Is Ice Bad For Dogs When Crushed, Chipped or Cubed?

is ice bad for dogs

Is ice bad for dogs, or is it a healthy way to keep them hydrated? Crushed ice and ice chips are fine to cool down your dog’s drink on a hot day. There were rumours circulating for a while that ice cubes could cause bloat in dogs, but there is no evidence that is true. It’s also very unlikely to break your dog’s teeth, given that they are designed to chow down on raw bones! And because ice is frozen water and melts, it’s not often seen as a choking hazard either.


Today we will uncover all the myths behind feeding ice to dogs. We will look at the different shapes and sizes ice can come in, and help you to pick a way to feed your dog ice that is safe and risk free.

Can Dogs Eat Ice?

This is a common question, especially in hot areas, where pet owners look for ways to cool their dogs down. But can dogs eat ice safely? The short answer is yes. Dogs can eat ice, but we recommend crushed ice. Dogs and ice cubes can be a dangerous mix due to a potential choking hazard, especially if your pet is a small breed or a puppy. In moderation, ice cubes for dogs can be a good way to cool them down on a hot day and encourage them to stay hydrated.

Is Ice Bad For Dogs?

Ice, put simply, is water which has been frozen. A tall glass of iced water is a great way for us humans to cool down. But what about dogs and ice cubes? Dogs are just as prone to getting hot as any other animal, especially in the summer or after a bout of exercise. And as every pet parent knows, our faithful friends are unable to sweat. So they need to find other ways to cool down. Giving your pet ice may seem like a natural solution. But is that a good idea, or is ice bad for dogs?

A few years ago, contradicting rumors circulated on the internet stating the extreme risk to dogs eating ice. There were even reports that it could possibly lead to death. These stories caused much panic and confusion among dog owners around the globe. However, the good news is that, so long as you follow certain precautions, it is perfectly safe to give your dog ice cubes when it is hot.

Dogs And Ice Cubes

Whether ice is made for human or animal consumption, it should be made from clean, pure water that is safe to drink. For people, ice is often used in cube form, usually in relatively small rectangular blocks. Sometimes ice is sold as chips. Other times, it can be found crushed, which is the easiest to chew for those of us who like to chew on ice — even at the potential hazard to our teeth.

If you’ve ever dropped an ice cube on the floor of your kitchen by accident, you likely discovered that dogs like to lick at the ice. However, they won’t usually try to pick it up and chew on it. Ice is unlikely to cause an extreme reaction in your dog. At the same time, there is always a chance that your individual dog will not like ice, or that it may cause an upset stomach. This would usually only be the case if your dog eats too much ice at once. But it is something to watch out for.

is ice bad for dogs

Is Ice Bad For Dogs On A Hot Day?

Despite the unfounded rumors to the contrary, ice is not bad for dogs, provided it is given in a safe manner. But why is, “Can dogs eat ice?” even an issue to begin with? Primarily, it is founded on the false myth is that drinking ice water on a hot day can cause a dog to bloat.

Bloat is triggered by a dog drinking or eating too fast, taking in large amounts of air, thus creating a build-up of gas in the stomach. Check out our article on the risks of bloat for more information. Putting a couple of ice cubes in your dog’s drinking water is a good way to keep him hydrated, as it encourages him to drink, plus it makes a very welcome treat!

Is Ice Bad For Dogs’ Teeth?

Another potential danger is that aggressively chewing on an ice cube could make your dog’s teeth brittle, possibly breaking one or two in the process. However, this is highly unlikely given that most dogs can happily chow down on entire raw bones.

All the same, if you give your dog ice cubes, the best and safest way to offer one is by crushing it into small pieces. A whole ice cube could stick to your dog’s tongue or he could swallow it all in one go, causing him to choke.

Is Ice Good For Dogs?

Giving your dog ice cubes, either crushed up or in his drinking water, is an excellent and safe way to keep your beloved pooch hydrated on a hot summer’s day. It is also a healthy and natural way to keep his teeth clean! However, like everything, ice should be given in moderation as a rewarding treat and not something to be expected every time you go to the freezer, as this could ultimately lead to pestering.

In some cases, giving your dog ice cubes may cause him to have a severe reaction, such as vomiting. If this happens, then ice is obviously something your dog is unable to tolerate, so should not be given in future.

is ice bad for dogs

Can Dogs Eat Iced Food?

Frozen food has some of the same potential for both benefits and disadvantages. Iced treats, especially if your dog is able to chew on them over a period of time, can help to cool down and refresh your dog. But if your dog tries to swallow the treat whole, it could get stuck and create a hazard. Make sure to monitor your dog if you give him a frozen treat.

Is Ice Bad For Dogs That Are Overheating?

Ice water can be a good way to encourage your dog to drink, thus helping to prevent overheating and dehydration. However, do not be tempted to give lots of ice water for dogs which show signs of heat stroke. In addition, do not place them in an ice bath, as this could be extremely dangerous.

Is ice bad for dogs - discover when it is safe to feed frozen treats or ice cubes to your dog

Is Ice Bad For Dogs As Puppies?

Can dogs eat ice while they are still puppies? Some people recommend giving an ice cube to a puppy when they are teething to help soothe aching gums. However, you should never give large quantities of ice cube to a puppy or put ice in their water. This is a precaution, as their bodies are potentially not developed enough to cope with extreme coldness.

You can, though, happily give your teething puppy commercial toys that are meant to be frozen. Also, frozen vegetables, such as carrots, can be offered or just immerse a clean cloth in water, twist into shape, and place in the freezer for a couple of hours, creating a home-made soother for your pup.

Should I Give My Dog Ice?

By now, you know that the answer to, “Are ice cubes bad for dogs?” is a qualified no. Ice isn’t necessarily bad for your dog. But the potential for a choking hazard should be weighed against the benefit of cooling your dog down. That’s a decision for each individual owner to make. But ice can be given to dogs safely, in crushed form. It should always be given in moderation, and you should always stay with your dog while he is chewing on ice to make sure that no choking occurs.

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How To Prepare Ice For Dogs

As mentioned, you can put a few ice cubes in your dog’s water to cool it down. Alternatively, you can give your dog some crushed ice or ice chips to chew on. He may prefer to just lick the ice, however. As another set of options, you can look at commercially available toys that are made to be frozen and chewed on without presenting a hazard.

And finally, consider making an ice lick. This is a wonderful way to keep your dog entertained during those long, hot summer days plus you can monitor his intake. Freeze chicken or beef broth with a little peanut butter for a yummy, doggy ice treat!

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  1. Our dog Lucy love ice cubs and on a very hot day I will freeze chicken and vegetables in them and give it to her outside and it keeps Lucy entertained for hours it’s one way to keep them hydrated in the hot summer months

  2. My beastly lab has always loved his ice, Nine months outta the year i travel with a ice cooler that he easily pops open & munches away, he will munch down 5-8 lbs on long hott travel day easily, he’s literally in heaven!!

  3. After boiling boneless, skinless chicken breasts for our puppy I freeze the leftover water in ice cube trays and give them to her on hot days and to aleviate teething pain. They’re a low calorie, low salt treat that she loves.

  4. Our dogs have always loved chasing the occasional ice cube around the floor with the reward of crunching it up once they’ve got hold of it!
    We’ve never noticed any ill effects!

  5. My lab loves ice. As soon as he hears the ice dispenser, or the shuffling of ice in a cooler, he pops up right next to you waiting for his (ice) treat. He immediately breaks it up with his teeth. Likes the whole cube – although not really cube shaped – versus crushed. Making a mess with the latter, leaving a small puddle to dry up every time.

  6. We’ve always given our 2 year old Lab ice cubes whole without a second thought. Is this harmful?? She loves them and we’ve never noticed any negative side effects.

  7. I was just thinking about this the other day wondering if it was a good idea. Ever since our black lab was a baby we have been giving her ice. At first I would chop the ice cubes up with a rolling pin, she would collect the pieces that fell on the kitchen floor. It was a fun game. Then I bought the ice cube trays that make the tiny, bite-sized cubes. Now she waits for me to put a few in her dish after she eats breakfast. It has become a part of her daily routine. We wouldn’t be able to change this if we tried, she loves ice, it’s a refreshing, non-fat treat for her!

  8. I freeze pumpkin, sweet potato puree, and even canned dog food in ice trays and give as treats. My lab loves them!

  9. My previous dog and my current one demands ice in his bucket on hot days. I have gone out to check on their water only to find the bucket is full but the water is warm. Dogs will pinch your ice cream or lolly if you are not careful on hot days. We dont live in tropical weather but when we do get heat it can be dangerous for humans let alone dogs.