Black Lab Beagle Mix

black lab beagle mix

The black Lab Beagle mix combines a purebred Beagle with a purebred black Lab. Breeders often breed these two dogs in the hopes of getting Beagador puppies with black fur, or mostly black fur.

A Beagador with a black Lab parent is a medium to large dog. They are intelligent, loving, and full of energy. These mixed breed dogs best suit homes that are very active, and where they are not left alone. If their exercise and social needs aren’t met, they may show destructive or unwanted behaviors. Are you getting ready to bring one home? Or are you just wondering if this breed will suit your family?

What is a Black Lab Beagle Mix?

A black Lab Beagle mix is the same as any other Beagador dog. But its Labrador parent will have a black coat.

These dogs are first generation mixes. So, they have two purebred parents. This also means that puppies are much less predictable, as they could inherit any mix of traits from their two parents. So, a black Lab Beagle mix could be almost exactly like their Labrador parent, almost entirely like their Beagle parent, or a perfect mix of the two.

This unpredictability applies to all of their traits. Including their appearance, personality, and more. So, it’s important that potential owners are prepared for any outcome, and are happy with all traits that their puppy could display.

black lab beagle mix

Will a Black Lab Beagle Mix have Black Fur?

There are two pigments that form the base of all dog coat colors. These are eumelanin (black) and pheomelanin (red). Other genes will interact with these base pigments to produce different fur colors. But, black is a dominant shade in dog fur color genetics. So, getting black puppies is common if you breed a black Lab with a Beagle.

Black Lab Beagle mix puppies may have other colors in their coat too. Such as a black base with a white chest, or white markings on their legs. It’s important to note that puppies may also have slightly different markings in their early weeks than when fully grown too. So, bear this in mind before choosing a puppy based on their coloring and markings alone.

If your heart is set on finding a black Beagador, speak to breeders to let them know exactly what you’re looking for. They may be able to reserve a black puppy for you if there are only one or two in a litter.

Black Lab Beagle Mix Temperament

As a first generation mix, a black Lab Beagle mix could inherit any traits from its Labrador and Beagle parents. But, luckily, since these two parent breeds are quite similar, we can make a few assumptions. A Beagador with a black Lab parent will be intelligent, very people-oriented, and very energetic.

This mix comes from two working breeds, so it will have plenty of endurance, strength, and all round energy. Black Lab Beagle mix dogs are happiest in homes where they get plenty of exercise. But, they are also intelligent, so they will also need lots of mental stimulation.

Black Lab Beagle mixes will form strong bonds with their close families, and won’t do well in homes where they would get left alone for long periods of time. Beagadors that do get left alone can develop separation anxiety. If they don’t receive enough mental and physical stimulation, they may also show unwanted behaviors like barking, digging, and chewing.

Are They Aggressive?

The Labrador is known for being one of the friendliest dogs out there. Many people also find Beagles very people-oriented. But, one study into canine aggression found that Beagles scored higher than average for aggression towards owners. Plus, Beagles were originally hunting dogs. So, they may show aggression towards other pets, including chasing and tracking them, which can be stressful for other animals in your home.

This doesn’t mean that your black Lab Beagle mix will be aggressive. But, if not raised properly, any dog can show signs of fear and aggression.

How to Reduce the Risk of Aggression

It’s important to socialize and train your Beagador well to reduce this risk. Practice a strong recall, and keep your Beagador on the leash when around small animals outside that it may chase. And, consider other animals in your home before bringing a Beagador into the family. Although they often get along well with other similarly sized dogs, a Beagador may chase cats or other small animals.

Black Lab Beagle Mix Health and Care

There are a number of potential health issues that a Beagador puppy could inherit from its two purebred parents. Owners should learn about these issues so they can spot symptoms early if they are ever an issue. Plus, choose a reputable breeder that health tests their dogs to minimise the chance of your puppy inheriting any of these problems. Some common health issues black Lab Beagle mix dogs face include:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Centronuclear Myopathy
  • Exercise Induced Collapse
  • Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (Bloat)
  • Musladin-Lueke Syndrome
  • Autoimmune Thyroiditis
  • Patellar Luxation
  • LaFlora Epilepsy
  • Cancer
  • Factor VII Deficiency
  • Neonatal Cerebellar Cortical Degeneration

Health testing is available for most of these health issues. So see evidence of this when choosing your breeder.

Black Lab Beagle Mix Lifespan

Mixed breeds can tend to live longer than purebred dogs. But to ensure the longest possible lifespan, they must be bred from healthy parents with no heritable problems like those identified above.

On average, both the purebred Labrador and the purebred Beagle live to just over 12 years old. So, you can expect the average black Lab Beagle mix to live around this long. But since it’s an average life expectancy, some Beagadors will have shorter lives, while others will reach their teens. Giving your puppy the best possible care will help to ensure a long and happy life.

Black Lab Beagle Mix Shedding

Both the Labrador and Beagle parents are known to shed moderately all year, and heavily during shedding seasons. So, this trait will almost certainly be passed onto their puppies.

A black Lab Beagle mix will have a dense short double layered coat.This underlayer will shed heavily during warmer months to keep your puppy cool. Grooming can help to keep on top of this. Brush them once or twice a week, and more often during heavy shedding periods.

Do Black Lab Beagle Mixes Make Good Family Pets?

In the right home, this first generation mix can be a great family dog. But, they do have quite high care needs. Owners must groom them regularly, and may still find lots of shed fur in their homes.

Beagadors also need a lot of exercise and training every day. Plus, they shouldn’t be left alone for long periods. They may retain the Beagle’s instinct to bark at and chase other small animals. So, if you have other pets at home, this mix might not be quite right for you.

If you are a very active family, with older kids at home that will often be around to play with your pup, the black Lab Beagle mix will likely fit right in! But, due to the high number of potential health issues, it’s important you do all you can to find a healthy puppy.

Finding a Black Lab Beagle Mix Puppy

When choosing your breeder, it’s important to avoid puppy mills, pet stores, and backyard breeders. These places often don’t breed for healthy puppies, which can mean you end up facing serious issues in the future. Instead choose a reputable breeder that health tests their parent dogs, and doesn’t breed dogs as their sole form of income.

The best breeders will be happy to let you meet the puppies and the mother dog, if not both parents. Make sure all are healthy and friendly. The mom’s temperament can be a great indicator of what your puppy may be like in the future! Reputable breeders will be happy to answer all of your questions. And they will often have just as many questions for you, as they will want their puppies to go to good homes.

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Black Lab Beagle Mix Rescue

Another great option when looking for a Beagador is to look at rescue centers. There aren’t many rescue centers dedicated to this mix entirely. But, those dedicated to the parent breeds may take in mixes. As will many standard rescues. Choosing an older rescue is a great way to learn about your dog’s appearance and temperament before bringing them home. Rescue dogs may even have some basic training!

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Do You Have a Black Lab Beagle Mix?

This breed can be unpredictable, but it makes a great addition to an active family with lots of time to dedicate to their dog. Do you have a black Lab Beagle mix at home? We would love to hear what they are like!

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  1. I have a 151/2 year old black lab beagle mix with a fatty tumor wrapped around muscle in his hind leg and moved into his groin the size of a melon. He’s still eating as always did and is still on his regular schedule to do his business. He loves to run on his walks. Tumor doesn’t bother him. Otherwise happy and healthy!

  2. I had a blast lab biegel mix had to put her down last week with liver tumor. She was the smartest dog I have ever seen i had to teach her nothing I would tell her something and she would do it she was incredible I miss her so much. Im looking for one just like her I don’t think God made another