog I’ve ever had & I have had many. I hope to hear from you soon. Take care, Warren A.

  13. Have a MALE akc registered chocolate lab, champion bloodline , in SC – looking to breed him once he is one year old – currently he is 10 months