Our Favorite Personalized Collars

Personalized dog collars can be a lot of fun, and many come in bright colored fabrics. They can also be found in more traditional leather styles. This is a collection of our favorites. You’ll find some more information about the collars we have chosen if you scroll down the page.



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The first step in picking a collar is to measure your dog.  Most Labs will fall into the 17-20 inch neck bracket BUT, it’s best not to guess as Labrador neck measurements can vary by several inches. English Labs tend to have slightly larger necks than American Labs for example, and of course a Lab this is a little on the plump side will have a larger neck than a slimmer dog.

There are several different ways of personalizing a dog collar.  Names can be printed onto fabric, embroidered, or they can be ‘tooled’ into leather. They can also be engraved on metal plaques and buckles. So you’ll find several different types of collar here.

The ‘Go-go’ from Go Go Cute Puppy is a basic fabric collar in a good choice of colors, with your dog’s name embroidered on it. You can choose the color of the thread too.

The ‘Premium’ collar from Yellow Dog Design is made in Queensboro NC.  It’s a computer generated image that is integrated with the fabric and won’t rub off. It is guaranteed against fraying and fading. The medium size goes up to 20 inches and the large starts at 18, so there is some overlap between the sizes. From the same manufacturer comes the ‘girl dog’ range in several different feminine styles. We love blue daisy, and we actually think it looks fine on boy dogs too! Nice generous sizings in this range with large going right up to 26 inches.

If bling is your thing you’ll love the ‘Polka Dot’ collar by Bling Stuff For Fun. Maximum collar size only goes up to just under 20 inches though, so measure carefully!

Go Tags offer a tough nylon dog collar with a slide on plastic engraved ID. You can choose matching or contrasting tags in lots of different colors. And the large size collar is one inch wide. Go Tags make embroidered personalized dog collars (the ‘safety’ collar) which are reflective and help to improve your dog’s visibility in low light. They also make an engraved version of the reflective collar (‘reflective’).

Personalized dog collars are a lot of fun and often come in a wide range of colors so you’ll not be short of choice.

Personalized dog collars are a lot of fun. We look at a range of personalized collars for Labradors and other large breeds