Shades of Yellow: 17 Labradors to Brighten Up Your Day

fox red labrador puppy in daisies

We think all Labradors are gorgeous. Whether they have a pedigree spanning the generations or are cross-bred with the collie next door, we love them all the same.

Although black, chocolate and yellow are the sole official shades, we all know that Labradors have a vast and wonderful variety of hues.

From white, to fox red and even silver.

Some of these may be controversial, and even argued against or denied as being true Labradors.

But even the staunchest ‘official colours only’ supporter has to admit that the range of colours that come under the heading ‘yellow’ are really something to behold.

Variation in Colour

Yellow Labradors are all classed as yellow, whether they are in fact palest white or darkest fox red.

We have been having a look at some gorgeous examples of this wonderful colour variety.

Enjoy the many beautiful shades of yellow Labrador RetrieverI thought I would share just some of those heart stealingly beautiful examples with you today!

1. Even yellow labrador puppies from the same litter can be quite different shades

picture of two tired labrador retriever puppies, sleeping on white background

2. A puppy will not always be the same shade of yellow as her parents


3. Yellow Labradors are rarely one colour uniformly. There is a stark difference between this chaps’ ears and his body colour

Cute dog isolated on white background

4. The variation in this Labs coat is more subtle, but still contrasts beautifully from his face to his torso.


5. Labs coat colours will often change as they age

labrador and ball

6. The rich dark shade of a truly fox red dog is really something to behold.

Golden labrador is having rest in the meadow of dandelions

7. It’s not always possible to predict the tone of a dog’s coat from it’s newborn colour

a yellow labrador puppy laying on orange background

8. Some puppies have incredibly pale coats, but could fairly be described as white or yellow…


9. Some are clearly in one category or another. Just check out how this little loves looks against the snow!


10. In contrast to the red blanket, this tiny Labrador appears to be even paler, with just the tips of her ears looking yellow

a nice yellow labrador puppy laying on red background

11. Other puppies are very dark for their breed

labrador puppy on a white background

12. This sleeping darling is somewhere in between!


13. Fox red Labradors are more commonly found in working lines

Puppy dog laying on the grass.

14. They are in general more slightly built and more active than their show bred cousins


15. Although there are show bred examples of darker fox red dogs, they are less frequently seen

Labrador standing on gray background in studio

16. When most people think of yellow Labradors, they probably imagine this shade of dog. Pale yellow in colour, with darker yellow ears


The Labrador Handbook by Pippa Mattinson(paid link)

17. But I think we can all agree, whatever the shade, that Yellow Labradors are really stunning dogs.


I know all of these had stolen my heart as soon as I saw them on the screen.

How would you describe your yellow Labrador’s coat colour? Why not let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Our yellow lab, Duke, is two years old and the most mellow dog we have ever had. We have raised rescued black labs(3) and Shar-Pei (3), over the last thirty-five years. They are a good combo to raise together as they equal out each other’s personalities and energy levels. We are raising our eight year old grandson and Duke has done wonders to help bring a little boy out of his shell and learn to trust again. No one can believe Duke is only two years old cuz he is so calm. He has earned a fan club in our small rural area cuz my husband brings him everywhere. The great thing about yellow labs vs black labs are the facial expresions. We never saw them or at least to the extent of Duke’s. And he has a million of them. Anyway, after that lengthy bio, Duke is the similar to pic #5. And we love every shedding hair on his body! 🐾💕

  2. Our baby is cream/white with light straw colored ears, nose, and running down her back. Im excited to see if the coloring will change as she gets older!

  3. Hi
    Thx for the information it was a good read.
    I am a little puzzled as our 10 yr old female labrador is a delightful cream from nose to tail. Her ears are not dark they are same shade as her body.
    She has a very pretty face. For a dog!!
    No pink nose not over weight.
    I can’t find any images that depict her look.
    Thx You

  4. My 2 yr old female yellow lab is a light color with her ears slightly darker. Her under belly is almost white. She’s very beautiful. Looks like the one in #16. Love the different shades.

  5. I have a fox red Lab male, who is 5 years old but he is very white around his face which has happen over the past year which make him look like an old dog. Is this normal?

  6. I had this happen only once. We had an “oops” breeding of a yellow and a chocolate, genetically not what you want to do because they are both recessive. The whole litter was as you describe, but the brindling was more chocolate on black. Interesting…

  7. Our boy has a gorgeous colour… he’s primarily black, but he has a lot of brindle that has come out more and more as he’s getting bigger. His mother is black and his father is a dark yellow like picture 11. When we got him he was almost exclusively black, with a few gold flecks on the front of his front legs. Now, at 9 months old, he’s got a lot of gold flecks down his front legs, and the insides of his back legs are almost exclusively yellow. He’s got some cute gold flecks on his cheeks, and at the joints where his ears connect to his head.

    It looks absolutely stunning because his coat is so black otherwise, so the gold and yellow really have a chance to shine! It also helps to make him look very distinctive and easy to recognise.