Flat Coated Labradoodle

flat coated labradoodle

Our complete guide to the flat coated Labradoodle examines how to care for a Labradoodle with a straight coat, as well as how to figure out the right coat type for your home.

A flat coated Labradoodle will look the most like a purebred Labrador. Other names for this coat type include straight coated and hair type Labradoodle. Labradoodles with flat coats will shed more than those with wavy and curly fur, but they will have much lower grooming requirements. They can come in any of the typical Labradoodle colors, and will most often be friendly, intelligent, and energetic dogs.

What is a Flat Coated Labradoodle?

Flat coated Labradoodles can look quite different to other Doodle mixes, because their fur tends to be straight and flat against their bodies. It will somewhat resemble the purebred Labrador’s coat, but might be a little longer.

Like other Labradoodles, this mix will be a combination of the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle. Some breeders may use Miniature Poodles to create a flat coat mini Labradoodle, but others will use the Standard Poodle to produce a large dog. And, Labradoodles with this coat type may also go by other names. Some breeders may call them hair type Doodles, or straight coat Labradoodles. But, no matter what description is used, they will have fur that resembles a Lab more than a Poodle.

Can Labradoodles Have Straight Hair?

It might come as a surprise to find out that Labradoodles with straight hair exist! When most people picture a Labradoodle, they imagine a dog with curly or wavy, low shedding fur. After all, the original Labradoodle was created to be good for people with allergies! And Labrador coats are known for their high shedding qualities.

But, it’s entirely possible for Labradoodles to have flat coats like a Lab, particularly if they are first generation mixes. A first generation Labradoodle has one purebred Poodle parent, and one purebred Labrador parent. To achieve puppies with wavy or curly fur, most breeders will mix two f1 Labradoodles with similar fur, or will mix a Labradoodle with a Poodle.

The traits of f1 Labradoodles can be quite varied, since puppies can inherit any combination of genes from its parents. So, later generations are more predictable, and breeders can harness popular traits, like a curly coat. But, flat coated Labradoodles are absolutely possible, and for some people these Doodles make a better pet!

What Do Straight Coat Labradoodles Look Like?

Flat coated Labradoodles will often have a double layered coat, just like their Labrador parent. The under layer will be short and dense, and the upper layer can be much longer, but will lie flat against your dog’s body. Hair coat Labradoodles may have some wavy patches of fur, but in general their hair will be straight.

Other than this, they will be similar to other Labradoodles. They will grow to be large dogs, with a healthy shaped muzzle, floppy ears, and a long, curved tail. Their coloring will depend on that of their parents. Flat coated Labradoodles might come in one of the three standard Labrador shades (black, yellow, and chocolate), or one of the many Poodle colors!

Do Flat Coated Labradoodles Shed?

Labradoodles with straight fur are the most likely to shed out of all the Labradoodle coat types. This is because their straight hair is incapable of catching shedding strands, unlike a Poodle’s curly fur. In the hotter months, Labradoodles will shed heavily to lose their dense undercoat. And, if they take after their Lab parent, they will likely shed moderately all year round.

This can mean that flat coated Labradoodles aren’t great for people with allergies. But, it’s worth noting that no Labradoodle type is 100% hypoallergenic. All of them will contain allergens in their dander and saliva. Grooming is less necessary in flat coated Labradoodles, since their fur is less likely to tangle than wavy or curly fur. But, regular grooming can help to control shedding, and will keep your dog’s fur looking its best.

flat coated labradoodle

Which Labradoodle Generations Have Flat Hair?

There is no particular Labradoodle generation that will have flat hair. Thanks to Labrador DNA, any Labradoodle has the potential to have straight fur. But, this trait is most likely in first generation mixes, who have an equal influence of Poodle and Labrador DNA.

In subsequent generations, most breeders will increase the amount of Poodle influence to increase the chance of traits like a curly coat. So, if you’re eager to find a Labradoodle with straight fur, you will usually have more luck looking at f1 puppies.

Flat Coated Labradoodle Grooming

Though grooming doesn’t need to be as frequent for straight coat Doodles as wavy or curly coated ones, it can help to control shedding and will keep your pup’s coat looking and feeling great. Hair coat Labradoodle fur can still grow quite long, so grooming will also help to prevent any painful knots and tangles. As a general rule, you will want to brush them a couple of times a week, but this might increase in high shedding seasons.

You should groom your Labradoodle from a young age, so they are familiar with the process, and comfortable with being brushed and bathed. A slicker brush can be great for giving your Labradoodle a quick once over and removing any dead fur. But, in those heavy shedding periods, you may need to use a deshedding tool as well.

When bathing your Labradoodle, make sure to use dog-safe products. And, make sure you dry them thoroughly. Dog hair dryers can be perfect at getting into that dense undercoat! Floppy Labradoodle ears are prone to ear infections, so pay attention to them, too!

Finding a Flat Coated Labradoodle Puppy

Flat coated Labradoodles can be listed under many different descriptions. So, include terms like “hair coat” and “straight hair” in your searches. All Labradoodle puppies will have similar coats. Over the first year of their life, they will shed their puppy coat to reveal their adult coat. But, experienced Labradoodle breeders can be skilled at predicting adult coat types even in those early weeks.

To increase your chances of getting a Labradoodle with straight fur, choose a first generation mix. But, be aware of bad breeders who may be looking to profit on this popular mix. Choose the most reputable breeders you can find. The best breeders will be happy to answer all of your questions, will have evidence of health testing, and will be happy to show you where their dogs and puppies live. Make sure the mom is friendly and healthy, and that all puppies look healthy.

Avoid backyard breeders and puppy mills. Though it can be tempting to “save” puppies that you find in these places, purchasing them will only support and encourage these bad breeders to continue. Puppies and dogs from these breeders are often mistreated and more likely to have health and behavioral issues.

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Flat Coated Labradoodle – A Summary

A flat coated Labradoodle won’t be right for everyone. But, they can make a wonderful companion for someone that loves the Doodle breed, and wants a lower-maintenance dog! They need less frequent grooming, but have the same high energy levels and mental stimulation needs as any other Doodle!

Do you have a straight hair Labradoodle at home? We would love to hear about them in the comments!

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  1. Please, please do not associate Flat Coated Retrievers with this type of dog. As a board member of a regional Flat Coated Retriever group and as a pet owner I do take umbrage with this name. Straight Coated, fine. Please do not use Flat Coated in this description as they have zero association with this dog.