My Puppy Wees On Visitors!


If your puppy greets your guests by weeing on their feet, don’t despair!

Known as ‘submissive urination’, this unfortunate habit is very common in Labradors and many other breeds of dog.

Some dogs will run around a visitor’s feet, leaving a little dribble of urine as they go.

Others will roll onto their backs to have their tummies rubbed and wee as  soon as they are touched.

The reason might look slightly different in these varying scenarios, but the route is the same.

And you will be pleased to hear that if your puppy wees on visitors, there is no need to panic.

Don’t worry

Submissive urination in puppies is not a cause for concern.

It is not a sign of incontinence, if your puppy is learning to use his bladder as expected at other times of the day and in other situations.

Nor is it a  sign that your puppy is nervous or anxious. In fact, puppies that do this are usually very friendly and pleased to greet your guests.

It is not gender related either, so the sex of your puppy won’t increase or reduce the chances of them submissively urinating. Males and females seem to do it in equal measure, and the good news is that most dogs grow out of it.

The bad news is that it can take up to a year before the habit is gone completely,  and a few dogs continue to do it throughout their lives.

Lack of control over urination at other times may be related to health issues,  so do consult your vet if  your dog loses control over his bladder for no apparent reason.

Don’t punish the dog

Don’t even think about punishing the dog.  Submissive urination is involuntary.  The dog cannot control it and neither can you.

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Until your puppy grows out of it,  the best course of action is to make sure your guests are forewarned, and that they greet the puppy well away from your carpets.

If you don’t have uncarpeted areas in the house, then consider introducing your pup to your guests in the garden if the weather is nice, or have an old towel or sheet for your visitors to meet your puppy on.

It’s all about management, and time.

Remember – your puppy isn’t being naughty, he is just being a puppy.

What about House Training?

Submissive urination is not related to house training, however it is not uncommon for new puppy owners to have a lot of questions in this area too.

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Did your Labrador Retriever puppy wee on visitors when he was small? How old was he when he grew out of it?

This article was first published in 2011, and has been revised and updated for 2015.

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  1. Our 6 month lab wee’s a little on greeting us and others. He often does this funny grinny thing with his teeth too which is hilarious! We’ve never been concerned about the weeing as he’s very young and just see it as him being a bit excited and pleased to greet people. It’s nice to read that he’ll grow out of it eventually though!

  2. my 4 months old lab puppy urinates every time we come back home after school and work and also if a stranger comes in the house…is that ok???

  3. My Labradors x Springer used to do this until he was six years old. He stopped doing it immediately when we brought our Labrador puppy home . Our Labrador has never done it .

  4. My 4 month old black lab Popeye, is doing well potty training except when my 2 grand-daughters 6 & 4 visit; then he tends to pee in the house, very near where they are……they have 2 small dogs….what’s up with that? Jealousy or wanting them to smell like him instead of their dogs?

      • He was playing with my 4 year old grand-daughter. She was rolling around on the floor and he stood over her and peed on her….lol…..of course we all laughed except her!!!

  5. Our Labrador now 9 months old sometimes urinates in his bed and sits or sleeps on it. I have been told dogs never wet their own bed, how can we deal with this?

  6. My friends’ Podengo used to do this whenever she would see me and only me. She grew out of it, of course, but she is still always so happy to see me and I her in return.

  7. My friend’s flat coated retriever used to do this as a puppy – only with me! When I arrived in the hall/ kitchen (hard floors) he’d run in circles straight into the living room and spray the rug with pee circles 🙂 if the door was shut we’d all get to share! Luckily he grew out of it fairly quickly