Best Dog Bed For Chewers

best dog bed for chewers

Does Your Dog Destroy His Bed Every Chance He Gets? Then You Will Be Looking For The Best Dog Bed For Chewers.

We Take A Look At The Top Chew Proof Chew Resistant And Indestructible Dog Beds Around.

Helping You To Pick The Right One For Your Mouthy Pup!

When you are looking for the best dog bed for chewers, there are a lot of choices.

So how do you pick just one?

Enter, our great guide!

Giving you a hand navigating the wide world of chew proof dog bed options.

Check out our top choices here:

Trendy Pet Dog BedMachine Washable, Bolstered,
Reinforced Chew Proof
Kuranda Dog BedChew Proof, Elevated,
Easy Clean, Durable
K9 Ballistics Dog BedChew & Water Resistant,
Durable Raised Bed
Premium Dogbed4lessChew Resistant, Durable,
Heavy Duty Orthopedic Bed
Big Barker Dog BedWaterproof, Tear Resistant
And Machine Washable

We’ll take a look at them, and plenty of other options too, in the article below.

Because, dogs that chew need beds that can handle their destructive tendencies.

You may have to pay a bit more, but the dog bed you’ll get will stay intact. Saving you dollars in the long run.

Find the right bed, and your pet will quickly learn there’s no point in attacking this one.

If an indestructible, chew proof bed is what you’ve need, you’re in the right place.

We started the shopping for you, so you can find something that works for you and your furry best friend.

So let’s begin by looking at how to make your best dog bed for chewers decision.

Choosing the best dog bed for chewers

If your dogs are chewing and destroying furniture, it may be because they are anxious, bored, or need exercise.

They may also be nesting, or experiencing nervousness because of issues of separation or the stimuli attached to a new environment.

Puppies may chew dog beds because they are teething, or because they are young and still learning to navigate the world around them.

But some dogs just love to chew.

As part of puppy-proofing your house, you may wish to purchase a dog bed that is resistant to chewing.

Suspended beds, good quality heavy-duty beds, and beds made from certain chew-resistant materials can also help curb this bad habit in your dogs.

That’s because they’ve got a super-tough cover, or they’re made out of materials dogs don’t like to put their teeth on. Or they’re shaped in such a way that chewing is awkward.

Maybe they don’t have easy to chew exposed zippers, corners, or seams.

The good news is that dog bed manufacturers have your back.

This isn’t an uncommon problem, and you can find plenty of creative solutions to purchase.

What is your short list for the bed dog bed for chewers?

Let’s start with some popular chew proof beds.

Chew proof dog bed

Chew proof dog beds will either be difficult for your dog to grasp with her teeth, or will be made of a really tough material.

There are some great options and one of them could well be the best dog bed for chewers that are keen to eat their resting place!

Kong Plush Lounger

The KONG Plush Lounger Dog Bed might fit the bill! It’s comfortable and soft, yet strong.

This bed is high quality, and the raised sides are reinforced to resist chewing. This one is designed to last.

KONG products are known for being sturdy, and dogs love them!

K9 Ballistics Tuff Memory Foam bed

Here’s another great option! The K9 Ballistics TUFF Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed has a moderate chew-proof rating, and will resist 90 percent of chewing dogs.It is extremely durable, and it features an orthopedic mattress that’s guaranteed not to flatten for 10 years. It also has a 90-day Chew Proof Guarantee.

Orthopedic beds are often good options because they are durable, solid, and heavy.

K9 Ballistics Round Bed

You can get another K9 Ballistics bed that’s round! It has the same chew-proof characteristics as the previous bed, and it’s a great place for your pup to curl up!

The material is light, fluffy, and odor-resistant. This bed is pricey, but worth the cost if you have a dog that loves to exercise his teeth.

Round beds have the added advantage of offering no corners to chew on.

Chew resistant dog bed

A chew resistant dog bed is one that quite simply resists any efforts your dog makes to chew it!

The strong material will hold up again persistant gnawing, and hopefully end with your dog losing interest in trying.

Blueberry Heavy Duty Lounge Bed

Try the Blueberry Pet Heavy Duty Cotton Linen Blended Canvas Overstuffed Cuddler Bolster Lounge Dog Bed!

This one is durable simply because it’s of very good quality, with strong zippers. If you have an insatiable chewer, this one might not work.

But if you just need something durable, with a removable cover, that is well-made enough to withstand some wear and tear, this might be the ticket.

Trendy Pet Dog Bed

The Trendy Pet Dog Bed, is machine washable and is a super-cute patterned option!

This bed is thick, soft, and contains a reinforced microbic center to prevent damage by sharp teeth.

It’s easy to clean, too, as you can throw it into the washing machine. Different sizes and colors are available.

Dallas Manufacturing Company

Need another option? Here’s Dallas Manufacturing Co.’s 30-Inch by 40-Inch Heavy Indoor/Outdoor Pet Bed.

This chew-resistant option can provide lasting comfort to your pup, and has proven a match for dogs that test it with their teeth.

Its waterproof qualities make it possible to use this cushion indoors and out. It might be the one!

P.L.A.Y. Lifestyle Dog Bed

The P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You Lounge Beds for Dogs is a very attractive option for dogs that chew!

This bed is designed for chewers in mind. The material itself discourages chewing, and it’s a great product that customers love!

The stuffing and zipper are non-toxic so that if your dogs do get into it, they won’t be harmed. The quality of the fabric stands up to doggie teeth well.

Anti-chew dog bed

The Amzdeal Chew Proof Dog Bed is an anti-bite bed because the shape of it makes chewing awkward.

This elevated bed has a steel frame and requires easy, no-tool-required assembly. The cloth is high-quality and durable. This bed works indoors and outside.

Also, raised beds can help animals with joint issues, and can keep air circulating underneath to cool them down.

Kuranda Dog Bed

Here’s another elevated version, the Kuranda Dog Bed – Chewproof – Walnut PVC. Because of the material, it is meant for indoor use only.

However, Kuranda makes other versions with aluminum or almond-colored frames that will work outside. All versions are of the raised design for orthopedic ease.

The material is cordura, so it’s durable and provides traction. Your dog won’t be able to even get a mouth on the chewable parts due to its design.

K9 Ballistics Raised Dog Bed

How about this one? The K9 Ballistics Chew Resistant Raised Dog Bed is aluminum with durable, rip-stop ballistic fibers.

You can simply hose it down when it’s time to clean it. This one is really hard to destroy because there’s literally no place to get hold of it enough to chew, so it’s great for heavy chewers.

K9 Ballistics products are guaranteed to withstand a certain amount of chewing.

Waterproof chew proof dog bed

There are many reasons that the best dog bed for chewers in your home might be a waterproof one.

Old dogs and puppies can have incontinence problems, and dogs of any age can be drooly or get damp from time to time.

Take a look at the options below and see if the best dog bed for chewers leaps out at you!

Premium Durable Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Dogbed4Less Premium Durable Orthopedic Shredded Memory Foam Dog Bed is a really large bed for big dogs or multiple animals.

Reviewers say this bed has lasted them years, even with pups who are enthusiastic chewers.

It is a shredded memory foam bed with a breathable waterproof cover and a nylon external color with extra stitching.

It resists chewing, scratching, water, hair, dirt, and smells.

Friends Forever Premium Dog Bed

The memory foam on the Friends Forever Premium Orthopedic Dog Bed makes it a good option for well-loved animals who desire comfort!

This one has bumpers for comfortable resting of the head.

It has a water-proof liner, good quality foam, and is chew-proof because of quality construction and microsuede cover.

It comes in different sizes and is pretty cute!

Orthopedic Chew Proof Dog Beds

Dogs love orthopedic beds. Whether they are old dogs with arthritis, or just a pup that loves a bit of luxury.

Just remember, though, when choosing a support foam bed, that you get the right size! Memory foam works best when the weight of your dog sinks it in just a bit.

Otherwise the bed doesn’t distribute weight properly. Small dogs won’t make much of a dent in a giant-sized bed, and the bed will be too hard for them.

Premium Waterproof Dog Bed

Here’s another great orthopedic option – The Dog’s Bed, Premium Waterproof Dog Bed.

This one comes in several cute colors and different sides, and has a faux fur top with suede sides.

The cover is waterproof, and the memory foam is great for joints and muscles. This is a luxurious option that resists chewing because of good, plush materials.

Dog Crate Pad

The Orthopedic 4” Dog Crate Pad by Big Barker is a waterproof support foam pad with a tough cover.

This one is cushioned and waterproof. Although it’s not meant to withstand chewing, necessarily, it is tear-proof and its tough construction makes it less likely that your dog will damage it.

Because it’s a craft cushion, you may find it to be smaller than regular dog beds, so you may want to consider if it suits your needs.

Chew proof dog bed cover

Sometimes all you need is the right cover. Then you can stuff it with whatever works for your pup, and take it off for washing.

This can be an economical choice for your destructive doggie.

DIY Pet Pillow

The DIY Do It Yourself Pet Pillow 2 Covers Pack Bundle includes a waterproof shell and outer canvas cover.

The material is sturdy, and the zipper is able to take a lot of abuse. You can fill it with pillows, old blankets, or whatever works.

Bone and Paw Print Cover

If you’re at your wit’s end, try covering something with a fleecy blanket, like the 30X21 Inch Dog/Cat Fleece Blanket – Bone and Paw Print Assorted Color Pet Blankets by bogo Brands.

Fleece blankets work well because if torn, they don’t run. Dogs won’t chew them up, because there’s nothing inside.

They might take them everywhere in their mouths, though. These blankets are inexpensive and can be placed on top of furniture, or on the floor, to make a soft spot for your pup anywhere.

Best Dog Bed For Chewers - Great products for dogsBest dog bed for chewers

The best dog bed for chewers is one that prevents your dog from damaging his bed.

Either by being too hard to gnaw, or too tricky to get his teeth into.

You should know that there is no such thing as a truly indestructible dog bed. If your dogs are determined, they will find a way to destroy their pet beds.

But that doesn’t mean your pet is doomed to a life of sleeping on floors – or that you’re going to have to move over on your own mattress to make room.

It just means you may have to make an investment in a good quality bed. And you may have to experiment a bit to find out what works for your pup – and for you.

Don’t forget to look at attributes you’d also want from any other dog bed – cost, size, location, color, level of comfort, and ease of maintenance are also important.

What works for your dog? Let us know in the comments!