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Advice on Your Lab Puppy

This complete guide to buying, raising and training a Labrador Retriever puppy will help you to choose and raise the perfect family pet. Here you can find out the best way to buy a puppy, how to feed and potty train your puppy and how to keep him healthy.

We answer your questions on growth, weight, biting, socialization and much more. And we also have a fantastic community and support network of Labrador puppy parents in our forum and on our Facebook page.

Here are some links that you are likely to need in the first few weeks with your new Labrador puppy.

Our puppy section is updated constantly. We are always at the forefront of any Labrador news and information. There is no more extensive Labrador resource anywhere on the internet. It’s all here, and if you scroll down, we’ll help you find what you need.

How to Buy a Labrador Retriever Puppy

Finding Labrador puppies might seem easy. But not every Labrador puppy for sale is a great potential pet. They also have a huge price range, from $500 to $1,500 dollars depending upon where you look. And cheaper puppies aren’t necessarily the bargain they seem.

If you haven’t found your Labrador Retriever puppies yet, we have some great resources to help you pick a the right dog. Don’t miss these important guides:

Not all Labrador puppies for sale are healthy, so its important that you know what you are looking for. There are lots more resources and information to help prospective puppy buyers in this section.

Getting Ready for your Puppy

Good preparation creates a smoother transition into dog ownership. Make sure you have a plan in mind for who is going to care for your pup during the day if you work full time. They won’t be able to be left for more than an hour or so at most for a few weeks, so planning ahead is a big deal.

Doing things like puppy proofing your house before your dog arrives, will make it easier during those first days together. Adding baby gates to the doorways, buying a puppy playpen and removing any access to small objects or cables will all help.

Feeding and Caring for your Labrador Puppies

Feeding your puppy a healthy diet is very important for his growth and health. We have lots of information on feeding and puppy growth in these two articles

Don’t miss our other many puppy care articles – you’ll find them here

How to Stop your Puppy Biting

Biting is one of the most challenging problems for many new puppy parents. But it needn’t spoil your enjoyment of Lab puppies. We have all the information you need to stop your puppy biting in no time at all. Don’t miss these in-depth guides:

Potty Training your Labrador Puppy

You’ll want to get potty training off to a great start. Here are some articles to help you make sure your puppy is clean and dry as quickly as possible.

That’s just to get you started! You’ll find much more information here

Labrador Puppies and Vaccination

You will probably want to make sure your puppy is protected against infectious diseases by having him vaccinated. In this section we answer all your puppy vaccination questions. Don’t miss:-

Socialisation and Raising Friendly Labrador Puppies

One of the great things about Labradors is their good nature. But did you know that even Labs need a little help in this direction? Puppies need to be socialised in order to grow up friendly and confident. Here is the information you need to get this important job done:

Life with New Labrador Puppies

Life with a small puppy isn’t always plain sailing! It can all be a bit overwhelming at times. Here are some articles to help you through the difficult days.

Information on Training your Labrador Puppies

You probably can’t wait to get started with training your puppy, and modern puppy training is great fun! Here are some key resources.

When you’ve read those two, head over to our Labrador Puppy Training Center for links to videos, articles, training guides, books and all the rest of the information you need.

Much More Puppy Information

For a complete guide to raising a healthy and happy puppy don’t miss The Happy Puppy Handbook.

This in-depth guide to the first few months of puppy parenthood covers every aspect of life with a small puppy. The book will help you prepare your home for the new arrival, and get your puppy off to a great start with potty training, socialisation and early obedience.

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  1. hey.. pippa I also want to know my labrador(5 months old) is still having milk twice a day.. should i continue with milk or should I give him only kibbles.. and what should be the quantity of kibbles for 5 months old labrador..

  2. I have a lab puppy black who is 4 months old. He just had his anti-rabies vaccination. I am wondering why does he bite his own teeth, making a rattling noise at times, does it say something. i am bit worried about it, She has a lot of toys to play with , but still she does that biting her own teeth at times…

  3. Hi Pippa,
    I have a labrador puppy which is 8 weeks old and weighs 4.3 Kgs and I live in INDIA . My questions : Is his weight correct as per his age..? (2)At times he becomes aggressive ( while playing / while chewing a cloth ) .. Is this a bad sign ?
    (3) As he is 8 weeks old for now, what do you suggest me to feed hereafter… ? He doesnot like water at all…. are these behaviors normals with an 8 weeks puppy… By the way I have a cream colour labra

    Thanks in advance for your reply…

  4. Hello..

    I have a 2n half months old lab.. its going motions n also has vomitings.. took it to hospital bt ders no improvement.. could you please suggest on how to go abt it.. really worried abt ma puppy.

    • Hi Jack, sorry to hear your puppy is ill, if the treatment recommended by the vet is not helping, you need to take the puppy back and ask the vet to have another look at him. I hope he gets better soon. Pippa

  5. My black lab is 22 weeks old and 44 lbs. She is getting a raw diet from a reputable source. Beautiful coat, lots of energy. 3 weeks ago she weighed 40 lbs. Doesn’t look or feel thin at all.m just wondering if she is gaining too slowly or should weigh more than this. Her siblings all outweigh her, however, they are being fed a premium dry food diet., and I am feeding a premium varied raw food diet.

    • Hi Suzanne,
      It does not matter what your five month old puppy weighs if she is neither too fat, nor too thin, and is in great condition. You cannot compare with siblings as puppies from the same litter may vary greatly. I never weigh pups unless I need to give them medication. Sounds like you are doing a great job.

  6. I had 4 1/2mnth old female lab I m giving her royal canin for very start when she was 34day puppy bt suddenly these days some time she ignores the food………is it any serious problem ….plz rlpy asap

  7. hello,
    I have an yellow one nd i would like to knw its food table + he is only 48 yrs old nw. nd plz tell me the precautions to be taken as u r very experienced…..also i’m new in this field….

    thank u pipa for studying my doubt…….good day plz rply soooooooon

  8. Hi There! I am planning to bring in a yellow lab puppy, however I do realize that its a big responsibility to have one and therefore I have concern, I would have nobody at home for at least 6 hrs at a stretch (8am to around 2 pm) and then again for about an hour or two in the evening, rest of the time I will available for him. I stay alone. Also, this would be my first ever pet. Please advise….. should I even go ahead with it?? If, yes, please let me know! Please do reply…

    • Hi Karan,
      This is a big problem for many puppies. So many people work nowadays, and puppies are left alone for far too long. A puppy left alone for long periods of time may become very noisy, or destructive, and of course you cannot crate a puppy for more than an hour or so during the day. Your puppy would have to toilet indoors on newspapers or puppy pads and this can make housetraining a slow process.

      Labradors are very social dogs, and my personal view is that your puppy would be unhappy, though of course others may disagree. One solution that many working people use is to find a puppy walker or creche to take care of the puppy during the day.

      Best wishes,

  9. Hi,pippa… My 3 months lab eats soil,small stones, whenever I tk hm outside for a walk, its difficult to control hm from doing dis… I found 3-4 small stones in his poo which he eat during walk. What should I do.. Plz suggest something…

    • Hi, lots of puppies do this. Try and keep him amused and interacting with you whilst he is outside, and if you can find a grassy area, away from stones, so much the better. He will probably grow out of it. He also does not need walks yet, just a place to play outdoors. Pippa

  10. Sir.

    • One more question, every 2-3 months he sheds, a lot.
      I googled, found out that its normal, is it?
      Plus, any suggestion to decrease it?

  11. Hi! I just got an 8 week old chocolate lab and we have her on BLUE puppy food. How many times a day and how much should I feed her?

    We also have a 2 year old yellow lab, but can’t remember how much we fed her when she was that age.
    Please help.

    Thank you very much.

  12. Hi,

    I have a 2 months old lab (LEO) he is not taking his food and became very weak. He is just not eating anything, I had changed his dog food 2-3 times (Royal Canin, pedigree, drools), tried everything I could. I take him regularly to a vet for deworming, checkups and vaccination. I am very worried that he don’t even take one complete diet in a day. I want to know what is the diet of puppy of this age and what can be the reason for not eating his food.

    • Dear Pippa,

      Thanks for your suggestion, I am taking him regularly to a Vet and infact he has got his blood tested 2 times for verifying the reasons. The report shows lower Haemoglobin (8.2) rest everything is Ok. His poop is also like paste without solid content and green in colur. The doctor is doubting on bad stomach but it is too long as he is taking regular medicines. What can be the probable reason for his stomach upset or any other reason.

  13. Hi,
    Pippa i Bought a female labrador puppy its 2 months old can you tell me about on what period i need to give her 1st vaccine i went to vet he said that the puppy should be vaccine after age of 3 month old. Is it good for my puppy or i need to visit another vet

  14. I have a 13 week old labra doodle. He went for a vet check today and weighs 35lbs. His paws are as big as my 5 year old daughters hands. He is very lean and the vet says he likes them a little lean when they are young. I understand but my boy is always hungry. He eats 1 and a half cups of Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy mixed with a few spoons of Blue Buffalo canned food 3x a day. Should I be worried or is it normal? He has no parasites and is very healthy. Thank you!
    Also, is he going to be a giant as big as he is now?

    • Hi, it is not uncommon for Labradoodles to be bigger than pure bred labs and it isn’t possible to predict the final size of your dog. Many puppies (and adult dogs) are always hungry and ready for food. Enjoy your healthy puppy. 🙂 Pippa

  15. hi pippa thanx for your advice i have dewormed my labra from vet when she was 45days should i repeat the process again for bloated tummy

  16. and please if you can suggest me a proper diet i live in india and i dont rely on vets at all as they are always forcing for uneccesiarly expensive dog foods

  17. hi i own a female 2months labra and i am feeding him pedigree puppy dog food twice daily along with one egg per day and yogurt and i am also giving 250gm calcium and multimineral&liver drops although she is very active only problem is that his stomach is looking oversized in comparision to whole body can you please suggest me that is it normal?

    • A two month old puppy need four meals a day, not two. Pedigree Puppy food in the UK is a complete food containing all the nutrients needed by the puppy, so you do not need to add eggs or supplements. Bloated tummies can be due to worms. Best to get your puppy checked out by your vet. Pippa

  18. Hi Pippa, I have a 15 week old white lab that we got from a breeder. we are feeding him 1 1/2 cups of eukanuba large breed 2 times a day as per breeder. He is pooping 6-9 times a day, is this normal? He is healthy with no parasites and weighs 25 lbs.

    • Hi Chris, some puppies do poop a lot. If his poops are firm and well formed it is probably nothing to worry about. Check with your vet if his stools are loose.

  19. Hi, my lab is 5 months old and very very calm, almost too calm. I worry that she should be more active at such a young age. I’m not complaining, she’s well behaved and sweet but she sleeps most of the day. We keep her active by going on walks and playing fetch but otherwise she just lays around. Is this normal? I’m just nervous she’s sick or something.

    • Hi Lisa, it is natural for dogs to sleep a lot. Especially when there is nothing else going on. If she is bouncy and active when walking and playing she is probably fine, but if at all worried, check with your vet.

  20. Hi Pippa, I have a 3 month old lab puppy. Earlier he was a unhealthy one. but at present he is healthy. my problem is that, his ears were fold backwardly not like other lab. did that will change like other labs? my vet says that this is because of his growth is vastly in 1 week, from unhealthy to healthy. before his ears have no problem. first his right and then his left ear fold backwardly.also you advise me the growth ,height and weight chart of Labrador. did this problem change…..

  21. Hi,
    I live in New Delhi, India. I have 2 six month old pups… a female lab (Minka) and a male Indian (Simba). Within a month of my first getting them, Minka was severely sick with tick fever and we could just barely save her. A few weeks later, Simba got the same, though his wasn’t that serious. They are both fine now, except that they seem to have weak tummies… Minka more so than Simba. For the past couple of days, their stool after their afternoon meal is quite soft. But the morning and night time stool for both is of good, solid quality. We feed them thrice a day… Royal Canin (pellets) with a bit of curd in the morning; Boiled rice, chicken, home-made chicken stock & boiled veggies in the afternoon; And Rice, boiled potatoes and curd at night. My vet says the curd is good for their tummy as it contains probiotics. But their stool keeps varying in quality every few days, going from semi-solid to solid. Is this worrisome? Also, how many times should they be pooping, ideally? Much appreciate a reply. Thanks

    • Hi Triparna, you need to check with your vet. We do not feed Labradors this way in the UK so I cannot comment on whether or not the diet is making things worse, though I would not be surprised. I also cannot speculate as to the whether you should be concerned about their stool, that really is a matter for your vet. Incidentally, as far as I am aware, Royal Canin is a complete food, there is no need to add vegetables, rice etc.
      Best wishes

  22. Hiya,
    we’re getting our new lab puppy in a couple of weeks and she’ll be nearly 9 weeks old. We are all ready with a crate etc but I wanted to ask how long I could leave her for at the beginning, is an hour – an hour 1/2 ok? Do I need to buy a play pen thing so she has her crate and can walk around and still be safe from the kitchen?

  23. hi i have 6months golden lab retriever, i am planning to give ìm royal canine maxi how much quantity and hom many times shall i give him. .

    • Hi, you can divide his daily ration into two portions, and feed morning and night. The quantities will be indicated on the packet. Use these as a guide and adjust if he looks a little over or underweight. Pippa

  24. Hi Pippa,
    I have a 6 month old golden white male lab. Could you please tell me how often should I give him a bath?? And may I use shampoo and other bathing products for him??

    • Hi Nina, it is entirely up to you. I hardly ever bath my Labradors. Give him a bath if he rolls in something horrible 🙂 You can buy proprietary dog shampoos. I would avoid bathing him in the winter if he swims a lot, as the shampoo may interfere with the natural waterproofing oils in his coat.

  25. my puppy is 4 months old now and he has not gained much height. Is it because my puppy is male? is it true that female dogs grow faster at first few months than males? pls reply

    • I am not aware of any evidence to support such a theory. But if your puppy is not growing as he should, a visit to your vet is in order.

      • Thank You for the reply miss. I say his height gain is slow because when i compare him with my friend’s dog who is a female lab she was quite big. That is Why I asked if female dogs grow faster at first few months than male. On a four leg stand his height is 50cm is that normal for a male dog of 4 month age?

  26. Hi,

    I have a 2 month 1 day old Female Labrador. I was giving her Cerelac. But now as per vets instructions I brought Pedigree Puppy Weaning.

    He asked me to give here 10 pallets every 4 hours with Milk. But i am very confused. 10 pallets are just 10 granules right? will that be sufficient?

    On the pedigree pack it is mentioned that i have to serve 40 to 120grms. But is it per serving or per day?

    Can you guide me on this?

    Thank you

    • Sorry Kris, I am not familiar with Cerelac, or with puppy food sold in pallets. Here in the UK puppy food is sold in packs of kibble and we do not feed puppies milk after six weeks or so.
      You need to go back to your vet and ask him to clarify.

      • Hi Pippa,

        Thanks for the reply.. Yes the puppy food we get is also packs of kibbles.. I guess when the Vet said 10pellets he meant 10kibbles..

        • Ten pellets doesn’t sound very much, but you can increase the amount she eats gradually, as long as she is not getting fat.

          • What do you think is the decent amount per meal? i gave her 30 for the dinner thinking 10 would be very less..

  27. Hi,
    I have had my 8 week old chocolate lab for 2 full days now. He seems to be picking things up very quickly, ie housebreaking, sleeping in the create without whining, but he just wants to sleep all day and he is not eating much. He seems to enjoy the food, but will not eat it for very long. He is about 13 pounds and looks healthy but is only eating about a cup of dog food per day.

    Does this sound “normal”?


    • If you are using kibble, the manufacturers will give you guidelines on the packet for quantities. Some of the more expensive kibbles are very concentrated and should be fed in lower quantities. There is no rule of thumb on this. Small puppies sleep a lot, but they should have several lively periods during the day when they are very bouncy and playful. If your puppy is lethargic all day, he needs to see a vet. It may be that he is just feeling a bit overwhelmed by the change in his world, but best to be on the safe side.

      • Hi Pippa,
        Thanks for the quick reply!

        I felt that he might be feeling a little overwhelmed/ stressed by the changes and that might be causing it.

        I am using Innova Puppy and the recommended quantity for his age/weight is 2.5 cups per day.

        I think I will take him to the vet just in case!

        Thanks again!

  28. We have two Lab’s having puppies 1 week apart!. i have made a whelping box which has a dividing middle. Are we ok to have them in the same room?

  29. Hi Pippa,

    I have a 9 week old Labrador Pup and he is getting really well. I was just wondering what is the best way to settle him on a night. He goes to sleep, but then is up a few times in the night. Should I take his cage in my bedroom or leave it downstairs? Thanks Danni.

    • Hi Danni, it is normal for pups to need to go out for a wee at least once during the night for the first couple of weeks. If he is crying because he is lonely, you can either have the crate in your bedroom for a few nights, or harden your heart and leave him to settle alone.

  30. Hi Pippa, I have 54 days old black lab puppy. He is very smaller in size. My vet say that he is unhealthy & give him milk a lot to drink. But he does not like milk. He like only biscuts. How do I give him milk?Himother had 7 litters including him. His co-litters arhealthy pups excluding 2 of them( 1 is him). does he grow like other labs? I am giving him syrups to grow. What food I give him?

  31. hi I have got a black lab puppy last week and he is 8 weeks old, well 9 now. he has a white chest does this mean he is a cross with another breed?

    • Hi Caroline, a white mark on chest is considered a fault, though it is not uncommon in some working lines of Labrador. Other than that, I couldn’t comment on the ancestry of your dog based on his chest colour.

  32. i have 3 month old female lab… Last day i notified a small projection on her head?? Is that a big problem? Total confused about my lab??

  33. Hi Pippa
    I’ve got a black female Labrador, 2.5 months old weighing 4.5 kg . We feed her home made food which comprises of spinach, bottle gourd, pumpkin, carrots, chicken, brown rice and cheese. She takes 4 meals a day and happily finishes off her food. Her bowel movement is also fine. I have 2 concerns for her health:
    1. She’s shedding a lot since last 3-4 weeks. We stay in New Delhi (India) and it’s quite hot here. Initially she developed 2 bald spots, and then losing her coat gradually all over. We consulted a vet who took skin scrapes to examine for any serious skin infection, but found none. She was recommended antibiotic for a week. There’s a little improvement. But still there’s a lot of hair loss. Can it be due to some un-diagnosed infection OR diet imbalance OR just because of hot climate?
    2. We feed her over 3 bowls a day (spread over 4 meals). Is this sufficient for her in these growing months? We give her supplements for Calcium, Multi-vitamins and Omega3, Omega6 supplement. Is there anything else to be considered in her diet?

    Please advise.

  34. u can find numerous advertisement on net stating 10 days old,20 days old pups for sale as their are no animal laws regarding this and they use to breed female dog from 6 month of age and every time she comes into heat regardless of her health…

  35. in india the breeders and other people selling the puppies are very money minded,they dont care about puppys health ,they use to sell puppies as young as 5 days old…this is very disgusting but nothig can be done…i feel so helpless…

    • Hi Kimberly
      There can be different causes of hair loss, it would be best to take the pups along to your vet. He may want to take skin scrapes and send them off for analysis before making a definite diagnosis.

  36. Hi Pippa, We have finally got our black male lab puppy. He is 11 weeks old and is chewing and biting everything. We have removed from his sight objects that he might chew or bite but he is biting us very strongly and it is extremely painful. We do tell him “No” and walk away when he bites us but he just comes behind us and continues biting, what can we do?


  37. hi pippa,
    i have a black female 3 month old lab puppy… how trained her about toilet place? She do it always infront of my house… I punished she with a small stick always…bt no change in its behavier…

      • Hi Adesh, the article I linked to for you in my previous answer explains why punishment is not effective in housetraining. I hope you can find time to read it. There is another article here which looks at the downside of punishment in dog training generally.

  38. Hi Mate, How r u ?
    I just have one question…
    What (if there’s an answer) would you give your own lab pup in the way of dry food? Mine is about six months old (Girl). I really want know, because I only want whats best for her well being… So things like BRAND, PUPPY/ADULT/LARGE BREED FOOD, BIG/SMALL KIBBLE, ETC.
    I also give her chicken necks daily, egg and a mix of vegetables.
    If you could help that would be great.
    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,

    Steve P.

  39. Hi Pippa,

    I am adopting a two month old female black lab cross (who’s name is Pippa aswell 🙂 ) and will be bringing her home this weekend. She is quite underweight and has terrible scarring on her face from a bad ringworm infection. Please can you advise on how often I should bath her and how often I need to feed her so that she can pick up weight and be a healthy lab pup.

    • Hi Jessica,
      Congratulations on your new puppy. 🙂 Puppies don’t need baths unless they get really grubby. You might also find it helpful to join the forums for help and advice from other Labrador owners
      Best wishes

  40. i have lab name sam she has 8 puppies 5 weeks old now but their weight is only 2.5 kilos. this is normal. what vitamins can i get to gain weight and height……..

  41. Hi, Myself and my partner have just bought our first lab (previously having dogs when growing up) Nellie is our absolute world and we love seeing her grow and learn everyday. The only thing that is concerning me is her exercise, She is 12 weeks old and we walk her 10minutes in the morning and 25minutes in the evening. Are we over doing it? We were aware it can cause problems in the future but she never seems to get tierd, and when she runs around like a mad person I would prefer to take her to the field behind our house for a proper run around and toilet break. I know excessive exercise isn’t proven that it can cause labs problems growing up but can anyone advise if im walking her too much?
    Many Thanks