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You might also want to check out our sections on Labrador Puppy Training  and Labrador Puppy Behaviour.    Do let us know what you would like to see added to the site.  We are always happy to have your comments and suggestions.

Important: Puppies under seven weeks old

Please note that puppies should remain with their mothers until they are eight weeks old.  

We are unable to offer advice to people purchasing puppies that are not mature enough to be re-homed.

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The Happy Puppy Handbook

Most of the articles on this website are written by author Pippa Mattinson.  Pippa’s latest book The Happy Puppy Handbook  is a definitive guide to puppy care and early training.  You can find more books by Pippa and other authors on this page: Books for Labrador owners


  1. Hi Pippa Me again. Except for regular grooming is there anything else I can do to minimize the hair all over the house. We brush her everyday after playtime, but she still looses a lot of hair. Somebody said I can give her Omega 3,6 & 9 capsules. Will it help?

  2. Hi Pippa,I have bought a labrador puppy 2 days back.It is about 2 months old.It sleeps more than 13 hrs a day & seems very lazy.Is it normal?plz reply

    • Hi Nakul,
      Small puppies do sleep a lot, but should be very active when awake. If your puppy is not lively, playful, and bouncy when he is awake, get your vet to check him over and make sure he is in good health. Pippa

  3. Hi Pippa Me again. Except for regular grooming is there anything else I can do to minimize the hair all over the house. We brush her everyday after playtime, but she still looses a lot of hair. Somebody said I can give her Omega 3,6 & 9 capsules. Will it help?

    • Hi, I have not seen any studies that suggest giving your dog any kind of treatment, can alter the course of normal moulting or shedding. Which isn’t surprising as moulting is essentially a normal and natural part of being a dog. I deal with moulting by careful use of a furminator They get out far more hair than a normal brush. (don’t overdo it though, some dogs can end up looking a bit bald!). :) Pippa

  4. first time for labs and first time for a girl 7months and just starting to bleed how long and we have a male maltees dog is there any chance of them mating

  5. Hi Pippa

    Just bought my 10 week old Labrador 5 days ago, was told she was paper trained, which clearly she isn’t! She does the toilet anywhere, we’ve been showing here the paper but she hasn’t used it so far, how long does paper training take, roughly?
    I’m also considering crating her, although not really sure how I feel about doing that. Would that be something you recommend?

  6. we have a Pomeranian dog of age 4years . Now we wnt to buy a Labrador our dog has bad habits of crying in the night so how to avoid the new puppy from geting the bad habits frm our dog

  7. hello my lab(3months) is not eating its food properly ,he likes to eat drools and chapati but doesn’t like milk and curd

    what should i do know?

  8. Hi Pipa,

    I am getting an 18-20 month old abandoned lady lab tomorrow…i’m the last resort for her. And I have never trained dogs before? any suggestions?

    • Hi Josh, congratulations on your new dog :) Training is a big subject, but one of the most common problems with young rescue dogs is lack of recall. And sometimes overly boisterous behaviour. I recommend you check out the Recall Training Centre for ideas, and join the forums so that you can ask questions as you go.
      Best wishes

  9. i am getting two black lab puppies who are 9 weeks, male and female, not siblings but from same breeder, i read about your crate training, just wanted to know , how long should they be left in the crate? and i own a restuarant so i will have to take them with me to work, i have a big garden and my office is on the first floor,which is big too from them to run arournd but as your article they will be in my office room only, and for relieving themself got my toilet. do i have to take the crate with me , can they get used to two crates one at home and one at work.?

    • Hi Upasana,
      Puppies should only be in a crate for short periods of time during the day. The purpose of the crate is to help with housetraining, rather than to act as a kennel. If you keep that in mind you won’t go far wrong. If you need to confine the puppies for more than an hour, you may want to consider getting a puppy play pen for your office or garden. You are probably aware that there are drawbacks to getting two puppies at once but if not, you may want to check out this article

      It is fine to use two different crates, for home and work.


      • hi pippa thanks, i have sort of memorised your article on first day of puppy to taking care of puppies. well right now i have opted to take the female and will work on her. there is a male who is 22 days old, we have booked him, so he will be given to us only after he is 8 to 9 weeks. that is another month, so by that time the female will be trained, so i have gone thru the site, but i couldn’t find anything on how to get them together.. read the article on socializing, but doesn’t say about two pup one month apart, and is it a good idea?

        • Hi, the one month gap between your puppies is not sufficient to avoid the problems mentioned in the article. Your female will not be trained when you get your male, though she may be making good progress with her house-training. The ideal gap between puppies is at least a year, so no, I don’t think it is a good idea at all.

          You won’t have any problems putting them together as they will both be so young, though the older one may be a bit rough on the younger until their size difference evens out, and may regress in her house training due to accidents from the other puppy. Your female may come on heat any time after around five or six months and you will have to keep them completely separately for three to four weeks at this time and every six months thereafter unless you have one of them neutered.

          Taking on two puppies of this age is a major challenge and you are likely to have your work cut out if you expect to be able to work full-time whilst doing this.

          Best wishes

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  11. haii pippaa…..
    my lab puppy shedding hair a lot…
    also found some wounds in its body… is it worm infection??..
    what to do..

    • Hi Shaa
      Take your puppy to the vet to check out his wounds. All Labradors moult but if your puppy is losing hair in patches this needs looking into. Again, your vet is the person to diagnose and treat your puppy

  12. Hey. My Labrador puppy is three year old and she eats the rubber which is on door stoppers! It’s quite wierd. Though I try my best to stop her, she gets back there again!
    I hope the rubber won’t mean much harm to her because she has eaten the rubber of 3 stopprs already!

    • Hi there, I’m afraid Labrador puppies chew all sorts of things, I hope she is ok. If you can purchase a properly designed chew toy like this one it may help to keep her occuppied.

  13. hey, thanks for the advice but I’ve got all sorts of stuff for her frm sponge balls to calcium bones but she goes for the rubber instead!

    The rubber won’t do any harm to her body, right?

  14. hey i bought 44 days old female labrador puppy she was on royal canin maxi starter which i continued how much i should feed her and when she should be vacinated its my first pup please help me i want everythng best for her+

    • Hi Ankit, vaccination requirements will be different in different parts of the world. As you are outside the UK you will need to check with your vet. He will also advise you on feeding. This article Feeding your puppy is suitable for puppies over seven weeks of age.

    • In that case be guided by the quantities recommended on the packet. Every brand of dog food is different. If she gets too fat, reduce quantities, if she looks a little thin, increase. Check out this article

  15. hey pipa its me ankit again my puppy started passing loose stool last evening so n morning i gave her less food n breakfast nd lunch she vomited in evening it was thick paste and after tht she passe loose stool though it was nt very loose bt it was not also hard what should i do

  16. Hi, We have a 9 week old labrador puppy. We have had him for about a week & a half now & he is starting to become very good at sleeping through the night & is just about toilet trained (we are nearly there!!). However I have a problem with him during the day, both my partner & I work full time & I understand it’s not adviseable to leave them at home alone for so long. I have family that can babysit him of a day time, however I’m wondering whether this is good for him? To be around other people & in another environment (he goes to their house) every week day? I want to get him used to our house & in the habit of living there, but I left him at home yesterday & he was very distressed & nearly ripped the back screendoor apart! I am happy for my family to care for him (and they are too) during the day, but I just want to know if that’s setting him up for bad habits & not understanding where his home is or who his actual family is. I don’t want to cause him more distress in the long run.

    • Hi Naomi, you can’t leave a small puppy alone all day, or even half a day, so unless you can persuade a relative to come to your home, or pay a dog sitter, then you will need to carry on leaving the puppy with your family. It is possible that he will become very attached to them. Dogs tend to bond with the people that they spend time with.

  17. Hey pippa me again….. my puppy is scratching herself vry much from past 2-3 days. I have cheaked the ticks but there were no ticks on her body instead of ticks i found 4- 5 small wounds on her body.. m really worried about it . Plz guide me what to do to get rid of this….

  18. One more thing pippa my puppy has the habbit of bitting.. i know it common among the new born puppies bt i have provided her chewsticks n several toys to satisfy her need of chewing bt now she is 3 months old so i thnk she should stop chewing and biting.. i wanna how how to stop my puppy from doing this and after how many months puppies stop chewing and biting…..

  19. I have brought my female puppy he take all the foods at nighti try to take the dog outside but she does not coming out with me. She plat toilet home itself.whatt I should do for this problem

      • I have bought the 2 month. female puppy 10 days before. I planned to take out on the road for wee. But she wont come out for first 3 day so I thought still she is in fear of new place
        after that she played and obeyed my instruction she come out on road for walking. One day she ate sand so I beat him. From that time to till she not coming out. If I carry out thru hand she used to run back to home. Else she liedown on-the- road itself

  20. Hi I just recently got a labrador puppy he is about 13 weeks old. Ive been noticing little bumbs under his arm pits and around gentils. I read a couple of articles online saying maybe he got bit by ants but this looks different. Now he doesnt want to eat and throws up any water that he drinks. Please give advice besides take him to the vet.

    • Please take your puppy to the vet. There is no other sensible advice that can be given. A 13 week old puppy that cannot keep down liquids is a medical emergency.

  21. I have a 6 month old lab who is semi trained but still very hyper. He has alot of energy even after regular exercise and playing. We recently got a 7 week old pup. Could you please let me know about some tips or advice on how to let these two play together without the 6 month old hurting the new puppy. (sorry if that sounds confusing)

  22. hi pippa, my 2 months old puppy bites a lot. . .it keep on biting something or the other. . . always it.ll be lively active ,ham loving it. . .but it bites so hard to play. . .so lemme noe solution for dis prob. . .

  23. i have got a 1.5 month old lab is quite fat cute
    .iam feedn it with pedigree puppy boiled in cows mik thrice a day .i just loves it .
    when would my pup start eating rice???
    it bites a lot.what should be its height amd weight.we want our dog to bark at the strangers now it dosent ,when will it start to bark????.

  24. i have a two month old lab. puppy.. she has a little biting urge .. and it is really difficult to cope with. i even got few bruises on both of my hand.. what should i do to prevent from biting further..

  25. Hi pippa, my 2 & half month lab puppy is eating his own potty..
    it started recently only…he was nt doing lik dis before.. Can u plz comment on dis.

  26. Hi Pippa,

    My Lab pup is of 55 days its too active and aggressive, can i please know from which month i have to start giving him Kibble, He is having milk with cerelac at the moment and i feel like it look thin few times.


    • Hi Surya,
      All puppies bite. It is a completely normal part of play and development, and has nothing to do with aggression. Check out this link. Biting
      Your puppy should be on kibble four times a day now. Here is information on feeding.

  27. My labrador eats very well but a few days back. . She started loosimg weight n she dosent eat much. She is just 2 months old. Should I take her to the vet ?

  28. Hey, I hav a 3 months yellow lab.But he didn’t take his food properly….and suffering frm fever within 10 days regularly…….
    So wat can I do plz rply……….

  29. i have bought a lab puppy he is 5 or 6 weeks old, shopkeeper told me that he is 45 days old, he is very active and playing all the time but he is not eating food. i gave him milk with some water added in it he just lick it thrice after that ran away, i also gave him cerelac (stage 1 with rice) still he just lick it twice or thrice and ran away. yesterday i bought a feeder for him i tried to feed him with milk but he is not drinking milk from feeder also. please suggest what should i do? he is active and playing all the time but dont eat food i am worried about him.

  30. My dad is bringing home a puppy tomorrow and I’m not quite sure what to do coz u see ,it’s hard to live with a puppy6 year old brother when ur 19

  31. Dear Pippa,
    I thought I wrote to you yesterday but it hasn’t gone through. My 2 labs at home, (Marshmallow – female & Chocolate – male) had 6 gorgeous puppies. One died today (6 days old) coz I had a nap for 1 hour during the day coz im up all night with them and marshmalli accidentally slept on one :'(
    We called that puppy grizzly coz he was the best looking (like a grizzly bear). Anyways, now Im having a little issue with another one. Also a male puppy, who is sucking the genitals of the other male puppies. Funny. But it seems to annoy the other ones. I take him away and keep him aside as much as I can. He does it in his sleep. He just had a tiny poo and there was a slight transparent jelly form in the poo. Im worried. The vet came this afternoon and checked on them and said they were healthy. But Im worried about the jelly form in the poo.
    Also, marshmelli’s nipples are wounded coz the poppy’s have scraped them. What can I do to fix this ? Also, how many times a day do the puppies need to fed by marshmelli ? She tries to avoid coz I think her nipples are hurting her. All I did was hot water compress coz I dont want to apply anything coz the pups are feeding. Me and my husband havent slept since the day the puppies were born and it sucks coz Im also 7 months pregnant. I sleep during the day and my husband during the night. Today he went to work and I had a nap and thats when poor grizzly got squashed. Please let me know if you can help me in any way. Thanks a bunch. Im from Sri Lanka.

    • Hi, you need to keep the puppies claws nice and short (clip them carefully every few days) so that they don’t scratch her. She will know how often to feed them, many bitches will spend most of the time with their puppies for the first couple of weeks. It is very hard work looking after puppies, especially when you start weaning them. You really would benefit from a copy of The Book of The Bitch by J.M Evans and Kay White. Contact your vet if you are worried about their health. I hope you can get hold of the book. Best wishes and good luck. Pippa

  32. Thank You. So I dont need to bottle feed them ?? I will get the vet to come and clip the nails. Im scared i might hurt them. Thanks a bunch.

  33. hi pippa my 4 months old labrador female while walking it seems that her back legs are slipping and she not able to keep them properly on road ? i am scared that is her legs going weak?what should i do now

  34. Hi Pippa, My lab is 11 months old and for the past one week he is not having his food properly just two to three spoons a day. What could be the reason and he doesn’t have fever . We are worried about him and please do let us know what we should now.

  35. Pippa my puppy is 2 month old. I daily brush him as per my vat advice. But i found when i brought him at the age of 45 days he has more furs bt know he has less. What to do???? Plz plz plz suggest and i also want my puppy to be more healthy. What to do?????

  36. Hi
    Is it any detrimental to get the puppy and re-home it in its 7th week. Am keen to do this right and leave it for asblong as 8 weeks due to time constraits I have an opening to fetch him juss days before he turns 8weeks. Please advise.

  37. Hi could you tell me please what things the puppy will need like vaccinations and things each month an a rough price please, thanks

  38. i have purchased a 22 day lab pup
    and after reading your suggestions, i have found that i should leave him with his mother.
    But if thats not possible wat should i do?

    • I am very sorry for you and for your puppy. You have been tricked. How anyone can sell a three week old puppy is beyond me. You will need help from a good vet if you cannot return the puppy. Good luck. Pippa

  39. Hello there! I found this website and honestly, it helps a lot! I got a yellow lab puppy named Toby around a week ago, and he’s such a sweetheart. I recently have been potty training him to go in the front yard instead of going inside. The first few times I went out with him, but now I sometimes leave him outside alone since he just goes and then comes in by himself. He doesn’t seem to mind… But is it good for me to leave him in the front yard unsupervised, even though he doesn’t mind and can’t escape or anything? c:

  40. HI
    We collect our new puppy in a few weeks, is there a right & wrong way to pick up a puppy? I was thinking about not doing her legs any harm buy holding her the wrong way when we do pick her up.

    • Easy u just put both hands around her tummy very carefully pick her up put her by ur heart so she or he knows ur there. And let her torso and head and arms on ur arms and her feet on ur other hands. Congrats on babby puppies I hope their wealthy! 😀

  41. Hi, my dog is 5 and she’s not acting happy. She won’t eat her food unless she has bacon grease on it. And when I try to play with her she just lays there like a lump on a pickle. Also when I gave her a treat she bit me and when we walked by she flared her teeth and growled loudly. What should I do? I already took her to the vet.

  42. Hi.. I have 35 days old lab puppy.. he is not eating his food properly nd doing vomit Regularly…. Nd can u plz tell me what is the proper diet chart for lebrador….

  43. I want to ask that he is always hungry, I have to feed him around 5-6 times a day, Please let me know the quantity that I must feed him, Also please let me know that he is very active in the nights and very dull in day time. And also what should I feed him. He is of 40 days

  44. 45 days labrador is sleeping the whole day and whenever he wakes is always in search of food…he is very foody.He never says no to Food!..

  45. hi pippa
    my mum dad are both working. As I have to go to school I wish to keep my lab at home (alone).My school startsin 6 days and before that I want hi ti imbibe this habit. winter season is going on and whenever locked out, hailey cries. what should I do? pls help.
    I really don’t want tolose hailey.

  46. Hi there,

    My wife and I are looking to buy a lab puppy for my young sons (7 and 6). Are their any significant differences between the male and female dogs from a personality/behavioural perspective?



    • Hi Chris, in my experience males and females both come with a whole range of different kinds of personality. However, there are differences with regard to the changes that come with sexual maturity, managing a bitch on heat for example, that you might want to consider. We have an article coming out on this soon. Pippa

  47. hi,
    i have labrador bitch , she is eating her poops every day . can u tell me the reason , also how to stop this habbit . she is now 4 month old .

  48. My lab pup is now 3 months and 7 days and is in good health,
    but now there has been some hair loss below and around his left eye
    if possible, can you give me your email id so i could send some pictures.

    • Hi Courtney, there are several articles that will help you in the ‘getting a puppy’ section, in the puppies menu above. This one explains how I went about finding and contacting breeders. Hope you find it helpful. Pippa

    • Hi Pragun, there is information on housetraining in the links above. But, the person doing the housetraining needs to be the person at home. So whilst you are at school, someone else will need to do that. Pippa

  49. hi pippa..i hav a 2 months old lab baby.he hates his crate lik anythng and likes to sleep among human..he sleeps throughout the. alday nd troubles me at nght..also he bites much that blood oozes out almost..please help.

  50. hi pippa..i hav a 2 months old lab baby.he hates his crate lik anythng and likes to sleep among human..he sleeps throughout the. alday nd troubles me at nght..also he bites much that blood oozes out almost..please help…i get fdust

  51. Hi pippa, i just got a 2 months old male labrador puppy…how old should he be to put a leash and leave alone at home… as all members in my family are working?

  52. Hi Pippa I thought your website really helped me I am only 12 years old and it has helped me learn how to take care of my puppy that I am getting soon thank you for your helpful information :)

  53. Hi, I have a one month old yellow Labrador. I have a question that my baby lab always try to play by biting on anything. Is there any risk of any infection to us if the bite is serious. My kid while playing has a scratch because of the bite and I am little worried about that. Please advise.


  54. Hi Pippa, I have recently bought a twelve week old black labrador puppy. So far the only problem I have had with him is that he likes to play with my cat. He doesn’t try to hurt it, but the cat gets very distressed when the puppy goes over to him. How do I get my puppy to leave the cat alone?

    • Hi Bella, shared time between the cat and pup need to be on the cat’s terms. Make sure he always has an escape route. A baby gate is usually sufficient as most cats can slip between the bars or jump over. Initially, any time they are together you need to supervise, it can sometimes help to have the puppy on a house line. The main thing is, to let the cat go at his own speed. :)

  55. Hi Pippa,
    I am in india, I bought a Labrador puppy few days ago. i didnt know that puppy should live with his mother till 8-9 weeks. Unfortunately my puppy is 45 days old and it is not possible to take him back to his mother. Right now my puppy is not eating anything and drinking milk. He is also vomiting and have diarrhea. I took him to the vet, he have him 3 injections.
    I am again going to take him to vet tomarrow but i am worried. What should i do? What should i feed him if he is not eating and drinking anything?
    Please advice.

  56. hi, Pippa. our whole family is getting a Labrador soon and I am very excited. I loved reading your website and it really helped me, but the problem is I read all your articles and I can’t find another good website. Could you please tell me some?

  57. Hi pipa,
    i just read all the advise u gave to the other people and u seem just the right person to ask so,
    i just bought a 43 days old golden lab yesterday and i really want to do a good job with is my first time and since yesterday he hasn’t passed stool even once and i have fed him 2 bowls of lactogen (at 2:00 am and 6:00 am ) then 2 bowls of N&D food with water and some lactogen and banana or mashed rice (10:00am and 1:00 pm) plus he sleeps alot and passes urine about 9-10 times a day. i also don’t know what people mean “play with him” coz i have been up all night with him and i keep petting him and running around with him.I really love dogs and since he is my first i desperately need your help.
    PS- The vet told me to give some liquid paraffin so i’ll be doing that now and also pls tell me is it normal form him to shiver a little while he sleeps.

  58. how should i house train my pup? also,how should i teach him to stay in his basket rather than coming out to play well past midnight?

  59. Hi Pippa, I am in india, I bought a Labrador puppy few days ago. Unfortunately mypuppy is 45 days old in the age of 45 days.i concern with vet doctor to give him the injection of vaccination.after 2 days of injection .dog is nt doing well. Right now my puppy is not eating anything and drinking milk. He is also vomiting from last 3 days. I took him to the vet, he gave him a drip of glucose but i am worried.because after the fidding glucouse by drip.he was alright for may be 6 hrs.when we again try to feed him rice water.he starts vomiting again. What should i do? What should i feed him if he is not eating and drinking anything? plz help me.he is looking vry weak.

  60. Hi there. I bought my friend as a gift a lab puppy at 8 weeks old. I have tons of dog experience but not lab experience. all is going well with the puppy and he is sleeping through the night and crated trained and even doing good on potty training.

    but i want to know how much he should sleep during the day. he prefers to play most of the day and is up and about playing with toys and such.

    also he is very mouthy. how to I curb the bite inhibition in him. I have had pugs and bulldogs in the past and the OUCH loud worked good but not with the lab. I tried ignore him and walk away and come back and that did not work either..

    need some suggestions


    • Hi Pat, here is the information on Biting Puppies sleep as much as they need to and no more. Some are more sleepy than others. As long as he is given opportunity to sleep if he wants to, he’ll be fine.

  61. Hi Pippa,
    We just bought a little puppy and will pick him up when he’s 10 weeks old. He’s not been vaccinated or de wormed…should we take him to the vet before we bring him home?

    • Hi Andrea, take him to the vet as soon as you can. Most people have their puppy vet checked within a day or two of bringing him home. It is a matter for concern, with regard to the breeder, that he has not been wormed. Most puppies in the UK have their first vaccination at around 8 weeks just after arriving in their new home. Pippa

  62. My puppy is 8 weeks old and we’ve had him for just a short amount of time. He is having issues with a loose stool. In the morning he is ok, it’s nice and firm, but as the day goes on it gets really watery and he has to go more often, sometimes in the night. He has pooped in his kennel when he’s in there for a while and I’m guessing that he can’t hold it any longer. When it’s more firm he can hold it. Should we take some of his water or food away? We feed him up to 3 cups of food a day and fill up his water dish 2 or 3 times a day.

  63. Hey Pippa. Just got a 6 week black lab who has been eating solid foods for 2 weeks now. He seems very lazy in the day and full of energy at times. I feel like he’s been sleeping a lot? Is it normal for him to sleep most of the day? I don’t want to exhaust him but I feel like he should be a bit more energetic? Thanks in advance :)

  64. Hi Pippa, my 9 week old puppy seems to be warmer than his usual temperature. I try to make some research and found out the symptoms of dog fever, it said that puppy will lost its appetite but mine isn’t, he still eat a lot and drink a lot, he didn’t vomit neither nor have diarrhea. The only thing I’ve notice that he sleeps more than usual. What should i do?

  65. Hi pippa . I have 40 days old puppy.she tear our clothes by her teeth and likee to eat wall plaster and plant soil .pl suggest me how can i stop her . She just understand sit down and as we r vegetarian pl suggest me food for her. How to make her understand everything ? Becaz i have 2 small kids . Pl help

  66. My lab puppy is about 5 weeks old and has recently recovered from diarrhoea. In the past two days he has become extremely dull and drowsy. He eats with a good appetite but sleeps the rest of the day. Even in the little while that he’s awake he keeps whining and looks very dull. According to the vet he’s perfectly fine but is there anything I should be looking into? Thanks.

  67. hi, i have adopt 40 Days old lab male puppy, whose mother had died after birth. I never seen his mother before earliear. My question is that how i can identity that my puppy belongs to labra breeds. Secondly what food i can give him. Plz suggest me as soon as possible.

  68. We are planning to bring home a Labrador, what should be it’s min and max age to be considered.

    There’s a 3 months old puppy at my friends house, can I consider bringing it home ??

    Also what points to consider for a right Labrador ?

    Thanks in advance.

  69. I have two months old male labrador puppy,he is vomitting nd having loose motion,I cant understand the reason behind it,please help me out.

  70. Hi
    I want to know regarding caste of lab my lab is 1 yr old it shed lots of hair now a days n her hair r rough not as silkyy as it should have plz guide me
    Do u have some book for subscription for care of lab

  71. Hi Pippa,

    I have a 10 week lab that is adjusting pretty well to being crate trained and only a few accidents have occurred. However, he whines and cries even when i get go to bathroom? I believe he is having anxiety of being alone. Is there something i should do different or will this just get better with time? THANKS!

  72. Hello mam,
    Mam i got a 2 months old lab and my problem is that it comes to me in friendly way but then pulls my trousers and even bite my lightly.Please Help!

  73. Hi pippa,

    I have bought labrador puppy of 35 days and gave gift to my friend. Then Gone to vet to show her. But he said that it is only 2.3 Kgs. I have got a worry on it. pls tel me how much weight the puppy should be in 35 – 40 days. But when she awake she is very active, playing, walking very nicely.

  74. Hello their my family and I are about to get our first black lab puppy I was hoping for some advice on what type of grooming equipment would be best for our nee arrival such as what type.of brush, shampoo and that had a look at some website but I’m getting all confused please help. X

  75. Hie pippa I want to knw that can bought a puppy which is of 1 month old..bcoz m in hurry to buy it …can suggest me what to do..

  76. hi pippa.MY puppy is 7 weeks old . IS it ok to feed her pedigree puppy food.She i very active. She plays a lot but I want
    to make her FAT
    Reply soon

  77. Hi Pippa! We are picking up our Chocolate Lab pup later today and your website has been a great preparation for us. Thank you – Heather (Kansas, USA)

  78. Hey Pippa i have 3 months old white lab puppy and suddenly he has started loosing a lot of hairs
    What could be the reason behind it and what should i do?

  79. My lab dog of two months old looks too thin; we’re afraid to give her much; just tell me how much should we feed her at once and how many times a day?

  80. mi puppy(LAB) is 3 1/2 years old, it some times eat flesh of cow ,so i want to know is there any problem to his health by eating it. mi puppy looks a little thin so what would be the best food for him to become fat and healthy

  81. my 2 month and 7 days old labrador puppy is not eating anything today . we feed him 4 times with milk and roti. he ate some soil from the plant pots and vomitted in the morning. What should we do?

  82. Hey there ,befor 3 days i bought a lab… puppy,which is 40 days old n now his hairs r almost falling down,only some are left in his body …what 2 do…?
    Any medicine…plz reply
    Its urgent