Pitbull Lab Mix – Bullador Breed Traits and Care

pitbull lab mix

The Pitbull Lab mix is a designer hybrid dog that is energetic, intelligent, loyal and protective. Pitbull Lab mixes are also known as a Bullador, Pitlab or Labrabull. A medium sized cross between Labrador Retriever and American Pitbull Terrier, they weigh up to 90lbs and are best suited to active homes with a backyard and plenty of time for exercise and training. When socialized and cared for they are not aggressive dogs, and can do well with families and older children. Although due to their guarding and fighting ancestry, they can act as watchdogs and be wary of strangers. Yet they are eager to please their owners, love fuss and attention, and make amazing companions. Today we’ll share the typical breed traits and behaviors of a Pitbull Lab mix, and help you to find a friendly, healthy Bullador puppy.


The Pitbull Lab Mix can be a great pet for the right home. In this article we will look at how well suited the Labrabull is to your family, and give you tips for finding the perfect puppy. We will also give you the information you need to properly feed, care for and groom your dog. We’re going to look at the physical characteristics and temperament of the Pitbull Lab mix. We’ll talk about finding breeders, and raising and caring for, a growing Bullador puppy. And explore their behavior traits and training, exercise and socialization requirements. This guide is packed with information and will help you decide whether an adult Lab Pitbull mix will suit your home and lifestyle.

What is a Pitbull Lab Mix?

A Bullador is a mix between an American Pitbull Terrier and a Labrador Retriever. Because they’re a mixed breed, there simply is no way to predict with certainty what a Pitbull Lab Mix temperament will be like! They could inherit characteristics from either parent. But there are certain attributes both breeds have in common, like loyalty and intelligence.

The Bullador is an athletic and enthusiastic dog with a brave, affectionate temperament. They sport a short, high shedding, dense coat in a variety of color combinations. As a crossbred dog has so many variables in its genetic background, it’s a good idea to understand both the Lab and Pitbull profiles to gain a sense of what to expect from Lab and Pitbull Mix puppies!

  • Popularity: Rising fast!
  • Purpose: Pet
  • Weight: 60 to 90 pounds
  • Temperament: Courageous, loyal, and friendly

Where do Pitbull Lab Mix dogs come from?

Labradors and Pitbulls have been being bred together informally for years, for pet homes and as ranch dogs. But in recent years with the rise of the designer first generation dog mixes, then are gaining more of a following.

Labs are one of the most popular breeds in the US. Their ancestors originated in Canada and they were bred there in the 18th century to aid fisherman who needed a trusted and reliable helper dog. On the flip side, this hard-working, rough and tough canine also has a sweet personality. This earned it a place as a family dog back home once the day’s work was done.

Today Labs are best described as loyal, intelligent, friendly and eager-to-please. Labs can co-exist with various age groups as well as with a cross-section of other animals. They take to training easily and make Labs a popular choice as police dogs, service dogs, and therapy dogs.

The Pitbull originated from crossing Bulldogs with Terriers back in the 1800s. Two common types of Pitbull breeds are the American Pitbull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier. Breeds used for fighting, bullbaiting a ratting.

Despite their lurid beginnings, the Pitbull is actually an affectionate breed with a fierce loyalty to their owners. Once brought over from the UK to America, Pitbulls were commonly used as farm dogs to protect livestock and herd sheep.

They were known for their docile temperament with people and children and were not just working dogs but family pets. Pitbulls are strong, athletic, and courageous dogs, but underneath it all, they are often big softies looking for the same love and attention as any pet.

pitbull lab mix

Pitbull Lab Mix Appearance

A Bullador inherits a wide head with the ears of a Lab. They have expressive eyes, pointed ears and a long fairly straight tail.

In other words, given his parentage, your pup can be counted on to be one of the most handsome dogs zipping around the dog park!

How Big is a Pitbull Lab mix?

The Labrador Pitbull mix is a medium to large, powerful, dog that can reach up to two feet in height and weigh anywhere from 50 to 90 pounds when fully grown.

Pitbull Lab Mix Coat Type and Colors

Like their parents, the Pitbull Lab Mix has a short coat that is easy to brush. The fur is smooth and shiny, and not difficult to maintain.

Colors depend on whether you obtain a Black Lab and Pitbull Mix, a Chocolate Lab Pitbull Mix, or a Yellow Lab Pitbull Mix. You can expect the common coat colors to be a solid tan, black, white, yellow, or brown. However, the Pitbull Lab Mix can also come with various colors like the Pitbull; so a brindle is entirely possible!

Do Pitbull Lab Mixes Shed A Lot?

Pitbulls tend to shed on the low to average end of the spectrum. However, a Lab Pitbull Mix could well take after their Labrador parent in the molting department and be more of a heavy shedding dog.

Either way they are not a hypoallergenic dog and are not recommended for allergy sufferers. They can also need quite a lot of grooming in the shedding season, despite their short coat.

Pitbull Lab Mix Grooming

A Pitlab has a silky, short, and dense coat that benefits from brushing to keep it shiny. The Labrador undercoat is not common in this particular mix breed. Due to being a high shedding dog Labs need a good grooming tool for the heavier shedding parts of the year. A weekly brush the rest of the time should be fine.

You can keep your fur baby’s neat and clean through regular attention to their nails and ears. Use a doggie toothbrush and toothpaste to keep his pearly whites clean. And at the same time check for any signs of infection.

Overall, Pitbull Lab Mix parents report that their pet’s grooming needs range from low to moderate. So, it’s safe to say that this hybrid falls squarely in the average range in regard to grooming.

pitbull lab mix

Pitbull Lab Mix Temperament

The American Pitbull Terrier hails from the English Pitbull Terrier. The latter was bred in the 19th century to be used in physically punishing ways, such as dogfighting.

In America, this tenacious and strong dog was bred with larger canines and was used as a farm dog, who was also called upon to aid in hunting large game. Today, the American Pitbull Terrier retains an alert and protective nature. He is known for his courage, determination, and loyalty, but also comes with a reputation for being a naturally aggressive breed.

This is not entirely unfounded. Data from studies on bite statistics, clinic records, and experts’ opinions inform much of our understanding of canine aggression. And according to one source on dog bites, in 2016 there were 22 Pitbull dog bite fatalities in the US.

Accounting for 71% of all US dog bite related deaths. For the same year, Labradors and their mixes were responsible for 3 deaths. The Pitbull is a banned breed in some countries including the United Kingdom.

In regard to this particular mix breed, one source reports that between 1982 and 2014, 46 Pitbull Lab Mix attacks had been recorded. In the case of the Bullador, one should be aware of the Pitbull’s possible potential for aggression.

Are Pitbull Mixes Aggressive?

However, a lot of people believe that this loyal dog has been maligned. Counter-arguments regarding the dangerousness of this breed highlight the fact that until the mid-1900s, the Pitbull was not a feared dog. And was actually considered a friendly family pet.

This argument identifies the change in attitude as a social construct and media bias rather than any actual increase of aggression in this breed. The unreliability of victim and witness memory and accuracy of identifying dog breeds correctly has also become an area of interest in the Pitbull debate.

Some believe that attacking breed is often misidentified when victims report dog bites. It is important to note that it is only the American Pitbull Terrier under scrutiny.

Temperaments of other Pitbull breeds, like the American Staffordshire Terrier, have never been called into question. However, we would add a note of caution here. There are plenty of sources now that argue that Pitbulls may be less likely to bite than previously thought.

Bite Type and Frequency

It is possible that they are not much more likely to bite than many other popular breeds. However when weighing this up it is important to bear in mind the possible consequences of a bite, should one happen.

While no dog bite is pleasant, the American Pitbull has been bred with the physical structure needed to bite hard. With big canine teeth and strong jaws. And when a Pitbull bites, it doesn’t bite and let go. It holds on.

The damage done by their bite has the potential therefore to be far greater than that of a typical dog bite. This is especially relevant in families with small children. This trait could be passed to your Pitbull Lab mix.

Pitbull Lab Mix Personality

You can never be certain which traits your dog will inherit from which parent, so you can’t predict the exact temperament of your Pitbull Lab pup. They will likely be an energetic and loyal dog that loves attention from their owner.

If there is more Pitbull temperament in them, your dog may be more reserved and docile. Thorough socialisation will be essential for this pup. If they inherit more Labrador personality they will probably be very social and exuberant.

Pitbull Lab Mix Socialization

Early socialization is key to fine-tuning your dog’s affinity for other animals, including humans! With socialization and good breeding practices, you can have a reasonable expectation that they will get along well with children and possibly other dogs. And will make a good family pet.

When it comes to other pets, the Labrador side of your Pitbull Lab Mix has a better chance of getting along with them than the Pitbull does. As we’ve noted before, there is no way of predicting which side of his family tree your pup will lean more toward.

You should take caution with strangers and other dogs until you know how your animal typically reacts in such situations. Although a pup with a very friendly Pitbull parent, that is well socialized, could be a very friendly and cuddly companion indeed.

Training Your Pitbull Lab Mix

Fortunately, like his Labrador progenitor, an intelligent Pitbull Lab Mix will take to training readily.

It is advised to start training young, as early as 8 to 12 weeks old. The longer you wait the more strong-minded your dog may become. With consistent and positive reinforcement training methods, they can be a terrific and well-mannered companion.

It should be noted that punishment based training is not recommended as a modern training method and it has the potential to mask problems and cause or exacerbate aggression.

Pitbull Lab Mix Exercise

A Pitbull Lab Mix will require a lot of exercise due to its size and both parent breeds being active dogs. Therefore access to things like a yard for self-exercise, fetch with the owner, and space and time to run around is important.

Owners should be aware of health issues (discussed below) such as Hip and Elbow Dysplasia and Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) and adjust exercise routines for their dog in consult with a vet.

pitbull lab mix

Pitbull Lab Mix Health

What potential health issues will a Pitlab inherit? You can never be sure which health issues your dog may inherit, so it is important to understand the conditions common to each breed. As well as the signs and symptoms of these conditions. Let’s take a look at the health issues common to each parent breed

Based on his parentage, the Pitbull Lab cross is at risk to inherit joint problems. Larger dogs generally have greater issues with hip and elbow dysplasia, and both parent breeds are prone to hip dysplasia. In addition, gastric bloat and hypothyroidism may be potential issues for your pup.

You should inquire with your breeder about heart, eye, skin, and ear issues. Purchasing your puppy from a reputable breeder decreases the chances of owning a dog with unexpected, surprising health problems. You should test both parents for health conditions that commonly affect their breed.

Labrador Health

The Labrador has a few more common hereditary health issues than the Pitbull. They both share a high prevalence of hip dysplasia, as most large breeds are prone to this. Skin allergies and ear infections are minor health concerns common to Labradors. Most of these conditions can be screened through DNA testing. Recommended testing includes:

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
  • Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC)
  • Hereditary Cataracts (HC)
  • Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis (HNKP)
  • Centronuclear Myopathy (CN)
  • Hip & Elbow Evaluations

pitbull lab mix

Pitbull Health

The Pitbull doesn’t have a long list of hereditary health issues and is generally a healthy dog. Like any breed, they have some minor health issues to be aware of, like skin problems and allergies.

As a short-haired breed, they are more susceptible to skin issues and allergens. Pitbulls are at a higher risk of demodectic mange, especially as puppies. This skin condition comes from parasitic mites living on the dog’s hair and generally only become a problem for dogs with immature immune systems, like puppies. Treatment can range from topical ointments to special shampoos and oral medication.

It is also common for Pitbulls to have seasonal environmental allergies. Signs include excessive licking, bald spots, or bumps on the skin. Check with your veterinarian for the best treatment options. These are the recommended testing for Pitbulls:

  • Thyroid
  • Hip Evaluation
pitbull lab mix

Pitbull Lab Mix Life Expectancy

The average lifespan of a Labrador Retriever is 10 to 12 years and the Pitbull’s life expectancy ranges from 10 to 15 years. It is a reasonable expectation that the Pitbull Lab cross has a similar life expectancy to that of the parent breeds.

Do Pitbull Lab Mixes Make Good Family Pets?

Labradors are one of the most popular family dogs. They have a friendly and affectionate nature. On the other hand, Pitbulls have had mixed reviews in this department. You probably associate Pitbulls with dog fighting and aggression. Historically, though, they are known for being loyal family dogs that are good with children.

This mixed-breed would make a good family pet if bred and socialized properly like any other dog. If you decide to get a Pitbull Mix, be sure to observe the temperament of the Pitbull parent and socialize your pup early to help increase the chances of a friendly, gentle companion.

Unlike Labs, Pitbulls do not get on well with other animals so your pup may do best as the only furry child. Another option would be to get a purebred Lab or another kind of mix.

Is A Pitbull Lab Mix Right For Me?

With the responsibilities of a large breed and the controversial views on the Pitbull, there is a lot to consider before deciding to bring a Bullador home.


  • A few hereditary health problems to watch out for
  • The temperament of the Pitbull Mix could range from friendly and affectionate to aggressive
  • Traditionally, Pitbull Mixes don’t get on well with other animals
  • This breed requires a lot of time and space for exercise


  • Low-moderate maintenance grooming
  • Generally healthy parent breeds
  • Playful, loyal, and friendly temperament
  • Considered an easy-to-train dog

To sum up, you should carefully consider all the relevant information before making a final decision to add a Bullador to your life. Especially the unpredictable nature of a cross breed.

Rescuing a PitLab

All too often designer dogs end up relinquished by owners who were ultimately unable to care for their needs. You can find many rescue groups and resources online and listed below to rescue a Pitbull and Labrador Mix puppies.

Not all mixed breeds have their own specific rescue. However, breed rescues for the purebred parents often take in related mixes as well. Remember, these organizations likely will not have detailed information about your pup’s history or parent breed health information.

Finding a Pitbull Lab Mix Puppy

With the increasing popularity of mixed-breed puppies, it is important to find a responsible breeder that follows the recommended guidelines for all health testing. Make sure they provide a clean and loving environment for their dogs.

Working with a good breeder is the best way to increase your chances of a healthy and happy Pitlab Mix Puppy. Pet stores and puppy mills have a reputation for producing unhealthy puppies, sometimes with more challenging temperaments.

Unethical breeding practices and poor treatment of the parent breeds, especially with the Pitbull parent, may not produce the desirable traits you are hoping for in your new Pitbull Lab Mix Puppy.

pitbull lab mix

Similar Breeds

Here are some other mix breeds that will interest you

For a more comprehensive list of popular Lab mixes and Pitbull Mixes check out these articles:

Labrador Pitbull Mix Breeders

It goes without saying, but you should only deal with an ethical, reputable breeder that can ensure your Labrabull was crossbred from parents free of medical issues.

The Labrador Handbook by Pippa Mattinson

A breeder must provide you with the health clearances of your dog’s parents. A good breeder is happy to provide evidence of clean health checks and to answer all of your questions about the Bullador. Plus, your breeder should be asking you questions to make sure you are equipped to handle this large, energetic breed.

If you buy from a breeder, ask about the temperaments of your Pitlab parents. You can also ask to see the bloodlines of both of the parents for any clues. And If possible, ask to see the parent so that you can observe their temperament for yourself. Any sign of aggression in the parents is a red flag.

Unfortunately, unethical breeding practices go hand in hand with the increase in demand for designer dog breeds. Do your research and ensure you are choosing a responsible breeder that can provide you with a healthy and happy pup.

Pitbull Lab Mix Products And Accessories

You need to provide exercise for this active breed. And you have to mentally stimulate them as well. This helps to prevent destructive behaviors as well. Check out our articles on toys to keep your dog active and occupied:

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Your Pitbull Lab Mix

Do you have a Pitbull Lab Mix?

We’d love to hear all about them in the comments below.

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  1. I have a golden haired, golden eyed 90 lb pitbull mix, he is huge and very muscular! I adopted him at 6 or 7 months and he hasn’t grown to much since that, so he grew while he was at the pound but he has gained alot of muscle since he gets more exercise. He is probably at atleast 95 or 100 lbs easy now.. Thank the universe that I showed up on his last week! He is complicated but he is super friendly dog. People don’t hide there fear very well when around a dog bigger and stronger then the person walking him. Lol he’s intimidating but he is pretty caring and he’s both my Emotional support and service dog and is always nudging me when my blood sugars are going crazy Don’t! Don’t know about with other dogs besides with the farm boxer sisters(1 year and the other is 7 months old) that are my parents other children so you probably know how that turned out!(I took the most damage)but I couldn’t let any of them get hurt! I’m trying to figure out what he’s mixed with? He weighes more and has alot of muscle than any pitbull mix I can find on searches! The only one that can get bigger is a bully mix but they aren’t as tall as he is. I thought it was maybe a lab but he’s taller then a lab but I saw on here that there might of been a buck 10 lab mix so I dont know. Then I thought it was a mastiff but he has no traits or signs of being that either! We went to the vet once since I got him and they just say he’s a pitbull terrier cause it’s on his adoption papers! The pounds papers said he was almost 2 years and made sure he was actually okay and I got lucky and they said he was only 7 months ish! He is too big to be any kind of terrier I think. Maybe someone can help me out! I’m hoping to get someone else’s opinions on it cause everyone has a different story!

  2. I recently adopted a 4 mos pit/lab. My bc x chose him. She’s 9yr and competes in agility! They are bonded and she has taught him many rules. He has been in puppy classes since 14 weeks. He is currently in pre-agility classes. Shows incredible work ethic and attention. He is 8 mos because I plan to do dog sports he will be having a vasectomy to prevent future injuries this month. He is charming, well socialized- if he’s met you he expects you to acknowledge him when you see him. I knew he would need a job and I like what I see so far he loves to work and gets very excited when we ho to training center! Really cool little guy- fine boned 28lb

  3. I have owned quite a few pure breed pitbulls. None of them have ever been aggressive. That’s because we never taught them to be aggressive. You forgot to mention that any dog can be aggressive if that’s what their irresponsible owner has taught them. Unfortunately due to the ignorance of most people the are prejudged. Almost like racism.

    • I have only been bites by 2 dogs my whole life and it definitely wasn’t a pitty or pitty mix! It was a poodle and chihuahua! I deserved the one from the little one but definitely not the poodle but I didn’t blame it cause it was abused beyond repair so I kept my mouth shut and left it alone! I actually don’t know anyone personally that have ever been attacked by a pitty/pittymix.

  4. I have a Lab/American pitbull mix…His name is Manchas..hes 1 yr old..very smart.loving.playful..when it comes to protecting his yard or me ..he becomes aggressive ..other than that he is a very good dog..Manchas loves treats..and he is a attainable pup..we all love him so much..

  5. I have a 7 month old puppy. We rescued her and know that her parents are a blue nose and red nose Pitbull, however, everyone comments that she looks like she has lab in her. Our puppy loves jumping in water which I heard is not a very common thing for Pitbulls. She definitely has some pit features in her. She is an awesome dog and very smart. She is energetic, friendly, and loyal. We have associated her with many other dogs and is very social and playful with them. She craves attention from me and follows me around a lot. We named her Honey because she has a beautiful cream colored complexion. I am curious to do a dog dna tests to see what mix she truly is. Honestly couldn’t ask for a better dog. 🙂

  6. I have a 6month old American pitbull terrier lab mix and honestly you couldn’t ask for a better mixed breed. Shes been the easiest to train and friendly with everyone. Shes brown and white. Shes the sweetest pup ever. I got her when she was 6wks old and started training right off and she caught onto things in a matter or a few days. Loves kids, all other creatures, loves the attention of all sorts of people. She lives with her older brother who happens to be a small pomeranian chihuahua mix.

  7. I have a stray that looks like a lab/ pitbull, still has puppy manners, lots of energy, trying to find his home,I am suffforing from cancer and unable to get out with this pup. davisvville missouri

  8. I have two brothers,they are 25% lab,75% Pitbull. They are only 6weeks old but differ in facial & body shape.One is taller/leaner & looks more like a Labrador.The other is short/stocky & looks like a pitbull. The Lab brother has a playful personality, the Pitbull a more tolerant personality. It is going to be interesting to see how their personalities emerge as they grow.

  9. My Pitty-Lab mix is the best dog on earth. I got him from a family friend when he was two years old, because he was the smallest of several dogs living on the farm, and the other dogs didn’t let him get affection, attention, or enough food. He definitely prefers to be the only dog in the home, as my roommate has a dog and when I give that dog attention, mine is in my face as soon as he can requesting pets. However, he loves the cats, lets them literally sleep on top of him. I’ve had to move his food bowl onto my bed so he can eat because if the puppy tries to eat his food, mine just steps back and lets him. Same with any dog at the dog park getting a drink of water; he always steps back and lets the other dog take the lead. He is a very enthusiastic player with other dogs, and loves to wrestle with them. He does not play fetch-no interest in bringing things back. He does pull on the leash, because he constantly has his nose on the ground and wants to follow every scent he picks up. We’re working on it. But he’s never met a stranger; I’ve never seen him be anything close to aggressive with any person or animal (other than bunnies). He barks very very rarely, such as when he’s outside with horses at night, or when he unexpectedly runs into some cows. (Not good guard dog material.) He looooves to cuddle, and sometimes when I’m not feeling good and I know he wants to go outside or go to the dog park and run, he is still so patient and will lay in bed with me and sleep. I could not have asked for a better dog.

  10. We adopted a lab pit mix puppy that my friend found wondering the street, malnourished and flea ridden when. He was 5 months old. He is 11 months now.
    I have a 9 year old shih tzu mix that never played or got along with any other dog and a 3 year old. My dog and him have been inseparable from the first dat. He has always been gentle when playing with her and has never offered anything aggressive. With my 3 year old he tends to want to “herd” while playing in the yard but always stops when she tells him no. He is the biggest lover and just wants to be friends with everyone that comes over, the most submissive dog I have ever seen. He just flops over on his back, tail wagging, tongue hanging out when anyone approaches him. He had a tendency to chew any and everything, though that has greatly improved in the short time we have had him, I attribute that mostly to his age and lab background. He has been quick to train and the biggest live bug you could want. We could not have asked for a better dog. When he matures out of puppy hood we fully expect him to be the “perfect” dog.

    • That sounds just like ours. She is such a cuddler and our older dog who just laid around now runs with her and plays. She is a fall on the floor and want a belly rub dog for everyone she meets now that she is outgrowing and learning not to jump. She is still mouthy but it is fading and she adores kids. Her only issue is she is afraid of the dark and wants her older sis to always accompany her. I chalk that up to trauma. She was found alone and lost or abandoned a few days after Hurricane Michael hit our area (about 5-6 weeks old). She is a doll.

  11. We rescued a mix lab/pit, named her Sugar. (So we don’t really know her parentage, but I feel comfortable in naming her a Pitador).
    ●The thing is she’s the best (parental prejudices aside),
    ●she’s Super Smart easily trained ( had to be as I knew nothing about training.),
    ●as Loving & affectionate as one could hope for,
    ●Sociable ( gets along with Everyone, never met a stranger, loves to jump on people to get and give love),
    ●(she was a nervous pee-er when we got her, would squat and pee ever time she met someone, but that didn’t stop her from wanting to met them)(but she’s gained confidence and outgrew that with affection and praise),
    ● healthy as we could possibly want (a bladder infection when younger which might explain somewhat the peeing),
    ●she’s about 3 and still the eternal puppy, loves to play, she did have a problem with chewing as a pup, but that’s just a puppy thing, )
    ●she’s about 20 to 24 inches tall, weighs around 50 pounds
    ●protective, but not aggressive (AT ALL!)
    ●not much of a barker, (didn’t bark at all for months then surprised herself when she first did, and we lived in an apartment so that was a real boon, now we’ve moved to a house with a fenced yard and she barks at people walking up and down the street, that’s where we see her protective/territorial traits, ●and her protective side in the play between me and my wife, we’ll slap at each other and she’ll get between us, and also protective of her brothers ( a shitzu and a Boston Terrier.
    ●(our shitzu was 11 when we got her and declining, she gave him new life, lol by pestering him till in self defense he had to play with her)(now he’s 14 and going strong)
    ●(just got the terrier and they play with each other like crazy)
    ●she does shed and when I say shed I mean SHED we’re constantly keeping up with her hair
    ●So if you are considering a Pitador, I can only hope and pray you get as good a Furbaby as our Sugar.,,,,
    ☆☆☆☆!!!IMPORTANT ☆☆CAUTION ☆☆☆☆☆!!!!
    ●People are Scared of PITBULLS, DO NOT, call your furbaby by any breed name containing the word “PIT”, call it a lab mix or some such.
    Apartments, and cities will/may make you pay an extra fee because it’s a pit mix!!!

  12. We adopted a 9 month old a week ago from a local rescue, he came up from Kentucky, he had been dumped apparently when he was about 5 mos and was fending for himself, we named him Bear as he looks like a black bear cub. They down played the pit but you can tell by looking at him he is a lab/pit cross, his eyes and mouth are definitely pit bull. He is very sweet and friendly, wags his tail non-stop, he has a “soft mouth”. We have a 2yo female beagle/hound and a 1.8 yo male great dane/lab/terrior mix and they all get along great. Bear was exposed to cats briefly when he was in foster but he is a little too curious and wants to chase them so I would not trust him yet alone with them. He seems to be very well socialized with other dogs and did great at daycare. He seems to be intelligent, he starts manners classes in a week so will see!

  13. I found my Lababull Princess Nala in October 2014. I found her on Craigslist 3 mini after the ad posted and immediately fell in love with her her gorgeous eyes that match her Carmel colored fur are what grabbed my attention and I called the number and spoke to the woman who explained she had been abandoned almost 4 months previously by a”friend” (who is no longer a friend) who said they would come back to get her the next day and they called her the next day and told her they changed their mind they no longer wanted her and to call the pound. She was about 8 1/2 months old and very skittish but loves kids and other dogs had never seen a cat. I was positive she was my dog we made an appointment that was that Friday to come meet her (it was Monday then) and I was very excited and I knew she was coming home with us that day. I was informed of her history as much as was known. Her original humans are scum (I have rescued both professionally I ran a pit bull rescue in the mid west for 4 1/2 years) and not professionally it started when I was a child when I would bring home every stray I seen that I could catch and literally would spend Hours up to days to gain their trust. Dogs have always had a special place in my heart. Ok enough babbling I’ll get back to my Princess, Nala. Her first “humans” bred this poor baby at about 4 months and when she had the babies they started selling them at 4 weeks and took them from her and they told the woman who they dumped her on that had 4 children their own Pitbull boy dog already and they didn’t want And could not devote the time she as a pup and had obviously been abused by the scum bags because she was so scared of everything and every one except their dog but they wouldn’t dump her at the pound so posted her. On our way to “meet” Nala I decided to stop at the store and buy a collar and leash some toys dog food and bowls because I was determined I was bringing her home not just meeting her. We got to the house and met Liz who had posted her and her kids came running with Nala and I knelt and called to her and Liz said she was surprised because immediately Nala ran right to me and knocked me over on my back and was kissing my face and I hugged her and told Liz I went shopping for her on our way here and She is my baby she laughed and said she was glad to see that Nala took to me so well. At the time we lived in a tent and was awaiting our approval for housing. I was awakend tithe zipper opening one morning and witnesses Nala opening the tent by pulling the zipper up so she could fit her paw and muzzle in the opening and then put her paw on the bottom zipper and pushing it down with her paw and using her bottom jaw to aid the process. I sat there silently watching amazed by how respectful and smart this little girl was and when she had it down far enough to get through the opening she went out I got up and went and opened it the rest of the way and went out to keep an eye on her in fear she my run off and she came right back to the tent. We have never tied her up and she has never wandered off. A friend she has known since the night we got her asked if he could take her for a walk for me about a year after we got her and we said sure she went with him about 15 yards away and stopped looking back and when she seen we weren’t behind them she refused to go further after trying for 20 minutes to get her to go further he offered her treats that she took but wouldn’t be bribed and he brought her back and explained. Several times she has refused to go anywhere with anyone even my husband when she seen I wasn’t going. She has been made my service dog since then for seizure disorder that she started to recognize them in advance to me having one and would get very demanding of me not a bad demanding but just was being overly insistent with nudging my hand or side and then she would put her paws in my lap and put pressure on my torso area and move her head up and my husband said after a few times she acts like she wants you to lay down. We didn’t recognize the actions and seizures coincided until she done this several times and it clicked and I started keeping track in a journal. She also woke me one night and she has NEVER awakened us ever not to potty or anything she would wait til we were awake if she had to potty. I couldn’t imagine life without her and we never had to train her to do anything. She is the smartest dog either of us ever seen. She dances when it’s dinner time and we get her food ready she hears the bowls being filled and gets so excited. I’d we get treats down she will come with us and she sits right In front of the one who has them and sits down patiently as if saying I’m a good girl I’m ready. My husband showed her how to give 5 and she started giving him 10 on her own it only took him saying give me 5 and taking her paw twice and showing her for her to automatically do it when he says give me 5 or give me 10. When we ask gotta potty she now runs to her service dog vest and sits by it. We ask her “where’s your vest?” And she at first just looked at us and then we started going to it and saying here it is to get her to recognize when we asked her where it is that we want her to go there then we started moving it and would tell her to look for it and she does automatically now when we say it. He has started in the last week telling her go get your vest. And so far she goes where it is and sits by it. He is also working with her to be able to open our apartment door and go get help if I’m down and need help. We put a rope pull toy around the handle that she can pull down and pull it backwards to open the door. She already knows after showing her a few times how to push the elevator button to call it to our floor and she sometimes hits the wrong button (often really) but she knows how to get the elevator to us by using her paw to hit the button and knows she has to hit a button in the panel to get it to do something. Our building is only 3 floors and has cameras the lobby has staff 24/7 and they are aware of my seizures and that if they are Nala on camera in the hall alone or if she comes down alone that I need help.
    My life is so enriched having her and she is not as scared of things as she was and she knows she is loved and she loves us and she sticks to me like glue I cannot leave the apartment without her. I’d I am in the bathroom too long she comes in and checks on me. When I take a bath she lays by the tub on a thick soft mat and waits til I say ok I’m coming out now and she moves and sits waiting. I had a seizure in the tub a few months ago and she knew I was in trouble and went and woke my husband up to help. I was under water in the tub when he got there. He said he couldn’t figure out what she was saying to him but after she kept getting on the bed and the 4th time was using her head pushing him he said she was trying to push him to the edge of the bed and he believes she was trying to push him off the bed so he wouldn’t just pet her and go back to sleep again and he asked her what Nala? And she who rarely barks (she doesn’t even bark when someone knocks on the door) jumped down and looked back and barked soft and turned and left the room and came back and was acting like she was saying “come on daddy now” and he got up and she kept going out coming back and she grabbed his hand in her mouth as if to rush him and then He seen me and got my head above water and unplugged it and he checked my heart for beating and it was and he made sure I was breathing and opened the apartment door and told her to get help. He heard he barking in the hall. Staff said she watched her on camera run straight to the elevator and pump up pushing the call button and the doors close when she got on it. And staff called the elevator to the 1st floor not knowing if Nala knew how to push or what button to push but she was barking loud waiting on the elevator and when the door opened on the 1st floor and she seen staff she spun in a circle barked once and looked at the buttons and she came with her to our unit and got 911 called. Several times Nala has saved my life and I cannot imagine life without this wonderful smart loving sweet dog who loves almost everyone and those she shys from we know we should as well. She LOVES all other dogs and when a few have growled and snapped at her she looks up as if saying to me “what’s wrong with him/her mommy?” She’s never met a stranger dog or human and the ones she why’s away from In Our building I myself have seen and or felt that we should steer clear of and not trust. 1 of them 3 days ago was rushing to get off the elevator and my husband had the leash lax and he said move your dog and before I was responding to grab her leash and move her and before I could do anything because he immediately grabbed her leash and harness and shove threw her out of his way and staff seen everything and I immediately was walking after him and said I would appreciate you not touching my dog or her leash ever again and he said I told you to move her and I said and you didn’t give me any time to respond he had her leash Indidnt and I’m just making sure you know if you ever do anything like that again we are going to have a real problem and you won’t have to worry about my dog or my husband because after I deal with you I will call the police and I will press charges for you touching my dog. My husband told me to calm down and staff told him I seen what you did and he was talking to me about something and neither had Time when you said it and then 2 seconds later man handled Nala and I am writing a report if it happens again I guarantee you will end up evicted because her service dog is protected as a resident by the policy of the building and state law recognizes a service dog as such and she is in her rights to press charges against you for assault on Nala and if she wishes I will call for her. I said if it happens again you’ll be calling 911 for someone but he’s been warned this time she’s not hurt but if she would have bit him when he done it then because she’s a pit mix she would suffer for it and if that happened I would not be responsible for my actions because she don’t deserve any bad treatment and has never hurt anything or anyone and thank God she is so tender and didn’t try to defend herself. I told them him and staff people need to be more cautious when dealing with someone else’s animal and not touch the animal or anything else because for 1 you don’t know the animal and even if you did you are not her human (hate the term owner) and 2 you don’t know how the dogs human will react because I was ready to throw you so I’m only asking you to respect us and our dog because there will not
    Be a next time!

  14. I have one! She just turned 9, is still lively, active, happy, and healthy. Not one single health problem ever and I’ve had her since she was 7 weeks! Wasn’t from a breeder. She was an accident from a 17 year old girl who didn’t get her dog fixed. The girl couldn’t take care of the puppies and they were all going to a shelter. So, of course, I had to take one! She definitely got characteristics from both breeds. From the lab: coloring, energy, playfulness, happy and trusting disposition, eager to please, loves people, sheds like you wouldn’t believe and lab hair has to be cleaned up quickly and often because dead hair (shed hair) has a tendency to stink. Also, I have to wash her once a week. Labs are water dogs, so their coat is somewhat oily, but I also have to be careful of her dry skin. Very sensitive skin and prone to food allergies. I have her on a great LI food though with duck and sweet potatoes. From the pit: stocky, muscular, and the pittie shoulder markings. I’ve gotten so many compliments on how beautiful she is over the years. Also, very unpredictable around other animals. She loves her cat that is 7 and we’ve had since he was 10 days old. Other than that, she ranges from fearful, distrustful, aggressive, and just plain annoyed with other dogs and cats. Some, she’ll eventually warm up to, others, absolutely not. Also, incredibly loyal. Would much rather be at home with her family than anywhere else doing anything else, except going to the beach or camping with her family. Have struggled with her separation anxiety. She’s literally always within touching distance. Fiercely protective of her home and her people. Bark is terrifying, but she’s never bit anyone in her life. But to anyone who doesn’t know her and what a harmless dork she is, she can be scary. All in all, she’s been a great dog. Highly recommend for homes with kids! And I’ll take her, even with her faults, including the farts that will curl your nose hairs!!! (See: “fishies” Blegh!)

  15. Hello 🙂
    Someone given me a puppy she is 2 months old , she is Lab and pibull mixed , how I will know if she is mix of Lab and pitbull ,


  16. I adopted my pitador, Baxter, from the SPCA in Dallas 3 1/2 months ago. He was 1 on Sept. 6th. He came from an abusive situation, even has the scar on his head to prove it. He was terribly fearful of everything and still is to some point; however, he is the most loving, sweet dog. I brought him into an environment with 4 cats and there has never been once where I thought he would harm them. There is not an aggressive bone in his body. He just wants to love, please and get love in return. He’s only chewed a couple of pair of cheap glasses. I keep him stocked with chew toys and cow hooves. He’s the best boy. He still has some emotional issues we’re working through, but don’t we all. His fear and anxiety are much improved from where he was on June 18th. He’s just my snuggler. On the downside though, he can snore like a freight train. Thank goodness for double pane windows!

  17. Our big big baby girls name is Dixie. She is 2 1/2 yrs old. She was found in a gas station parking lot with her brindle Pitt mama and brother. They were only about 2-3 Mo old. Her brother Zulu is all brindle Pitt but Dixie girl looks like a black lab. She is HUGE (110 lbs) and is just a ball of large, clumsy fun!!! One thing you may have to watch for is epilepsy. Even tho she is large, happy and healthy, she has seizures on occasion. They are violent and scary but luckily she has no idea they are happening. Treated well with meds, Our vet says it’s pretty common in labs. She has Never been aggressive and even has her own pet kitties who actually suckled her when they were babies! Smart, loving, fun, very emotional with eyes that beg you to pet her, she is just the best big girl in the world and we wouldn’t trade her for anything! We have a LARGE doggie door for her and her siblings to go in and out as they wish and big hearty toys (she will eat a dollar store toy like a bacon treat) and somehow knows to be gentle with kids even tho she wasn’t raised with them. She takes up a LOT of room on our bed! Hands down the sweetest dog we’ve ever had!!!

  18. I have a 2yr old chocolate lab pit mix with a white patch on her chest her name is Rosie my husband rescued her last November from a neighbor who was abusing her. Since we’ve had her she has been very loving, a little hyper at times but always friendly. She is very protective of me. She loves the snow she will play outside for hours in it.she is mainly and indoor dog but we take her outside when she wants to because of her hyper side but she all around friendly.

  19. I have an 12 week old pit/lab mix (brown with a patch of white under her neck area) I got her from somebody who couldn’t take care of her. And she’s a sweet puppy. I haven’t had any luck with training her but she have so many personalities. She loves going outside and going for walks. She still a tad bit small but she’s getting bigger everyday. She does a funny thing when you talk to get she turn her head to both sides like “you talking to me?” She’s feisty at times but she’s not aggressive. She hardly ever bark unless its at other dogs.

  20. I have one, Maggie! She is the most loyal & intelligent dog I’ve
    EVER seen. She makes solid eye contact that some have called unnerving but it’s how she communicates.
    She lives with a stupid but loveable male boxer & a female rottweiler & has never bitten at either one.
    However, she quickly established that she is in charge & the others are content to trust her & not try her.
    She’s good with kids and is VERY protective of me. I don’t take her to dog parks with other dogs as I don’t want to take any chnaces. I highly recommend this mix breed!

  21. My daughter rescued a 10-month old male lab/pitt mix – all black with a white patch on his chest. Her work hours didn’t provide enough time for the dog and he came to us. ADORE HIM. We have now had him a year and know the following: he can be unpredictably aggressive with other dogs. Dog parks are off limits unless no one else is there; we tried to socialize him by walking him with a neighbor dog. Had a few good walks but then he tried to bite the other dog when it got too close to me (protectiveness of Pit). He is also very wary of children. Not knowing his early history, it is impossible to guess if he was abused in any way. We don’t allow him near children. We have invested in a dog walker/trainer who is excellent- he now respects us as his pack leader after working with her and us knowing better how to handle him. Out on walks and at home we do immediate corrections but also praise for good behavior. Exercise is key; so is praise and affection. What we have ended up with is a super-loyal, very loving, cuddling, happy, funny, alert and energetic goofball (Lab qualities). He needs serious chew toys (indestructible, if possible) and does not enjoy being alone – he stays physically close at all times when we are with him. This is a fantastic dog – I wish we had had him as a puppy and patiently socialized him so he would be comfortable around other dogs and children. We are continuing to work on training and definitely see improvement as he works through exercises. Treats provide excellent motivation! Being aware of your particular dog’s traits and what he got from the Pit side and the Lab side is crucial to handling him – my guess is each mix will be very different, so it takes time to figure out your individual dog. That said, highly recommend these LabPitts! C.L.

    • Hi Cheryl. Your pittie/lab sounds just like mine! We adopted her from a shelter just over a year ago and she’s the most affectionate dog I’ve ever had. She loves every single person she meets, without hesitation but when it comes to dogs…she’s unpredictable. We try to avoid other dogs as much as possible. It’s really unfortunate because she is such an amazing dog in every other way.

  22. My fiancé and I are looking to adopt a chocolate pitador sometime in November, do you know of any local areas that might have pups up for adoption? We live in Suffolk County but are willing to travel the tristate area to find our new addiction to the family, thanks in advance for any and all help ?

    • Try the local Labrador Rescue. That’s where we got our girl. She leans more to the lab side so the pit bull in her is much less visible. She was lab enough for the lab rescue to take in her and her puppies. The puppies don’t look pittie at all so it’s possible their dad was all lab.

  23. Chuy is our 11 year old pit-lab mix whose life appears to be coming to an end. He has been an awesome friend, friendly yet protective. During his early years he would dig dig dig! During the last few years his digging would occasionally show up. The back yard is his domain and he would always be alert to changes in the neighborhood. He developed an odd habit from an early age, if anyone, besides us, tried to enter the back yard by way of either gate, he made it clear you were not allowed. But if that same person came through our house into the backyard then he showed little interest in you.
    He grew to be 95 lbs and when he put his paws on my shoulders could stand 6 foot tall.
    For the most part we raised him on Blue Buffalo dry food with occasional table scraps during holidays. He does enjoy McDonald’s fries, just seeing the red fry holder would set his tail wagging!
    He got along well with other dogs and loves children but his size would tend to scare them. Our year old granddaughter loves to pet him.
    He was raised as an outdoor dog and his house was in the garage. Once trained he rarely would pop inside. Whenever he would come indoors, he never made a mess in the house.
    Chuy has been awesome and our experience with him has been the best!

  24. My Pitbull had a litter of 8 Pit/Lab mix, every puppy had their own personality bur they were all very smart, very loving, and they all wanted to please. The only problem I ran into wad the male dominance thing as the boys grew up. I kept 4 of the pups and they have all become a big part of our family, they are the best dogs I’ve ever had. They are a very emotional dog so u have to realize this and give them what they need and they will be ur best friend for life.

  25. My lab/pit is 5 1/2 months and a rescue so I know nothing about her parents. She is doing great with our family except when there are treats and food around. When that’s the case, she gets aggressive with our 3yr old beagle. He doesn’t retaliate. What type of things do I need to do to positively train her to get along better? I have experience with dogs, just not this kind of behavior. By the way, when the food and snacks are not out, they are pretty good playmates. She is doing very well with every person she has encountered and plays with our cats. I would appreciate advice.

    Toby Lorton

  26. When I was a kid I had and grew up with a purebred male pittbull named reaper. He was the best dog my family or I have ever cared for or owned. I am now well grown and have 2 unfixed male PittBull X Labrador (brothers). They were both a rescue. They are great together with people, kids, and all our farm animals, chickens and kittens. They are smart loving stubborn and loyal with the biggest hearts.

  27. i got a friend from the arl when he was seven he is just shy of a fit 100 pounds he is the biggest baby until he aint then the pit comes out get to know your dog before you take him/her out with others(dogs/people) he/she will love your love

  28. I have a 6 month old pitbull-lab mix dog named Rocco, and he is absolutely perfect for me and my house. He is very quiet and hardly ever barks. He is so sweet and loves to cuddle and lick me. He loves going fishing with me and he makes for really good company. He is so energetic outside and calm and collected inside. he plays well with other dogs. And he is really taking well to his training. So far, I’ve had absolutely no problems with him. I really couldn’t design a better dog.

  29. Best crossbreed ever. Loyal,smart and protective. Mine loved to ride in the car and we went all over the south,the Midwest as well as New England. Her name was Luna and she not only was a excellent dog but she saved my life. Miss her dearly!

  30. i have a 16 month old lab pit mix. she is without a doubt the best decision i’ve ever made. i adopted her at 12 months from a family that made her sleep outside and kenneled for punishment. i am a student and, as such, i have to kennel her a few hours every day while i’m at class. she has really horrible separation anxiety that we are trying to work through. she has never shown aggression, and even when other dogs badger her or try to engage her (for a fight) at the park, she only defends herself and does not attack. she came to me with very little potty training and had some very bad tendencies but i was able to train her within the month. she loves puppies and snuggling on the bed. she is smaller (barely reaching my knees and i’m only 5’1) but really strong and weighs around 65 pounds. without a doubt, she is the most loving dog i’ve ever had, so it breaks my heart when people react negatively to her simply because she looks a little too pitty! i think the parts of this article that outline the aggressiveness of these dogs are unfair and do a disservice to this sweet breed. as owners we often forget that dogs are just that… dogs. every dog– even tiny chihuahuas– have the potential to be aggressive, but it really is more a product of upbringing and ownership. let’s stop calling pits and pit mixes “naturally aggressive” and instead realize that they are in most cases just as gentle and sweet as any other lap dog, just a little more buff

    • I agree, Alexandra! My boyfriend and I just adopted from the shelter a 6 month old lab pit mix with a short black coat, about 26 pounds and clearly had either been abused or perhaps weaned too early. She’s the most cuddly and loving dog I have ever known. We had warned my friends that if we let her inside (where she wanted to go as she quietly waited by the door for an hour while we chatted), she will want to cuddle on the couch (if permitted) and literally burrow herself into them, to the point that they will feel captive to her love. After an hour of very friendly play with their dog, this scenario played out until midnight, and they did not want her to leave. I had to physically extract her from the couch and their clutches! It was fun watching them progressively melt throughout the evening and into the night. This dog is far from aggressive towards any living thing.

    • You are so right. Pitt bulls were once called nanny dogs because of the their caring and protective nature with children. Any dog can be aggressive or just as easily be loving and sweet. It’s normally the human that allows for the good or bad behavior.

    • My mix also had some separation anxiety. He will turn 14 years old in a few months. We gave him bones to chew on to help with the chewing and give him something to do while he was in the crate. He has the best teeth! I swear these raw hide bones have made them stronger. He has some anxiety and always has. The bones really help him relax.

  31. I am the proud dog mom of a 14 year old Lab Pit mix. She is the love of my life. The information about pits in this article is not accurate. Pits are abused and forced into being aggressive by humans. Pebble has never exhibited a second of aggression in her 14 years of life. I also expect her to live to 20. She is loving, caring and very playful to this day. She has a big presence big spirit and heart. The only word of caution is that they are very curious, playful and energetic. They need a lot of exercise and stimulation. If you are an outdoor person, this is your dog. But once she has had her exercise, she is ready to snuggle up in your lap for a good long rest. Pleasing you is her main prerogative,
    and you will never see a bigger smile than when she looks at you!

  32. Hello, we rescued a a pit/Lab mix a few years ago. She was probably 1-2 years old. Unless you are a squirrel or cat Bella will love you. When children are around I don’t exist. She becomes one of the kids. When I am wrestling around with my boys Bella will immediately give us a howl like cry, grab one of her toys and jump between us such as to say lets all just play. If someone walks into the house who Bella doesn’t know she will stand at attention and give off a loud bark. Each and every time Bella will give you the opportunity to give her some loving. I read in one of the previous comments that they thought the only downfall with this mix is they don’t realize how strong they are. I agree 100%. Bella is so playful and is so excited when more people are around that she could easily knock an older person or small child down. Her favorite toy is always a rope. She loves to play Tug or War. Make sure you have a long rope, sometimes she doesn’t realize your fingers are not part of the rope. Bella is about 65 lbs and loves to sleep on top of you. I can go on and on. I will admit I was very apprehensive at first considering I had two young boys who always had many friends in and out of the house, and now, about five years later, there are no regrets. Bella has been a great addition to the family and we love her to death. Bella will always get more attention from visitors than me. When I am out everyone always asks “Hows Bella”. She is the star of the show each and every time.

  33. I love the Labrabull. I have a male Pit and female Lab(black). And now have 7 Labrabull puppies that are beautiful. I also have a 4 yr old male Labrabull that is the son to my male and female. My Pit, Koko is an red-devil Pit. Color reddish/gold with white chest, neck strip, white paws and tip of tail. I rescued him 5 years ago. My Lab is solid black with the very tips of her toes white, and a small white patch on her chest. Now, the puppies. Five males and two females of all colors! Three blacks, one Chocolate, two reddish/gold and one Brindle. What an assortment! All dogs can be aggressive, some more than others. And Pitts have a bad rap because there are Very Stupid Humans in this world that have bred some very bad dogs, ie aggressiveness, etc. Having said that, I truly think that having the right parents can produce the best of both worlds. The four year old male Labrabull is a wonderful dog. He loves to play and cuddle. Protective of his owner my daughter, “Dot” is laid back, watchful and he doesn’t bark unnecessarily. Usually never in the house, but will when he’s outside and alerts to a different sound or smell. (we live in the country). Dot lives with cats and our small Chi/Beagle who will be 12 June 1st. They seven puppies have displayed trendies of both parents, and will even sit and wait for me to finish fixing their food at feeding time. At two an a half months that shows me these babies are very intelligent, beautiful, healthy, happy “kids”. lol Hopefully we’ll find forever-homes for them all.

  34. I have a black lab pitbull mix i got him from my wifes daughter when he was about 4 months old 43 pounds now he’s 7 months old i am guessing 60 or 65 pounds of muscle like a pitbull his personality is playful but he is distracted very easily by other people some can walk right up and pet him no barking tails wagging then i turn the connor and he wants to fight everyone or thing he sees… I am working on that we have 2 small dogs on my street that are older when he was a pup they barked and nipped at him and he seemed scared and backed off.
    Now that he’s 7 months and bigger he goes into a rage when he sees them so i don’t let him anywhere near them. We will work on that as well his face is truly handsome he was mostly jet black but he’s shedding now and in the sun it looks like he’s brown with a black streak from head to tail…My last dog was a pit/pointer mix died after 10 year i didn’t think i could do it again but after seeing this pup i got right back on the horse…Smiling

  35. I have a 3 1/2 year old Labrabull named Sassy. She was my Christmas present 3 years ago from my wife. The pup came from one of my wife’s daughters who owned both parents. She is 50 lbs and very strong. I am 6’6″ and about 250 lbs and Sassy can be a handful even for me to walk. Personality is a odd mix. She is usually quite timid but also very calm and loving once she gets to know people. She is a great watchdog and doesn’t like strangers coming in the house. She is good with other dogs and cats. We also have a mostly white and brindle pitbull and a lab/catahoula mix. I have a cat too. Overall I would recommend a Labrabull to anyone who wants a loyal friend and doesn’t mind a barker.

  36. We adopted a 1 1/2 yr old Lab mix and couldn’t be happier! His name is Harley and he has a great personality. He definitely has that strong loyal side, wherever I go he follows and if I’m sitting on the pourch he will either sit in front of me as close against me as he can manage, or will lay down On my feet. On walks if I stop he will come to me and brush tight against me or whomever is walking him and stand firmly in front of them/me or squeeze between the legs and sit there until it’s time to continue walking. He is definitely a BIG chewer and eats everything he finds on the floor lol. He loves to fetch and still plays rough but he is working on it. He took to the Come and Sit commands very fast and he is working on his other basic commands. Like a little kid he listens 1/2 the time lol. Like the lab nature he thinks EVERYONE he sees walking downstairs past the porch is coming to see him, lol! And yes he thinks his place is on my lap and if allowed will climb his 50lb butt up and squeeze it onto my lap while I’m sitting in a chair! He is definitely a member of our family! We are so glad he adopted us.

    • We just lost our Ben “Benny Boy” last week, he was the best. Your description was exactly his personalty. He totally thought he was a lap dog at 60+pounds. Just a big old baby :). I loved him dearly and my family misses him so much. But great mix breed. couldn’t have asked for any better.

  37. My pitlab mix is shiney dark chocolate brown, his name is Kobi. He is so sweet. My husband when we met was no dogs in the house type person. The dogs have always been in the house, but I was good with not on cough/bed. Then came Kobi, he was a puppy when we got him. Husband says where is he going to sleep? I said confidently “the bed”, so I can take him out when he moves. Now this was November and the biggest snow season for a while. He was so simple to potty train, thank goodness for some roof overhang. He would go out put one foot off the cement and pee. He only had one poop in the house because the husband said to him you just went out. Well Kobi showed him he was serious. The neices and nephews come over 4 and 8 now. Kobi plays so soft with them he will pull the 4 year old around on her butt on the floor while they are both handing on to one of the toys. He will pull the sled with the rope. He has always protected the kids from day one. He will go sleep with them when they are over. Kobi loves the cats, him and one of them lay together. He sits and waits patiently for the cats to finish their food so he can lick the bowl. Lays his head on your leg waiting for us and drools a lot. He can smell anything out, our other dog had hid different dog treats somewhere last winter he kept digging them all up and bringing them in. One time I went out and cut flowers for Memorial Day and took my mom without Kobi. When my husband let him out he said Kobi followed my exact walking around the back yard. He wants to play with everyone and thinks everyone wants to play with him. The best personality of a dog I have had. He thinks he is a lap dog does like to be under a blanket. Has never weaned himself out of the bed a year later. My husband and I laugh about it.

  38. We have a 10 year old black lab/pit mix that we rescued at 2 1/2 years old. I was nervous at first because of the pitbull aspect but gave him a 2 week trial period…8 years later,lol. He is literally the BEST dog I have ever owned. For the most part, he is extremely gentle, loving and kind in nature. He’s a natural healer because if anyone get’s hurt, even the cats, he will try to lick the wounds to heal them or stay by your side. We had an indoor/outdoor cat that came home one time with a small gash on his head. Buddy (our lab-pit mix) would pin him down and start licking it until it completely healed. He’s always been good with the cats. They can smell, or try to eat out of his bowl, he may hover a little, but never showed aggression. He even play’s with our cat Jazzie (the first cat’s offspring) and if we have to intervene, it’s because of the cat, NOT the dog. He loves just about anybody and everybody, he’s literally everybody’s buddy, so long as the “pack” accepts them. If someone tries to come to the door, he will notify us and if we go to the door and let them in, he is fine. If they try to enter without us being there, he will not, unless it becomes apparent they are “part of the pack”. Like my parents, usually knock first but my parents can walk in and he is fine. It took my daughter’s BF a few months, but now he is looked at as “part of the pack” and can come in and out without an escort from anyone. But if they are not part of the pack, he will growl, bark and not let them in. His growl is extremely intimidating and have had solicitors literally run off the property after hearing him growl at the front door. It’s kind of funny because when I answer the door, I literally saw them running down the street! He looks extremely intimidating as well so when I do answer the door, they are more focused on the dog then what they came to the door for and usually leave really quick! He loves car rides, but we do avoid places that we may run into other dogs or alot of people. For the most part he is really good and loves attention, but once in a blue, someone will walk by and he starts growling at them. For precautions, we only leave then window down to head level while driving and cracked when we stop in a more public place. In this sense, he can be unpredictable. He is protective of the family, but he get’s most of his clues from us. If we are ok with the person, he usually is to and then tries to con them into throwing his ball! His favorite activity is playing ball and tug of war. He has gone a little overboard and nipped a couple time while playing tug of war with his rope, though he doesn’t intentionally try to hurt people, I don’t think he realizes his own strength. He is protective of me and my kids. He actually seems very intuitive. He is protective of all of us, but mostly of me and the kids, even though the kids are grown and teens. One time, recently, my husband and I were horseplaying. I don’t think Buddy understood we were playing around and my husband was on top of me, so at that point, he started growling and barking at my husband, and then nipped his hand. It wasn’t a major bite, but it was clearly a warning. So, he does understand the difference between warnings on going on complete attack mode. He does try to be friendly with other dogs, but if the dog is hyperactive, shows aggression or doesn’t just walk up and sniff his butt, basically, isn’t calm, then he will get on defense mode. We have us a choker chain because of his size, especially for myself, since I am only 120 lbs and he can drag me down the street. This isn’t really an issue anymore since we have our own property now. He stays within the boundaries and doesn’t wander off. For the most part he does listen well, but sometimes I think he pretends like he didn’t hear me and starts trotting faster to pee on a tree,lol. Even my mother loves him and feeds him food, and she is extremly afraid of dogs. He learned early on of this fear, so he will walk a bog circle around her. He knows not to get to close to her and she now trusts him enough to hang out in the living room with everyone. He is extremely social and loves attention. He does get a little jealous when attention is given to the cat, but he will either pout and give you the neglected puppy dog look or he will just sit and learn on you. But there literally hasn’t been any fights with the animals. In fact, Buddy is a push-over. He doesn’t bark alot, in fact, hardly at all unless he is trying to get our attention. He doesn’t like loud voices, if he even thinks I’m remotely upset, he will run into my son’s room. I think it’s more of a pitch in my voice then anything. Even though he is extremely well with little kids and will try to play with them, he also doesn’t view them as threat, whether part of the pack or not, maybe it’s a size thing, but he does like to run and play. I have to watch him closely around small children so he doesn’t trample them. He is also gentle with getting food from hands or grabbing toys for the most part, but sometimes he get’s into play mode and doesn’t realize how strong he is, which could inevertanly hurt the small child. But have NEVER seen actual aggression towards them, in fact, he seems protective of them. I know this is long, but wanted to give a bigger picture on our experience. We do take precautions because we know what they pitbull side could be capable of doing, but I have actually seen more lab qualities in him then pit. His size is bigger then the average pitbull and I wouldn’t have another pitbull in the house while owning Buddy. But if we were to bring in other animals, if they were grown, probebly not a good idea, but he does seem very accepting of animals that were here before him, or one’s that are introduced very young. When our cats had Jazzie, he was born in the house and we introduced Buddy to him before we did his dad. Buddy was very acceptaing and wanted to keep liking the kitten, but his mouth is so big,lol. But basically, with out Lab/Pit mix, he seems to be very well balanced emotionally, physically and super smart! He’s loving, compassionate and literally man’s best friend. You do have to take some precautions because of the protective nature of him, with both humans and other animals, but other then that, they are very social and loveable dogs. I don’t know about keeping the dog outside, ours is an indoor dog and has really meshed in well with the entire family, in-laws included! I hope this helps in your decision!

  39. I have a Pit lab mix named Vader. Hes is Black lab mixed with a white pitbull. We rescused him and he is the best dog i have ever had. We Taught him to sit, lay down, roll over and play dead. My family loves him and even asked if we were bring him along for christmas. He is very energetic and LOVESSS tennis balls. Playing fetch and swimming are his favorite things in the world. We have yet to find him a toy that will last longer than a few hours lol but hes is irreplaceable. We did find out when he was 1 that he has a birth defect found in his breed. Hip displaysia. It does cut back the time we will have with him but im blessed to have found such a wonderful companion. He is 2 now and still such a puppy at heart. He gets along with everyone and loves little animals. He loves to chase squirrels from our back yard and bunnies in the park. I love him and his breed.

  40. We “inherited” a black lab-pit bull mix who will be 2 years old in Feb., 2018. She has a wonderful personality, and like most labs, retains puppy characteristics for a long time. We go to the dog part almost every night and she is great with other dogs, never attacking or even posturing with them. In fact, she tends to be the “sheriff” of the dog park. When two dogs are getting serious about posturing or even fighting, she immediately goes over and gets in between them and starts playing with the aggressive dog. She doesn’t acknowledge aggression in other dogs-it seems she sees the world as nothing but fun and games. In other words, she is fearless of other dogs. I am not sure why, but she must give off some signal to them to not mess with her, as the only time I have seen her get even slightly aggressive with a dog is if they start it first. She is a GREAT dog and gets compliments from the other dog owners all the time about how good she looks and how sweet she is. I had my doubts at first. You know-the “pit bull” stigma, but I am very happy we got her. She is a character and a sweet, sweet dog.

  41. I have a 2 year old Lab Pit mix(Maggy)
    She’s far more lab (personality wise).
    She’s the sweetest dog I have ever been around.
    Very energetic dog.
    At times, annoyingly so.
    But when she is her normal self she’s rather calm, tolerant and loving.
    A very affectionate dog.
    I would highly recommend, even with small children. If the dog grows up around the kids, he/she will learn the boundaries.
    She does have many of the physical attributes of a pit.
    Strong, lock jaw and incredibly agile.
    I wouldn’t trade my Maggy for all the riches in the world.

  42. I have been blessed with a pitlab my mom got from breeders. And she happens to have personality from both sides. Extremely Strong and muscle packed dog, but is very loving to other pets and people. Some issues may be they don’t know there own strength and when they play they play hard, so watch for small animals and children. They love water and are powerful natural swimmers. Just show them it’s safe. Training is a bit of an iffy. The lab side Will be attentive, smart and easy. The Pitt side well….they can be stubborn ..very stubborn. Good protector and Hunter. And once they lock those legs in and those jaws are set whatever pray they got is not going away. I think they get the best of both. Especially with temperament. 🙂

  43. Our lab pit was given to us at 6 weeks. Although wild as a puppy, he has been the best family dog. He is white and 50 lbs. His name is Snow. He is very active and loves to run and play. Best dog ever!

  44. My husband rescued a 6 year old pitbull lab mix female weighing only 35 pounds that we named Petunia last year. She had tape and hookworms and was beaten by a neighbor. She is now 70 pounds and trained her ourselves as my Service Dog for my degerative arthritis and my PTSD. She’s so vicious she even backs away from our female cat DJ lol

    • I have a Lab/Pit mix and she is the absolute best, sweetest, kind, loving, affectionate, ridiculously human like – In a beautiful way – Best Friend anyone could ever ask for. She’s short hair, black, with browns and reds. The more she is outside in the sun, the more her fur changes to redish/brown. She’s super shiny too!
      Her name is Sadie. You wont find another dog like her.