Labrador Puppy Behavior

cuddle-yellow-labrador-puppyLabrador puppies are adorable,  but puppy behavior is sometimes hard to cope with.

From the first day you bring your tiny furry bundle home, you will be thrown into a whole new world of potty training, biting, chewing, crying and much more.

But don’t panic – let us smooth the way with some great guides to help you keep calm, and resolve the conflict in a positive way.

Puppy Potty Training

Puppy Biting

Puppy Chewing

Puppy Crying

Puppy Behavior

More Puppy Information

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  1. Hi, i have a 3 months old lab, male. He is very active but keeps biting our hand and legs aggressively. Only when we touch or pet he tries to bite other than than he doesn’t try to bite.He just does not stop biting when we try to touch him or pet him. Is this normal for a puppy?

  2. Hi i had bought an 8 week old yellow labrador puppy who is not almost 12 weeks old, he is not very active, i tries teaching it to fetch but he doesnt retireve at all, i tried playong with him and getting him excited but he just walks away. Also he eats bird droppings and now has red pimples or rash like things on his lower stomoch. Please help im really worried!! I took him to the vet and he says its fungus. What dobi do to make him more active and stop eating bird poop??

  3. I just got an 8 week old pup. She seems like she might have been the runt of the litter. Small and very light. We just got her dewormed and she is lethargic. She likes to sleep all day. She plays a little bit but not much. I am worried about her. I feel like there can be several things in play:
    1) Change in diet – I moved to a higher quality food
    2) Deworming
    3) Separation anxiety
    I am hoping that this passes and she will be fine. Anyone have the same type of experience?

  4. Hi,
    I have a four month old lab. He has been lately waking up from sleep with a pant and dizziness. He never had any issues for last two months but I’ve been noticing this sudden change a week ago onwards. We took him to vet and got his blood and vitals checked. He is physically fine but we are clueless why he pants in his sleep and falls down feeling dizzy. Can you suggest or have you come across anything like this before?

  5. Hi I have a 4 month labrador spite of my hard work to train her she urinates again and again at our home.she never urinates when I take her to bathroom or outside our this normal? Please suggest how to train her

    • Your puppy might still be urinating in your home because she can still smell her urine. Mop your entire house with vinegar so that she doesn’t get her own urine smell . Then slowly start taking her outside every one hour. Thjs should be helpful

  6. We had a 4.5 year old lab, and six months ago brought his nephew home. They don’t fight, but when they play it is sometimes very loud and aggressive/assertive. We break them up. The little one doesn’t leave the older one alone and it’s annoying for him.

    Second, can we use a muzzle to keep the 6 month old from chewing everything in sight? How long can we leave the muzzle on?

  7. Comment:hi I have 2 month 4 day old labra female puppy she is barking at me and other family member sometime is anything wrong with her.??? please respond

    • That’s a very common trait for a lab puppy. Even my boy used to bark at us . They slowly will stop it . Don’t worry.

  8. Hi I bought a lab pup yesterday… It was so active.. But today he vomited and dint have any food from the morning.. And still sleeping.. Am so worried… He is not eating anything… He is sleeping for hours and hours without having his food… Just drinking water.. Is there a problem?

  9. Hi we have a 12 week old pup & he has an obsession with biting & especially clothes even when your wearing them, the breeder allowed this & wondered if there was a good way to discourage this especially when puppy teeth are so sharp or will he grow out of it x

  10. Hi we have a 8 week old lab that we took home yesterday, he’s had very runny poos and itchy ears. He seems to not be playful at all and very placid, he nibbles a bit on toys and our fingers but not without any encouragement. I feel like lab puppies would be more playful and we’re worried there is something wrong, any advice ?

    • Hi Manish, If you are concerned about your puppy’s behaviour in this way then the first thing to do is to take him to the vet for a checkup. I hope he feels better soon.

  11. I have a 7 month old lab and it will bark like crazy sometimes and i walk out aide and he stops then i walk in and he starts like 5 minutes later at the most.

  12. Hi
    I have 4 months and 10 days lab,she is really naughty.i have a very big problem with her she isnt allow us to going out without her and she is reaaly dependent and that is the worst,what can i do to be alone minimum for 3-4 hours.

  13. I have a 3.5 month old puppy. She eats at 19h, we play, she drinks water at 20h, we walk ,she goes to pee and she goes to bed at 21.30h. She wakes up at 6, sometimes 5.40. She is outside in her house. So we get up and let her out in the backyard, we don’t play at that tinw. She has breakfast at 7.30. Is it normal that she gets up this early? I tried what you sugested but didn’t help. Please help, we need her to sleep till 6.30 at least. What should we change?

  14. I have 4week old Labrador puppy. And it doesn’t respond to any kind of there anything wrong with this puppy or is it normal at this age.and still require sometime to grow his hearing abilities? M little worried about it.please help

  15. Hi.I have 4 weeks old Labrador. And it doesn’t respond to any it normal at this stage? Or is there anything wrong with my LEO?:(

  16. Hi, I have a nine week old yellow female lab. I’ll take her out side to go and she so
    E times will wait till she’s back in the house and go. What am I doing wrong ?