Our Favorite Deshedding Tools

Furminators and other de-shedding tools help to reduce the amount of hair floating around your home and clinging to your furniture. Scroll down for tips on using and choosing these clever inventions. Back to our collections home page




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De shedding tools work by vigorously stripping dead hair from the coat. De-shedders are extremely effective but they do need to be treated with respect. It can be very tempting, when you see piles of hair on the floor around you, to really go to town on your dog’s coat. It’s very satisfying, after all, to see such immediate results. But proceed with caution in order to avoid thin or even bald patches in your dog’s fur.

If you want to ‘show’ your dog competitively take advice from an experienced groomer or fellow exhibitor, a de-shedding tool is probably not the best option for you. For the rest of you – this is a tool you’ll wish you’d acquired sooner!

A wide range of de-shedding tools have appeared on the market since the original classic ‘Furminator’ was launched, but the Furminator is still one of the best selling and most popular deshedders on the market. We use Furminators on our own Labs and recommend them for anyone that wants to reduce shed hair in their home provided they are not intending to exhibit their dog in a show.

You’ll find a number of de-shedder’s in the collection and they have been picked for their popularity and good reviews. All these tools will help to strip dead hair from your dog’s coat, so if you are tempted to buy on the basis of color or style, go ahead!

For most Labs, you’ll need a de-shedder designed for short hair, and if more than one size is available, the largest size will usually be the right size for your dog. You are looking for a blade about four inches wide. The blade/comb area should be made from stainless steel so that it doesn’t rust if it gets damp, and is easy to keep clean.

If you have a mix breed Lab with a longer coat, the long-hair de-shedder is a better option.

Fur ejectors

Some of the deshedding tools, including the latest Furminator and the Furjector, have a ‘fur ejector’ – some kind of button or lever on the top of the deshedder that pushes dead hair away from the blade. The button on the top of the Furblaster ejects the entire comb/blade for easy cleaning

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