Labrador Health

labrador-healthMaking sure that your Labrador stays in great health throughout his  lifetime is one of your top priorities.

Keeping your Labrador healthy

We have gathered lots of information to help you keep your Lab in tip-top condition.   In this section of the Labrador site you can find sections on:

Check out our health category Here you’ll find a collection of all our articles on Labrador health articles displayed one one page.  They cover a wide range of health topics.

You can also find articles on Fears and Phobias,  and on other behavioural problems in our Labrador Behaviour section.

What to do when your Labrador is sick

We get many questions on this website from people whose dogs are sick or injured. We are always so sorry to read about dogs that are unwell.

People send in their dog’s symptoms and most often ask about

  • Vomiting and tummy troubles
  • Limping
  • Hair loss / falling out
  • Failure to grow/thrive
  • Rashes

While we can provide information about different conditions that Labradors may suffer from, it isn’t possible for anyone, no matter how well qualified, to attempt to diagnose health problems over the internet.

Usually, the best course of action is for you to visit or telephone your own veterinary surgeon.  Some problems require more urgent treatment than others so do check out this article: When to call your vet

The diagnosis needs to be made by a qualified professional with access to your dog and his medical records.

My vet isn’t helping

Sometimes people write in because they are not happy with their vet’s diagnosis or prescription.

The answer is almost always to go back to your vet and talk to him about your concerns, or to get a second opinion.

Going back to your vet

Some vets, while brilliant with animals are not the greatest communicators with people. If your vet has not clearly explained his diagnosis (what is wrong with your dog) his prognosis (what he thinks will happen next) or his recommended treatment.  Get him to spell it out for you.  You are entitled to this information!  In plain English.

It is very common to leave a vet’s office or surgery, get home with your dog, and think of a whole load of questions you wish you had asked.  This is normal. We do it when we go to the doctor too.

Many people fail to make use of telephone consultations with their vet.  You don’t need to go to your veterinarian’s office in order to speak to him.   If you have questions to ask, or points that need clarifying, write them down and telephone him.  If he isnt available ask him to phone you back.  Many vets will do this free of charge provded you don’t make a constant habit of it.

Getting a second opinion

Even experts disagree sometimes, they are only human.  And we can’t all get on really well with everyone we meet.

safestix dog toy I think it is important that we have a good relationship with out vets, and that we understand what is going on when they treat our pets.

If your vet is a poor communicator, you are concerned about the treatment he has prescribed for your dog, or you simply don’t get along, there is nothing wrong with getting another opinion. In fact, it is the right thing to do.

Many people are not aware, that in the UK it is also illegal for anyone other than a qualified veterinary surgeon to diagnose or even recommend treatment for, anyone else’s animals.

Any health information given on this website should be used in  conjunction with veterinary advice.

We are adding to our library all the time.  Let us know if there are any other topics you would like us to cover.   We love to hear from you!


  1. Hi I have a11 month old labrador last night my cat scratched his left cheek and this morning his face has swollen up this has never happened before. His right eye is now red and swollen should I take him to the vet. He is his normal happy self though he do sent seem to be in any pain at all. I’m just worried.

  2. I have a 18 months black Male Labrador and is suffering from fever and black stool for a week.Antibiotics had lowered his fever for few days but fever is back again.He has constant mucus near his eyes and hairfall is more.Reddish eyes and diet is low.He is also less on energy.please advice some home remedies.

    • Hi Sanjeeb, Home remedies are not appropriate here – you need to go back to your veterinarian for them to assist you further. I hope that your Labrador feels better soon. Lucy

  3. My choc lab is 9 yrs old, since I retired she never leaves my side. Wherever I go, she goes, recently she just stands there and shakes and pants. I ask her if she wants to go out, but to no avail. Offer all the other things she would want, but no. Don’t know what to do, she ‘s very healthy and in good shape, I worked and lived on an estate on the river, she runs and swims daily. Any help out there?

  4. Hi I have 8 year old choc labrador named milan.He has hairfall seasonally such a extent that sometimes it leaves a round patch.we visited the vet .its due to ringworm which is causing hairfall & dandruff.we comb his hair daily. We can see clotted dandruff espically back & near neck.
    Now we started giving him oats with has prescribed medications.after dosage its reoccurs seasonally.during this time he keeps licking his paws & sometimes he bites the dandruff ridden area.
    Milan is everthing for us.kindly suggest.

  5. Hi there

    I have a labrador named spot who has been living with my mothet for the past 4 years. He is 4 years old. A week ago he moved to stay with me. He is a very energetic dog but the past three days he has not been eating but drinks water intensively. Then a very little while after he had drank the water he throws it all up… at first i thought i was tensio. Of the move or he is just drinking to fast but its becoming a regular think. Especially during night times.

    He is my everything and i would really appreciate if someone could give me some advice.


    • Hi Danelle, Although these symptoms could be as a result of the stress of moving, they could also be a sign of something more serious. I therefore highly recommend visiting your veterinarian at your earliest convenience to be on the safe side. I hope Spot feels better soon. Lucy.

  6. Hello,
    Question,,I have a white lab,6 years old..he has hair loss on his back,,in patches..don’t think it’s ring worm,
    He is shared in a divorce and I’m not around him every day,so I have no idea what he gets around with the other person..I take very good care of him when I have him with me…he’s like a child to me..can you give me any help.

  7. My 18 month old Labrador has low energy. She doesn’t seem to get excited about anything other than food. She’ll just stand around in the yard eating grass or laying around when inside. She gets an hour walk (or play at the dog park) every day and her routine hasn’t changed. She had trouble about 5 months ago with repeated diarrohea and is now on Royal Canin annallergic which has fixed the problem. The vet says she is healthy and it’s just her temperament but she doesn’t seem happy to me. She used to play all the time with me and now acts like a 10 year old lab rather than a puppy. I think that maybe she’s isn’t getting what she needs from her food or is feeling ill. Not sure what to do. Any ideas?

  8. My new Lab pup hurt some soft tissue in her left wrist and one is bent to the left. She g as been secluded to her crate for 7 were so far. She now were a cone around her neck 80% of the time. And a cast on her leg and h as to bhai e confined to her crate for another 6 weeks. She has kept figuring g home to open the cone no matter what we do, so my husband used nuts, washers and locking screws and finally s h e can’t eat t th e cast off. I’m so worried w h at this will do to her mental outcome. S h e is also on sedatives to stop her from bouncing ing around her crate. I take her cone off and hold her on the couch with a pillow over her cast and love her up and give her things to chew on because she’s teething. Does anyone ha v e any suggestions to help my sweet little girl get through this and still turn out to be a happy, healthy dog?

  9. Hi pipa I have a black lab who is one year old and he is losing fur around his hip area we have had him with the vet she gave him a few injections thought it was his anenal glans or mites so she did him for that as well we have had him back as its getting worse and this vet at same practice said she thought he was bored gave him same treatment again for fleas ex for four more weeks and said come back if this doesn’t help have you any advice you can give us please
    Many thanks

  10. Hello my black lab is about eight to ten years old and I’ve took care of him since he was a pup. He is(extremely energetic) he play fetch non stop all day at times, and he eats a bowl full of dog food twice a day and is very healthy abut about the beginning of this month he has been wanting me to pet him more than usual which I thought was only because he is becoming more loving but than yesterday night and today he has been extremely loving and didn’t eat anything really. He hasn’t touched his food ,maybe about two tiny bites but that’s all. Please respond on what I should do and is the playfulness somewhat playing and effect on why he isn’t eating. This concern me very much.

    • Hi Abby, If your dog isn’t eating then you need to take him to the vet to be checked over. They will be able to advise you on the best course of action. Best wishes, Lucy

  11. my 1 year old Labrador eating normally and his temperature is normal he was not suffering from fever but he is vomiting 2 to 3 times in 24 hours it happened for last 1 week. plz help me and suggest me what I do?

  12. Hi all,
    Hoping to get some insight. I have a 5yr old male white lab…every few months he starts vomitting for unknown reasons. We’ve taken him to the vet repeatedly – run the gammet of blood work etc & nothing vet comes back. They always chalk it up to he got into something (yes that is feasible though not probable in all cases).
    Also sometimes like just now he was running & rough housing with his sister when became over tired(panting etc). We stopped play immediately it when we got home he started rolling around like he was in pain/was going to puke (couldn’t seem to get comfortable). We couldn’t get through to the vet but now he’s acting ok. So weird – has anyone else seen this?

  13. Hi I’m new on here, I have an 8 year old lab bitch that I rehomed from people that did care for her properly, unfortunately I found out that she was pregnant not long after getting her and it was to late in doing anything about it 😢. I fed her well and she had 5 healthy pups but she has very bad breath, is there anything I can give her to help with this.
    I would appreciate any help in this matter as she lives in my house!

  14. Hai, My 6 months old lab his weight is only 30Lbs how how can improve his weight, i also giving multi vetamin tab pls. help me.

  15. I have a 4 month old Chocolate Labrador and he out of the blue started regurgitating and vomiting. I can’t figure out why. He is not eating and just sleeping off and on. I touch his tummy and he is not warm. What should I do, I don’t want to take him to the vet yet it has only been a few hours.

  16. Hi My 37 days age lab he getting dull today and even he not taking proper food on today unfortunately.
    He keep on sleeping and dull faces. Kindly help me to releaf from this.

  17. Hi,
    Yesterday my friend got a lab from the street, the dog’s leg was little broken and have injury on his forehead. I think because of some accident. My friend took him to the vet, he gave a cream and has covered his wound. Now , i have decided to keep him with me. But i dont have a bit of knowledge about dogs. From caring to feeding. Can you help me out. I am really confused about keeping him.

    • Labs are one of the best dogs you’ll ever own! Great temperament, great with kids and just loving.

      As for care, GE a complete work up from the vet – spay or neutering, vaccines etc.

      The vet will be a great resource for you in terms of care. He she will advise you on many things.

      Also, Labs love to eat!! They’d eat all day if you let them. I mix all dry kibble with either a bit of wet dog food or other things – canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling), plain yogurt (no artificial sweeteners), most veggies like cooked potato (never raw), carrots, cucumber, broccoli etc.

      Things NEVER to give your Lab are onions, chocolate, raisins/grapes as they can make him/her very sick.

      There are also tons of resources on the Internet 🙂

      Have fun with your new family member!!

  18. Hi i have a lab which is 10 months old and lately is being suffering from itching and hair fall, also his health is deteroriating eventually. As per vets i have used all sort of medicines and changed the food habbits accordingly but once the meds stop its recurs again. Please help with some suggestion regarding this problem

    • Hi Soum, I think it would be a good idea to go back to your vet and ask him why he thinks the problem is recurring, what he thinks the underlying cause is, and whether he thinks your dog will need to be on medication for the rest of his life, or if he thinks the dog can be cured. Good luck with his treatment.

  19. What is the best way to handle a cut pad on a lab’s paw? We have gone the sedation / stitches / bandage route and are not sure the aggravation with the cone ( she hates it!) and keeping her from chewing on the bandage are worth it. Suggestions? Alternatives?

  20. I have a lab who is a little over a year. Her name is AnnaBeth, a couple of weeks ago, I realized she was straining to use the bathroom (number 2) she ate some grass, got sick and was fine. Like I said, it’s been a couple of weeks and its happening again. Help? Should I take her to the vet, or should I change food? If so, I’m looking for something that is good for her and inexpensive. Thank You.

  21. Can a lab puppy be switched to vegan at his initial stage after having non veg? Where..can we assure that he would never have non veg at later stage??

  22. I have a black female labradore 6yr old. She’s not eating anything it’s been 2days, took her to vet he told that she has fever of 105degree gave her injection yesterday and today but she’s getting more ill.
    not eating anything vomitting and doing poo all over the home, can’t even walk coz of low energy and stinking. I don’t know what to do someone please help me asap, It’s urgent

  23. is roti, fruit, vegetables are not good for labrador when their hairs are falling? can u plzzz help me??

  24. My 7 months old labrador’s fur is falling out at a very high speed. What should i do to stop it. Plz help me. I am very tensed about it….