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  1. I would like any ideas as to how I can get my Black Labs coat shining again we have been too the vet and he doesnt know what is making her coat scurfy and brittle he has told me to give her corn oil for three weeks have seen little improvement so back tomorrow if anyone has had same problems please let me know Thank You

    • Hi there, what food is she on? Some dogs seem to improve in coat is a wheat based kibble is replaced with a rice based on, or with raw food. Pippa

      • Since we have fed our black lab some decent food, (James wellbelloved kibble/nature diet), along with a cod liver oil tablet each day his coat is really shiny!

        • we put fishoil in our dogs food. 2 – 1000 mg tablets with their meal. after a couple weeks you will see the difference. Mine both have a beautiful coat and they are both black labs. very shiny coats.

    • I have given my 7 year-old lab two 1,000 mg (w 300 mg Omega-3), burpless, liquid softgels FISH OIL for the last three years, and his coat is just beautiful. (He thinks its a treat!) I buy it at WalMart’s (Nature Made) or at Sam’s. Yesterday, I took my car in for an oil change and EVERYBODY in the waiting room commented on how shiny and beautiful his coat is. When I had my 10-lb. Australian Silky Terrier he felt left out if I didn’t give him at least one softgel too, so I gave it to him, as well. Truthfully, his coat didn’t look much different but at least his risk of coronary heart disease was reduced and it made him happy. Hope this helps.

    • My Lab had the same thing with a dull coat So I went to our health store he gave me Cod liver oil I found it very good ,we feed our dog’s on Purna Proplan salmon Rice ” when its on offer other wise very pricey ” around £34/5.oo
      Max .

    • Hi Rahul, are you thinking about allergies to dog hair? I am afraid I do not have any information on that subject.


  2. Hi i have a male puppy who is 5mths old his gentials seem to be in his willie at present and not in his sacks at the back is this normal??????

  3. How do I stop my black lab from this a problem they is really bad..if anyone has any ideas I would be very greatful..

    • Hi Barbara,
      A very common reason for snoring in dogs with a normal muzzle (like a labrador) is being a little overweight. The extra weight helps to collapse the soft palate. Another common cause of snoring in dogs is inhaling cigarette smoke.
      Age is another factor and one that you cannot do anything about. Getting a dog to sleep in a tight fitting round basket is said to help as the dog is more likely to snore if he can stretch out and lie on his back.
      It might be also be worth getting your dog checked over by your vet to make sure that there are no other health problems that are contributing to the snoring.
      Hope that helps, Pippa

  4. Hi, can you recommend a joint specialist in Sussex, I have a 3 year old male lab which limps now and agian on one leg. My local vet has done X-rays , scans eat with no success

    • Hi Mike, I am sorry but we are unable to recommend individual healthcare professionals. Your vet should be able to offer you the name of an orthopaedic specialist. Failing that a consultation with another vet is probably the way to go. Best wishes, Pippa

  5. hi, can any one advise me,our lab is 17 month old and a couple of times a month he will eat his food which is wagg, then drink his water then ten minuits later he brings all his food and water up, we have wormed him ,cut down the amount of food a littlt bit but still have the same prob x

  6. Hi! I have a 10 week old labrador puppy. Recently, i saw a big white pus on her belly. I can even send a picture of the pus. I am so worried what could be the cause of that and what treatment should i do. I have been feeding her puppy dog food and milk plus vitamins. Thanks

  7. Hi, my golden lab is 11 nearly. Lately she has started heaving when she wakes up as if trying to vomit but nothing comes up. She does it twice & atleast once a day. When i walk her in the street she eats anything like dead birds (feathers & all) or any bones thrown down. She does battle with the heat here in South Africa & is more happier with winter conditions as after the walk she pants for ages. I see she has diahrior from time to time. She eats well though & seems healthy & loves her walks. She does drinks alot of water & i do deworm her. What do you think?

    • Hi, I have a 13 year old Chocolate lab who as we speak is at the vets office from having a tumor & mass removed. I had took him in for the mass which he had found a tumor also and his hacking he has been doing. He has done this for a while but has gotten worse over a few months and now to where it is happening 3 to 4 times a day as if he has something caught in his throat all the time and ends up gagging up clear liquid & also drinks a lot of water. During his testing the vet couldnt find anything that would cause this. He’s thinking allergies might be causing his hacking, we are going to try a antihistamine and see if this helps. Hoping to see him have some relief. I will repost with results.

      • We had a similar problem with our dog from about 10 years old – we swapped him onto food for sensitive stomachs and it seemed to settle down

      • I am curious Cindy what happened to your 13 year old Lab. My 12 year old yellow female lab pants alot drinks tons of water and have several bumps/masses on her body. I havent taken her to the vet yet because she seems happy otherwise. She eats well and loves to play but tires out quickly and pants alot and recently has started to hake a few times a day.

  8. My labrador, Jessie, is nearly 2 years old. Since the beginning she has been an absolute joy to us. Especially because we don’t have children, she became our child. She loves to play ball (throwing and fetching), Yesterday she jumped to catch the ball gave a yelp and fall down. She struggled to get up and walk after that. We have looked at the leg rubbed the leg and massaged it, and after that she was able to walk but with a small limp. She doesn’t cry when I touch the leg and this morning she is fine except for the small limp if you look closely. Should I take her to a vet or will she be alright. Is there something I can do or medicine I can give her to prevent this. Please help!!

    • Hi Rentia,
      That sounds like a nasty fall. Please take your dog to the vet if she is still limping. It will put your mind at rest, even if she is just a little bruised, and your vet will be able to make an assessment as to whether she needs treatment. We cannot suggest medical treatment for reader’s dog I’m afraid. I hope all is well. Pippa

  9. I have my first Lab. that is chocolate. He was mistreated as a pupy and I got him when he was a yr. old. He was never trained at all. He is now 3 1-2 yrs. old. and a complete baby. He usued to walk with my other four dogs and I and would sometimes say away for an half-hour, and return home. The other day he first stayed a few hours. Last Sun. he stayed away all day. He is now under punishment of walking with a lease. He is able to walk well without pulling me when I call his attention. I am apprehensive to let him loose again. Rocco is in good health and about 70 kils.

    • Hi, you need to train your dog, but at over three years old and with his previous history, it could be a long process. Keeping him on the lead will keep him safe, but it is not a punishment for running away. Your dog will have no idea that he has done anything wrong. Have a look at the articles in our recall training centre and let me know if you have any questions. Pippa

  10. My black Lab is 12 yrs old and has bad arthritis. Lately his fur has been comming out in chunks is this a sign of something nasty going on or just old age?

    • Hi Christine, welcome to the website. We can’t offer to diagnose health problems I’m afraid. But it sounds as though your dog needs to see the vet. Hope he is ok.
      Best wishes

  11. My mothers black lab is 12 this year and has really bad arthritis.
    He has been to the vets over the months which they have gave him pain relief but this does not seem to do much, vet has said that he is old and perhaps the kindest thing to do is put him to sleep . she has tried no Bute but he want eat his food. could you suggest anything for his chronic arthritis just to give him a bit of guilty time. Sam is a big lab in height he weighs 39kg.

    • Hi Hayley, I am sorry to hear that your mother’s lab is in pain. I am guessing that if he needed to lose weight, the vet would have suggested this to you. It is always very hard to make a decision to put a dog to sleep, but if his pain cannot be controlled this may be the only option that is fair on him. Most vets will not suggest putting a dog to sleep unless they really feel there is no other choice. So my advice would be to be guided by the vet, and possibly to get the opinion of another vet before making your final decision. I wish I could be more helpful. Pippa

    • My 12 year old lab had bad arthritis to the point some days she struggled to walk. I started giving her rose hip powder with her meals daily and now you would hardly know she suffers from arthritis at all. It only takes a couple of weeks to start to notice the change. She has been on it for around 9 months now.

          • Hi Sharon,
            We have 2 Lab brothers, and one is overweight and suffering from arthritis. We noticed certain things, like he stopped jumping up on the bed all the time, or jumping into the van. He constantly licks the front legs(not sure if this is at the knee joints). Stiffness when he gets up and never stands long, but lies down. I would be interested in giving him rose hip powder with his meal. I believe he weighs about 95 lbs. I live in Toronto, Canada. Where can I buy this? And how much do you give. Really appreciate your help.


  12. hi i have a black lab which we rescued 18 moths ago he is a joy to have and has never messed or chewed anything in the house . the last few nights i have found that he has messed in the house in the morning he has never done this in the time we have had him. we leave the door open alday so he is able to go out we have 3 dogs but he is the only one that has started this and i dont want the others to start he knows he has done wrong as he is in his bed looking worried what can i do

    • Hi Zoey,
      There can be lots of reasons why a dog will regress in house training. Very often you never find out why, but it is important to look at any changes you may have made to his diet or routine, something disturbing him during the night, and/or at any other possible causes of anxiety or ill health. If there is something that you can fix or reverse then do that. You then need to treat him a bit like a puppy for the next few days, just to break this new habit before it gets established. Get up very early to let him out before he has chance to mess, and if necessary go outside with him to make sure he empties himself.

  13. hi my one year old male lab is loosing weight very very quick. im really worried about him. he has been wormed and up to date with all his jabs. hes eating and drinking well and still has energy. but has lost over half a stone in less than two weeks ? any ideas?

    • Hi Leanne, significant and unexplained weight loss is best investigated by a vet. I hope your dog is ok.

      • Thanks Pippa Im worried sick about him the vet thinks it could be a foreign body he has ate but without imaging they are not sure. He was slightly sick today but is ravouneous for food u cannot fill him. Im taking him back on tuesday so i will update this site just to give ppl information. Thank u for replying!

  14. my 1 year old lab’s hair fall has increased from last 2 months. do I need to chnge his diet which is presently mainly rice 2 times a day ?

  15. Hi there,

    I have a 7 Month old Yellow Lab, she was just fixed two weeks ago. We had her right front leg looked at when she was in at the vet because she was limping and crying for a few days before that…

    Long story short, the vet told us that she hyper-extended her shoulder and elbow and with rest it should heal on its own.

    Two weeks later when she is outside running or sleeps on it for two long it still bothers her and shes back to limping after play time.

    Do these injuries heal on their own? Should I go see another vet? Is there something I could be doing to lessen the chance of her hurting it?

    I hate seeing her in pain :(

    • Hi Kaitlyn
      I recommend you go back to your vet and explain what is happening. He may want to prescribe pain relief and/or investigate further.
      Best wishes

    • Also,

      she is being fed about 1 cup / 1 1/2 cup of food two to three times a day… of puppy food.

      could it be too much and that might be making her grow faster therefore causing muscle pain?

      What would you recommend for a 7 month old pure lab who is roughly 50lbs

  16. My 65 day old puppy has done potty 6-7 times in a day. And has also passed blood 2-3 times.. what can be the problem. And what should I do to stop the same

    • Hi Vidhi,
      Puppies may have several bowel movements a day but any puppy that passes blood, should see a vet.

  17. Dear Lab lover

    I am owned a 4 months lab puppy. Let me know what food shall I give and how many times I can give the food and what is the interval between food.

    Can you explain about raw food please,. Whether I can give it to my puppy.

    Please reply

  18. Thank you for your reply. My pup age is 4 months Whether I can able change the name of the pup and also in this age whether we can able to train the pup.

    Kindly help


  19. My 6 months old female lab baby seems to be hungry the entire day, I believe the food she eats isn’t sufficient for her growing age. She does have her regular meal of pedigree+rice+meat+veggies etc..However I guess we lack giving her the right quantity. Rice is what she majorly eats with milk/curd/veg. Our previous cross breed lab-retriever had some skin problems due to wheat rotis (Indian bread) hence I fear giving her roti in larger quantities.

    Could you please suggest some nutritious home made food for her in 4/5 slots in a day? If you could also suggest the quantity to be served each time, will be helpful.

  20. Hi, My Naomi will be 1 year old next month. My problem is whenever she takes a nap or just sit for any period of time when she starts to walk again she always limp….she also has the dry calasus on the back of her front legs. What causes this? Some days they are pink some they are cream in color… poor baby…

    • Hi Dorise, a dog that is lame or limping, needs to see a vet. Many dogs will get a callous on their legs if they sleep on hard ground. But if these are pink in colour they need to be checked out by a vet.

  21. Well we have a one year old chocolate lab and every time if we put her outside she protests and chews something up plus we have a pool and there is a tube for the bottom cleaner and when it gets in her way she bites it which put holes and then it wont work so we got a new one and she put a hole in that i don’t know what to do.

  22. hi Pippa,

    my dog, Riley, whom i got in the beginning of Feb., early March from a apt. in the city, won’t stop running away! we live in the country right beside a busy road. i’m worried about him getting hit by a car. he goes over there because our neighbours on the other side have two male golden retrivers. my other female dog, Belle, used to go with him but now just stares at where he goes. we got her as a puppy, and she is really good. she dosen’t have to walk her on a leash anymore. we have 21 acres and think it’s because he isn’t fixed. but they are both boys! i don’t understand! please help!!

      • we let him out to go pee, or he is with us and we think he’s laying down, but he runs away. or when we have a fire at night. belle is also smart and can open the door if it isn’t locked.

  23. Hi… my lab 4 mnth old female black lab named blacky having a littile small projection o a hump in her yop op the head…vet says no problems…but she alway tilting head …. what I do for her???

  24. One month female lab, she had walking problem can’t stand well and I have discover she is missing few skin in her leg.

    • How very sad, unfortunately she is far too young to have been sold. Check out this link If you cannot take her back to the breeder, you will need to get her to a vet. Best wishes. Pippa

  25. Hello Pippa
    This information might help someone else! Our 10 month old labrador Lottie developed very inflamed ears recently. We took her to our excellent vet and he diagnosed otitis – a yeast/bacteria problem. He prescribed
    Surolan ear drops to be given twice a day and they have done the trick. We took Lottie back for a check today and all is back to normal. In some cases the drops can take up to three weeks to work.
    We thought originally that Lottie was allergic to pollen/grass but this is not the case and we are grateful for the correct diagnosis from our vet.

  26. Hi Pippa

    My 2 months old lab puppy was having fever on last thursday with temperature 105.4 doctor gave a IV and some antibiotics which is to be continued. Its almost five – six days he is not active as before but he is eats and is also alert. How long it will usually take for a puppy to recover from fever. Please help me..


    • Hi Jothe, recovery time from fever depends on many variables, including the cause of the fever, and the condition of the puppy. You need to ask your vet. I hope your puppy is better soon. Pippa

  27. hi…
    my son was given a labrador puppy from his boss.
    i have zero knowledge of how to handle d little puppy.

    1st week, i bath him daily n slowly i found out that its furs start falling which worries me a lot.
    And i started to get advise from friends including my son’s boss for not to bath him daily.

    2nd week, i started to fed him with rice cooked with chicken and pork bone. i am thinking that it furs fall due to his food was a bit salty amd i also fed him with baby milk powder

    on the 2nd week, i saw his body got red spot n my friend told me tp bring it to the veterinery clinic for injection but i have not done so due to i amfraid the fee is too expensive. its furs still falling now.

    lastly, is it normal of the labrado puppy like to play with us where it loved to something like biting us.

    • Hi Rosta, whereabouts are you located? Can you get hold of a commercial puppy food like Pedigree or Royal Canin? The bathing is not making your puppy’s hair fall out, but his diet might be responsible. Only a vet could diagnose this properly. It is really important to get your puppy vaccinated, and yes, all puppies bite. Look at the articles in the puppy section and you will find lots of information to help you.

  28. can anyone tell me when my female lab is expected to have her first season? I am looking after my sister’s 9 year old lab boy for a couple of weeks with my female almost 6 month old bitch lab. should I be concerned as I DO NOT want an unwelcome pregnancy out of this ‘holiday’?
    thank you

  29. My 18 week old lab has had a bit of pale discharge coming from her eyes for the past few weeks. Her eyes are fine and its not bothering her, I just bathe it away. My husband thinks its the long grass she likes to play in. I have read its quite common in labs and I don’t want to get antibiotics if they aren’t necessary.

  30. I have a 5 week old golden puppy and recently she has bowel movement about 6-7 times a day or even more and right thru the night aswell. And it is all runny. What can it be?

  31. Hi Pippa,

    I have a 5.5 year old female yellow lab. She has summer allergies which we give her a daily pill for. She has some fur loss on her chest and some at the base of her tail (looks kind of scaly) and some of her skin has darkened. What can we do?

  32. My son has a chocolate lab, about 3 years old who is having stomach problems. It seem the muscles in his stomach do not work right, causing vomiting and not being able to keep anything down. Have you ever heard of this. He has been to the vet.

  33. I have 2.5yr old black lab.he was infected by ticks, I bathed him with a anti-tick solution the vet adviced but he didn’t completly got free from them.the second time we visited vet he got injected and I was told to bath him with a new anti tick shampoo, now my dog is down with fever and has lost appetite, he looks depressed.what should I do? I am really worried !

  34. Hi
    My black lab, Taj, is seven years old. She has stopped eating, she missed three meals to date but has not been sick. Our other lag, Cassie, is well with no problems although they have shared the same food and walks. Any ideas what could be the problem?

  35. Hi I have a 2 year old golden lab, he seems to have the runs a lot! I give him pasta and chicken to calm it but what food would you recommend?

  36. hi pippa i have an 4 months old labrador retreiver female and i give her ROYAL CANIN MAXI JUNIOR,HILLS SCIENCE,AND PEDIGREE PROFF. PUPPY dog food all was going but suddenly she has stop eating royal canin and now she has stopped eating other dog food and else food that we usually give her such as curd ,egg,chicken .i consulted vet. he prescribed her pantaprazole20mg and i am feeling that there is no improvement signs she has became dull and lazy i have checked his motions there are fine but smells really bad
    i want to know from your expereience that is it regular in puppies in summer season?

  37. Hi,
    I would like an advice about feeding my almost 6 month old labrador. Currentlly he is eathing Royal Canin, but I wanted to know is there something better than that, and what should i do to make his golden fur to shine even more. Thanks in advance,
    best marija

    • Hi Marija, the feeding articles are in the diet and exercise section in the health menu at the top of this page. If you look in the ‘caring for your puppy’ section in the puppies menu, you’ll find an article there on feeding puppies. Pippa

  38. Hi, I have a choc lab she going to be 3 in 2 months time!
    She had her cruciate ligament done on her right side bout a yr ago and now she has arthritis in that knee, she have some cartropen inj to help with that leg.
    She also goes to to a hydro pool every two weeks since she had her op less than year ago, we got her weight down from 42kg to bout 34kg but she going back up again?
    She is bout 37 kg now, she can only manage bout 30 min walks around the local park once a day, cause her leg gives in!
    I was feeding her on royal canin dermercare, but I have now trying labrador retrever royal canin to see if her weight comes back off?
    Also I’m giving her two cups of food aday, one morning and one in evening? Am I starving her? Cause I’m going buy a 32kg lab on the bag and it said at 32kg she should be on 4 6/8 aday? What is more than what she having now?!
    For a treat she has peice of apple or banana, or half carrot?
    Please can you help, and put my mind at rest!
    She is a special choc lab cause she comes under as a chunky choc?
    Her mum and dad is 50 kg they are both big and chunky chocs!
    Thank you Kate x

    • Hi Kate, there is a wide range into which the weight of a fit, slim Labrador may fall, depending on the dog’s general size, height, bone construction etc. There is also a wide range into which the calorific requirements of a fit, slim Labrador may fall, depending on activity level, metabolic rate, hormone levels etc. Check out this article for info on how to get weight off your dog. If she doesn’t look or feel thin, then you are not starving her.

  39. Hi Pippa,

    Our 6 months old Labrador pup “Sakhi” has started shedding a lot of fur from about 3 weeks. There is fur everywhere…. I have read articles about Furminator. Is that good to use? Is there any thing we can do about diet..currently she is on Royal Canine.
    Thankyou .. Ashwini

  40. HI,

    My 6months labrador eats rocks when we take her out for her walk, she does it so quickly we can’t stop her… Is this dangerous? A day or two after eating those rocks she vomits them… How can I stop her?

      • Our 8 year old, normally healthy, black labrador Bobby, has a terrible limp. He’s been seen by vet twice and given pain killers and anti inflammatories, for a left shoulder injury. We were told to restrict exercise, which we have done. He isn’t due to go back to vets for another 10 days. Limp isn’t improving & he still yelps on occasion when he’s been lying for a lengthy period and then gets to his feet. His appetite and general mood are good. How long does it usually take for this type of injury to get better? It seems a long time to wait before going back to vets, do you agree?
        Thanks for any advice, much appreciated as we are worried sick!

  41. Hi! We have two 3-year old Labs that were rescues (not from same litter). One, Stewie, has a very animated personality and the other, Mars, is very complacent. They were both housebroken when we got them in March (the rescue center suggested that we take both as they are very close). Mars has started messing on the stairway between first and second floor – always in the same place. This is even after he has been taken out and walked to relieve himself (we walk them together and Stewie has not had any issues). Mars has also started shedding profusely over the past week – clumps at a time. The only change in routine is that I have been traveling more for work … otherwise schedule is exactly the same as my husband continues while I am away. I will say that Mars is more “my” dog while Stewie is more my husband’s dog. Do you think it is anxiety and he goes inside to show that he is upset when I go away? Or even if I am gone for a couple of hours and he was walked right before? Would the heavy shedding be a result of anxiety, too? Thank you for any light you can shed on this. I am very worried about Mars.


    • Hi Elinor, it is possible that Mars is anxious for some reason. Might be a good idea to get your vet to check him over, to exclude and physical problems, and perhaps recommend a behaviourist. Pippa

  42. can any body help me,my dog has been limping his back right leg been to vet she examined him he was in no pain he is fine he had meds for it it started with lol it was pale yellow coulor 40 mls per day but still the same

  43. Gunjan

    My female lab is 7 years old and she is showing signs of arthiritis and is a bit overweight. I was wondering what kind of exercise/play activities should be done with her? As of now, she refuses to go for walks and is not too excited about fetching stuff/running. Mostly she likes to sit outside in fresh air.

    • Hi Gunjan, at seven years old a dog will not normally be slowing down or reluctant to take exercise. You need to get the excess weight off her quickly and talk to your vet about treatment and painkillers for her arthritis. He is the best person to advise on how much exercise she can cope with. Pippa

  44. I have an 8 year old female black lab who will whine and pant randomly when everyone in the house goes to bed. She typically doesn’t do this until the last light in the house is out. At first, I would run down to take her out but she just sat on the deck and stared out in the yard. It’s not a cry that she does when she needs to go but is a different cry. She shows no signs of limping and is fairly active. She will stop for a couple hours and then start back up again in the middle of the night. It is disrupting my sleep and really looking for suggestions

  45. hello lab lovers. i would just like to ask anyone of you if what is really the cause of death of my female black lab.
    lovely is a 5 year old female black lab, ill let my auntie take good care of her when i was studying my last 2 yrs of college. i was so so shocked when i visited lovely. she looks very sickly, her coat is starting to fade and its very dry too. and after two days i visited again because my aunt keeps on calling me that lovely is vomiting and she loose her appetite until 3 days. she never eat but she drinks of lot of water then vomit again, she vomits water and there are some part which is colored yellow. i put a dextrose powder on her water to keep her dehydrated and i also give her a tablet, an anti epetic tablet. on the 5th day at 4am dawn, sadly she died. I am very sad of her situation.
    thank you lab lovers for your advices. i really need it. thank you

    • Very sorry to hear of the death of your dog Louie. But you cannot get a cause of death from the internet. If she was treated by your vet, they may be able to help you. Pippa

  46. Hi, I have a 15 months old male black lab. Our challenge has been related to his food. He likes to be fed by someone by hands only. We really want him to start eating from his bowl. What could be the special steps to change his habit? Is there any link for any details or any videos?
    Also, he keeps developing rashes and dandruff very frequently. Many a times, he has been treated by our local vet using medicines, lotions and injections. But this problem comes back. What could be the reason(s) for this recurrence? Do you have any suggestion on this. Please guide.

  47. My 4 month old labrador puppy has red eyes and he also scratches or bite himself due to itchyness. The skin is red all over. What can I give him?

  48. Hi Pippa hi have a 8 week lab every time he eats he gets hiccups and his poo is a bit runny he is only ever had puppy dry food from the vets is it any thing to be worried about

  49. Hi Pippa,

    Im very much disheartened due to illness of my 2.5yrs old female mix lab. She has completely lost her weight and become weak from her back. She is unable to walkup the stairs even as earlier in childhood she do. I think she has problm in her bones. She has become very lazy, sady, and inactive. She has lost her appetite even. what should i do. I’ve taken her to the vat many times but no use.
    Please help me out with the solutions or medicines i can go out with. :(

    • Hi there, I just read your post. I am having exactly the same problems with my lab. He suddenly lost a lot of weight , he goes to the bathroom and then falls down and then can’t get back up. I have taken him to the vet who says he is old(11 years) which I know and that he has arthritis. I am so distressed about my boy, I am taking him to another vet tomorrow. But I was wondering if you had any more info.

  50. my lab is of 2 year bt he is not as healthy as other labs so wht should i do ..his diet is proper maintained bt he is not gaining a good health/.?

  51. hi pipa,

    my 16 month old has now started to get flakely, we have tried to different shampoos but my older dog has also got the same problem but we have taken her to the vets and got some shampoo, we are unsure what to do or has my 16 month getting from my older dog.

  52. I have a 9 week old chocolate lab and she won’t stop pulling up and eating weeds in our back garden. She’s also picking up stones and I think she may have swallowed a couple. Any advice on how I can stop this? I’m worried she’ll do herself a mischief.

  53. Hi…
    i have two dogs, a golden lab(male, 14 months) and an american cocker(female 5 months). I have noticed for a few months that my lab have these very strange black tear marks under his eyes, seems he has been crying a lot( i have never seen him crying though)!!! i ain’t got a clue what to do, i tried some tablets a couple of months back recommended by a vet but they seems to have failed miserably.
    Also with the cocker there’s this one huge hair knot on her stomach and even after regular bath and brushing its not going.
    any suggestions on what can be done to take care of these???

  54. Hi Pippa, our son has a 3.5 year old, 60 pound, female, spayed, chocolate lab (Lexi) who we absolutely adore, she is our granddoggie. She visits us with our son and his wife often on weekends and we doggie sit sometimes. We had her for 2 weeks while they were having some work done at their house and she was such a good girl BUT she sometimes has little “pee” accidents while she is sleeping. No blood in it, she doesn’t cry or even notice it happened, it doesn’t smell at all but of course it is making some stains on our sofa and bed (yes she sleeps with us lol). We love her so much but this is a little frustrating trying to clean up when it happens. She had 4 little accidents during the 2 weeks,….. it doesn’t happen at her house, she drinks the same amount as she does home, she is out to pee more here than at home because her mom and dad work all day and we are at her beck and call when she is here…….. Any ideas for us?

    • Hi Cathy, some spayed bitches develop a mild incontinence due to lack of estrogen. It may be that this has gone unnoticed at home. It can be treated with estrogen replacement. She needs to see a vet for a diagnosis and to rule out other health issues. Best wishes, Pippa

  55. hi pippa i have two black labs male and female 40 days old…. today i saw brown shade on paws and legs of my max (male).. yesterday he was 100% fine but today l saw his hair look like burned giving brown shade i am so upset about this … it is just like if any human gets heat on his hair looks burned and turns to give brown shade plz help.. and also tell me that if it is due to pee and cleanness problem becz they are too young and pee in their bed….

  56. My 2 months ols black female Lab is getting dandruff like rahses all over the chest, face and legs…Please suggest something..Urgent suggestione needed.

  57. Hi pippa
    I bought a 2 months old lab and when I fed him royal canin maxi starter his stomach has swollen up and it’s not getting back to normal what should I do

  58. Hello, I have a 13 year old lab. She is deaf blind and has diabetes. Recently she has started weeing at night. Can anyone help me how to stop this??

  59. hi I have a ten year old black lab he has now got a bad chough he also so has arthritis some times I think it might just be kind to let him go what do you think

  60. Hi pippa have been to our vets they think its his lungs they have given us some pills for him and said if he is no better it might be kind to let him go wé had hope the pills would work but they have not wé have got to go back tomrow to see what the vets but i think i know what they are going to say

  61. my two year old lab has had a problem for about five days he coughs and spits up biol .he has had all his shots.what should I do.

    • Mark. My name is mike. I have a 1 1/2 yr old choc lab that’s been doing the same thing. We took her to the vet and she had an infection in her uterius. They told me she had to be fixed and the symptoms would go away. It did not. Went back to vet and they put her on steroids for about 1 1/2 months. That did the trick until she came off the meds. She is back to hacking and puking. I’m at a loss. I spent over 1200.00 and no results.

  62. Hi

    My parents have a chocolate labrador. She is 8 years old and has always been an early riser.

    Just lately she has been waking up at night barking wanting to go out at 4.00 a.m. Is there anything that can be done because my mum is getting very weary. She has two good walks a day. Why wont she sleep through the night?

  63. Our three year old chocolate lab is having left back leg issues. She is very hyper, jumping, spinning, running.
    After any type of exercise she has a noticeable limp & after resting, has a difficult time getting up & laying down. Occasionally won’t put any weight on that leg. This has been going on for some time. She had a severe case of Lyme diseases at 6 months & recovered after treatment.

  64. We have added a Black Lab mix to our family back in October, he is fantastic. We bought your book Total Recall we love it and it seems Jackson had already read it, he is catching on to it so fast it is truely amazing. Jackson is starting to lose his baby teeth now, he is showing some discomfort, we have taken his harder chew toys away and replaced them with softer ones and we dampen a rolled up towel and freeze it this seems to bring quite a bit of relief and are mixing moistened dry kibble and canned food he loves this.

  65. Hi,
    My labrador is about to turn seven. What are the normal signs of aging I would begin to notice now? He seems slower, seems to be sleeping more, his appetite seems to have increased. How do I know I need to panic?

  66. Hi,
    My lab is 3 months old and he weighs 5 kg.We give him home cooked food only as he had severe indigestion problems when he was around 8 weeks old fed with dog food like Royal Canin. But his growth doesn’t seem to be as much as it should be. Professional Dog Trainers say that he is underweight while vets say he is just fine.So I am confused what to do?Can you just help me out.

    • Hi Deep, your Labrador certainly sounds underweight, but there is a big variation in healthy weight between different puppies. If a qualified vet says your dog is just fine, then you should be reassured. If in doubt I would get a second opinion from a different vet. You might find this article helpful: How much should my Labrador weigh Pippa

  67. I had gotten two females puppies 9weeks old both sisters one is germin & rot & other puppy germen & lab from the first day they got home till now they eat the potty pads how can I stop them from doing that? And they both just got spayed n they both got more high Pier n won’t stop jumping with the stitches please help thank you

  68. My nearly 2 year old black lab has never had a season , she is still very puppy like as if she’s not been through puberty. Should we be worried?

  69. How recommended is it to remove the dew claws from the Lab pubs? And if it is, what are the age limits for doing this? I see that many breeders removed them very early on, but could they be removed later on in the first year?

  70. My 3 month old lab drinks ALOT of water. Sometimes he even empties the water bowl in one setting. Is this normal? Or should I be worried?

  71. i hav a 5 year old lab he is think so suffering from kennel cough since 2 weeks first i thought it is a normal cough but it isn’t stopping now.pls tell me what to do, I am gonna take him tomorrow to the vet still please recommend me something.

  72. My 3 year old dog frodo has got infected by lots and lots of ticks .i have tried every possible way to get rid of them but it’s of no use . I have started putting medicines and chemicals every week but it is not helping .what should I do now ? Are these ticks harmful for my children too ?

  73. Hello. I have noticed my Lab has been drooling quite a bit lately. She has never ha drooling problems before. This July she will be turning 9, could it be part of her aging? He has also been tearing and her tears are dark and staining her beautiful face. Is this an issue I should take her to the vet for? Or is there a simple fix it with supplements method?? Thank you!

  74. hi id appreciate some help with this.. recently my 7 yr old lab is refusing to get out of car when we return home from going on an errant. he sometimes comes along as he loves going on drives.. i dont know weather he just likes in the car for a while or if hes unwell or in pain.. if you could give me your opinion or advise, so i can decide what to do.. thank you. aine

  75. i have 6 months the old lebredor…….the back legs are weak of dog………….doctor say s the joint are not grow according to its wight………………is any good medicine for that problm

  76. hello I have a5 year old yellow lab that is doing great so far but she does seem a little lonely I’m looking into getting up English puppy from 8 weeks they both will be girls I just wanna know will they get along is that a good idea in this type of breed

  77. Hi- my 6 year old lab has begun to lose weight. She has always been a hefty girl, but now is thin. She still has a great appetite, and is always on play mode. We aren’t sure where the weightless has come from. We haven’t changed her food or amount of food. Any ideas? Thank so much for your help!

      • Hi Pippa
        My 3 months old lab’s hair fall & back legs week. he has not running properly. I take 3 time pedigree and 3 time human cerelac to my lebrador dog. I have check the doctor, he has given some medicine and injection to my dog. his hair fall stop to some time and no improvement back legs. but last 15 days his hair fall come again. Please suggest me any medicine for hair fall and legs weakness.
        Thanks and regards

  78. Hi Pippa
    My 3 months old lab’s hair fall & back legs week. he has not running properly. I take 3 time pedigree and 3 time human cerelac to my lebrador dog. I have check the doctor, he has given some medicine and injection to my dog. his hair fall stop to some time and no improvement back legs. but last 15 days his hair fall come again. Please suggest me any medicine for hair fall and legs weakness.
    Thanks and regards

  79. Hi…
    My 5 years old dog (Charlie) is on Royal Canine Junior Labs. Should I feed him this or buy Royal Canine for adult dogs? Please advice.

    • I have a four month old Labrador pup who has recently been diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. She is on medication now, and while doctors have mixed reaction about her survival, one the Nepali doctor is confident that she will survive. At the moment, she pees and passes stool while sitting down, thus wetting her hind legs. When she gets excited, she trips and at times bangs her cheek and head. She eats very well. Her favourite is meat, carrots, spinach and yellow pumpkin. can anyone share their experience on how to take care of a pup with cerebellar hypoplasia?



      Edited to remove personal information

  80. Hi, i am very worried about my black lab, 1 year old and a female. she has completed her vaccines. one day that she was limping on her back legs and then was getting lazy, sleeping all the time and would not care about anything, her eating habits were lessen unlike before that she can eat the whole bowl of dog food but now she ate a bit and is very choosy. and i think she had lost weight a bit and i am very scared for her. i cannot send her to a vet right away because it is night time and all the symptoms got worse just this time.

  81. I’ve had my 10 and a half year old black Lab on Rose Hip Vital Canine for 4 weeks and we have noticed a remarkable DECREASE in moulting. In all the years we’ve had him, I have practically swept up enough hair every day to stuff a thousand quilts!! … Has any other RHVC user noticed this… Also, RHVC comes only in powder. My boy put on 3 Kilos because I was mixing it in mince. He normally only has chicken frames. Any suggestions on how to get this powder in him would be so very much appreciated

  82. Hi,
    My 10 year old black lab has started pulling his fur out on his back end. There is dry skin around the area and some small hard lumps but i have already changed his shampoo to a skin soothing one.

  83. Please help my 13 year old choc lab Maki has developed a heart murmer diagnosed by vet he is on venmedin and a water tablet 3x a day he is going for X-rays and tests on Monday as he coughs all the time he has started coughing mucus up it was clear but now has speckles of black in and pants all the time what can I expect in results I know a diagnosis isn’t poss just some clues

  84. hi
    I’m worried my new puppy Harley is 6 weeks old and the breeder wouldn’t usually let them go this early but his vet said he was a big and healthy pup but he has been getting runny poos and not eating all his food I’m so worried I’m crying I want him to be okay..

  85. Not sure if you can help but was just wondering if anyone else’s Labrador suffers from itching licking paws etc mines on atopica and royal canin hypoallergenic food but I would love to get her cut down on the tablets if not off them and could anyone advice on maybe a cheaper food if anyone has went though this and something else worked I will try anything any help would be great thanks in advance

  86. How much exercise should my labs be getting? They are 9 months old. Till now I have stuck, or tried to, to the 5minutes per month rule which is really hard when you have two brother from the same litter who just want to play. I work full time so I have a puppy sitter visit in the morning and the afternoon for 30mins each time so they can have toilet break and play and then I take them for a walk in the evenings. They are very happy healthy puppies with boundless energy.
    When can I stop counting the minutes?

    • The five minute rule is just a guide Deby. You don’t need to follow it slavishly, but it is good to avoid long hikes or intensive runs until your dog has finished growing.

  87. Hi pippa! I just got an one month old yellow labrador he is a male….but the problem is he is not showing response on my call and also he looks scared….moreover his back limbs are kind of net set properly means he his not able to take his weight on all 4 limbs properly..IS IT NORMAL???plzz help me

  88. My ten week old fox red lab (male) had white bits in his poo after worming. There were also a couple of spots of blood – is this normal?

  89. My 5 year old lab got bit by something out In the yard and lost hair in that area, and has a small indent in the affected area. Can my gf clean and bandage it, or should I take him to the vet?

    Thanks, Corey

  90. Hi i have a female (2 year old) black labrador. Today she vomited around 5 time in morning and stool 3 time. After 4 hours she pee with very very foul smell and the colour of the urine was red. She done the same thing about 3 time in day . And she very very week now. And most of the time she sleeping .She also not eating anything the whole day only drink some water with glucose power. Please please someone advise me what should i gave to her for eat.

  91. Hi there. I have a 2 year old lab. He was toilet trained early on, but recently he has started to poo in the house during the day. The poo is always runny and has a strong pungent smell. We don’t want to keep him secluded in the house when we go to work, but he’s done it a lot in the past month. Other than that he seems well. I just don’t know what to do. We’ve tried changing his diet to give him drier food, and that worked for a week or so, but today he’s done it again. HELP!!!

  92. Hello Pippa,
    My 14 year old lab has very weakback legs.So much so that she falls back-ward down the stairs, and must be in pain by these falls. She sees the vet every week, who gives her acupuncture and says it is neurological. Also her eating is getting very poor, even organic boiled chicken and rice are not accepted.. Sheloves her walk and plunge in the river, she can’t do much more. i worry she is in pain, and er lack of appitate is a sign o her giving up. What do you feel?
    Many thanks,
    Ann (U.K)

  93. Hi i was hoping you guy/girls could help me my 3 year old lab has just started to cry and not eat his food we have tried so many different ones but its just going to waste so i’m hoping its nothing serious because well i love him

  94. I have an eight year old lab and every summer he seems to not eat as much because of the heat, but this summer he is a little worse. Im wondering if it is normal that around that age they don’t eat hard food as much, because i have noticed he doesn’t enjoy hard treat bones but prefers the softer treats. Should i switch to softer foods and if so what would be recommended?

  95. My black lab has what feels like a horn under her fur on her head Her brother also has it Can you tell me is this normal

  96. My Labrador is nine and for the last week she has vomiting during the night only (once of twice at the most), no food is present and it is like yellow bile. She still has her appetite and wants to play apart from being a bit lethargic. I do have an appointment for the vet today but just looking for some advice. thanks

  97. my lab i allow out by himself for a run alone late at night before bed & we have a drain at the back of or house tho he doesnt come home wet he has a rash around his genital area only where there is less fur (on his skin) would this be from fleas & him biting himself as the rash is round red spots & some had yellowy puss like heads..we brush & excellpet him hes had all his needles & desexed.this is the 2nd time its been on him but this time is more noticable.can you please help put some light on this as to why its occuered.thankyou

    • Hi, I have a 4 year old yellow lab/collie . For the past few weeks we have noticed on his his sides of his back legs he’s losing small patches of hair . Not balding just small patches and some of his skin is black. Is this normal and what should I do? I want to call the vet tomorrow but I’m nervous it could be serious . Any information would help

  98. Hi,
    I have a 4month Labrador. He is very sick and very very weak. His stomach is upset. He is not eating anything since two days. Please help.
    Thank you
    Kashika Gupta

  99. My 6 months old labrador had Som ear infection… V took her to vet n they hav Som 2 Injections fr ear prob n dandruff n hairfall… The problem is she is suffering to get up and walk… Her nose is also drying… She is perfectly vaccined n done with her deworming… Plz help me I feel pitty fr her

  100. Our 5 year old chocolate lab has developed patches of light blonde in her coat. These are quite large areas on her legs and hips. Is it normal for a purebred to change color?

  101. I have a 15 year old black lab we have noticed he occasionally starts to go up the steps and all of a sudden his hind legs give out and he falls.. he does drink alot of water….eats regularly…is in good spirits….does pant alot….and also is shedding horrablely we can brush him daily a few times a day and he is losing hair in clumps. he usually does shed but never in clunps. is this something to be concerned about that he needs to go to a vet.

      • Hi, we just bought a 9 week old black lab/ German Shepard puppy. She is now 12 weeks old. My parents are having lots of problems with her and want to sell her. She bits a lot and is gets very aggressive when we play with her. Also she doesn’t sleep through the night, we have to get up with her 2-3 times a night. Me and my sister want to keep her because we feel they haven’t really given the her a chance. I know every puppy goes through a biting stage and has trouble sleeping through the night without getting up. Also starting in September my parents are working and my sisters are at school and I’m starting a job. But I feel we can make it work. So that she gets a happy life. I’ll be home from 8 am to 1 pm then will be home

        • Sorry I clicked submit by accident. During the time I’m home in the morning I will take for for long walks, play with her etc. then I start work at 1. Then my mom will be home at 4. I don’t know what to do. I really love this dog so much. What should I do.

      • Hi pippa i need your help i am having a 2 month 6 days old lab male pup..after his first vaccination he stop having his proper meals from last 5 days as i am feeding him 4 times a day but he he not showing intrest after having a little..i feed him royal canen maxi starter and cerelac..
        He is full active and dont have fever also..
        plz suggest me something dear:-(.

  102. Hi pippa, I need your help. I have a friend who has a 9 year old chocolate lab she has not been spayed. Would that cause any problems with her? The reason being, she is really big in the back not only that, you can see her part hanging? I keep trying to tell her that’s not normal. Do you have any suggestions?

  103. i have a 45days lab pup when got it ,it was nice and healthy ,it sleeps a lot plus now it is not able to move his back legs .i taken him to the doctor he was given treatment that is it was given light treatment but now the tells it will not be able to walk to heal it may take some time is there any treatment to make him recover fast.when we try to make him stand on its legs it growls if let to stand then it falls flat after can you please recamend some treatment.

  104. Hi

    We have a 9 week old chocolate labrador & feed him on Skinners Puppy. He has started to loose hair along the middle of his back from his head to his tail. He does generally scratch but he doesn’t bother with this area (doesn’t roll on floor etc to scratch it. It is not inflamed but his skin is very dry & flakey. We took him to the vet & they have given us some medicated shampoo but it appears to be getting worse. Any suggestions?

  105. hello, i have a black lab that is 17 but he doesnt act his age. he acts like a hes 7 or 8. he doesnt show any signs of his old age. as of yesterday my dog (sebastian) tried to walk and his back legs gave out. he can walk but not very well. he couldnt go down our stairs to go the bathroom, so i had to carry him down. when we walks he almost falls to one side but then he catches himself. this came out of no where, what does it mean? and what should i do?

  106. Hi, just had a question….. Our son has a
    black lab about 8yrs old….Garth……….He has a habit of backing up from the front door to the kitchen…about 25ft…Just to let you know the floor is of wood….I just was wondering if there could be something wrong with Garth? Thank you for your time…….Mom

  107. I have a 6 moth lab and she is shedding so much. Is there something that we could use that will help with this process? It keeps clogging up the vacuum. Also how much should we be feeding her? She acts like she is starving all the time. We live in Texas but she is an inside dog and she weighs around 45 pounds.

  108. Hi
    We have a 7mth old black lab. He seems to have “NOBBLY” ankles and has had them since we got him at 12 weeks. They do not hurt 2 touch and he has no pain in running or walking. Im not sure if this normal? His feet do turn out slightly but not when walks etc. Please could you give me some advice on this.

  109. two year old male yellow. After a day of hard running at beach, he makes crying sounds when trying to jump or get up on couch etc. What can we give him, sure it is muscle soreness, aspirin, osteobiplex, other?

  110. My dog (Lady) is about 3 to 4 years old, yet she can hardly walk (possibly from a former car accident). Also, she is losing hair all over her body rapidly! Her skin is dry, and nasty and I can’t seem to get her clean through multiple baths. I give her muscle chews so she can walk better, and anti-inflamatory pills but thats all. She isn’t well and I just wish I knew what was wrong with her!

  111. hiya I’d like some ideas at what to do with my 3yr old lab, he is an amazing dog and we couldn’t be with out him but over the last 3months he has started waking in the night around 2am to go the toilet, I always let him out before we go to bed and nothing in his Dailey routine has change, heathy wise he is a fit as a butchers dog lol, we have young children that have school and he is waking the house, this is becoming a problem as we may get 1 night a week that he doesn’t wake us, any help will be so grateful, thank you Ellen

  112. I hav a golden lab of 5 months . . he is suffering frm severe hair loss .his hair are now thick and rough on his back while on his head his hair are normal what could be the reason???

  113. Hi everyone, my chocolate lab, nearly 10month old beautifully girl ruby has developed a limp, she’s had it a few days, walking and playing normally, tends to lie down more tho but doesn’t seems to be in any pain when I’ve touched and moved it, it’s her back right leg. I’m stopping her walking now for a few days to see what she’s like after rest but just really concerned as she hasn’t had an accident or been hurt to have caused this, any ideas would be great
    Many thanks

  114. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I have 9 month old LAB puppy:

    Breed: Lab – Male
    Month: 9
    Light fawn color

    All the vaccination has be done by Cessna.The next vaccination is due on December 2014.

    Recently from one week he his been scribbling is ears and think he has got some fungus infection.

    Later emergency i took my pet to near by Vet and he has given the following tablets:

    Sprolac – DS
    Doxysil – 300mg

    He has also provided some ear drops which i am continuing still.

    I feel he is ok, but each and every time he is shaking his head.

    Now there is a problem that his hairs falling too much. Too much is falling from him all over the home. I have also seen when he sits some where there is lot of hair fall contains.

    He is also not sleeping on the carpet, every time he requires sleep without carpet. It is too much cold these days due to rainy season.

    Please I request you to help me how to slow the down hair fail and also inform me that if he sleeps without carpet will get any problem.

    Waiting for your valuable reply.


  115. Hiii I have female lab and her hight 60 cm and weight 30kg above.but suddenly her tale become very thin.can you plz tell me which disease is this.
    meenakshi singh

  116. hello pippa, i have a 4month old yellow labrador who have received all his vaccinations i feed him mostly royal canine and occasionally raw lamb,liver and kidneys,boiled eggs and whole chicken excluding bones.he developed flaky spots on his skin and seems to shred a lot for which the vet suggested a coat suppliment nutri-coat which in my opinion is not working too well but the vet says i have to continue it for longer time and also he recently developed a skin lump at the site of vaccination which worries me a lot the vet says its common and wont require any surgical procedure but it still worries me that this might turn into cancer like tumor in future i’d like to get any suggestion to benefit my pup to reduce his lump and also any coat supplement that u can suggest to save his soft fur p.s.we don’t get fish oil capsules in or around my city thanks in advance

    • Pippa, I have a 2.5 year old yellow Lab who is intact and being shown for breed and obedience. Sweet and beautiful dog, we hope to finish him and he has health clearances. He has been a wonderful house pet but has recently started to mark–never in front of us–despite being a well-trained and submissive dog. His housemate is a spayed bitch who is a more assertive dog but perfectly behaved and never soils in the house. This is new behavior. Help!

  117. Hi,

    I own a black Labrador. He is 2 years old. For the last two months he is unwell. He vomits immediately after having food. After sometime he eats the same what he had vomited. This happens 4 to 5 times a day. He lost weight and looks very weak nowadays.

    I am a remote village in southern where we do not have advance medical facilities for Animals. Still, I have been taking him to a Veterinary Doctor. But he is unable to find the real problem with my dog.

    Please guide me onw hat treatment I should give to him.

  118. Hi
    My dog has recently become lazy and he sleeps a lot. His diet is normal and there’s no weight loss but we found a lump near his thigh. He has a patch on his ear from where his fur is falling off and dry skin near his tail. Are all these connected? I’m hoping and praying its not cancer. We asked the vet about the lump and he said its just fat tissue. Is there any need to take a second opinion?

  119. Hi Pippa,
    This is Vinayak, I have 10 months old male lab “Milo”. From quite few weeks, he is limping on his right rear leg. We keep him in our flat which is fitted with diamond tiles flooring which has slippery surface. Is this limping becoz of slippery surface or due to hip dysplasia, I have consulted my Vet for this, he is of opinion that this could be becoz of slippery surface. He suggested to get an xray done for hip joint to know the cause & seriousness of the injury. Presently Milo is put on the pet joint tablets (glucosamine+chondroin sulphate). Kindly suggest how to go about as very frequently this is recurring.

  120. Our 12 year old chocolate lab just recently started jumping on the counters and table to take people food! She has never done this before, we could leave stuff out and she wouldn’t care. What has gotten into her?

  121. My female lab retriever is years old and has always been the healthiest and obedient and happiest dog. But in the last week she has been urinating in my house, something she has never done even as an baby. Yesterday I noticed her panting heavily, and figured she needed more water, so we put her outside for a while with the water and she was fine after that. This morning she urinated again (yellow) and I noticed it had a ammonia odor. I have a rare cancer and while on chemo I also get that smell, so this struck me as strange. Please do not tell me I need to take her to a vet for answers, because of my cancer and how costly it is, no vet will see me for free where I live. Any advice will help. PLEASE.

  122. hi! i have 3 month old black lab suddenly she become weak with vomitting and starts not to happened when we started to seperate from her mother. what shall i do? thanks!

  123. We have a 12 year old Choc lab. For the last year his coat has been dull and scruffy looking. The other day he broke out with two big hot spots on his back. We’ve been treating them…today we found another one. Anyone else experience this?! Suggestions?

  124. Hi, I was wondering whether you had any experience of Hock OCD. My 8 month chocolate labrador is being seen by specialist next week with suspected condition. I am wondering what the outcome/prognosis is if he has the condition. He also has suspected mild his dysplasia.

  125. My much loved black lab is over weight (41 kg) No matter what I try, nothing is shifting the weight. 18 mths ago she suffered a soft tissue injury in her shoulder and since then the weight has been harder to shift. Any advice greatly received. She is currently on a Hills Science RD diet and our vet has put her on pain killers to help with her injury.

  126. Hello, Im from india and i have a labrador aged two and half years, from past two weeks my dog is suffering from yellow blisters on his testicles and they are growing bigger day by day inspite of taking to veterinary doctor and giving him proper medicine as prescribed by vet.I want to known about blisters and treatment for them and how long it takes to cure? as vets in india are quite costly..

  127. Hi,

    I have a lab puppy aged 10 week. Due to some misunderstanding with vat we could not vaccinate him even first time. Is there any harm if puppy vaccination is got delayed? Can I start vaccination immidiately?


  128. Please can you tell me how to train our 18 month lab, Rosie, not to steal other dogs balls, especially as she refuses to come when called once she has the ball. Given the opportunity she can hold two stolen balls in her mouth. Other than this problem she is really well behaved. Thanks

  129. I have a 4 month old black field lab (6 kg as dad was small staff). Since 8 weeks old has had 5 bouts diarrhoea including small spots of blood. Longest lasted nearly 2 weeks. She seams to have very sensitive tum, a small foil of wet dog food or bit of human food or sneaky few mouthfuls of dry cat food, can set it off. I started her on Iams puppy dry till told was bad n high in salt. Been on Wainwrights large breed turkey n rice complete dry food now for 2 half weeks. As said no egg Soya fillers dairy wheat. She does nibble link bit of bird duck goose horse deer poop, before I say no n pull her away. My vet knows bout ongoing problem, but is not inclined to further investigate. Despite me asking n even dropping off poo sample. Vet wants me to buy the hills science plan they sell, if I had the money I would, I can’t afford it! I’m going to vet again today as just now diarrhoea with quite a quantity of blood, will take poo sample n photo with me. Hoping vet can help (this time)!! This is my first puppy, any ideas what could be causing this?? So as I can also ask vet to specifically test investigate for this….??! Thanks Pippa.

  130. My 3 year old yelow labrador, Alfie, has recently developed a raised area of hair, the size and shape of a chicken fillet, on his side. It stands out and is obvious to the eye, but there doesn’t appear to be any lump or swelling underneath. It isn’t bothering him at all, not itchy or sensitive. Any ideas, please? The vet just said ‘ keep an eye on it! ‘
    Thanks, Helen

  131. My 7 months old labrador’s fur is falling out at a very high speed. What should i do to stop it. Plz help me. I am very tensed about it….

  132. is roti, fruit, vegetables are not good for labrador when their hairs are falling? can u plzzz help me??

  133. I have a black female labradore 6yr old. She’s not eating anything it’s been 2days, took her to vet he told that she has fever of 105degree gave her injection yesterday and today but she’s getting more ill.
    not eating anything vomitting and doing poo all over the home, can’t even walk coz of low energy and stinking. I don’t know what to do someone please help me asap, It’s urgent

  134. Can a lab puppy be switched to vegan at his initial stage after having non veg? Where..can we assure that he would never have non veg at later stage??

  135. I have a lab who is a little over a year. Her name is AnnaBeth, a couple of weeks ago, I realized she was straining to use the bathroom (number 2) she ate some grass, got sick and was fine. Like I said, it’s been a couple of weeks and its happening again. Help? Should I take her to the vet, or should I change food? If so, I’m looking for something that is good for her and inexpensive. Thank You.

  136. What is the best way to handle a cut pad on a lab’s paw? We have gone the sedation / stitches / bandage route and are not sure the aggravation with the cone ( she hates it!) and keeping her from chewing on the bandage are worth it. Suggestions? Alternatives?