Temaril P For Dogs – A Complete Guide To Your Dog’s Prescribed Drug

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Temaril P for dogs is a combination steroid and antihistamine. Temaril refers to Trimeprazine and the P stands for Prednisolone. The drugs in Temaril P compliment each other. The Trimeprazine works as an antipruritic and an antitussive. It helps relieve symptomatic itching and coughing. The Prednisolone is an anti-inflammatory, part of the corticosteroid family. It helps to ease any painful swelling that might come along with the previous symptoms.


Veterinarians can prescribe this steroidal drug for a range of conditions including coughing, allergies, itching and skin conditions like eczema. Temerail P for dogs is not a cure, but used for managing symptoms for a wide variety of ailments.

Uses of Temaril P for Dogs

Temaril P for dogs has a wide range of potential uses. Allergic reactions make up a large quantity of the conditions it is used to treat. This includes allergic reactions that cause excessive itching and/or swelling. Many types of coughing in dogs including Kennel Cough and bronchitis are other conditions this medication can help with.

In the US this is a prescription drug. It is FDA approved for dogs, but not humans. It is similarly licensed in the UK for canine use by prescription only.

Temaril P for Dogs Allergies

The release of histamine into your dog’s bloodstream is what causes the physical symptoms of an allergy. Temaril P reduces the impact of the histamine on your dog by blocking it’s uptake by receptors. Basically, it stops it telling your dog to react, thus reducing the physical signs.

Dogs allergies can be flared up by multiple things. Like humans, pollen can be a major agitator, and is sometimes unavoidable. Food allergies, although treatable by removing the appropriate food, are also considered a good candidate for this line of treatment. It might take you a while to identify the particular food that your dog is reacting to, and the reaction can be quite drawn out.

In both of these cases it’s necessary to manage the symptoms to help make your dog a little more comfortable. This is where this medication steps up to the plate. Steroids are particularly potent in this regard, but are usually steered clear of unless they are thought necessary.

Temaril P for Coughing in Dogs

Temaril P for dogs is useful for many kinds of coughing, including Kennel Cough and bronchitis. Both the steroidal and antitussive effects of this drug can help to alleviate the physical stress and pain associated with a persistent cough.

In the event that your dog develops a cough, it is well worth your time to consult with a vet. Some coughs can be indicative of a more troubling condition. In any event, because Temaril P is prescription only, your vet will give her assessment and figure out the best course of action for your pooch.

Temaril P for Dogs with Eczema

Allergies are definitely Temaril P’s forte as a drug, but it is used to treat other conditions too. Temaril P can reduce the itching caused by eczema and even some of the effects of poison ivy! Vets often prescribe this drug in cases involving atopic dermatitis. This refers to the dry, itchy, and inflamed skin a dog can experience when exposed to an allergen.

Temaril P for Other Conditions in Dogs

Trimeprazine itself has been shown to have some efficacy as a sedative in a number of animals, including dogs. It therefore has the potential to be used before a surgical procedure. The main purpose of this is to reduce the quantity of opioids that need to used during and after surgery. This use was tested some time ago, but has not as of yet been popularized in dogs.

Temaril P Dosage

Temaril P dosages are calculated by a veterinarian based on the weight of your dog and what is causing their symptoms. Don’t deviate from the dose they give you. The dosage laid out on the Temaril P packaging is designed to start fairly strong, and gradually go down before the treatment ends. This is likely to do with bringing about results as quickly as possible, and once these results are obtained, bringing the quantity down to just what’s needed to maintain the positive effects.

Temaril tablets contain 5mg Trimeprazine and 2mg prednisolone, as such 1 tablet won’t be right for every dog. Dogs under 10lbs take 1/2 a tablet once every 12 hours for the first four days. In a similar fashion dogs between 11 and 20lbs take 1 tablet, dogs between 21 and 40lbs take 2, and dogs over 40lbs take 3 tablets.

How Often Should I Give my Dog Temaril P?

Most dogs need half a tablet of Temaril P once every twelve hours, and the course is usually four days. But your veterinarian will confirm this for you.

Temaril P

Side Effects of Temaril P for Dogs

Every functional medication may produce side effects. New and unfamiliar chemicals in our dogs bloodstream might, understandably, throw them for a bit of a spin.

The best thing we can do is learn about these effects so we can identify any issues as they arise. The list of potential side effects for Temaril P is quite long.

Short Term

Temaril P’s short term side effects include vomiting, diarrhea and panting as a result of dry mouth. This is common for most medications so shouldn’t be cause for alarm. If persistent though, they could lead to dehydration and admission at the vet’s.

Long Term

In long term cases, extended steroid use with Prednisolone in particular has been shown to reduce testosterone in male dogs, possibly irreversibly.

Steroidal Side Effects

Dogs on Temaril P are also at risk for a range of side effects common to all corticosteroids. These include negative nitrogen balance, suppressed adrenal cortical function, slow healing of wounds, and occasional blood in the vomit and stool. All of these side effects are to do with the Prednisolone. The Trimeprazine itself can cause drowsiness, sedation and tremors.

Is Temaril P Safe for Dogs?

Steroidal drugs come with potential side effects, but are also a powerful medicine at our disposal. Prednisolone is the steroid in this case, but the antihistamine effects of Trimeprazine are thought to lower the amount of steroids needed to treat skin conditions. So while the usual side effects of steroids are there, it’s less of a risk than in other steroid therapies.

Temaril P Toxicity

Any medicine has a point at which it is too much, but we don’t always have that information. No one’s really sure at which point Temaril-P would become too much, just that the standard dosages are usually safe. This is further complicated by the fact that what constitutes ‘too much’ can differ from dog to dog. Different dogs will metabolize drugs at a different rate, so an amount that might harm one dog could be absolutely fine for another.

Using Temaril P for Dogs Safely

Only ever give your dog to dose prescribed by your vet. Don’t try to adjust it. Vets and manufacturers advise that you administer this drug with food. This allows the medication to be absorbed slowly, and makes it less likely to irritate the stomach. This isn’t just about preventing the inconvenience of a dog throwing up. If your dog throws up a tablet he’s been given, he won’t be getting the right dose. Your Temaril P tablets can even be wrapped in food to make them go down a little easier.

Temaril P

Steroid Overdose in Dogs

We know from other steroids that overdosing on prednisolone could lead to cardiac arrest. In the case of an overdose it’s also safe to assume the existing side effects we mentioned earlier would become much more pronounced.

If your dog gets into the medicine cabinet, or you accidentally give him too much Temaril-P, the best bet is to go straight to your vet. Let them know the exact amount your dog has eaten. Your vet will then be able to test for any signs that your dog might be in danger, and help give you some peace of mind.

How Long Can Dogs Take Temaril P?

The manufacturers advise that Temaril be taken for a period of 4-5 days. We advise that you prioritize the information your vet gives you. Vets prescribe medication with a plan in mind. If you are curious as to how long your dog will be taking the medication, feel free to ask your vet. If you think the medicine is making your dog unduly uncomfortable, or if you notice any of the aforementioned side effects, contact your vet immediately.


Dogs with certain pre-existing conditions might not be eligible to take Temaril P. It also reacts with a lot of other dog medication. Do not give this medication to pregnant dogs, as it can interfere with fetal development in the last stages of pregnancy. For these reasons it’s essential that your vet knows your dogs full medical history before suggesting Temaril P.

Tell your vet about any medication your dog is taking. Temaril p and Benadryl would interact, for example, because Benadryl and Temaril both contain antihistamines.

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If your dog starts displaying symptoms that could be side effects of this treatment, it’s best to let your vet know right away. They’ll be able to assess whether these issues pose any serious risks, and advise you on the best course of action.

Can You Give Human Temaril P To Dogs?

There is no combination drug like Temaril P for humans. However, doctors can prescribe the two constituent medicines trimeprazine and prednisolone for humans. This does not mean you can give your dog human doses of these medications. Importantly, there may be ingredients in the human versions like xylitol that are toxic to dogs. Always consult your vet before administering any prescription medication.

When Temaril P Doesn’t Work?

There are many antihistamines and antitussives that your vet may prescribe. However, if she has prescribed a steroidal medication, it may be because other medications have already failed. If you think this medication is making your dog feel worse, or is exacerbating the issue, your vet should be happy to prescribe something else.

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  1. My vet gave this medicine to my 8 year old Pitt Fiona for allergies. It was amazing how quickly she stopped scratching and itching.

  2. My dog is on temporal P and finished the 2 doses twice a day for 4 days and started the 1 dose daily for 4 days , she took dose # 2 today but I really do not think it is helping at all ! How can I stop giving her this ?

  3. My Frenchie was starting to have the breathing/nasal issues they often get. I thought I was in for the 20k surgery. It was horric watching him and not able to help.

    My vet gave Oz this medication. Half pull at first and that was a bit too much. Oz is down to just a crumb of a full dose. Still no more additional problems without the expensive surgery.

  4. Our Yorkie has had lots of neurological problems due to abuse by his former owners. Closed head trauma. So he has lots of issues with spasms, arthritis , PTSD, etc. We got him at 7 months old and he is now approaching 15 years. Alley has developed what we thought was collapsing trachea. Doc says heart and lungs sound good. He can’t get him to produce the collapse in the office. So he thought allergies. We discussed his diet. grain free kibble, with home made wet. Vet put him on the Temaril-P. We reduced to half pill 2x day. still has episodes. noticing muscle weakness in hind quarters. really aggravating the neuro symptoms from the abuse. Has anyone here tried a full spectrum CBD oil to control this to get their babies off of prednisone?

  5. Our Olde English bulldogge was prescribed Temaril P for hives. She had the best temperament of any dog we ever had. Within days of starting the Temaril, she became incredibly aggressive and attacked our Boston Terrier three times in one week.

    The medication ruined the relationship. Even after she was weened (immediately took her off it), it took weeks for her temperament to return to normal; sadly, though, no amount of retraining ever eradicated the aggression she could display at any second toward our Boston. He was heartbroken from the turn of events. He developed a heart tumor and died within 18 months.

    If I could go back in time and change any one thing about my bulldogge’s life, it would be to refuse the Temaril P as a treatment for her. The side effects had devastating results.

    I wish it was law that vets had to tell patients about any medications with such possible side effects. From now on, I always ask specifically if such side effects exist.

  6. I have a 2 yr old 9.5 lb. Yorkie poodle mix. Vet put her on this for seasonal allergies. Wish I never gave it to her. Lethargic, joint pain,she looks horrible. The pain is what killed me and I am hoping it goes away after finishing the meds..vet didn’t seem to care about how she was maybe I should find a different vet. I will never put her on this again.

    • I hate this medication. It has ruined my dog seeing her not active anymore. What used to be her playing with her toys, running around happily has turned into a nightmare her moping and depress under the dinner table. Doctors say it makes them sleepy or seemingly lethargic. No, it does not makes them depress & all they care about is making money off this medication that ruins the lives of these furry animals. I’m passed aggravated and upset hoping and praying that when she’s off this she’ll return back to normal. As I hope for others who are having the same nightmare. I feel this medication shouldn’t even be in the market! 😡

      • Veterinarians make very little profit margin on Temaril P, it is an expensive drug. ANY dog can have an adverse reaction to any medication, just as people can. I got horrible hives when I took a certain medication, but I didn’t suddenly blame the medications creator for them, nor did I raise a commotion about my doctor being a big pharma shill. No, that particular medication has helped millions of people, just as Temaril P has helped millions of dogs. Is it 100% wonderful and without side effects? Absolutely not, it has a steroid component. But to claim that vets are money grubbing thieves just because your dog didn’t agree with one single medication is obscene. Medications have side effects. People like you are the reason vets are offing themselves at alarming rates.

  7. vet has checked my 11 year old maltese with thyroid (no medicine) then congestive heart failure with no test, just statoscope, medicine of 3 kinds one for heart was capsule that couldn’t be broken and couldn’t get down her throat, then another vet checked heart and said no fluid, said collapsing trachea and gave temaril p (3 months supply) and 3 months prescriptions, (I am now on the 4th month and my dog is getting much worse). I do give her Benadryl to sleep better (it seems to help) but she lays and moves and hacks and moves and moans and wheezes, and has only a few good times a day, walks slowly, still loves company, eats, drinks, and poops, and pees but the rest of the time lays and either this heavy breathing or sometimes seems not to be breathing. I just read that 1. should not give dog this for months, 2. not with Benadryl, too old and too unhealthy for surgery (too late and too expensive) (should I stop the termaril P or should I stop the Benadryl , I am to the point of thinking it is time to end her suffering but just feel like it is killing my doggie. she is maltase/Pekinese rescue dog

  8. My missy is 14 and I gave her this medicine with peanut butter. 4 days o k. Drank lots of water. After the 4th day she refused to take the medicine and it seems like it greatly upset her stomach and now she don’t want much of anything. I’m at a loss as to what to do. If she don’t get better this weekend we’ll make a trip to the vet. Any suggestions

  9. Our Laila is a puppy mill rescue and we learned shortly after adopting her that she had a narrow trachea. She’s a Japanese Chin and her reverse sneezing progressed to the “goose honking” cough. It recently got so bad that the attacks would last so long her tongue would get a bluish tinge. We just put her on Temaril-P and she has not coughed since 2 hours after her 1st dose 4 days ago. She is brachycephalic, I now need to find out how long she can take it as she is a totally different girl. She would start honking when we came home, playing and during thunderstorms. We had major t-storms Sunday and still no coughing. This has been a miracle drug for us.

  10. My Chloe has kennel cough. My vets prescribed the medication to calm her cough not only to make her more comfortable, she was also coughing up some of her food with the mucus. It may make your honey bunny sleepy but it will make your dog feel better and possibly breath better because the steroid component opens up the so passages and reduces inflammation that maybe present in your dog’s throat due to what is causing your dog’s symptoms. Hope your dog is better soon.

  11. My 9 yr old Belgian sheppard developed a cough that made her gag and spit up phlegm. She also seemed to have some labored breathing when sleeping. Our vet prescribed 3 Temaril-P every 12 hrs. She has never had allergies or itchy skin at all. Why such a strong steroid for a cough?