Best Dog Playpen

best dog playpen

The best dog playpen will your puppy safely contained for short periods. They are a confined enclosure that allows your dog to run and play without getting themselves into trouble. Dog playpens tend to be either for indoor or outdoor use. You can buy travel versions that are soft, lightweight fabric. There are also heavy duty metal or plastic dog playpens that securely pen in even the most boisterous young dogs.


We can’t be there 24/7 to watch over our dogs. Even if we’d really like to be! There are always some points in the day when our pets would love to stretch their legs, but supervision isn’t available. Crate training is a great option for leaving our dogs temporarily while our backs are turned. But what if your dog needs a little more exercise and movement than that? Or you need to leave your dog unattended for a slightly longer period of time. That’s where your dog playpen comes in.

Helping your dog to stay with you even if the situation isn’t quite appropriate for them. Or allowing you to leave them for a short period of time safely but still able to stretch their legs and play.

The Best Indoor Dog Playpen

Do you want your dog near you, but safely out of the way while you complete a task or have unsuitable small kids toys out? Then temporarily popping up an indoor dog playpen can be really helpful.

ESK 45″ Portable Outdoor Foldable Indoor Crate

ESK 45” Portable Outdoor Dog Playpen Foldable Indoor Kennel Crate*(paid link) is a great choice for indoor use for small dogs or puppies.

It’s a lightweight portable puppy playpen that has an octagon shape. Made of mesh cloth that’s waterproof, it ventilates nicely so your pet has plenty of air. With 2 easy access doors, it is simple to use and convenient in a variety of locations.

This outdoor playpen has stakes that can be secured into the ground for safety.

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Portable Dog Playpens

Another handy use of the dog playpen is on the move. Taking your dog on holiday, visiting friends or just keeping him secure in various parts of your home or back yard? Then a portable dog playpen might be just what you need.

Zampa 45″ Puppy Playpen

The Zampa Indoor/Outdoor Pet Playpen Cage*(paid link) is a portable dog playpen. This dog playpen with floor zipper bottom is a spacious tent that can be customized by making it soft and cozy inside with blankets and toys.

The mesh material is designed to promote better circulation of airflow and to keep outdoor critters and bugs out. There’s also a zipper so that you can contain your pet at night when camping or in busy areas. The mesh design is waterproof as well, making this an ideal outdoor playpen.

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Elite Field Pet Portable Playpen

The Elite Field Portable Doggie Play Pen*(paid link) comes in a wide variety of colors. It lso comes in a good large dog playpen size!

With zippers to easily zip up the door and a removable top, it is also water resistant and can be used in or out of doors. It’s safe for pets and provides ample room for your pets to play in.

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EXPAWLORER 45″ Dog Playpen

The EXPAWLORER 45” Puppy Playpen Dog Exercise Kennel*(paid link) is a foldable pen that keeps your pets safe and happy in a comfortable mesh design. It’s a smaller option but still great for younger pups or small breeds.

The inside is made of oxford cloth and it has two zipper openings for easy in and out access. The bottom also unzips. It folds up easily and comes with a carrying case.

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The Best Outdoor Dog Playpens

Are you looking for a dog playpen to pop up in the backyard? These outdoor puppy pens are ideal for when you need to do some gardening or work outdoors. They are also very handy if you are staying somewhere that is unfenced or has access to livestock.

MidWest Homes for Pets Folding Metal Pet Playpen

The MidWest Homes for Pets Folding Metal Exercise Pen Pet Playpen*
(paid link) is an outdoor dog playpen that is adjustable. So that you can move your dog’s playpen into different configurations.

It’s easy to set up and break back down. Not to mention safe for your pet and durable, with rust-resistant coating. It can also be used with other OxGord playpens so that it can be expanded to suit even the biggest area and liveliest dog!

Choose the 40 inch option for a Labrador, and get as many panels as you can fit!

(paid link)

PetTrex Playpen for Dogs

The PetTrex Playpen for Dogs*(paid link) includes 8 panels that set up and break down easily. It features a durable and shiny black finish that looks great outdoors in a yard.

This playpen also features a double latch for security and a premium design that is stable and protective so your dog is safe and contained. The fold down design allows the pen to be transferred from car to home and back quickly and easily, and broken down to be stored somewhere out of the way when you’re not using it.

It’s also fairly high so great for those bigger breeds.

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Metal Dog Playpens

Traditionally dog playpens were normally made of metal. It’s sturdy, durable and really lasts.

MidWest Homes Foldable Metal Exercise Pen

This metal dog playpen is the MidWest Homes for Pets Foldable Metal Exercise Pen and Playpen.*(paid link) The durable metal is coated for long-lasting protection and durability against rust and the elements.

Its eight 2 foot wide panels can be configured into different shapes and sizes. Each configuration is a 16 square foot enclosed area when completed, which provides plenty of running room for your precious pup.

(paid link)

Amazon Basics Metal Playpen

The Amazon Basics Metal Play pen*(paid link) is a great affordable option. With a 24” high wall and 8 panels in total, your furry pal will have tons of room to lounge, exercise and sleep. The wire design is also safe and durable, so your dog stays contained inside and you can leave them with confidence.

(paid link)

Neocraft Pet Exercise Pen

This rust-proof Neocraft Exercise Pen*
(paid link)is a nice balance of durability and tough design mixed with easy transport. Go with the 48 inch height option for adult Labradors.

It is collapsible and can be set up or broken down as needed, and can be used in or outdoors. It measures 64 inches, which is more than enough room to contain a large dog.

(paid link)

Plastic Dog Playpens

Plastic playpens are durable, easy to transport and lighter weight than their metal counterparts.

The IRIS Exercise Panel Pet Playpen

The IRIS Exercise Panel Pet Playpen*(paid link) is a great example of a plastic dog playpen. It can fit puppies and small to large dogs of all sizes, and can be used both indoor and outdoors.

Measuring 21 square feet of exercise space, the IRIS playpen is durable and rust-proof, and features non-skid rubber feet so that your flooring is protected.

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Check it out on Amazon here.*(paid link)

The IRIS Pet Playpen with Door

The IRIS Pet Playpen with Door*(paid link) is a 4-panel playpen that provides 8 square feet of space for your pup to run around in. This is a large dog playpen indoor area that you can customize to train puppies or just have an open space for your dog to exercise inside the home. It’s also easy to transport, with a lightweight plastic design that’s still sturdy.

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Puppy Playpen with Floor

If you are confining your dog in an area where the ground might be unsafe, or you don’t want them to dig, then puppy playpens with floors can be an excellent choice. They make it easier to keep the area clean and any potential hazards away from your pet.

ESK COLLECTION Blue 45″ Dog Playpen Exercise Pen

ESK Collection*(paid link) is a well loved and best puppy playpen that’s easy to setup and even easier to break back down so that it can be stored out of the way when not in use.

The mesh screen allows you to watch your pet and keep an eye on them, and the waterproof design means you can keep it outdoors so your puppy can get some fresh air and fun in the sun. All of the panels are zippers, meaning your pup will stay in safely while getting their daily dose of fresh air.

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Parkland Pet Portable Foldable Playpen for Dogs

This Parkland portable puppy playpen* (paid link)is safe and durable enough to keep your pup outdoors while easy enough to transport back indoors. The setup is easy and doesn’t require assembly, while being lightweight yet strong. It offers a great combination of durability and mobility.

Zip front door and top make for easy access and give your pup the freedom to go in and out as they please. Perfect for camping, traveling and keeping your puppy contained indoors when needed.

(paid link)

Zampa Pet 45″ Playpen Foldable Portable Dog Exercise Kennel

The Zampa Pet 45” Playpen*(paid link) is for small to large dogs and has an attached floor mat for your pet’s comfort. It measures 45” in diameter and has a carrying case. This dog playpen is sturdy. Definitely a good choice for anyone looking to transport their dog’s playpen indoors and outdoors.

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Small Dog Playpens

Do you need a small dog playpen for your young puppy? Are you short on space and need somewhere to keep him safe temporarily? Then here are a couple of great little puppy playpen choices.

Unleashed Pets Portable Foldable Pet Playpen

The Unleashed Pets Portable Foldable Pet Playpen*(paid link) comes with a carrying case and collapsible travel bowl so your pet is always hydrated. This small puppy playpen is portable and lightweight. The medium size is 29″ x 29″ x 17″, which fits small pets nicely. Water resistant, this playpen also has a removable zipper top.

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Parkland Pet Portable Foldable Playpen for Dogs

The Parkland Pet Portable Foldable Playpen for Dogs* (paid link)is a small playpen that fits your petite sized pooch perfectly. Great for indoors, outdoors and travel, this playpen is super easy to setup and breakdown, requiring virtually no room for storage.

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