Can Dogs Eat Pork Bones, Ribs or Meat?

can dogs eat pork

Pork meat is packed with nutrients and fat. Your dog is a carnivore and pork meat will be attractive to them. But we eat pork in many different forms, and not all of these are safe for your dog to eat.

Your dog can eat pork, but the benefits or drawbacks of doing so depend upon how it’s cooked. Today we’ll look at the different ways to feed pork to dogs, and methods of preparing it. We’ll share top tips for cooked or raw pork meat and bones, as well as common pork products like pork ribs, rinds, bacon, skin and even pulled pork.


Cooked pork meat is not toxic or poisonous to dogs, but the ingredients we prepare it with can be. Some spices and seasonings make pork products palatable, but are a dangerous part of a dog’s diet. Bones come with their own problems too.

You occasionally find pork flavored dog food on the shelves at the superstore, but it’s not common. Chicken and beef or fish are much more poular options. But that isn’t necessarily because it’s bad for your pet.

Can Dogs Eat Pork?

Dogs can eat cooked pork safely in moderate quantities, as an addition to their standard diet. It has some great nutritional benefits like high protein, Vitamin C and B12, niacin, phosphorus, iron and zinc.

However, pork also has a high-fat content, which makes it more difficult for dogs to digest. As a result, too much pork can lead to certain health issues. Too much fat in a dog’s diet can cause digestive issues and can also lead to inflammation and pancreatitis.

And if you usually feed your dog on a branded complete kibble, they will already be getting all the nutritional components they need from their standard food.

When Is Pork Bad For Dogs?

Raw and undercooked pork is dangerous to dogs as they can potentially cause trichinosis, a condition that can result when the meat is infested with the larvae of a parasitic worm called Trichinella spiralis. Puppies and older dogs are most at risk.

can dogs eat pork

How Can I Feed My Dog Pork?

If you want to include pork in your dog’s diet, remember that it should only be in moderation. Your dog really shouldn’t have pork as his main source of protein. However, pork can easily be made into homemade jerky using recipes, which makes a great occasional dog treat.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Pork Meat?

Never feed your dog or any other animal uncooked pork. Contact your veterinarian if your dog happens to get their paws on some raw pork. There are tests that can determine if your dog has trichinosis. Watch for signs like vomiting, diarrhea, fever, lethargy, or muscle inflammation.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Pork Bones?

Your dog can safely chew on a clean, meat free raw pork bone under supervision. There are some controversial views on feeding dogs raw bones due to the potential for splintering or impaction, so you’ll need to weigh up the potential pros and cons and decide how you feel.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Pork Bones?

Cooked pork bones are not safe for dogs. They are more likely than raw bones to splinter due to the effect of the cooking process. Tiny pieces of bones can potentially damage your dog’s mouth or digestive tract, and they are a choking hazard too.

Can Dogs Eat Pork Ribs?

Tempting as it is to share your yummy treat, you’ll have to resist the urge with ribs. Just like all other pork bones, pork rib bones are dangerous for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Pork?

In moderation, alone and unseasoned it is safe to feed your dog small amounts of well cooked Pork meat.

Can Dogs Eat Pork Chops?

Pork chops can be safely eaten by your dog, provided that they haven’t been seasoned.

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can dogs eat pork

What About Pork Sausage?

While plain pork is okay for your dog to eat, pork sausage, which is usually mixed with salt and seasonings, or pork covered in spices or sauce is not. Many spices are actually toxic for dogs, including onion, garlic, and nutmeg. These can cause a very serious reaction if consumed by your pooch.

Can Dogs Eat Pork Rinds And Bacon?

Bacon is high in sodium and very fatty, therefore best avoided. Although it won’t harm your healthy dog if they snuffle up a little bit that you’ve dropped from the pan!

can dogs eat pork sausage?

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  1. i was told there was a chemical in pork that was bad for dogs.
    after all you see lots of dog foods that say they contain chicken or fish or beef or even lamb but i havent seen any that say pork or bacon yet pork is a cheaper meat

  2. I regularly treat my black lab to smoked pork ham bones that I get from my local meat shop,.. he loves them and has had no issues of bone splintering unless they really get dried out after having them for a while. I let him have the dryer ones until he actually cracks them open to get the remaining marrow out and then toss the remains out afterword.

  3. My Lab eats a Fromm kibble heavy on red meat, and pork is one of the main ingredients. Until I started feeding him this brand, I never realized pork was good for dogs – in fact, I thought the opposite.