Caring for your Labrador Puppy

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Labrador Puppy CareCaring for your Labrador puppy is a big responsibility.

But it should also be a lot of fun,  which is why we have made this page.

We want to help you enjoy your puppy.

In this section, we answer your concerns about Labrador puppy care and development.


General Puppy Care

Feeding, growth, and exercise

Vaccinations and socialisation


You might also want to check out our sections on Labrador Puppy Training  and Labrador Puppy Behaviour.    Do let us know what you would like to see added to the site.  We are always happy to have your comments and suggestions.

Important: Puppies under seven weeks old

Please note that puppies should remain with their mothers until they are eight weeks old.  

We are unable to offer advice to people purchasing puppies that are not mature enough to be re-homed.

Check out this link for further information

The Happy Puppy Handbook

Most of the articles on this website are written by author Pippa Mattinson.  Pippa’s latest book The Happy Puppy Handbook  is a definitive guide to puppy care and early training.  You can find more books by Pippa and other authors on this page: Books for Labrador owners