Our Favorite Puppy Collars

Soft, gentle collars are best for puppy necks. We have gathered together a collection of our favorite and prettiest puppy collars and harnessess.

Blueberry Pink

Puppy Love

Blue Leather

the very best dog collars and leashes

Pink Leather

Pet Soft

Blueberry Blue

A review of the very best leather dog collars for Labradors and other large breed dogs.

Eco Purple

Eco Blue


How to choose a collar for your dog

Puppies grow out of their collars really quickly.  So plan on buying several different sizes as your puppy grows. When you first bring your Labrador puppy home he will need a very small collar, look for one that is about half and inch wide and with an adjustable length of around 9 to 14 inches. You can buy one before you bring him home and it will last him a few weeks. Puppies should only wear a collar when they are being supervised. Take his collar off at night and whenever you leave him in a crate during the day. Puppies can get, and have got, caught up by their collars

Even better for puppies is a body harness, because it completely avoids putting any pressure on his delicate little neck. But harnesses are a bit more expensive so you might want to wait until you get him home to measure him properly.

We recommend Blueberry collars quite a bit, so you’ll find several examples from their ranges here. They tend to feature well made fabric collars in bright fashionable colors

They also have a popular and well reviewed harness – the ‘Pet Soft’  The smallest size will fit some Labrador puppies from around four months, but as always, do measure before you buy.

If leather is your thing you’ll need a really soft supple leather for a small puppy.  The soft touch range comes in small puppy sizes and are ideal for a first leather collar

The Ruffwear harness is a high end quality product and it is one of the more expensive harnesses, so perhaps more suited for older puppies or dogs that are done growing. It does come in small sizes though if you fancy splashing out.  And it comes in a wide range of great colors.

For smaller, younger puppies, the Ecobark Mesh harnesses makes a great, modestly priced harness. Most Lab puppies will start off in a medium, but again measure carefully!