Irish Dog Names – Adorable Ideas From The Emerald Isle

irish dog names

Are you planning on bringing home a puppy with an Irish heritage? Then you’ll want a great Irish dog name!

Irish Dog Names

Naming any new pet is a fun, creative process, and naming a new puppy can be the starting point for a long, happy relationship.

Choosing a name for a new puppy, and sticking with it, is also important for your puppy’s wellbeing.

Whether or not you’re going fully train your puppy, it’s important that you are comfortable with the name you pick, and that your pet grows accustomed to it as well.

If you’re in need of some Irish dog names, we’re here to help.

We will talk about some of the common traits that span the range of Irish dog breeds, and then dive into some ideas for Irish girl dog names, Irish boy dog names, cool names, cute names and unique names.

While looking through our several lists for Irish dog names and their Irish name meanings, you might find a name that strikes you as the name.

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Or, our name ideas may point you in the right direction for deciding on your own name.

Either way, we’re here to guide you through the process of naming your new Irish puppy.

Of course, Irish dog names don’t have to be restricted to Irish dogs, but just for fun here are some of our best-known Irish dogs breeds.

Irish dog breeds

When discussing our Irish dog names, we’ll be keeping in mind the characteristics of the wide range of Irish dogs.

irish dog names

Some of these breeds include the Irish Setter, Irish Terrier, Irish Water Spaniel, Irish Wolfhound, and the Kerry Beagle, to name a few.

We’ve found a great blend of Irish dog names that take inspiration from their often-cited unique combination of tough athleticism and tender personalities.

These traits shine through from the name’s sound and pronunciation and, in many cases, their traditional meaning (provided in parenthesis, when appropriate).

Now, let’s begin with our Irish female dog names!

Irish Female Dog Names

Starting with this and the next list on Irish male dog names, we’re going to take a look at some Irish names that may be familiar, due to their popularity.

There are also names here that don’t necessarily have a quickly identifiable meaning—such names will be addressed in full in later sections.

For now, let’s take a look at some popular Irish dog names and traditional Irish names for female puppies.

  1. Eileen
  2. Claire
  3. Kerry
  4. Anna
  5. Shauna
  6. Coleene
  7. Mckenzie
  8. Deirdre
  9. Cait
  10. Ethna
  11. Ina
  12. Máire
  13. Nora
  14. Shona
  15. Sibeal
  16. Afric
  17. Bridgette (Strong)
  18. Kathleen (Pure)
  19. Imogen (Maiden)
  20. Maureen (Star of the sea)
  21. Darcy (Dark)
  22. Brigid (The high one, or strength)
  23. Alma (All good)
  24. Molly (Star of the sea)
  25. Cara (Friend)
  26. Fiona (Fair or pale)
  27. Laoise (Radiant girl)
  28. Katha (Pure)
  29. Keira (Dark, black)
  30. Maura (Star of the sea)
  31. Korie (The hollow)
  32. Aileen (Light bearer)
  33. Elfie (Elf, or magical counsel)
  34. Brianna (High, noble, exalted)
  35. Lana (Child)
  36. Mona (Noble good)
  37. Cacy (Alert, watchful)
  38. Sina (Treasure)
  39. Muriel (Sparkling or shining sea)
  40. Ashlyn (Dream)
  41. Ciara (Little dark one)
  42. Sloane (Raider)
  43. Maeve (She who intoxicates)
  44. Ava (Beautiful, radiant, joyful)
  45. Dorotea (Gift)

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Irish Dog Names – Male

Similar to the previous list, we’ve made a point of including Irish boy dog names that may be most familiar.

Along with other Irish names to give you a first taste of more traditional Irish names.

Let’s look at our Irish boy dog names!

  1. Jamie
  2. Cale
  3. Emmett
  4. Daniel
  5. Conla
  6. Liam
  7. Peadar
  8. Pearse
  9. Seamus
  10. Tomás
  11. Oisin
  12. Callum
  13. Shea
  14. Declan
  15. Ailbe
  16. Bartley
  17. Kevin (Handsome Beloved)
  18. Dahy (Swiftness, nimbleness)
  19. Brendan (Prince)
  20. Ambros (Divine)
  21. Dillon (Faithful)
  22. Connor (Hound-lover)
  23. Ronan (Little seal)
  24. Grady (Renowned)
  25. Brian (High or noble)
  26. Roy (Red)
  27. Darren (Great)
  28. Keenan (Ancient)
  29. Killian (Bright-headed)
  30. Eman (Serious)
  31. Cullen (Handsome)
  32. Garvie (Rough peace)
  33. Collins (Holly)
  34. Finnegan (Fair)
  35. Quinn (Intelligent)
  36. Conan (Hound, or swift-footed warrior)
  37. Clooney (From the meadow)
  38. Nile (Champion)
  39. Keeghan (Small flame or ardent)
  40. Codie (Helpful)
  41. Torrance (Little Hills)
  42. Kane (Male) (Little Battler)
  43. Roarke (Champion)
  44. Curry (Hill hollow)
  45. Kaine (Spear, or little battler)

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Cool Irish Dog Names

Starting with this list, we’ll dive into Irish dog names with many fascinating meanings.

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Some of the most common Irish name meanings are “champion,” and others relate to war and nobility.

These names will also have a less cutesy look and sound than those we will see in we’ll see in the next section.

  1. Ealga (Female) (Noble)
  2. Dearbhail (Female) True desire)
  3. Niamh (Female) (Radiance or brilliance)
  4. Orla (Female) (Golden queen)
  5. Fiadh (Female) (Wild)
  6. Emer (Female) (Swift)
  7. Riona (Female) (Queenly)
  8. Tawna (Female) (A green field, golden brown)
  9. Keelin (Female) (Slender or fair)
  10. Anlon (Male) (Great champion)
  11. Ardál (Male) (High valor)
  12. Buach (Male) (Victor or conqueror)
  13. Flann (Male) (Blood red)
  14. Turlough (Male) (Helper)
  15. Alsandair (Male) (Defender of man)
  16. Aralt (Male) (Leader)
  17. Eimar (Male) (Swift)
  18. Dubhlainn (Male) (Black sword)
  19. Eirnin (Male) (Iron, vigor)
  20. Fergal (Male) (Brave, courageous, valorous)
  21. Conlan (Male) (Hero)
  22. Cavan (Male) (Handsome)
  23. Rorik (Male) (Red King)
  24. Brayden (Male) (Broad, brave, wise)
  25. Nolan (Unisex) (Champion)
  26. Quinlan (Male) (Fit, shapely, strong)
  27. Rylee (Female) (Courageous, valiant)
  28. Ferrill (Male) (Hero or man of courage)
  29. Murphy (Unisex) (Sea warrior)
  30. Cearul (Male) (Fierce in battle)
  31. Saoirse (Female) (Freedom)
  32. Niall (Male) (Champion)
  33. Lonn (Male) (Strong, warlike)
  34. Cian (Male) (Ancient)
  35. Valera (Female) (Valiant)
  36. Aed (Male) (Fire)
  37. Larkin (Male) (Rough, fierce)
  38. Connal (Male) (Strong Wolf)
  39. Monah (Female) (Noble, aristocratic)
  40. Eamon (Male) (Wealthy protector)

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Cute Irish Dog Names

Here we have another host of Irish cute pet names with great meanings.

Specifically those that are short and sweet sounding, with fewer syllables and arguably more melodic sound than some of our other “cool” and “unique” names.

Some of the meanings you’ll see here include “wise,” “a vision,” and even different takes on some previous names, such as “little king,” and “little wolf.”

There are many options here for both Irish girl dog names and Irish boy dog names.

  1. Alayne (Female) (Attractive)
  2. Aoife (Female) (Beautiful, radiant, joyful)
  3. Aednat (Female) (Little fire)
  4. Aine (Female) (Brightness, splendor)
  5. Roisin (Female) (Little rose)
  6. Kyna (Female) (Wise)
  7. Aghna (Female) (Pure)
  8. Mairead (Female) (Pearl)
  9. Sorcha (Female) (Brightness, radiant)
  10. Neila (Female) (Female champion)
  11. Kyla (Female) (Crown of laurel)
  12. Moina (Female) (Noble, aristocratic, beloved)
  13. Tawna (Female) (A green field, golden brown)
  14. Ailia (Female) (Light)
  15. Rían (Male) (Little king)
  16. Ruadhán (Male) (Little red one)
  17. Faolan (Male) (Little wolf)
  18. Torrin (Male) (Little Hills)
  19. Hagen (Male) (Youthful one)
  20. Guthrie (Male) (Windy spot)
  21. Cabhan (Male) (Grassy hill, hollow)
  22. Roi (Male) (Red)
  23. Bria (Female) (Noble)
  24. Murna (Female) (Beloved)
  25. Mairin (Female) (Star of the sea)
  26. Meara (Female) (Jolly or jovial)
  27. Devyn (Male) (Poet)
  28. Codey (Unisex) (Helpful)
  29. Aislinn (Female) (Dream, vision)
  30. Mellon (Male) (Small pleasant one)
  31. Keva (Female) (Gentle, beautiful, or precious)
  32. Tully (Unisex) (Mighty people)
  33. Keeva (Female) (Protect)
  34. Lorcan (Male) (Little Fierce One)
  35. Radha (Female) (A vision)

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Unique Irish Dog Names

The Irish dog names below have dazzling meanings, some of which overlap with previous names.

Some meanings you’ll see here include “poet,” “beautiful,” and “radiance.”

A key distinction for this list is the more unusual pronunciation these names carry with them.

Also, these are names that arguably just don’t quite fit in the box of “cute” or “cool.”

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous in your hunt for a good Irish dog name, this is the list for you!

  1. Eistir (Female) (Star)
  2. Rionach (Female) (Queenly)
  3. Niamh (Female) (Radiance, luster, brightness)
  4. Sadhbh (Female) (Sweet and lovely, or wise)
  5. Teagan (Female) (Attractive, poet, philosopher)
  6. Muirne (Female) (High-spirited, festive)
  7. Niamh (Female) (Radiance, luster, brightness)
  8. Ieasha (Female) (Alive and well)
  9. Caoimhe (Female) (Gentle, beautiful, precious)
  10. Padraig (Male) (Patrician, noble)
  11. Ailfrid (Male) (Wise)
  12. Ainmire (Male) (Mighty lord)
  13. Daire (Male) (Fruitful, fertile)
  14. Diarmuid (Male) (Without enemy)
  15. Glennard (Male) (Glen)
  16. Dempsey (Male) (Proud)
  17. Gaelle (Male) (Foreigner, cheerful or happy)
  18. Tavish (Male) (Hillside)
  19. Kennon (Male) (Ancient)
  20. Aodhan (Male) (Fire, fiery)
  21. Coinneach (Male) (Attractive or pleasant person)
  22. Fintan (Male) (Little fair one)
  23. Teague (Male)(Poet, philosopher)
  24. Lachlan (Male) (From the land of lakes)
  25. Devin (Unisex) (Bard, poet)
  26. Casey (Unisex) (Alert, watchful)
  27. Somerley (Male) (Summer sailors)
  28. Kavan (Male) (Handsome)
  29. Mannix (Male) (Little monk)
  30. Daron (Unisex) (Great)
  31. Ffyona (Female) (Fair, pale)
  32. Cathal (Male)(Strong in battle)
  33. Coe (Unisex) (Hollow in the hill)
  34. Ita (Female) (Thirst)
  35. Amon (Male) (Teacher, builder, or wealthy protector)

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Best Irish Dog Names

We hope this article has provided you with a helpful range of good Irish dog names.

The Irish dog breeds we’ve discussed provide much inspiration in the naming department.

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With their winning combination of unique personalities and appearance, and their rich Irish heritage, there are many Irish dog names to choose from to best fit you and your Irish puppy.

Did You Choose an Irish Dog Name?

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Please tell us in the comments box below!

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