Unchewable Dog Beds

unchewable dog beds

Unchewable dog beds are the holy grail for some pet owners. To be sure, replacing your pup’s bed time and time again, just to have it destroyed on sight is a really frustrating experience. But do unchewable dog beds really exist? In this article I take a look at what beds and bedding can genuinely claim to be chew proof.


Do unchewable dog beds exist?

Aggressive chewing is a big problem for some dog owners. Especially when items that should be durable and built to last – like furniture and bedding – become the target. Anyone who has ever researched how to solve a chewing problem will be familiar with strategies like redirecting their dog towards an appropriate chew toy. But what about when you go to your own bed at night, or if you have to go out? Chewing up their bed while you’re not there is one of the hardest unwanted canine behaviors to overcome.

Are unchewable dog beds the solution?

Well, I’m afraid I can’t tell you in all honesty that it is. For a start, the most determined chewer will manage to chomp on almost anything. If they can get their jaws around it, they will chew it. So I don’t think a totally unchewable bed really exists. Secondly, chewing serves a purpose for your dog, in the sense that it meets some physical or emotional need that they have. Giving them an unchewable bed simply means they’re going to have to find another way of meeting that need instead. Usually biting something else! But what about beds that can be chewed, but are impervious to damage from it? Now that’s another matter…

Chew resistant beds are made of ultra-durable materials, or assembled in a way which makes them difficult or unsatisfying to chew. I’m going to share some of the best with you right now. And I’m also going to reveal some ways you can really address the underlying problem, rather than just masking it, or transferring it onto a different target.

5 dog beds which are (practically) impervious to teeth

First, 5 dog beds which the manufacturers are confident can’t be damaged by chewing.

unchewable dog beds

Fiocco Dog Cot

Dog cots are a distinct category of dog bed that consist of a tough canvas platform stretched over a metal frame. This construction isn’t completely unchewable, the tension in the fabric means that your dog won’t be able to grab mouthfuls of it. So it’s less satisfying than chomping on a soft padded bed. This example from Fiocco(paid link) is great value for money and comes in several sizes.

(paid link)

Fiocco Heavy Duty Dog Cot With Cooling Mesh

Similar but slightly different, this variation on a dog cot(paid link) has breathable mesh panels in the canvas platform. This is practical for any dog who struggles to keep cool when they sleep. Dog owners who have bought this bed before were impressed by how easy it was to put together, and its durability. But, like the previous example, it does have some weak spots. Truly committed chewers are likely to have a go at the binding on the corners of the platform. Or perhaps the Velcro fastening on the underside.

(paid link)

Pettycare Chew Proof Dog Cot

This high quality cot is cleverly designed (paid link)to eliminate any exposed fabric edges by concealing them in the metal frame. This is a masterstroke which I think makes this bed a really smart investment. It is possibly the closest to unchewable that a dog bed can ever get. One reviewer uses these beds in a shelter setting, and says only one dog has ever managed to damage one! It comes in three sizes, and despite being so securely held in place, the canvas platform can be removed for washing.

(paid link)

Duckygoo Elevated Dog Bed With Headrest

A big problem with cot-style beds for some dogs is the lack of sides. My dog, like many others, prefers to sleep wedged against the vertical side of his bed. So an elevated platform with no sides just doesn’t offer a good night’s sleep. Enter the Duckgoo bed.(paid link) This cot bed has just enough of a vertical lip at each end for a dog to rest against it. The bed is made out of the same durable materials as the ones above, so it should stand up against significant chewing efforts. But the tradeoff for those sides is a larger area of exposed fabric edge at the corners.

(paid link)

Kopeks Chew Proof Memory Foam Bed

Finally, a bed with some padding(paid link). Inevitably, when you give a pup a mattress with a fabric cover, they’re going to be able to get the edges into their mouth. So this bed is undeniably able to be chewed. But the manufacturers claim the fabric is supremely robust and impervious to toothy attack. Previous purchasers have had mixed experiences, so it seems this bed is tough enough to deter a casual chewer, but not a really dedicated one.

(paid link)

3 chew proof dog beds for inside crates

Lots of pet parents who have problems with destructive chewing manage the problem in part by crating their pup when they can’t be around to supervise them. So, these next three unchewable dog beds are designed for putting into crates.

Mastery Mart Indestructible Dog Bed

This mattress(paid link) is made from a thick, densely woven fabric which the manufacturers are confident make it impenetrable by naughty teeth. They might be overstating the truth just a little, but lots of buyers have been happy with how it has stood up to being wrestled, twisted and bitten by their pet.

(paid link)

Hombys Chew Proof Dog Bed

Upping the ante a bit, this product is somewhere between a mattress and a pillow(paid link), made out of super tough, heavyweight, puncture proof fabric. Whilst people who have bought it before are largely satisfied with its chewproof credentials, a lot of them do mention the fabric being stiff and uncomfortable for the dog to rest on as a result. Nonetheless, it’s probably better than nothing for a dog who can’t be trusted with more delicate bedding!

(paid link)

Mabozoo Chew Proof Crate Mat

This durable dog mat(paid link) is stretching the definition of ‘bed’ a little. It’s very thin indeed. But for heavy chewers, that means no fiberfill stuffing to pull out of it and scatter around the room they sleep in. And like a foam sleeping mat when you go camping, it’s warmer and more comfortable than sleeping directly on the hard base of a crate. Since they’re absorbent and washable, these pads are a smart investment for parents of teething puppies who can’t help chewing up their bedding too.

(paid link)

4 more ways to save a dog bed from destruction

Destructive chewing that continues after your puppy has finished teething is usually the result of an unmet physical or emotional need. For example a dog who isn’t getting enough physical exercise might dig and chew their bedding to burn off some energy. Another dog who isn’t getting enough mental stimulation might methodically destroy their bed in order to give themselves something to do. This is especially true of dogs from working breeds, who are hardwired to enjoy having tasks to complete. And thirdly, a dog who struggles with anxiety might chew their bedding as a release for their distress.

In all of these scenarios, chewing their bed is a symptom of an underlying problem. Buying a bed that can’t be destroyed doesn’t solve that problem. Here are some strategies people have been successful in using to combat the underlying problem.

1. Bitter Apple Spray?

I’m raising this first because it gets a lot of interest. But I’m ruling it straight out too! Lots of people are interested in whether spraying anti-chewing sprays directly onto their dog’s bed will make the bed unchewable. But they will also make the bed a miserable-smelling place for your pup, and possibly put them off ever using it again. And like a bed which is designed to be unchewable, it doesn’t actually solve the underlying cause of the chewing.

2. Chew toys

One of the simplest ways to redirect your hound’s chewing efforts is to give them something they can chew instead. For example, one of these wooden gorilla chews from Ware(paid link). Lots of dogs love wood’s balance between hard and soft. But only ever give them wooden chews which have been specifically designed for dogs. These woods crumble rather than splinter, so that your pup doesn’t end up with any nasty puncture wounds.

(paid link)

Alternatively, try leaving them with a Kong Extreme(paid link). Kongs can be filled with wet food, softened kibble, or high value treats like plain yogurt mixed with peanut butter and mashed banana. Emptying them is a good challenge for dogs’ physical and mental stamina.

(paid link)

3. Dog Calming Pheromones

Dog appeasing pheromone, or DAP, is produced by nursing female dogs. It has a soothing effect on both puppies and adult dogs. There is some evidence that it may reduce anxious behaviors in stressed adult dogs too, and a synthetic copy of it is the active ingredient in Adaptil diffusers(paid link). The evidence for it is far from settled though, so use your diffuser alongside other solutions such as counter conditioning.

(paid link)

4. More training

Training is the most effective way to bring about meaningful, lasting changes in your dog’s behavior. Incorporating more training games into their routine is an important source of mental stimulation, and a tired dog is a calm dog! Training games also build dogs’ confidence, so that they are less likely to suffer from anxiety. Here are four fun games to play with your dog that will get them moving and thinking!

Training doesn’t just mean teaching actions like obedience or agility either. The training umbrella includes crate training, and teaching dogs that they don’t need to be fearful of being left alone.

The Labrador Handbook by Pippa Mattinson(paid link)

Unchewable Dog Beds – Summary

An ‘unchewable dog bed’ is a bit of a misnomer. Some dogs will chew anything they can fit in their mouth! But their are several ultra-durable dog beds on the market which can withstand being chewed without sustaining any damage. As well as investing in one of these, it’s wise to consider what is motivating your dog to chew their bed in the first place. What else can you do to address that underlying cause?

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