How to feed a labrador


It isn’t easy to decide what is the best food to feed a Labrador. There are so many different brands available. Not to mention the alternatives to commercial food.

We’re going to help you choose the right diet for your dog and answer your feeding questions and concerns.

If your dog is under six months old, you’ll probably want to visit our puppy feeding page for detailed information on feeding your Labrador puppy.

There are currently two very different approaches to dog feeding that are popular with many Labrador owners.

  • Dry kibble
  • Raw meat and bones

Both methods of feeding have their supporters and detractors.  And while most Labradors are still fed on commercially produced kibble, there is a growing interest in raw feeding, so we’ll be looking at that too.

How to feed a labrador

By far the majority of Labrador owners nowadays, feed their dogs on kibble.  
That is the dried pellets of dog food that you can buy in pet stores and online.

All major pet food companies now supply a dried version of their brands.

Very few people now feed the canned dog foods that were popular twenty or thirty years ago.

The effect that this shift away from wet food and onto dried food,  has had (if any) on canine health remain the subject of speculation.

However,  it would appear that most Labradors thrive on kibble and it is extremely convenient.

Increasing popularity of raw food

Over the last ten years a more natural diet of raw meat and bones has become increasingly popular in the UK
Despite some website giving out dire warnings of the dangers of letting dogs consume bones.

I wrote a fairly in-depth article on why I switched to raw food for my dogs some years ago.

You can read about that in Switching to Raw.

And you can find out a  lot more about raw feeding in Tom Lonsdale’s excellent books on the subject.

In the article I recommend a number of other reading resources for those considering the switch.

The important fact here is that whichever route you decide to take,  there is more to feeding a dog than just the contents of his food bowl.

Feeding Labrador puppies

When you first bring your puppy home,  your breeder should have provided you with a diet sheet, some food, and plenty of information on feeding Labrador puppies .

It is really important to stick with his familiar food for the first few days as moving home is quite traumatic enough for an eight week old pup without giving his tummy a shock too.

If you have not been given any food or any information on how to feed a puppy then I suggest you call in to your local pet store and buy a small sack of (kibble) puppy food that is appropriate for his breed and age.

Read the information on the sack carefully,  as there are lots of different versions of each ‘brand’  and only one version is the right one for your puppy.

No cows milk

One common mistake made by new Labrador puppy owners is to feed their puppy on cows milk.   Unfortunately cows milk is not well suited to puppies and may give your puppy diarrhoea.  You can buy replacement bitches milk, but an eight week old puppy is actually weaned and doesn’t need milk at all.

If you have inadvertently bought a puppy that is too young to leave its mother (less than seven weeks old),  do phone your vet for advice on proper care and feeding, and take the pup for a check up without delay.


Puppies and older dogs need water available to them at all times during the day.   It is ok to take your puppy’s water away an hour before bedtime to help with housetraining provided that it is at least an hour since his last meal.

Kibble fed dogs drink quite a lot of water,  raw fed dogs may drink very little.  This is normal.

Several small meals

The amount of food that your Labrador puppy needs to eat each day must be divided into several portions.  If you try and give him the whole day’s ration in one go,  he will probably give it his best shot,  but it will almost certainly give him diarrhoea and could damage his stomach as kibble swells after drinking.

From eight to twelve weeks your pupppy will benefit from four meals a day,  breakfast, lunch, tea and supper.  Space the meals at least three hours apart to give him chance to digest them properly.  And make sure the last meal is a two to three hours before his last trip to the toilet at bedtime.

7am, 11am, 3pm and 7pm  works quite well.    It  is fine to work out your own schedule to fit in with family life.   Don’t ask him to go more than six hours without food during the day though,  and make sure you get the four meals slotted in.

Once your puppy gets to three months old you can divide his daily ration into three portions,  and by six months to two.   Breakfast and supper.

Many dog owners continue to feed their dogs twice a day throughout their lives.  Some people feed their dog’s once a day after twelve months of age,  and that is fine if you decide to feed raw meat.  But with kibble it may be too much dry food in one go.    Very large meals may be associated  with ‘bloat’  especially in larger breeds of dog.

Don’t leave food down

Some people leave food down for their dog’s to ‘graze’ on.  I do not think this is a good idea.   Take up your puppy’s bowl after ten minutes.

He won’t come to any harm if he hasn’t quite finished,  and will soon learn to eat up his meal at mealtimes.

You can find out a lot more about puppy feeding routines and schedules in The Happy Puppy Handbook.

Household scraps

Puppies need a very well balanced diet to grow up strong and healthy.  Unless you are a very experienced dog owner and knowledgable about nutrition and the dietary needs of a growing animal,  it is not a good idea to feed your puppy on household scraps.

Complete puppy foods contain all the nutrients your pup needs to develop a healthy body.

Raising pups on raw

The same provisos apply to raw feeding.  Raising a puppy on raw meat food requires some considerable knowledge of nutrition and is best left to experienced raw feeders,  unless you have thoroughly researched the subject in advance.

Vet checks

All puppies need regular veterinary check ups and when you take your puppy to the vet for his vaccinations this is a great time to ask any questions you might have on his diet and welfare generally.

This information is part of a range of articles in our Diet and Exercise pages.  If you enjoyed this article you might like to read  Labrador Puppy Growth

More help and information

If you enjoyed Pippa’s article on How to Feed a Labrador, you will love her new book: The Happy Puppy Handbook published in 2014.

Now available in most countries, the handbook is already a bestseller in the UK.

This article was first published in 2012, and has been revised and updated for 2015.



  1. Good to see that we’re feeding Nevis corrctly! I was becoming a bit paranoid, feeding him 4 meals a day!

    Now he’s over 12 weeks, we’ll now start changing his feed (gradually) and change from 4 meals a day to 3 meals a day – Once he’s used to the new feed!!

  2. my Labrador puppy is 8 months old .The breader uses cerlac wheat flavord and i continued feedind it for 2 days it stop eating it and i brought pedigree for my dog and it is not eating it amnd now it is drinking only milk .Can u plz suggest me wat to do and when do i dewarm my puppy ..And vaccine too..

  3. my black lab is 28 days old and he is not able 2 stand this ok?and when does a lab stand on his own feet and start moving

    • Hi, your puppy should be able to walk by now. He should also still be with his mother and breeder. He is far too young to be away from the litter. If you are looking after him please get him to a vet. Pippa

  4. We have a 18 month Labrador dog, occasionally wets his bed at night! We feed him once a day in the late afternoon, then he drinks a lot of water. His food is dry food with some meat. Is there a optimum time of day to feed the dog, should it be once a day or twice, he prefers to eat only once a day.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.


    • In theory it is ok to feed a dog once a day if he is able to maintain a good body weight, is not at risk from bloat, and has no problems with upset stomachs after a large meal. With a kibble fed large dog I would be tempted to err on the side of safety and divide the meal into two.

      With regard to the bed wetting, there could be various reasons. He could be being left too long at night. He might have a bladder infection or some other physical problem. He may have got into the habit of wetting his bed through being unable to leave it and wee elsewhere at some point in the past.
      It may be worth a check up with the vet to exclude any physical or health problems.


  5. Hi,
    My 18 months old Lab “Bruno”used to eat by himself by now he doesn’t so I have to soak Pedigree in water and spoon-feed him,also because I work I can’t feed him in the afternoon.So he has boiled eggs with rice at dinner.
    How can I change his feeding habits and most importantly what should I feed him with.
    Please help me.

    • Here is an article on feeding your labrador. A healthy (check with your vet first) dog will never starve himself, all you have to do is stop spoon feeding him and he will give in and feed himself. A check up with the vet is important before you attempt this in case he has a dental or health problem that is making eating painful or difficult. Pippa

  6. Our lab Jet is a year old bitch, she kept quite thin so we started to give her 1 lb of green tripe every evening and 1 mugful of jameswellbeloved lamb rice in the morning but we have noticed that her a.m. droppings are good but the longer it goes into p.m. they get softer, any ideas

    • Hi Irene
      James Wellbeloved is a complete food. Tripe is not and needs to be balanced with a certain amount of bone, organ, and muscle meat. Dogs fed on kibble often have slightly mushy droppings. As do dogs fed on raw meat that does not contain sufficient bone.

      My suggestion would be to drop the tripe and stick with JW, or to switch to a balanced raw diet which will include some tripe.

      To increase weight feed a larger quantity of food divided into several meals.


  7. Hello, I am so glad I found this site. I have a female Lab 2.5 yrs old. Switched to raw since she’s 7 months old. Everything is fine with her diet – good variety, balanced meaty bone + organ+fat of either chicken,beef,pork/turkey, 2 meals a day(small meal at noon and bigger one in the evening ). However she hasnt been eating properly for 5 days now. I had to force food into her mouth, and she would reluctantly swallow it. At first I thought she’s being clingy, so I stopped doing that the 2nd day. She doesnt seem to bother if she doesnt eat anything . She’s not ill at all, Her droppings is fine too and when we take her out she’s her usual active self. I wonder if you have any suggestions other than going to the vet ? Thanks

      • hey thanks for the reply, i didnt mean to sound like a irresponsible dog owner but i did decide to let nature to take its course. I am pleased to tell you that she did start eating volunturily again 6 days later and everything is fine now. She eats like a horse :) . I suppose they know themselves the best, when they dont want to eat, perhaps they need some sort of detox (i know 5 days is a bit too much). Anyway all the best to you Pippa. I love your site !

  8. Hi there
    Our adorable Jessie is a 10 month old golden lab. She is adorable, and annoying at the same time. I’m a bit concerned about how fast she eats a relatively big raw meat bone, this afternoon she devoured one in under 5 minutes, is that normal? What happened to chew on it for a few hours? Has anyone else had this?

  9. Hi! I just got an 8 week old chocolate lab and he’s doing great! Everything is easy with him so far but I do have one question. How much should he be fed at each meal time. I had him on twice a day with about a half cup each time but I will be changing that based off this article. Thanks!

  10. Hello, have just joined the site. Is really useful and good to read other lab owners comments.
    We have a year old lab who weighs 23kgs. Since a puppy have fed him Arden Grange dry complete food which he has thrived on. Are now gradually making the switch to Arden Grange adult. He has a small build and is lean. At moment not particularly enthusiastic about his food and will eat less than we give which is 400g per day approx. have been thinking of combining the occasional wet food pouch to make food more interesting or should we just cut back a bit. Exercise consists of 20 min on lead week days and and 30 mins with frisbee or dummy retrieve weekday evenings. Spends days in office. At weekends 2 good off lead walks.
    Does this sound ok? He is our first dog and we are new to all this !! Vet nurse weighed him and did not say he seemed under weight.

    • Hi Brenda,
      Glad you find the site helpful. Try not to worry about exact quantities and weights. No-one can predict exactly how much your dog should have, as individuals vary so much. The important factors are is he too fat, or too thin? If he looks good, feels good (not too bony!) and is active and well, he is getting enough to eat. Here is an article about exercise.
      You might find the forums helpful too, they are a good place to meet and chat to other labrador owners.
      Best wishes

  11. Hi ,

    My Labrador puppy is 53 days old, he was very active when we brought him home last week but on our vets advice, we gave him bath to remove ticks as he was always engage in scratching himself to get rid of itching. But just after that day he stopped eating his royal cannin, though we are giving him ORS and multivitamins, we even gave him powdered milk , which he liked alot. But we are worried as he is not at all active and doesnt eat his food at all. Kindly advice.

    • Hi Sarita,
      A young puppy that stops eating and becomes lethargic needs to see the vet urgently. I hope your puppy is ok

  12. I just got two labs and they are two months old,
    They are very active and each weights about 5 pound,I took them to the vet and they got their first shots , now one of them eats very well but the other one is not eating. It’s been 36hours since last time he ate as good as his brother and active like his brother I don’t know if its a side effect from the vaccination .
    I been feeding then dry food for puppies recommended by their vet.
    What can I do to make my second puppy eat or what can I give to him
    Thank you

    • Hi Pablo,
      Refusing to eat needs to be taken seriously in such a young puppy. You need to take your puppy back to the vet. I hope he is ok.
      Best wishes

  13. Hi , l have a 5 month old lab he’s been on Jwb puppy turkey & rice with no problems he is fit and healthy with a lovely shiny coat but the last few months his first couple of poo’s are fine but get very loose as the day goes on, is this ok or should l change food ? thanks Sandra

    • Hi Sandra,
      There can be lots of reasons for loose stools, including but not limited to, dietary intolerance or allergies, parasites, infections, anxiety and even overfeeding or feeding too much at one sitting. If your vet is happy with the health of your puppy, then you could try dividing his food into smaller portions spaced throughout the day. If this doesn’t help then the next step would probably be to try a different food.
      I hope you get it sorted out.
      Best wishes

  14. Thank you so much for this site. We have a 4-1/2 year old yellow lab that is very healthy aside from occasional stool issue, most likely due to his insatiable desire to eat the landscape at every chance. We feed him boiled meat…..deboned chicken, beef, ground turkey…….chicken gizzards/hearts (sometimes raw), homemade 24 hour fermented yogurt (to digest the lactose), some pureed green veggies, minimal fruits, and we add rice when he does have stool issues. We supplement with Dancing Paws multivitamins, cooked eggs, occasionally a Stella’s beef patty or 1/4 cup or so of Honest Kitchen turkey with veggies. I had been adding ground flax seed but last bout of stool issues I stopped. He eats 3 times a day, and we exercise him 30-60 minutes almost every day. He seems to do well on the diet, however it seems like I have to feed him a lot to maintain his weight. I’m talking at least a cup, sometimes 1-1/2 cups at each mealtime. I get concerned it’s too much to eat at one sitting and am wondering if spreading his meals to 4 a day would be a good idea, or would that not be good for an adult Labrador? Thank you so much for your time….

    • Hi Lisa, a four and a half year old dog would not normally need as many as three meals a day. Twice should be fine. I have no idea whether or not you are feeding a balanced diet, and I personally wouldn’t normally feed a dog some of the things you are giving him. If his diet is imbalanced, then that might go some way to explaining why your dog is struggling to maintain his weight. There could be other explanations though, diahorrea, or parasites for example, or other health problems. have you spoken to your vet about this?

  15. Looking at different kibble foods, some (chudleys, science plan) have 26% or 30% meat content. Others, Bakers, have as low as 4% meat content. What difference does it make (other than cost, maybe). I have a 12 week old Fox Red lab who is enjoying chudleys at the moment (what the breeder fed her on) and am just interested in the effects of different food.

  16. Yes, had him checked. Vet says he looks great, looks very fit, teeth are great, nice pink gums, strong heart, great form, he really praised how good he looks and how good his weight is. Had stool checked twice for parasites, both negative. It just seems when I make his bowl it looks like a lot of food to be putting into his tummy compared to the amount of the dry when we fed him kibble. I do like to supplement with vitamin/mineral and the Stella patties and Honest Kitchen turkey to be sure he’s balanced, but I think I’ll check out the raw info to see if there’s anything more I can be adding/taking away. Since he is rather active I’m going to do some research on agility dogs and see what the guidelines are in that case. Just for comparison I did research on wet feeding instructions, and I was a little surprised at how much is recommended with some of the wet foods, so maybe I’m concerned for nothing. Thanks for your help!

  17. What is the right diet of a 42days old lab many times gives food in a a royal cannon with curd right food for him.I am in india

  18. Good Day!
    This website seems to be very helpful and am glad I found it.

    I’m from India and have a 6 months old Lab, “Zoe”. She is very playful and stays active all the time. She gets 30-45 minutes walk every morning and when she gets back home, she becomes too tired and remains at the same place with her tongue out for an hour or two, I hope that’s normal. We generally fed her trice a day. Morning starts with Rice mixed with canned food, afternoon she eats boiled vegetables or fruits (watermelon/bananas) and late evening dry kibble (Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Drools). I also used to give her cow’s milk at times for a change, however will stop it now. Last visit to vet (last weekend), for her vaccination found that she was over weight, (21 Kilograms). For the past few days she has stopped eating rice, and her bulky stomach has shrink. I gave her bread once again for a change and she seems to enjoy it. Should I just feed her dry kibble or should I continue the change diet.

    Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Sunny,
      Just feed the kibble. All complete puppy foods are designed to fulfil all your puppy’s nutritional needs. Supplementing with rice, vegetables and fruit is unnecessary and likely to unbalance the diet. Puppies over eight weeks old do not need milk of any kind and are better off without it.
      If your puppy is overweight, simply reduce the quantity of kibble until her waistline re-appears :) Check out this puppy feeding link.

      A six month old pup doesn’t need much more than half an hour’s exercise, you can increase this gradually by about 5 minutes a month, provided it is not too hot.


  19. hi,
    I got a 1 month old beautiful lab puppy. He is playful too. I just want to know is it okay to feed him pedigree(puppy) with milk and rice mix with vegetables. At the moment we are giving both meals rice for lunch and pedigree for breakfast and dinner. Please help me with this he is my first lab puppy….
    Thanks!!!! :)

  20. hi i have labradog black puppy 1 month dog what i give diet for my puppy??,,,.,how many day puppies start feeding royal canin.?royal canin is gud for puppy?

  21. HI

    I am getting 2 labbies this weekend. I just got a huge fright because I am not home to feed the pups 4 times a day…..!?

    • Hi Monique, puppies need a lot of attention, especially for the first few months. Have a look at some of the articles in the Caring For Your puppy section

  22. Hello Pippa

    I am getting an 8 week old lab on sunday and I bought her a 12 kg bag of Royal Canin (labrador retriever junior 33) dry food. But my breeder has now told me I cannot use this food because she has been using Supercoat and if i change to Royal Canin it will make puppy sick, Is this true?. I am really confused as I know Royal Canin has much better ingredients than Supercoat so why would it make her sick? any suggestions to what I should do?

    Thanks so much
    Annie :)

    • Hi Annie, I cannot comment on the superiority of specific brands. However, it is important to carry on feeding the same brand as the breeder has been giving your puppy for the first week or two. You can then change over to the brand that you have purchased, a little at a time.

      The reason is that the stress of moving homes is enough to upset some dog’s tummies, changing food at the same time is asking for trouble.

      In the long term, it is up to you what you feed, just make the change gradually.


  23. Hi Pippa,
    My Labrador puppy is about 8months old and I really need some suggestions on what to feed her for breakfast, lunch and dinner… please could you give me few suggestions. . I really have no idea..
    Thank you

  24. Hi. Its me again I’m realy getting worried about what my dad has been feeding my dog. He has been getting sick and looks like he wants to vomit but he only spits out foam. Can this me caused by the bones my dad ceeps giving him? He is only 10 weeks old.

  25. Hi,my labrador frudo is 8 months old and we feed him nearly 4 times a day.Also i wanted to tell he is vegetarian we don’t feed him with non-veg, Is it ok or should we change his diet ??

  26. Hi pippa
    I have a 3 month old lab puppy. I am not sure how much pedigree to fee him. Can you please tell me how many grams of pedigree is enough per day? And i also feed him royal canin. Should the quantity be same or differ according to the dog food brand. He is just around 5kgs.

  27. Hi,

    I have a 2 and a half year old Labrador. Hes quite active but is a drama queen when it comes to eating, i have to feed him like a kid.
    we only feed him Royal Canin, twice a day.
    he loves ice cream, is it an indication that he may be bored of eating Royal Canin..?
    Any advice or help will be much appreciated.


  28. Dear Pippa,

    I am the first time proud owner of a super cute black lab pup. He is around 45 days old, and I am wondering if I can start him on Kibble( Royal Canin etc), so far i have been told from his previous owner as well that he is been kept on milk and water 3 times a day…

    Also I see him picking scrap and chewing, so dont know how to stop that.

    Plz help.


      • Thanks a ton Pipa…
        Also if you could help as my pup is around 42 days but the black fur is not on best shine and the vet has told me that with good diet and in the age of 3 months plus,, he will have a shining fur. Is that right?

  29. Hi we have an eight week old yellow lab that we only just brought home two days ago. We have been feeding him premium dry food that the breeders were giving him but last night decided to cut up some chicken necks (only 1 and a hald) in to small pieces and put in with half of his dried food. He ate them and was fine but this morning he threw up a big mushy tube shaped log and was choking on it but then ate it….. is this normal? I thought maybe too much food or not use to raw meat? Help!

    • Hi, it is best to avoid cutting necks or other items containing bone, up into small chunks. This just tempts the puppy to swallow them whole instead of breaking them down with his jaws. There are several raw feeding articles in this section which will help you. Pippa

  30. Hi I have a 7 months old lab. Lately he has been eating his poop a lot. I spoke with the vet,he told me increase the vitamin to two tab and that did not help. I tried putting chilli powder also on the poop, but he eats it before I even see it. Help me please. He eats 1 cup ragi and rice and curd for breakfast, rice ,pedigree, little curd for lunch and rice ,veg, and boiled egg for dinner. Hope I am giving him the proper diet…?

  31. Thanks a ton Pipa…
    Also if you could help as my pup is around 42 days but the black fur is not on best shine and the vet has told me that with good diet and in the age of 3 months plus,, he will have a shining fur. Is that right?

  32. Hi Folks,
    I am no experience owning a dog before until now. I have a 45 days old lab puppy. I need your guidance to take care of it. We have got him his first vaccination and deworming also done. He is very active. Always on the look out to bite my legs or any house furniture. He will do potty n pee all over the house. Can I tie him with a leash ? & can put him in crate ?
    Please advise


  33. Hiya, I’ve got a 16 month choc lab fed on royal canin neutered large breed. I’ve become concerned about what is in the food and am looking for a more natural dry food have been looking at Eden but my vet said they are concerned by 80% protein food such as this, was also considering James well beloved. Any advice would be appreciated. I just want to do the best for belle.

  34. Hi I am first time owner of choc lab. He is 9 weeks. The breeder didn’t give me any food so I tried him on pedigree dry food. He wasn’t eating so I gave him pedigree puppy canned food which he loves. He has really runny poos now. The pet shop said canned food is no good for him so I tried to reintroduce dry food and he won’t eat it. I mixed canned with dry and he eats around the dry food and leaves it. I’m really stuck with what is best to feed him

    • Hi Katie, first stop is to check with your vet that the upset tummies are not caused by a parasite or infection. Many puppies have a bit of an upset tummy for a few days after moving home, and it could be nothing to do with the food at all. Find out what the breeder was feeding the puppy and try to stick with the same diet for a few days until his tummy has settled. Then you can gradually change over to the food of your choice.

  35. I wish I’d found this site sooner! We have an 8 year old golden lab who has a problem with allergies in that he over preens himself especially his paws which develop irritations between the toes. He also scoots on his bum although we’ve tried worm tablets and having his anal glands checked but nothing seems to make any difference. Just recently he has been scratching round his jaw and upper chest a lot and he is now on a short course of prednisone and antibiotics. So far he’s been on a diet of rice, gluten free kibble and tinned meat but we’re wondering if the corn in the kibble could be a problem for him. Maybe even the rice? We are changing him to Orijen kibble next week which is grain free, but honestly, I don’t know how much to feed him or how often. We always took the view that he’s part of the pack and when we eat, he eats. He weighs 38kg and so far we have been feeding him 3 times a day, a total weight of 645 grams on the mixed diet daily. I want what is best for his health and I just don’t know what to do for the best. Could you possibly advise me please?

    Many thanks for taking the time to read this!

    • Hi Rose, I am sorry but it really is a question of seeing your vet, and if you are not happy with his diagnosis, seeking a second opinion. It can be tricky to pin down the cause of allergies, and I do wish you all the best.

  36. Hello Pippa,
    Our black lab Poppy is fed on 3 meals of complete natural kibble mixed with 1/2 tin pedigree puppy food. Over the last 3 days her motions are a bit loose. She is perfectly well and loony . She is up to date with jabs etc and on advocate. Last week she weighed 19kg at 7 months , not a big girl but very athletic ! We have had some rare hot summer days here lately. She has also jumped in the local lake with our terrier. I am wondering if maybe she doesn’t need 3 meals now – hence the faster passing of stools or if the rare hot weather has upset her stomach ( she still runs around like a loony in the heat but rests longer and drinks more ! ) Or …. could she have become intolerant of the pedigree tinned puppy food ? Thank you

  37. hi pippa,
    i recently got a 45 days lab to my two days he got stomach inflation which the vet says is due to feeding him with lactol. but now i dont see him very active as before. also i dont know wether i am hallucinating but i have seen little color change in him from white to yellow gold…can u please explain this??

    and how can i potty train him quicker than usual coz in few days i would be leaving him home alone for 3 4 hours…

    • Hi Shivani, if your puppy is not recovering from his stomach infection, or seems lethargic, you need to go back to the vet. Puppies coat colour may change slightly as he grows. And you cannot potty train him quicker than usual, you will need to get someone to come and let him out whilst you are out. Housetraining information.

  38. Hi!
    I own 5 month old puppy. Started serving him food from stage one.But he is becoming thin everyday.Except his thinness everything means his color coat, activeness all is upto the mark.
    Please suggest him balance diet accordingly.



  39. I have a 4 week old puppy he got separated from his mother so the guy who had him told us to give him cows milk with a little bit of water in that’s what I’ve been giving him 4 times day..after reading this I realised that was wrong.. Can you tell me what to give him instead?

  40. Hi,
    I own a 3 months puppy Lab. Recently, I see my dog limping. I got some information that puppys need 4 times calcium than human. Is that true?
    Would I have a question that how much Phosphorus calcium (mg) my dog need per day? I know that it depends.. But, generally, could you tell me the approximate interval of that?

  41. Hi Pippa ,
    We were just planning to get a labrador puppy , but wer really worried if we’ll be able to take care of it since , we never had a dog before . But after looking at your web site and the support you have been offering we feel very confident . if every thing goes well hopefully there should be a puppy home next week . and lots of questions hahaha ..Thank you .

  42. Hi
    My 7 mth old black lab wolfs his food down. I know labs are renowned for being hungry but he can go thru 250g of kibble in a few minutes – if that! He doesn’t choke but I wondered if soaking his food could help him? He always has water available.


  43. Hi there , our almost 2 year old black lab is fed csj complete tripe which I have always covered with water , whilst staying with friend they forgot to do that and said she chewed kibble and took he time when eating something she dosnt do when it’s covered with water . Just wondered what implications to her are by covering food with water ? Thank you. Carol

  44. hi pippa, first of all i want to thank you for your help you give to us in taking cares of our lab
    i am owning an 3 months labrador female and i am feeding her with hills science plan puppy dog food along with calcium,multivitamin,and skin conditioners i want to ask that should i also feed him some home made food as the quantity prescribed is only 180gms a day and my lab always feels hungry and secondly his neck is looking thinner in comparision to his body although i always use chest belt for taking him out for walk and last my vet has warned me that my house floor surface will result up in crippled legs so should i take any extra precaution to prevent that?

  45. hi pippa, first of all i want to thank you for your help you give to us in taking cares of our lab
    i am owning an 3 months labrador female and i am feeding her with hills science plan puppy dog food along with calcium,multivitamin,and skin conditioners i want to ask that should i also feed him some home made food as the quantity prescribed is only 180gms a day and my lab always feels hungry and secondly his neck is looking thinner in comparision to his body although i always use chest belt for taking him out for walk and last my vet has warned me that my house floor surface will result up in crippled legs so should i take any extra precaution to prevent that?

  46. Hi , I have a 12mth old chocolate lab and over the last couple of days she has been sick a couple of times, but still wants food – what should we give her ? tracy.

  47. hii, i am frm india. i have a 6 mth lab pup who weighs approxs 22 kg. i am still giving him 3 meals /day. is that too much?

  48. Hi Pippa we finally got a Labrador on 26th aug she was 50 days old . she seems to be happy and playfull . But she tends to bite hands and legs while playing what could be the reason and how to teach her not to do that.

  49. Hi , I have an 8wk old choc lab for 3 days, the first two days he ate with gusto and no problems, I took him for a check up where we got worm treatment,the vet said to not worry if he vomited or had diarrhoea, after the tablet he had his two meals fine (breakfast and mid morning) then dinner he didn’t eat it all, then vomited , now this morning he just wasn’t interested in his food. We went out to play and he was fine but no interest in his food at all, I put him on his bed and he went to sleep..just a bit worried that its 2meals missed?? But hoping its just the worming?

    • Hi Charlie,
      Pups usually eat normally after worming, even if they are sick. Best to be on the safe side with such a young puppy, and give your vet a ring. Hope he is ok.

      • Thanks for your advice, as luck would have it, not long after I sent this I tried again with his lunchtime meal and he ate it not a problem… I think the problem of all things was I changed his bowl, put his lunch back in the old bowl and voila !! He ate!! Finicky little monster that he is!! Oh and he doesn’t like his bowl on the mat either, pushes the bowl off onto the kitchen floor – lucky its cork tiles!!

  50. Hi ,
    I am new in raising the dogs , i just now bought a 8 month Labrador , and i have a really hard time feeding him to tell you the truth i gave him almost everything from raw meat to home made food , i talked to his previous owner , he told me he used to eat everything when he was with him. but he is not eating anything from the time we brought him , only time he eats is when we mix the milk in his meal . But i dont like giving him milk because he vomits it. please give me any suggestions. please reply ASAP he has eaten very less from last 3 days and i took him to vet they told me some diets but even those are not working

      • i did he gave me some kind of syrup to increase the appetite and told me to give me one hour before his meal time and i am following that .. but its not helping, i biggest problem with him is he eats an item only once , for example i gave him oatmeal once and rice at other meal and now he is not eating them again he just smells them and leave them… , but he eats fruits a lot (which i cannot afford as per his requirement may be twice a week but that’s it) and believe me i am running out of options . help me fast i don’t wanna see him suffer(die)

          • Hi Amit,
            I am sorry to hear that your dog is still not eating. It is not possible to diagnose veterinary problems over the internet, and if you are not happy with the advice of a qualified vet, my suggestion would be to get another opinion. I hope your dog is better soon. Best wishes, Pippa

  51. Hi Pippa,
    I have 53 days old Fawn Female Lab weight about 4 kg, we provide her meal 4 times a day, now I want to switch to Royal Canin Maxi Starter. Plz let me know how much quantity of the Dry Food should I give her. And can I give her Curd at one meal. Honestly, as those food are costly so I want to know what else food I can give her with Royal Canin. Waiting for reply..
    Thank You.

  52. hi pippa , It me again thanks for your time and sorry for the trouble i might have caused you .. i changed vet and found that there were tapeworms in his belly :( , but now he is fine .
    can you help me in training him , i watched some videos in youtube about training lab’s . but this guy is very clever he only obeys when i have something to give him.
    And one more thing is it okay to give mustard oil and salt in his meal

    • Hi Amit,
      Please do not feed your dog mustard oil and salt!! See the feeding instructions above.
      Training information is in the training section of the menu at the top of the page. Food is a great way to train a puppy, you can fade out the food later as his learning progresses.

  53. thanks for fast feedback ,
    but he seems to like oil , cauz i accidentally dropped oil on the floor i cleaned the floor later on i saw he was licking the place where i dropped the oil 😛
    and he also enjoys eating raw vegetables

  54. Hey Pippa…I have tamed a male black Labrador…just wanna ask that he is not having milk at all…he is of 40days only..what can v do??

  55. My labrador is 4, and is very stocky with quite short front legs. My vet has said he is on the cusp of being overweight. We have noticed recently that when out for a walk with his ball, after a few catches of the ball he is exhausted and lies down. I am not sure if this is the heat or are we feeding him too much. He has two small bakers complete meals a day. He does have the odd treat like a dentistick. Can you tell me what weight of food to give him every day?

    • Hi Alison, unfortunately no-one can tell you exactly how much food to give your dog. Even dogs of exactly the same build and weight will vary in how much food they need. Check out this article I think it will answer your concerns with regard to quantities. It is also important to note that a mildly or even moderately overweight dog would not be exhausted after a few catches of a ball unless he had not had any exercise for some time. So it is important to discuss this symptom with your vet. I hope your dog is ok. Pippa

  56. Hi Pippa ,
    this is Amit again sorry to disturb you again , i have question i told you before that i m new in raising a dog , my lab is fine now and good thanks to your advise ,
    I have a question is there any way we can control er…. perverted (i dont know any other word) nature of dogs , i mean that my lab tries to jump on everyone and starts um….. u know what . i don’t know what to do . Till now i am the only one who have noticed this behavior in my family . everyone thinks he is playing , but i have seen his… (desire to mate) and the way he moves . Any suggestion would be very much welcomed . One problem is i haven’t seen or known anyone else with female lab .

    • Hello Pippa, my lab is 3 3/4 years I feed her Pedigree Chum tin – 2 tins a day and I put kibble (Bakers) for her to nibble on throughout the day I’ve noticed in the past two weeks so she had a rash on her tummy, even though she gets the flea treatment, I noticed one stray flea but couldn’t catch it. The rash started to get less then, yesterday I noticed that in the fur (just up from her tummy) in a line there was a similar rash it’s not scaly or raw but it’s red in colour, it isn’t affecting her eating, exercising, she doesn’t even scratch – she does lick her paws . Do you think it could be a reaction to a flea bite? Or an allergy to food? Or a parasite? I’ve checked her paws and all looks well. Do you have any ideas what it could be?

  57. I have a chocolate lab puppy wich is only 2 1\2 months old.But,its not healthy as other puppies of same can u suggest any soln for the faster growth?

  58. Pippa,

    My Labrador is 11 months old and has always fed well up until the last week or so. I feed her on Bakers puppy food x twice daily. I have been trying to add a bit of adult food in with the puppy to move her on but recently she doesn’t want her food at all. She will eat anything we have but she doesn’t get any of it. Can you please advise what I should try next as I really worry when she doesn’t eat even though she is happy enough. Thanks. Linda

  59. Good evening mam.mam have 2 years old labra a days my dog is on continuos vomiting from last month.we have given so many antiemetic drugs according to doctor’s prescription but it didn’t plz help me what to do to solve this problem.i love my dog alooooooot , i don’t wann lost my dog.and plz tell me daily diet menu for my dog .is it safe to give milk and pedigree? thnk u mam.

  60. Hi Pippa, l have a 1yr old Springador and she is amazing but when l let her out in the garden or off the lead on a walk and she poos, if l don’t get there quick enough, she will eat it ( she won’t poo on the lead). Is this common behaviour? I feed her Royal Canin for lab retreiver twice a day, i was wondering if she’s maybe lacking in something to make her want to eat poo and grass? Shes such a loving wee thing but her kisses aren’t appealing with poo breath!!
    Any help much appreciated

  61. Sorry, wasn’t able to read your behaviour section on my phone but i have read it now, its good to know poo eating is a common problem!
    Thank you.

  62. I have 3 mths old yellow lab. I am yet to hear him bark. He is attentive with good hearing and follows commands but am worried about his bark ??? Is it normal with labs???

  63. I have got a new 2months old Labrador puppy first time in my life .I am very worried about him earlier he used to eat Royal Canin mixed with cerac.As I started giving him homemade food like boiled rice, dahlia ,potatoes, boiled vegetables he does not eat much also he does not eat unless I put some milk in front of him in his bowl .please guide me what to do ? Also he always keep on bitting things and pulling our clothes

    • Hi, You need to feed your dog appropriately. Your labrador will not thrive and may even not survive on what you are feeding him now. Dogs are not vegetarians. Go back to a commercial puppy food. Check out our articles on biting in the puppy care section. If you are from outside the UK you may also find this article helpful. Best wishes, Pippa

  64. i have a labrador dog. i am not sure what feed we give him is correct or not, i need your suggestion.

    1. In morning @6AM we give him 1 cup of milk + (1 cup pedigree or 1 boiled egg).
    2. @10AM we give him 2 chapatis with curd
    3. @2PM we give im 3 chapatis with curd
    4. in Evening @6Pm we give pedigree with cup of milk.
    5. @10 PM we give him 3 chapatis again with curd

    We give him curd only because he only likes it and

    if we give pulses then he refuse it and do not take. We are also thinking to give Egg can you tell at
    what time and what type of egg we give him. Please reply, i will wait for it.

    One more thing, please advice if we are not giving a proper feed to our dog.

    • Hi, please read the article above. There is also an article here on feeding puppies If you carry on feeding him on chapatis and curd he will become ill and may die. If you are outside the uk please read this. It is very important that you feed your puppy properly from now on. Best wishes. Pippa

  65. My puppy is 3 months old . We give him bread soaked in cows milk In the morning and rise with curd for lunch and dinner. We give him pedegree(5 TO 8 PICESES) as a snack. Is it ok for him? He used to pee at the same place he did once. Especialy on cloths. Why is it? Like to hear from you

    • Yes Bharat,puppies need meat protein. Commercial puppy food (like Royal Canin or Pedigree) or a proper ‘raw meat and bone’ diet, are what he needs. Pippa

  66. Hi Pippa, Need our advise on the right feed for my Adult Labrador (8 yrs Old). I am based at india and we feed him home cooked Bread and Rice with Milk 3 time daily (Morning, Noon and Evening). The Lab is used to this diet since he was 6 months old and is fit and fine. We also give him calcium and liver tablets daily for his wellbeing. Preparing the current meal at home takes lot of time and effort and hence am wondering if feeding him Pedigree Adult Dog Food (Chicken and Vegetables) 3 times a day (Morning, Noon & Evening) will be fine? Also how much quantity should i feed at each meal? I wanted to know if there is any other better Dog Food that I can feed him insted of Pedigree. Thanking u in anticipation of your advise. Regards Harit

  67. Hi pipa, i have 6 years old male lab. Wht ammount of meal he deserves daily??? I am giving him 3 times meal including rice, eggs, chicken, vegetable, milk. Is this meal is good for him??? N what to do for hair fall?

  68. I am getting my 2 babies in just over a week. The breeder is feeding them Proplan Puppy Large breed Robust and I wondered if this is a good quality food. I have read many reviews that say it is not the best.
    Any comments greatly aprreciated!

  69. Hi PIPA

    Hope you are doing Good, I reside in Delhi-India, I have my 2 months and 4 days old Lab Puppy at home, During the Initial days we gave him Cerlac with Water, No Fuss having them, at the end of 3rd month we started give him home made food(Rice with Dall (Indian Form) little turmuric powder and Boiled Egg as well.First day no fuss at all, But on second day he stopped eating Rice with dhall, We continued giving pedigree soaked in water, then also no use, He started tasting it Raw, Then we mixed it with Curd he had some.. Please let me know if he is having some problem…

    • Hi, this article explains how to feed a puppy. You can buy commercial puppy food in India, this is a complete food and all that your puppy needs. He does not need milk, or milk substitutes if he is getting a complete food. Have him checked over by your vet if you are worried about his health. Pippa

  70. Hi I’m mark from Philippines my Lab’s name hachiko 2months old …… it okay hachiko is so high-per play and play at all time?

  71. Hi

    Just rescued/rehomed a 16 week black lab, he is fantastic, Jock is his name.

    We have been passed some food (wainwrights puppy) and told to feed him 3 x 100g each day. He is still settling to our house and his new home, i am not 100% convinced that he is getting enough food and i noticed in the pet store that larger breeds have their own puppy food, still wainwrights, i want to get it right for Jock.

    He nibbles on grass and leaves when out and will bark we assume in the look out for food as we take him out and he doesnt need either a walk or the toilet.

    He has been with us about 4 days and we think the initial excitement is dropping and he is trying to settle.

    He is fine and appears happy but some food and nutrition advice would be great.


  72. Hey
    my 12 weeks cream labra bitch is not properly doing potty on her regular times.
    daisy also has a habit of chewing shoes and anything trash. We are giving her drools.

  73. I have been giving our 8 month old white lab a morning treat of frozen banana and peanut butter mashed up in a kong toy. She loves it !!!
    My wife thinks it’s bad for her health, digestion, etc.
    Are you able to offer an opinion??

  74. Hi !! My labradore puppy is two month old and I give him royal Canin food twice a day n curd with littelbit rice twice a day aulternate time but some time he avoid royal canin food and waiting for curd n rice . I want to that which type of veg food is good for him insted of that royal canin food

  75. Hi
    I have a 3yr old golden lab (Romeo). He is good in physique with a shiny coat with no skin disease at all but from last 2 months his hairfall has been increased noticeably.
    Please suggest…..

  76. Hi…I have 5months lab female..I give her beef meet with boiled rice and sometime I give her cow’s liver with boil rice and boiled femur bone…is it safe ??…plz hlp me

  77. I have a 14week old lab , we have been walking him for twice a day but one for 30 mins , one for an hr do u think we r over doing the walking as he seems to not have any energy seems quite lazy in the day , but has 3 meals a day , upto date with vaccinations and wormer , is on barking heads but will be changing to csj dog food as his poos r very soft . Plz can u give us advice

  78. Hi pippa, i am glad too to have found this site. I am a first time dog owner and quite clueless on how things work!! I have a 25 day old male Lab-Ceaser. Its all healthy and very active as i can see. However, it bites/nibbles a lot these day(i did my best giving him a soft Ball) bt it keeps biting/nibbling at almost everything-is it naturl and till when?? also i am a lil clueless on wat to feel and at wat proprtions. Is it ok if i want him to be a vegetarian like i am or prefer meat?? I started of with dry pedigree as of now-but i doubt feeding it too much is making him sleepy(he is sleeping too much than the first few days). but also he is active,plays and keeps running when he is awake.please suggest me the best things to do

  79. How much Pedigree chum ( wet food ) should a 4 yr old neutered male Lab have a day ?we have just taken on a Labrador whose owner was giving him half a tin with 2 handfuls of Wagg biscuits in morning and the other half in evening, he’s always seems hungry and i am wondering if he needs more food daily.

  80. Hi,
    I have 7 month old male Labrador. I fed him Royal Canine till 6 months then shifted to home food. Now, I feed him twice a day. I give him 2 boiled eggs, 300gm vegetables (which may include carrot, beans, bottle gaurd..etc) and 250 ml curd (made of cow milk), per meal. Is it ok? or do i have to feed him more ? How can i increase his diet based on this age ?


  81. I have a lab mix dog that came from a hording case in Ohio. Had constant diahera so I added 1 spoon of pumpkin to his food and it stopped. Need to know best dog food to feed him because of his stomach, but needs to loose weight?

  82. Have an 18 week old labrador currently feed him royal canin maxi dry food which he likes but was wondering if there is any other dry food which people recommend which is still good for bone development and also the other ailments which labradores can have in older years.

  83. It seems to be that a lot of these people are 1. Receiving these puppies to take home way too early and 2. Have no idea what they’re doing! Read a training book or a puppy book before you buy!

  84. I have a 5 month old lab puppy Jake. I got him at 8 wks and he’s a gorgeous creamy yellow. After getting him and properly changing his food to Blue Buffalo Wilderness Large Breed Puppy which now he’s fed 1 1/2 cups 3x a day. I give him a lot of toys to play with. He also gets antlers, and home “smoked” femur bones to chew on. He’s recently after my in laws gave him a rawhide started having diarrhea. He’s a little slower than normal eating his evening meal. He also vacuums up any and everything he can find from my 2 young boys ( 3yrs & 9 months). I am trying my hardest to keep him on a grain free diet. He has horrible gas also. I’m feeding him as suggested on the bag of food also. Do you know of any way to cook any meats so I can make training treats that are grain free for him. He was extremely itchy when I first brought him home from his breeder, and getting him off of grains has helped. I just can’t find any grain free training treats here in the USA. Thank you.

  85. Just few questions …we have 36 days dalmation with us now.
    1. What kind of cerilac dencity should be given to him and how often. Plrase help very important

  86. Hi,my dog is 9 months old and iam feeding him thrice a day,everything is going right but from last 2-3 days he is not taking interest in eating food so iam feeding with my hand.Is he addicted with the hand feeding or bored with the same food.Once a day we are giving ROYAL CANIN LAB JUNIOR KEBBLE food and he was eating it very fast but other than he was not eating his food.So please tell me what would be the reason. Also tell me 3 times a food or 2 times a food, which one is best for 9 month old dog.

  87. hi pippa
    i have a 5 weeks old puppy….i give him royalcanin starter food small amount soaked in water for at least 15 min plus 2 spoons of curd 4 times a that ok……he cries a lot at5:30 in morning because of hunger.which is too early how to shift his time from 5:30 to 7

  88. Hi Pippa,
    I have a three month old black lab. I have finally started him on three meals per day.. But he seems to be very hungry all the time. He keeps following me everywhere making those sad eyes! I have also noticed that he isn’t as active as before.. He is either following me around or sleeping. I feed him pedigree(meant for large breed). Is this normal during the transition period? Has just been a day. But I am worried! Could you please tell me how much should I be feeding him?

    • my best is dog and labra is my life i have labra dog 1 he is not eating food mornig and day i have what do please give me a help 2 i have 1 more problem he is 7 month i would eat a meat and bones 1day i have eat a meat and my dog is very shouting because he would eating a meat . so i would give the meat its not a problem please give me help

  89. Hi. We have a 10 week old Goldador (golden retriever Labrador cross. I think that following the guidelines for Labs is just the same.

  90. Hi, my sister just received an 8-week old Labrador puppy for her birthday and we named her Gabby. The thing is, Gab doesn’t like to eat from the bowl but instead wants to eat her food on the floor. What should I do? Thank you in advance.

  91. Hi, We adopted a 2.5-3 year old Black Lab/Shepherd mix. She is absolutely wonderful and doing very well with us. A question on how much to feed her. She currently gets two meals per day, each meal is approx. 1.5 cups of dry food. She weighs approx 65 lbs. Is this the right amount of food? Thank you.

  92. Hi Pippa

    We have a 3 month old male lab and we are feeding him Solid Gold Flocken Puppy Dry food. Could you please help me with the quantity and the timings when to feed him?

    Thank you

  93. Hello.
    I have a 3 month old lab name royal. he is very playful which is good. But when i give him food he just eat all of it like he has the last meal of his life. Even he eat his egg in a single go without even chewing it al all. I need your advice.
    Thanks in advance.

  94. hey, my partner has nearly 21 month old black lab. he is a typical hyper lab who loves food. However I was wondering what the best dried food to give him is? we have slowed his eating down by using the green thing that you have recommended (even though has learnt that if he knocks it so the food comes out he can try and eat faster) but we are worried that the food we are giving him (james well beloved) has got too much protein in and making him hyper still. hope you can help

    • Hi Rosemary, the only way to find out if a change of food would help, is to try a different brand. The chances are though, that it is not the food which is affecting his temperament.

  95. Good evening,
    we have a 6 months old male lab, we’ve just recently reduced his feeds from 116g 4 times a day to 166g 3 a day, hes on wainwrights puppy found which states he required 470g for his age, however im worried this may be too much of an increase, we have noticed he’s bellys more swollen. the guidelines are very confusing, can you please offer me any advice as we dont want him to get fat and and cause him any discomfort

    kind regards

  96. We just brought home a 7 week old lab puppy! She still cries a lot, and we were told she eats twice a day-I’m so glad I found your article. I had no idea to feed her 4x a day!! Poor girl!!
    Could you tell me how much dry kibble we should be giving her at each feeding? We do not have the food she was given so we placed her on a grain free kibble.
    Thanks so much!

  97. my labrador eating every thing on earth i.e it will eat own stool and other stool, eat iron, cloth, wood, gober, dust and liking floor.

    we are giving good food daily four times. we are giving calcium and cadliveroil capsules. good food means pedgree/royal canin food.

    will you please give advise how my pet will not touch those things

  98. we have got one year old lanrador female. we have briught the same one year back it is 20days old. the problem is it will eat every thing on earth means own stool, other stools, iron, cloth, wood, cement, dust,meat and liking fioor. as per vet dr. we are giving calcium tbs daily, and our feeding is royal canin dry food, pulkas with curd daily three times, enough food.

    Pl give advise how my pet will stop to eat above things. we are used cap to mouth but no resultes.

  99. Hey there ! I just want to ask one question. My 8 weaks lab dog bites me in my hands alot , is that normal? Do u think he is playing or what? Thanks alot

  100. I have 2 8 months labs…. Before they wer feeding on rice n veggies n meat… Now they dnt eat rice… Is tat ok… They r jst choosing the vegetables n meat out of rice n leave the rice untouched… Wat shall i do
    Pliz suggest…..

  101. Hi Pippa. I have a 22 month old lab. She has been eating Arden Grange and Burns kibble all her life but suddenly stopped. I kept giving her the kibble and she refused it but after 3 days I started to worry and fed her some chicken and rice, which she ate. I have been giving her this in the morning and a can of Butchers dog food with a hand full of Arden Grange adult kibble mixed in at night for the past few weeks. I am worried that this may not be balanced. What do you think I should do?

  102. Hi, My wife and i have just agreed to adopt a 2 year old lab, because the previous owners have only fed the dog human buscuits for the past 2 years and the dog is very weak. the dog was taken over by animal services and is coming to us on sunday and we wish to bring it back to life and give it a good home. We have a 2 year old daughter as well so im sure there will be plenty of companionship. Please help me with your advise(any will do)?

  103. Hi,i have a labra female of 7 months old i m giving her food twice daily (chapati in morning with milk or curd some time and drolls at evening) but she is not growing not in size and not also in height as in height she looks like 4 or 5 months old i m very sad about it so what should i do so that my puppy me grow very well and her growth my become better as i want to see her like h labra dog which i m not seeing in my labra puppy.

  104. I have a 8 months labrador of golden colour..i have a problem that he doesnot want to eat veg foods ..when i give him a boiled chicken he eats it very well but when i give him anything else than that he does not show any interest on food..i dewormed him 15 days ago…what can i do .plzzz help me out..

    • Your dog doesn’t want to eat vegetables because he is a carnivore. He wants and needs to eat, either a natural raw meat diet OR a complete commercial dog food with the nutrients he needs in the right proportions.

  105. Hi I’m from India, I’m facing the problem with my lab hair fall and food.. Can i give her glucose powder (water+glucose)

  106. Hi Pippa, we have a 4year old yellow lab. He eats only dry pellets once a day. We live in South Africa so I am not familiar with most of the brands mentioned. He is really quite overweight and I have tried buying the “light” or “diet” versions of the kibbles but it really didn’t make a difference! He’s quite greedy and would help himself to my children’s plates if unattentded – obviously this doesn’t help!! Of our three dogs, he’s the only overweight doggie and it breaks my heart! Please can you give me some advice. He does get some exercise. I don’t know what to do, I feel sorry for him! Thanks in advance!

  107. Hi, i m vithu masurkar from goa and im having 5 months old female.
    she has problem of inching bcz of that see get wound on his body

  108. Hi .. we have our second puppy, aged 16 weeks. He is a Fox Red Lab same as our first dog Ollie. The pair couldn’t be so different! The younger one almost inhales his food. His kibble is still being soaked and we only realised we should have him on three meals a day. Will we be okay to do this and how to we cope with the possibility of bloat? We want to introduce it slowly and have also bought the ‘slow bowl’ to feed him now. Aside all this we are having a huge problem with him eating stones regardless of watching him like a hawk. He is so quick and generally it’s outwith the garden .. is he lacking something in his diet? The vet seems to think he will outgrow it. It is worrying as he has brought up stones and also passed them in his faeces. Any advice on any of the above would be great

  109. I have 3 months old pet dog his name is Dozer I have 2nd vaccination few days back, he is not eating any thing since 17 hours he is quite and lazy now please guide me what can I do,


  110. Hi there, I am getting an 8week old lab next week and the breeder is feeding it bakers puppy food. I have researched this food and have read a lot of negative comments about it, such as full of additives and can affect a dogs health. Is this true and is there a best food brand for a lab and what’s the best way to wean it off it’s old food? Thanks

    • Or maybe, how much an average 12 week old eats? How much did your dog eat when they were 12 weeks?(If they’re there yet).

  111. Hi there!
    I am from India and I have a labrador who is male and six years old. He came last week from our relatives house. He was their dog. But he is well acquainted with me and seems to have adjusted well with us. We are facing a problem with his diet! He used to eat kibble food but from the time he has come here, he had stopped eating it. He drinks a glass of milk in the morning and he likes bread. So we give him bread in the afternoon. At night he has rice and curd. Could you suggest something else …. He is one lazy lab! Doesnt like to run much too…
    Please help! 😉

  112. My 10 month old lab has two Weetabix for breakfast and dry food for her tea. She loves the Weetabix but I wonder should I do it with water and not milk?

  113. hi pippa!
    am samanth. i have a 4 mnths lab,he does’nt bark on outsiders when he see a new person.
    can u tell me the what the reason for it.

  114. hi pippa.. As evrey 1 know Vaccination shot Given on upper shoulder Skin.. But a vet of my town given 1st vaccine shot to my puppy @age 45 days on his Rear(hind) right leg .. 5day earlier .. I want to know did the Vaccine Shot successful? If it’s not then what I do ?? Plz help

  115. i have 45 days old lab puppy i used to feed him milk and other thing which are soft enough problem is he is bitting everyone everywhere what should i do..? another thing is should i put belt on him as if he is so young so m confused whether i should or not