Best Dog Toys For Large Breeds

Best toys for labs and other large breed dogs

The best dog toys tap into your canine’s natural instincts to chew, tug, hunt, fetch or even dig. Different dog toys will appeal to certain types of dogs more than others. Sporting dogs will love to retrieve and chase, Hounds will want to follow scent trails, and herding dogs will thrive with puzzles and interactive dog toys.

Whatever breed they are, your pet will need a dog toy that is durable, safe and enriches their day. The best dog toy material varies a lot depending on the product, from soft plushies fabric to rope and rubber.

Dog Toy Categories

Best Selling Dog Toys

A great way to start finding a toy your dog is going to love, is to check out what other people’s pups have enjoyed getting their paws, jaws and claws into. We have gone through the best selling dog toys available, and selected a few very popular choices that your dog will love.

The Giraffe Chew Toy

The Giraffe Chew Toy*(paid link) is a rope toy that your chew crazy pup will love to get his teeth into. It’s a sturdy design so will suit light to moderate chewers. And will even give their teeth a bit of a clean in the process!

Nylabone Dura Chew

The Nylabone Dura Chew*(paid link) is a textured ring chew toy. It is designed with powerful chewers in mind, so should keep even the most determined dog occupied. The varying textures help to keep your dog interested, and promote dental health too.

Large Yellow Duck Toy

This Large Yellow Duck Toy*(paid link) is a popular choice with dog owners. It is great for playing fetch, and has a fun internal squeaker for your dog to chew on. As a soft toy it’s not the best choice for powerful chewers, but for more gentle-mouthed dogs it will provide great entertainment.

Indestructible Dog Toys

The label ‘indestructible dog toy’ is quite a claim, and it isn’t without its merits. If the manufacturer has called a toy ‘indestructible’ you will usually see a guarantee quoted next to it. This means that if your dog does manage to destroy it, you will get a replacement for free (although usually after you have shelled out for postage) or a refund.

Are They Truly Indestructible?

Despite the guarantees, some dogs are made of tougher stuff than the toys. Especially if your dog is crossed with another breed known for their powerful jaws, like Pitbulls for example.

I have not yet found a dog toy on the market that has no reviews contradicting it’s ‘indestructible’ status, so do take this label with a pinch of salt. However, it is a good sign of the manufacturer’s confidence in the product if this word is coupled with a guarantee. After all, they wouldn’t offer it if they didn’t think it was going to be a rare occurrence.


Dog Chew Toys for Labradors

Most dogs will use anything they can get their teeth on as dog chew toys.

Regardless of whether or not this was why you brought them into your home! So it can be very helpful to find a few sturdy and entertaining items to keep them occupied in a less destructive way. Kong toys are popular tough dog toys who are keen chewers. And they come in a range of different materials to cater to the varying levels of biting your dog might exhibit.

The Kong Extreme

The best dog chew for extreme biters is the Kong Extreme*(paid link). In the traditional Kong shape we have all come to love, but made from a tougher and more durable material.

The top contender for the best dog toy manufacturer is Kong. The idea behind it is to have something you can fill up with treats in a paste, kibble or frozen form. Your dog can then stay happy for hours munching down on it. They are great for keeping them occupied whilst you are busy or if you have to pop out and leave them at home.

Our bouncy chocolate Lab, Rachael, has other ideas for her Kong too. It is her favourite fetching toy. She loves to chase after it and bounce it around the yard. Staying interested in the game long after everyone else has tired and wandered back indoors. I can’t say enough good things about the Kong. I have chosen the Extreme version for this list because a lot of Labs are tough biters too and this is their sturdiest version. Although I have known of a few Labradors that managed to take this tough item apart, they are for all but the most dedicated of destroyers a really good choice.

The Zogoflex Hurley Toy Bone

Another good option for a fun dog chew toy is West Paw Design’s Zogoflex Hurley.*(paid link) A guaranteed tough dog bone chew toy. This large blue bone is designed to stand up to long and intense chewing sessions. It is carefully manufactured to be safe for your dog and comes as guaranteed by the maker. So if your crunching canine does manage to take it apart it can be replaced or refunded. This bone shaped chew toy comes in a range of sizes.

The Goughnuts Indestructible Dog Toy

Goughnuts are increasingly popular dog toys. And it’s no surprise because they are well made and cleverly thought out by the manufacturers. Goughtnuts are more than just a catchy name.*(paid link) The guaranteed indestructible dog toy makes a serious claim. To call any dog chew toy, however tough, ‘indestructible’ is a stretch, but fortunately for Goughnuts they back it up with a lifetime guarantee. If your dog manages to chew through the green outer layer to access the red inner one, they will replace the toy for you.

The only downside of the Goughnuts Indestructible dog toy is that it doesn’t have a big fun factor, so to get your dog initially interested in chomping down you might need to try smearing something tasty on the surface. However, once they have found how hard it is to break through, they should spend many a happy hour chewing it.

The Chompion Heavyweight Chew Toy

My final choice for the best dog chew toys has to be JW Pet Company’s Chompion Heavyweight dog chew toy.*(paid link) It is made of 100% rubber and is designed for enthusiastic chewing dogs with strong bites. It even comes in three weights depending upon the size and strength of your dog. Choose the heavyweight for your keen chewing dog. This toy is specifically designed for enthusiastic chewers. It is durable, with the added bonus of helping to keep their teeth in a good condition with the raised bumps on the surface.

The Best Dog Toys For Tugging

Dogs love carrying things in their mouths, and many of them extend this to games of tug. If your dog wants nothing more than to pull on the other end of your tea towel when you pick it up, then he will probably enjoy playing with a specially designed tugging toy instead.


Get the right design and they will last for ages, and be fun for you and your dog. Some designs can even be used by two dogs together, giving them all the entertainment factor without you having to lift a finger! A popular dog toy is always a rope. Our Labs and Spaniels all love and have loved ropes, especially those with knots that make them easy to pick up and carry around.

The Mammoth Flossy Rope

A nice option is the Mammoth Flossy Chews cotton blend, three knot rope toy.*(paid link) It comes in a range of sizes, and for an average sized Labrador I would select the large. For very big and strong dogs you might even consider the extra large version.

It is not just a fun tugging and carrying rope toy for your dog to play with. The fibres of the rope are designed to floss your dog’s teeth as he chews too!

The Invincible Chains

If you want to get involved in your dog’s tugging game then the Invincible Chains triple dog toy is a great option.*(paid link) This tugging toy is well suited to bigger breeds like Labradors, who love to tug and hold things in their mouths. It is made of a solid resilient rubber, and is designed to be thrown and retrieved. As well as held onto and pulled by human hands or a doggy mouth.

The Bumi Tug Toy

Another fun option with a bit of a different look and feel is the Bumi dog toy*(paid link). It is a guaranteed tough tug of war toy. The guarantee means that if your dog does manage to damage it they will replace or refund the toy. However, you are unlikely to need to use this guarantee as it can stand up against some fairly intensive biting during games. It also flexes and stretches as you play, which keeps the structure from tearing. Buy yours in the larger size to suit a Labrador.

I particularly like the fact that the Bumi is also dishwasher safe, so you won’t be put off playing by yesterday’s dog drool. It comes in bright and easy to spot colors, so you hopefully won’t lose them when you are playing in the back yard either.

The Goughnuts Tug Toy

Once again the popular Goughnuts brand is one of our main contenders for the best toys for Labradors.*(paid link)

The Goughnuts tug toy is strong and was designed with safety and durability in mind. It is of a large size so should stand up to even the biggest dog’s best efforts to pull at it, whilst being easy to grip and hold. Brilliant for playing tug with your dog, or for two dogs to tug together.

Soft Toys for Dogs

Buying soft toys for dogs can be tricky. Your dog adores their soft toys, but they don’t always have the best way of showing it… Whether they prefer to snuggly up next to them, shake, squeeze them or rip them to shreds, the attraction is pretty much universal. However, it can be pretty frustrating to buy them a lovely new soft toy only to find it in pieces mere minutes later. Fortunately, there are some options depending upon how ferociously your dog likes to play with his cuddles.

Although we wouldn’t recommend soft toys to the most destructive of dogs, there is plenty of choice for most of our furry friends. From unstuffed cuddly toys for dogs who like to pull out the padding, to noisy soft toys and those just for hugging. Let’s take a look at some of our favourites from the bunch.

The Matz Gator Toy

We are big dog toy softies when it comes to the Outward Hound’s Matz Gator.* (paid link)I don’t usually love toys that make this much noise. But it’s hard to object when your dog is enjoying themselves so much. The Matz toy alligator includes over 30 squeakers in his body, so he has a high entertainment factor for dogs that love to shake and squeeze.

His long jointed body is great fun for the dog to flap around with. And the Gator’s head even rattles too. It is also soft and cuddly, so when they are done playing your dog can happily curl up next to it in bed. Great for minor to moderate chewers.

The Unstuffed Skinneeez Raccoon

A good option for the dog who is a keen stuffing extractor is to buy them some unstuffed toys. There are quite a lot of these available nowadays, and a nice new option we found is the Ethical Mini Skinneeez Raccoon.* (paid link)A 14 inch stuffingless dog toy shaped like a flat Raccoon, Fox or other woodland critter! It contains no padding to tear out, and a fun squeezer to chomp down on.

However, if your puppy is a very intense chewer it is possible to pop the squeakers, so I would recommend this for supervised play to be on the safe side.

The Braidz Monkey

However hard your dog can chew he is going to struggle to break through the body of the Wubba Monkey by Kong*(paid link). The large safari Monkey toy isn’t just a cute cuddly companion for your pet. He is specially designed to be durable and withstand a moderate amount of chewing. His body is tough, and also helps your dog to polish his teeth and remove plaque whilst he gnaws on it.

The downside of this toy is the head is soft and padded, so it is not ideal for the most exuberant stuffing destroyers, but the body should stand up to a good chewing session.

Dog Puzzle Toys

The best dog toy types don’t just burn off excess physical energy, they help your dog learn to use his brain as well. Interactive dog toys like treat toys, dog puzzle toys, and dog mazes all require the dog to learn how to access his reward.

In our experience not all dogs are happy with these games. Our older fox red Lab Tess for example just isn’t that fussed about getting access to a bit of kibble if she has to work too hard for it. But our lively younger girl Rachael delights in all of them. We have had a look at some of the best interactive dog toys, so that you can pick the ones your Labrador will love.

The Buster Dog Maze

I am a big dog toy fan of the Buster Dog Maze.* (paid link)We have recently started using this maze with Rachael. It has proved very entertaining for us as well as her. We love watching her figure out how to move the pieces of kibble from the centre of the maze to the exit points. She uses a combination of her tongue and paws to get the kibble through the maze.

Little Phoebe the Cocker Spaniel had the most success with her more considered movements, but Rachael’s enthusiastic and less well thought-out approach was still successful in the end. And in fact you could see her learn and develop her technique as she progressed.

The Buster Dog Maze is also nice and heavy, so despite her best efforts Rachael hasn’t been able to tip it over to retrieve her treats without using the game as intended. A big bonus for a boisterous Labrador. I highly recommend this toy for lively dogs who need a bit of additional entertainment, or even for occasional use as a slow feeder for the dog who is wolfing down their dinner too quickly.

The Bob-A-Lot Treat Toy

StarMark have produced the Bob-A-Lot Interactive dog toy.* (paid link)It is built a bit like a weeble, designed to be bumped with the dogs nose to rock it from side to side and release treats.

It is not as complicated to use as the maze, but for the dog who is less inclined to work for their treats this is a great option and more quick to reward them. The only word of caution I would give with this is that it is not chew proof. It is designed to be played with by pushing with their noses, tongues and feet.

If your dog puts the whole thing in his mouth and starts gnawing down you might need to remove it from him temporarily. However, for supervised play it is a very popular little dog toy. Make sure you buy the larger version for your Lab, as the small is more appropriate for toy breeds.

The Kong Stuff a Ball

A novel Kong toy that has proven very popular with our dogs is the Stuff-a-Ball*(paid link). The Stuff-a-Ball is great for fun dogs who love treat dog toys. You can push kibble pieces into the grooves or use Kong’s own dog paste to keep them entertained for longer. This is ideal for bouncy pups who love treat dog toys and playing, bouncing and pushing them around. You will find that if you limit the time they get to play with it each day too, it will keep its novelty for longer.

Nina Ottosson Interactive Dog Toy

Our final choice is another real favourite. The Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Interactive dog toy.*(paid link) They are well designed and obviously carefully thought out in terms of your dog’s capabilities. You can even up the skill level as your dog learns to master it.

It is one of the pricier options on the market at the moment, but should provide your dog with many hours of entertainment. It is also dishwasher proof, so you can keep it in a nice condition despite the inevitable drool which follows its use.

The Best Dog Ball Toy

Balls are a fantastic all-purpose dog toy. Whether your dog likes to fetch them, gnaw them, bounce them, paw them or chase them around the back yard. The best balls are ones that are fairly large, fairly durable and often with a bit of bounce.

The Kong Extreme Ball

The Kong Extreme Ball dog toy*(paid link) is an excellent choice. At around 3 inches in diameter is large enough to avoid choking but small enough that your large dog should be able to pick it up and carry it. It is also bouncy, but puncture resistant. Designed with medium to large breeds of dog in mind, this ball from a trusted brand has been very well received. With numerous excellent reviews from owners of intense chewing dogs who are delighted with it.

The Everlasting Fun Ball

Another good choice for large dogs is the StarMark Everlasting Fun Ball dog toy.(paid link)* It is a virtually indestructible dog ball, which treats fall out of. Designed to be chew proof, however enthusiastically your dog tries to get his treats out. This ball should stand up well to the pressure. It can even be popped into the dishwasher when your dog has finished playing, to prevent it from getting unpleasant.

The Kong Jumbler Ball

Another lovely option by Kong is the Jumbler ball toy.* (paid link)A fun and unique twist to an old favourite. The Kong Jumbler is a handled ball, which has an exciting interior to attract your pet’s attention. It contains not only a squeaker but a tennis ball inside. Shut away so your dog can’t chew it, but visible to him to keep him keen on playing.

The handles make it easy for you to pick up and shake, whilst not interfering with your dog using the ball as intended. I recommend choosing the larger size option for most big breeds. Not ideal for persistent chewers, but great for those that love to play ball and like a noisy toy.

The Chuckit Max Glow Ball

My final top ball choice for large breed dogs is the Chuckit Max Glow toy ball.* (paid link)It is made of synthetic rubber, and designed to stand up to frequent use.

It comes in a large size, and it glows in the dark. So no more groping around in the dim light looking for the ball in the back yard. It stays bright and keeps its glow even after dark. It is also compatible with the Chuckit ball launchers. So if you want to give your arm a rest you can use it here too. And it is resistant to chewing, so your dog shouldn’t be able to damage it on the way back to you!

Retrieving Toys for Labradors

Labradors are all born and bred retrievers. A great way to keep them entertained with their toys is to use them in games of fetch. Not all of us are blessed with an excellent ball throwing arm. In fact, when I lob a tennis ball it is just as likely to end up 3 feet behind me as it is to soar gracefully down the field. So it’s good to have some toys that give you a bit of a hand with getting the distance that your Labrador will love.

The Labrador Handbook by Pippa Mattinson(paid link)

The Chuckit! Classic Ball Launcher

My personal favourite retrieving aid is the Chuckit! Classic 26m launcher.*(paid link) Chuckit provide a range of ball launchers, but this is the one that we use and I must admit that I am sold on it. Rachael the chocolate Labrador has an endless enthusiasm for fetching things. And I was having a hard time challenging her with my erratic throwing capabilities.

The Chuckit is fairly intuitive to use, it will only take you a couple of goes to work out the best release point. Stick a ball in the socket and firmly gripping the handle throw your arm, aiming for the ball to be released high. It will sore for a long way, and give your Lab a great exercise session – without you straining your shoulder or needing to run back and forth yourself! This is definitely a recommended purchase from our Labrador family.

The Nero Ball Launcher

A slightly different retrieving option is the Nero Ball Launcher.*(paid link) This ball comes with a rope attached which lets you throw it further. With the added benefit that it can also be used as a tug toy. This ball and rope combo is tough and durable, designed originally for use by police dog handlers as a reward toy for training.

It has the benefit is being light and easy to carry around. The ball is also tough and durable, giving you and your dog hours of play time.

The Zisc Frisbee

Our last retrieving toy option for lively Labradors has to be a frisbee. The one we would pick for a Lab who loves to fetch is the Zisc by West Paw Design*(paid link). It is a tough flying disc toy, that can withstand frequent use by a large dog. The Zisc flies like a hard frisbee, but is made from a material that is soft on your dog’s mouth when he catches and carries it. It is also chew resistant, so it shouldn’t get damaged if your Lab has a bit of a munch on the way back to you.

The best dog toys for large breeds like Labradors

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  1. I like the point about naming their toys and using them to ‘retrieve’ (especially when toys are left out in in the rain or you need to mow the lawn!). My lab is 7, and still has ‘piggy’, now a small scrappy piece of material (after she pulled out the squeaker, stuffing and any recognisable pig features in the first 2 days when a puppy). 7 years later, when I say “Where’s Piggy?, Get Piggy!”, she goes into ‘retriever’ mode, races off and comes back with this disgusting bit of pink rag that was once a stuffed toy – often takes her a while to find (so keeps her amused for a bit) and she is so proud when she brings it back (as am I) 🙂
    We also have Monkey, Turtle and Dinosaur versions (and some more) and she knows the difference when I ask her to get them although none of them look at all like the original product. Not so interested in plastic/rubber toys (apart from Chuckit balls).
    Still not found a suitable ‘chew’ toy though, she prefers bits of wood (garden chairs, decking, fences, tree branches, plus anything that falls into the garden).

  2. I’ve tried several of these toys listed but as yet to find one that my 9 month old yellow lab cannot destroy in a few minutes. Just brought home a toy rated 9 out of 10 for toughness. Guy at pet store told me he had one for his pitbull and had lasted more than a month. My lab ripped it open and started to eat the “indestructible” material in less than 5 minutes. I’ve given up now since I am broken financially from toy purchases. Think I will just give him a crowbar and see if he can destroy it.

    • I have the same trouble with my lab and have his existence of the last 3 years. The only toy he has that he has kept it’s durability is a set of chunk-it balls I buy him. They too have been destroyed But are by far the longest lasting toy I have found for him.

    • I have the exact same issue. My lab just turned one. Bought her $50 worth of heavy duty toys. Same thing destroyed in exactly 4 min. Did you ever find a toy that didn’t get destroyed ?

  3. Not a fan of the Kong jumbler ball toy. Our 1 year old black lab bit through it on his first cession and because of the weird handle shape got it stuck on his bottom jaw. He was shaking it so hard as we were trying to get it off we thought he would break his bottom jaw. I would recommend the jolly ball with handle, one of the only toys that’s lasted his destruction. It’s heavy when he swings it around so DEFINITELY an outside toy. Love all the other Kong toys but no this one

  4. I bought the Monster K-9 frisbee for our Labrador and she loves it. Al the other disc toys she destroyed in a matter of hours. This one is still in one piece. She doesn’t seem to want to chew it, just retrieve it! It was well worth the price I paid.

  5. Our LabraDane loves the Starmark Everlasting Fire Plug. We put kibble in it and he’s figured out how to drop it down the stairs to get the treats out. It’s really durable and he’s had it about six months and still holding up well! Great for powerful chewers! PS Also the Kong Extreme is brilliant. He’s had the same one for at least two years.

  6. My pup loves the kong toys for playing fetch, but another toy my lab LOVES is the Monster Size Quadruple Knot Rope Toy by Mav4Life! No matter how much he chews on it, it hasn’t fallen apart! Super durable and can withstand her sometimes “tough” playtime.

  7. Need a very large ball…like a exercise ball for people that will not bust..have a 7 month old lab that loves to roll one around..but he finally put a hole in it..

  8. Look for Snug Balls on Amazon. We have 3 heavy chewers and they have yet to even make a tooth mark in them. They have a lot of bounce and they float

  9. For Frisbees, I think the fabric ones are the best. They are lightweight and fly better than heavier models. My dog chewed up every type of plastic Frisbee, but she doesn’t mess with the fabric ones so they last almost forever. They aren’t cheap, but they are durable, and we leave them out in the yard all year round. There is still an old Kong Frisbee somewhere out in the yard. It was so heavy that it wouldn’t fly! The chuck it Frisbees are pretty good, but my Lab seems to like the brand with the donut hole in the middle the best. The mini Frisbees don’t fly nearly as well as the ten inch diameter or larger ones.

  10. The boomer ball is the toy that gets my dog going. He can’t get his jaws around it so it’s not possible for him to chew on it. He’s hilarious to watch, chasing it around the garden and it bangs off everything with such force sometimes that pots have been cracked. I make allowances for that as he gets so much fun out of the ball. I do move some pots etc up out of the way now. I always supervise him/play pawball with him and limit the amount of time to about 20 minutes per playtime with it. He plays in the same way with the Kong Wobbler if I leave it lying around for a while after he has eaten.

    • Hi, would you mind telling me what size boomer ball you have? We will be getting a lab puppy to go with our 11 yr old lab very soon, and would like to get some sturdy and ‘tire him out’ toys in readiness for him. Kindest regards Rita

  11. My lab really likes to play fetch, A LOT. he is 2 1/2 years old but still can go all day. tennis balls he will demolish into small pieces, but I got his the rubber balls from Chuck it, and he loves them. The chuck it balls sort of whistle if u throw them really hard and they are hollow but hard durable rubber so he gets a good chomp. Best catch ball I have found so thought I would share. I get him the large or extra large chuck it balls

    • Hi All,

      We have found that Cricket training balls (Windballs) are really good as hard rubber and very bouncy and the dog can chew and chew but doesnt come apart they can be bought in the UK for around GB£3, ours has yet to chew her way through them 🙂

  12. Good luck folks with any of the rope toys . Have tried them all and our 6 month old Labrador pup has managed to take them apart bit by bit over a few short period . We are with him 24/7 but he still managed to wreck them .

  13. Would not recommend the kong stick for indoor play, bought one for my labrador from our vet, gave it to her while still at vets, the stick cracked the glass of a display cabinet when Piper swung it round, she also has a trick of letting things fly. Be aware!!