The Best Indestructible Dog Beds

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Indestructible dog beds are designed to stand up to aggressive chewing, scratching and shaking. They are strong, durable and tough, yet still give your dog a comfortable night’s sleep. And ideally are washable too! My favorite beds in terms of destruction resistance are the raised or elevated dog beds. The metal frame and tightly stretched fabric are very hard to get your teeth or claws into. However, they have their drawbacks in terms of comfort and aesthetics.


Chewing is a natural behavior. It has many causes, including boredom, hunger, anxiety and teething. But, your dog’s bed doesn’t have to suffer because of this! Chew proof dog beds can help.

Why Do Dogs Chew Their Beds?

Destructive chewing is pretty common in some breeds of dogs. Especially in working breeds like the Labrador. Dogs can constantly chew because of pain, anxiety, hunger, illness, boredom or habit. But it can also be a perfectly natural thing with no underlying cause.

Do They Grow out of It?

You may assume that your dog will grow out of their chewing phase as they get older. But this isn’t always the case. A chew proof dog bed can come in helpful with older dogs too.

The worst may be over by the time your dog turns two. But it’s still a good idea to have plenty of chew toys, bones and other things that your dog can sink their teeth into.

Chewing Into Adulthood

One of the Labrador’s key skills as a working dog is their ability to find and retrieve things that they will carry back in their mouths. They are very oral animals. As are many other hunting breeds. They tend to like carrying objects around in their mouths. They are bred to do this and it won’t necessarily stop when they reach a few years old.

Best Indestructible Dog Beds

Best Indestructible Dog Beds

The terms indestructible, chew proof and chew resistant are often used interchangeably by retailers. But loosely speaking a chew proof bed is a type of dog bed which cannot easily be destroyed. Your dog may be able to get a grip on them with their teeth. But the bed should be able to withstand some amount of chewing.

The Blueberry Heavy Duty Pet Bed* will stand up against the efforts of moderate chewers. It is a good looking bed for one with chew resistance. And should be pretty comfy too!

Cushioned dog bed for strong chewers

Raised Indestructible Dog Beds

Many owners, ourselves included, have found elevated tough dog beds a great solution to chewing.

Dogs seem to be more inclined to chew the metal frame. It is harder and less appealing to get their teeth around the excess material, as it is stretched tight. Although they aren’t manufactured for this purpose, we find that they can really do the trick.

Elevated Cooling Bed

The Amazon Basics Elevated Cooling bed* comes in several sizes and two different colors. Not only is it a great, and cool, place to lay down, it’s portable too.

Elevated chew resistant bed

Coolaroo Indestructible Dog Bed

This model is another great choice* for fans of the elevated dog indestructible dog bed. It also comes in a variety of sizes. And has the benefit of being waterproof and easy to keep clean.

K&H Chew Resistant Pet Bed

The K&H Pet Cot is a great choice* and can be used inside or outside..

Elevated bed with dogs

It is water resistant, and it has been tested for its durability. This bed also comes with a one year warranty. So you can always get your money back if it turns out to be flimsy or poorly made.

Chew Resistant Dog Bed

Chew resistant beds can still be chewed. But as the name suggests they are much harder to destroy. This is because of their durable material and chew guard features. Less destructive chewers will suit these beds. But, highly destructive dogs are still likely to break them.

goDog Chew Resistant Dog Bed

This goDog bed is chew resistant.* It comes with chew guard technology which should make it last longer than regular dog beds.

Rectangular chew resistant bed

The goDog bed also includes a plush bolster border, a durable mesh liner, and a non-skid bottom. This bed is best for moderate chewers.

Anti-Chew Dog Beds

Some people like to buy anti-chew furniture sprays that will repel your dog. You can use these sprays on your dog bed if the ingredients aren’t dangerous for your dog. Always double check that any anti-chew spray you buy specifies it is ‘pet safe’ and ‘child safe’ if you have any non-furry babies. Make sure any spray that you buy is alcohol free as alcohol can be toxic for dogs.

Anti-Chew sprays are a good option if you are looking to train your dog not to chew on the furniture. It works as a safe repellent which should in time condition your dog to avoid the items they associate with the unpleasant taste.

If you do choose to spray your dog bed with an anti-chew spray then make sure that it’s not so strong and repellent that it will stop your dog using their new bed. A perfectly preserved dog bed is useless if your dog doesn’t want to use it! And it’s worth noting that some dogs don’t mind the taste. So, they will happily chew away anyway.

Bitter Lemon Spray

This Bitter Lemon anti-chew spray is a good choice*. It is a safe and gentle deterrent which tastes nasty but won’t harm your dog in any way.

Bitter Lemon Spray

This spray uses a non toxic formula which is made out of natural bitter and lemon extracts. It is also safe to spray on objects. Although keep in mind that it may make them smell afterwards!

Chew Proof Indestructible Dog Bed Covers

There’s no point in having an indestructible dog bed frame if you still have to keep replacing the dog bed cover, sheets, and pillows! Some of the cover materials you should look for when buying a dog bed include various types of nylon. Such as codura and ballistic, vinyl weave or vinyl 40 oz, or material which is classed as ‘military-grade’.

Stain Proof Indestructible Dog Bed

This stain proof dog bed cover is durable, easy to clean and should be able to withstand determined chewers.* The cover is made out of synthetic polyester fibers. Plus, it is machine washable, and surprisingly waterproof.

The Labrador Handbook by Pippa Mattinson
Dog bed covers

And most importantly, the cover incorporates stop rip technology to stop the dog tearing it to shreds.

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  1. We got a Beautiful Lab/Shepherd Mix as a Rescue, Red-Listed I died when I understood it. He was 5 months Dec 2019 49 Lbs now 6 months 62 Lbs strong as a rodeo bull, we feed twice, in AM add tablespoon canola to dry food, it has good puppy nutrition for a growing large breed. He’s so loving & gentle, he lit up my 20 y.o. son’s life. One big worry, we give him hard rubber toys where you can put biscuit pieces, exercises jaw muscles, he IS strong. But ate 1/2 a sneaker, TG eliminated it, despite “Kong” brand, popped a big yellow tennis ball ate 1/2, he’s eliminating parts of the rubber, eats well, good appetite, plenty water, ate socks eliminated those to. We’ve child proofed but WORRIED part of what he eats us still in his stomach. Likes to sleep with my son he has a big Queen size, but last night ate part of the sheet. Of all materials mentioned, can we be certain he’ll eliminate it in No.2 please advise, he’s a Blessing but a shark.

  2. You don’t mention TUFFIES CHEW PROOF beds. I have had mine for more than 4 years now. I have replaced one cover not due to chewing but to digging. Replacement covers are cheap and easy to fit. And they come with a guarantee! My dogs love them and haven’t chewed them at all – because there is nothing they can chew. The beds are waterproof, warm, have a nice wide rim to rest the head on and have very thick duvet-style material in the base. They wash with the hose or with soapy water and dry very quickly since they are waterproof.