Our Favorite Kong Toys

This is where you’ll find all the Kong toys featured on this website, gathered together in one place. There are quick links to buy plus links to reviews and other shop pages.

Classic Kong

Kong Wubba


TIP: Classic Kongs and Puppy Kongs can be filled with tasty food and frozen

Providing your dog with the fun of licking out the contents as they thaw

Kong Bone

Puppy Kong

Kong Extreme

Kong Stick

Jump n Jack

Wet Wubba


Kong Tires

Thank you for visiting our kong toys page.  The Kong range has a well deserved reputation for quality and durability but do remember that most toys can be destroyed by some dogs.

The Classic red kong is of course the ‘original’ tough dog chew toy, but many of the ‘spin-off’ toys are similarly durable.  There are also tug toys like the Wubba, which comes in several different sizes.  While tough, Wubbas are not designed for dogs to play with on their own, and are best used for games and under supervision.  The Wet Wubba, made from brightly colored neoprene is specifically designed for water fetch games.

Each year many dogs are treated for injuries sustained while fetching sticks, so the Kong Safestix is a welcome alternative. It comes in various sizes and colors.

The Jumbler is a tough ball with squeaker while the Goodie bone has a special hole at each end for stuffing treats into.  Note that while both these toys are reported to be tough by many Amazon reviewers, some dogs were able to destroy them. So it’s worth just buying one to begin with, to see how your dog gets on.

It’s important to remember that virtually nothing is totally indestructible. But the Kong company do a great job of producing some of the toughest and best dog toys on the market.  We hope you enjoy them!

A collection of our favorite Kong Toys for you to browse. Lot's of great toy reviews too