Best Area Rugs For Dogs

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Finding the best area rugs for dogs can feel like chasing an impossible dream, but in this article we’ve got practical and stylish options for every interior. The best area rugs for dogs are chew resistant, easy to clean or even machine washable. They are comfy to lay down on, but also look good in your home. Is it too much to ask? Not any more!

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Choosing the right dog rug

If you have an active dog, then they are inevitably going to come home damp or mucky some days. Puppies and older dogs might have incontinence issues, or be partial to a bit of chewing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautifully decorated home.

We want to keep our house looking nice, and that includes having attractive rugs and flooring materials. But what we don’t want is for our pets to constantly slip on the material, to rip it up with their claws, or to decide our new rug is a great spot for them to keep using the bathroom. That’s why we just have to select the right kind of rug.

Best Area Rugs For Dogs

So, what are the best area rugs for dogs? When thinking about the best rugs for dogs, selecting the right material, size and color can make all the difference in the world. Some rugs can really hold in and trap fur and hair, so if your dog is a long haired type that tends towards shedding, rugs like shags may not be your best choice. Also, if your dog is still being housetrained, a shag rug may not work because it can be harder to get stains, food and other matter out of the high pile of the rug.

Outdoor rugs are actually a good option and can be used as indoor rugs. They are durable and come in different styles that make them look indoor friendly and like they’re part of the décor. Skid-resistant rugs are also a bonus – your dog will be running around and you don’t want them to go flying off a rug, or to move the rug out of place so that you’re constantly fixing it.

Washable rugs are an even better bet. If something happens and your beloved pup has an accident, you can pop it right into the washing machine and dryer, or easily wipe up stains or soak up wet spots. So read on for a few suggestions on some of the best area rugs for dogs!

Dog proof area rugs

The best area rugs for dogs of a lively nature are dog proof rugs. We think the Safavieh Madison Collection Area Rug* is a perfect rug for those who might need a little extra dog proofing.

It’s easy to vacuum and clean. The low pile also makes it easier to see visible stains. This rug is rubber backed and non-slip, and is stain, mold, mildew, bacteria and soil resistant! A complete A+ for dog proof! Because this rug is rubber backed, it shouldn’t be washed in the machine, but it’s easy to care for by simply wiping away soil or spills. Check it out on Amazon here.*

Dog friendly area rugs

Dog friendly rugs are a great choice, especially ones that are smaller sized, as they can be put in the washing machine if they get stained or if your dog has an accident.

Sofia Collection by Unique Loom

This pretty blue area rug in the Sofia Collection by Unique Loom* is one of our dog friendly favorites.

It’s made from polypropylene, which is naturally stain-resistant. It’s great for pets and doesn’t shed, so you can easily vacuum up pet hair. Use a spot cleaner for tough stains and they should come right out. One of the best area rugs for dogs with owners who are looking for nice décor in their pet filled home! Check it out on Amazon here.*

Superior Viking Area Rug

The Superior Viking Area Rug* is a beautiful rug that can really liven up your space while staying pet friendly.

The color is great for hiding dirt, and it can be vacuumed easily once it does get dirty. Your pet will love laying on its soft, luxurious pile. It isn’t too high, so it’s easy to clean and wipe up. It doesn’t have a skid-proof back, but this can be fixed by placing a rubber backing underneath it. Check it out on Amazon here.*

Dog resistant rugs

The best area rugs for dogs are of course often dog resistant rugs. RugStyles Online Latex Runner Rug* comes in a fun paw and bone design. It’s slip resistant, so it’ll stay put, and made from sturdy synthetic nylon.

It can be vacuumed, cleaned with mild detergent, and is machine washable. This rug is perfect for those tough stains and for entry ways and hallways where there is a lot of people and pet traffic going through. Check it out on Amazon here.*

Washable dog rugs

Some of the best pet rugs for dogs are those that are washable and machine washable. This way, if something happens or your pup has an accident, you can throw the rug right in the machine and either air dry it or throw it in the dryer, and it’s as good as new. This Unique Loom Trellis Collection
comes in various sizes and is a snap to clean.

Depending on the size you get, it can be laundered right in your washing machine. And if not, it’s easy to clean by hand because it’s made from high quality and stain resistant polypropylene. Its also low pile, and soft so dogs love to lay on it. Check it out on Amazon here.*

Best rugs for dogs

So there you have it! Some great suggestions for the best area rugs for dogs. You’ll find that there are so many options, you won’t have to worry about going without beautiful furnishings and area rugs for your home while having a pet living in the house.

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Best Area Rugs For Dogs - Great products for dogs

And good rugs for dogs won’t be hard if you stick to some of the suggestions on this list. Remember, the best kind of rug is one that’s easy to clean while still looking great in your home. Even better, if it’s made from a soft material, your dog will enjoy laying on it, making them feel more comfortable.

Many dogs are averse to peeing on their beds, so chances are, if your dog likes laying on a certain rug and using it as a comfort spot, it will be less likely to having an accident on it, too!

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