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  1. sir i have a labra golden white of 2 month 7 days and his weight around 3-3.5 kg ….bt the rips bones is easily visible …can u help in knowing reason for not proper growth…short in height ….

    • Hi Rohit, there could be many reasons why your dog is thin, including parasites, insufficient quantity of food, or some kind of illness. You need to get your puppy checked over by a vet.

      • Hi Pippa, i have Got a 5 months Older labrador,3 days Back,, His Name is Charlie, Actually I am the 2nd Guardian for him, Previously he was with another Family and Home, I dont Know why , But he Barks a Lot when he is tied in a Corner When We are Busy, May be he is Not Getting Familiar with Us, and I am Worried About his Diet, He eats a Lot, Please Advice me like How can I Take a Good Care of Charlie

    • Hi,pls take good care to ur Labrador ,mine lovely Labrador Bobby has just death just now,same as you my labra was only 2months 6days ,cherish it, don’t think it bother to you! cherish it,my fren

    • Hi Jill, there isn’t really a right and a wrong time. When I fed my dogs on a commercial dog food, I changed to adult food at six months old. Some people stick on the puppy formula for a full year but I haven’t seen any evidence that this is necessary. Pippa

      • Well in my case with my labs. i knew when they were ready, when they started eating from the mother’s bowl at 7 weeks old. i still attempt to feed them dog food from the supermarket even now at 7 months, but they prefer home cooked meals.
        i guess u just observe them to know when they are ready

        • They prefer home cooked meals because the dog food at stores are filled with corn and sprayed with animal fat. That stuff is terrible for dogs.?thank you for cooking for them. If you buy a better brand of dog food with with no corn it fillers you probably could taper off the home cooked meals.

  2. sir,
    i have a 2 months 20 days lab and named as scooby it is always biting me i have a lot of problem with that, tell me any anything to stop my dog biting,i hope you will answer this question, and thanks at advance

  3. Hi. I have a large five year old yellow male lab (Charlie) who receives a lot of my attention. He has sired 10 black pups (Mum is a small chocolate lab). I hope to keep one male from the litter. I wondered how to introduce the pup to Charlie, so that I do not make mistakes and cause any upset/jealousy? Thanks.

  4. We lost our last girl, Biscuit, in April, with a tumour on the heart. She was rather overweight, which also exacerbated an otherwise moderate hip problem, so our current girl Polly gets very few table scraps. She is 5 months-old today, is 20 1/2″ tall and weighs 14.7kg. She is slightly underweight, and her ribs are just visible. My vet says he prefers this, as do I, but were she to get fat as a puppy, would this predispose her to constant weight problems throughout her life?

    • I don’t know if there have been any studies done on the relationship between obesity in puppyhood and obesity in adult dogs. But I would not be surprised to find a link. One of the main reasons that we need to keep puppies slim though is to prevent overly rapid growth which together with the extra weight is believed to be disadvantageous to orthopaedic health. Pippa

    • Hi Kim, your puppy should be allowed as much water as he wants. If you think he is drinking excessively it is a good idea to get your vet to check him over. Pippa

  5. hi, I bought a one month old yellow puppy lab today. I am feeding him milk and pedigree infant. I want to know when should i start feeding him meat.

  6. Hi, we have a 2 month lab and she is very calm and loving whenever the kids are not at home or are not playing with her however whenever they start playing (with her) she gets very nervous and agitated and bites every one. why is that? is it her temperament? should i keep the kids from her or playing with her so she could grow to be nice and calm? thank you

    • Hi Patricia, congratulations on your new puppy. Play biting is normal in puppies and they can quickly get over-excited. There are a couple of articles which you might find helpful. This one is on bite inhibition and this one includes information on helping children to play safely with dogs. Pippa

    • Hi Rishabh,
      Labradors are all one breed but there are different types in some parts of the world. Neither is better than the other, but each has different qualities this article is about the different types in the UK (and USA). If you are resident elsewhere it may not apply. Pippa

  7. We have 45 day labrador male.
    How much food we should give ?
    We were told by vets shop that puppy food – 5-10 pallets every 5 hours be okay.
    but he appears skiny

    • Hi Karen, it’s quite normal. Teething is usually over by about seven months. No need to do anything other than make sure he has something safe to chew on. Pippa

    • My ylf is 76 lbs, just over 9 months, her mom is 70 + her dad 120, she is not fat, and I can feel ribs easy but not see them, large blockyhead, do you think she could reach 100 and if so is it uncommon for a female, she’s a great girl with lot of energy.

      • Hi I have just bougt a 5 moth black lab. Been with me 1 week he on a quality food but is very loose, he weight is 15.2kg is this very under weight

    • Hi priyank,
      Some people do cope with big dogs in flats, but I would not personally recommend a Labrador to someone living in an apartment. Pippa

  8. Hi Pippa

    We have two lab puppies, brilliant coming back to whistle they are 18wks old, how would you suggest dropping the whistle to some back to a marker ie ‘come’ They go out for a walk for 25mins in morning – let off for 15mins and out for 45mins ish at night – is this too much reading from your website?
    Also which book of your would you recommend most re training – they will never be gun dogs only pets.
    We feed them beta puppy – however their ‘busines’s doesn’t ever seem to be very solid – what would you recommend?
    Thanks for your help – all suggestions welcomed..

    • Hi Carla, well done with your whistle training. :) ‘Come’ is a verbal command or cue rather than a marker. You can teach a verbal recall as well if you want to. I use a verbal in the house once the whistle is well established outdoors.
      Check out this article for my thoughts on exercise for puppies.
      With regard to books, if you buy Total Recall, although it is a recall training programme, the skills it teaches you can easily be applied to any command. How to Win explains the dog training process from start to finish, but does not contain any ‘exercises’. The Right Start was originally written for gundog puppies but lots of pet dog owners use it too. The foundations of obedience are the same.
      With regard to feeding, I feed all my dogs on a completely raw diet, so I’m afraid I am not up to date on kibble. If you check in to the forum, you can find out what other labrador owners are feeding.

      Good luck with your puppies. Pippa

  9. hi,
    i have a 2 month old labrador male puppy.He is very active in playing and eating too and my vet told that he is in great health condition also.But the only problem with him is he is eating his own poop when ever no one sees it.How to prevent him eating his own poop.please suggest.

  10. Thanks pippa, we will drop/ half the exercise, they are quite energetic and thought they needed it, although they are walked leisurely on flat surfaces etc.. Was more to use up some energy as they end up in my flowerpots… No clematis left on any trellis!! .. now they have large area gated area with kennel when I’m out. They’d also mastered drawers in kitchen which now have child locks! Is there anything you would recommend us doing with them at 18wks or just give in to empty dug pots…thx will definitely grab one of your books are they all available as ebooks?

    • Hi Carla, the Right Start is not available electronically, but the other two are. With regard to your puppies rearranging your garden, I’m afraid it is a case of moving things out of their way for the time being. My own puppy loved flowerpots too, you can read about her exploits here. :)

    • Hi Kumar, we have an article coming out on this topic soon. The key points are to make sure that your puppy is properly wormed. And to ensure that your children do not play where he poops, and that they wash their hands after playing with the puppy. Supervise play and teach the children not to let the puppy lick around their mouths or share their food.

  11. Hi pippa,
    My lab of 2 and half month old is very active and he will eat anything that we offer him.(1 liter milk, 200 gms royal canin lab junior biscuits and some rice,small amount of snack items also…..). He will never say no to anything that we give. Is it safe to offer him like that or not. Please suggest in this issue.

    • Hi there,
      It is not safe to let your puppy choose his diet. He will make himself very fat and eat lots of things which are very bad for him. Have a look at this page How to feed a labrador Please note that your puppy is weaned and does not need milk of any variety. A good quality puppy food or balanced raw diet will keep him healthy. Best wishes, Pippa

  12. hellow ! I am getting a female labrdor,it was just born on 26th of december this year , i would like to know how to maintian a puppy mam , because I am just 12 years old , my parents dont like dogs so I have to do all the job myself, the puppy is at my uncles house (where it was born) ,mom says it would take a month more,for her to come home………………… please give me some tips to maintain my puppy….i have kept her name as LUCY already is it a nice name…………?

    • Hi Vivek, you will find lots of tips to help you with your puppy on this website. You can also join the forum to talk to other Labrador owners. Your puppy needs to stay with her mother until she is 8 weeks old. So that gives you plenty of time to prepare. But you need to think very hard before bringing a puppy into your home if your parents do not like dogs, because it will affect all their lives too, no matter how well you take care of her. Pippa

  13. Hi my Lab puppy 4 & half months old weighs 11.5kg , but looks thin , still not lost milky teeth , but loosing lot of hair , tends to bite/chew the articles a lot. Is it normal for a good breed Lab puppy ?? when should he get adult teeth & when can we start homely diet , presently he is on dog food. br/

    • Hi Ajay,
      Biting and chewing is normal. He will have his adult teeth by around seven months of age, and will continue to chew for several months after that. I am not sure what you mean by homely diet, but there is information on feeding your Labrador here and lots of information about caring for your puppy here . The correct weight for Labradors of a given age will vary widely. As a rough guide you should be able to feel, but not see, his ribs and he should have a bit of a waist when viewed from above and the side. His backbone should be well covered and should not feel ‘knobbly’. If in doubt, do check with your vet.

  14. i am looking for a puppy. i thought a lab would be correct for my house but my mom disagrees. she thinks lab is too big for the house. are there any suggetions for a dog breed that doesnt require non veg food and is suitable for a cosy medium sized house with a small frontyard?

    • Hi there, all dogs require ‘non veg food’ as they are carnivores. It is the time you are prepared to spend exercising and training the dog are as important as the size of your home. For more information about what is involved in having a labrador or any large active dog, you might find it helpful to read this article Pippa

  15. Hi,
    Snoopy is of 10 months.. He was eating sufficient food and was healthy said by vet, but from 1 month he is not eating anything, not even the meat.. and also not playing with us much.. we not yet started to take him outside for walking..
    whats the problem for not having food..
    thank you..

  16. how to take care my puppy because the luse motion is going on and in our area the climate is very cool . And my baby is 3days old.

      • Hi Pippa,
        I think wat mr.satish mean is, his puppy is suffering from Loose motion (Diarrhea) and the climate in their place is very cold….and i think either his baby or his puppy is aged 3 days….

  17. Hi pippa, I am from Coimbatore, India. I am owning a 45 Days old lab puppy. I am feeding her only Dog Cerelac (Samoval) now. Can you suggest me what kind of food should i need to feed her now & when can i start giving rice. Can you elaborate about the food criteria which you followed for your lab.
    Can i feed Raagi Porridge now & What kind of Foods should i need to feed now. I contacted vet too. He said to give rice. but my concern till 8 weeks to feed rice is not good to lab. Right now i am feeding her 4 Times daily. with a mixture of Dog Cerelac+water+Curd.


    • The presence or absence of white fur is not proof of pedigree. Whilst the labrador breed standard prefers a solid colour, a small white spot is allowed, and many pedigree labradors do have a white spot or patch.

  18. Hi pippa,
    Am from India, am a state level badminton player. I bought new lab puppy which is 30 days old. I use to go for tournaments to other state. Can I take pup with me??? And how many times feedin per day?

  19. Hi there

    I bought a labrador puppy from a breeder in South Africa and the puppy is 6weeks old. After reading up I now realise week 6-8 is crucial for puppy interaction. A friend told me that the puppy will benefit from puppy training classes. How old should he be before I start him in a class.

    Thanking you

  20. hello pippa..
    iam an indian and i have a 45 days old black lab puppy…the problem is that its not listening to me..i mean when i call it or make some sounds its not looking at my face…Is it because of its age?? or will it be having any other problem??

    • Hi Anil, you should take your puppy to a vet, if he does not react at all to sounds he may have problems with his hearing. Pippa

  21. hie pippa
    my dog is 1 month. he is vry slowly nd lazy… nd he is vry weak his bones is easily visible …can u help me in knowing reason for not proper growth nd weight..??

  22. Can you a advise! My sister’s black Labrador has, today, just had eleven pups. She cannot feed them all herself. Please advise!

    • Hi John, if your sister does not have an experienced breeder to mentor her, she needs to get in touch with her vet. If a bitch cannot feed all her pups, then options are to hand feed/top up the puppies with a replacement for bitches milk like Whelpi or Lactol. Or occasionally it may be possible to foster some of the pups on to another bitch that has recently whelped a small litter. Her vet or another local experienced breeder is the best person to help. Pippa

  23. Hi Pippa. I have been trying to find a definitive answer to the whole “amount of exercise to give a puppy” question! My Black Lab, Guinness, is 5 months old. He comes with from great blood lines and looks superb, a really good looking and strong lad. I have been trying to limit his walks since we got him at 8 weeks old. I have in the past week though, been walking him off-lead in a huge set-aside field near where we live. His recall to whistle and verbal commands is superb ad his behaviour on the walks is good. The walks off-lead have been lasting between 30 and 40 minutes. During this time, Guinness spends some time running about like a lunatic, some time practising his recall with me and some time just trotting along. Nothing apart from the recall from a distance is forced. Is this too much for a pup of his age and am I better to wait before carrying on with these walks?

    • Hi Tom, you can find a general article on exercising a labrador here and a more specific one on exercise for puppies here
      In my view there is no exact answer to this common question. I tend to play it safe with my puppies. You need to look at the evidence and choose your path based on how you feel about it.


      • Thanks Pippa. I have read both articles and I’m still not sure what’s best for him. I think I will carry on going to the field but do half the field instead of all of it, until he is a bit older.

  24. Hi, Sir.
    My 3 month old off White leb is not walk or stand properly. he got vibration on rear leg when he was standing…

  25. Hi Pippa,

    I have 45 days old male lab mix puppy (2.5 kgs) and giving pedigree 4 time’s a day but it is not putting more weight. Could you please guide me what kind of food do I need to give my puppy.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi, there is basic information here about feeding. There could be many reasons for a puppy to fail to gain weight. From diarhorrea to internal parasites, or something more serious. It is not something that can be diagnosed over the internet. Do take your puppy to a vet if he is too thin. Pippa

  26. Hi Pippa Except for regular grooming is there anything else I can do to minimize the hair all over the house. We brush her everyday after playtime, but she still looses a lot of hair. Somebody said I can give her Omega 3,6 & 9 capsules. Will it help?

  27. Hi,
    We are currently feeding Barney, our 8 week puppy, on Royal Canin Labrador Puppy food as recommended by breeder. However he doesn’t seem to be eating anywhere near what is recommended. Should I add water to it to soften the biscuits?

  28. hi pippa,
    i jhave male 3 months black lab. i do not want to breed.i know dogs come into heat twice in a year(female).pl.advise me is it necessary to cross my male lab atleast once in a year or should neuter.? but i donot like the idea of neutering. i feel it as sin.cannot we dispense with crossing or neutering and still have good tempered lab.

    • Hi,
      There are two separate issues here.
      Contraception, and neutering. Yet people frequently confuse them where dogs are concerned.

      You cannot have neutering without contraception, but you can have contraception without neutering.
      Neutering is a major procedure and is a very effective contraceptive. But it is not the only form of contraception for dogs. Nor is it necessary for any dog to be bred from.

      If you don’t want to breed your dog you don’t have to. Neutering does not need to come into it. All we need do is keep male dogs away from female dogs that are in season. And keep female dogs in season away from male dogs.

      As for a good tempered lab, neutering does not significantly alter the ‘temperament’ of your labrador. Have a look at these articles to find out how neutering may affect your dog.

      • hi pippa,
        thanks for the answer but pl.clarify the below too
        i understood that neutering and breeding is not compulsory.
        but does it make the dog aggressive if we denoy to fulfill its biological urge(for all breeds in general)
        And morover you said to keep away from female dogs in season.
        But i heard males can smell faraway females that are in season.
        if that is the case how to take the dog for usual walk and still keep it away from females in season.
        can we know female dogs that are in season by looking at them?

        • Hi Shashi

          I have seen no evidence to suggest that intact dogs are likely to become aggressive if denied fulfilment of their biological urges! Though if kennelled in close proximity to bitches in season, some intact males may become anxious and upset.

          By keeping your male away from bitches in season, I simply meant you would avoid having bitches in season coming around to visit or play with your dog, and similarly would avoid taking your male to a friend’s home if their bitch was on heat.

          Out on a walk, the responsibility lies with the owner of the bitch to ensure that their female is not exercised in a public place during the three weeks of her season.

          Neutering has its advantages and disadvantages, and you can read about these in the link I gave you above. You say you don’t like the idea of neutering and I replied that you don’t need to neuter your dog in order to prevent him becoming a father. However, if you are extremely worried about the possibility of your dog being mated, then neutering may be the best choice for you.


  29. Hi….i hav a lab i dont known his proper age,but according to my vet he is four and a half month or five months old and dont even known that he is a proper breed or mix one. The problem with him is that he is annoying , he never listens to me or any of my family member,im feeding him royal canin and best food i can give him ,but still his growth is slow and he always has the problem of losmotions .he has a habit of eating anything he finds,jm giving him proper medicen and all…..but always worried about his growth and health.he is little thin also…plzzz suggest me how i can make his digestion power storng….my vet suggest me that not to give him milk,chicken,dal vet tells me to give him curd rice , he dont not even smells it when i tried to feed him that….im from india plz help me….i have seen many dogs of his similar age they are quit helthy

    • Hi there,
      Not listening to members of the family is quite normal. You will need to train your puppy to respond to your commands. You can find lots of information on training in our training section. All puppies will eat all kinds of rubbish, you need to supervise him or prevent him from getting access to things you don’t want him to eat.

      I strongly recommend you listen to your local vet with regard to feeding advice. He knows what is available to you in your area. Bear in mind that your puppy is weaned. Four month old puppies do not need milk of any kind and many puppies will get upset stomachs if given milk.

      Best wishes, Pippa

  30. hi I have a 10 week old red fox lab who is doing really well and looks great. his weight at the moment is 10.45kg but the vet said he is fine, he is just a big dog with big bones. at present I am feeding him royal canine puupy food for labs 4 times a day……he seems to eat it all at breakfast and at supper but his 2 feeds during the day he is only eating half. do you think it is to early to cut him down to 3 meals a day? thanks

    • Hi Gillian, I usually keep puppies on four meals a day until 12 or 13 weeks. If you cut him down to three, he will need to eat even more at one sitting than he does now and that could possibly upset his tummy. Pippa

  31. Hi Pippa,

    Hw r u? I have a one and half month old male lab. My doubts are:
    1. Can I feed him cow’s milk?
    2. At what age can I shift him to his cart (permenently for the whole day)?
    3. At what age can I start him to train?
    4. What could be the reason he want to stay in water (in places like bath room etc)?
    5. Please tell me the deworming schedule for whole life cycle.

    I know it’s a big questionare and I hope you wont mind it :-)…..expecting ur reply….

        • Hi Arun, you cannot leave a dog in a crate (meaning a wire or mesh cage) all day at any age. If you have to leave the dog all day, he needs a proper kennel with an outdoor run and separate sleeping compartment. If you are going to use a kennel, you can begin the transfer at any time provided that the temperature does not fall too low. Puppies lose heat much faster than adult dogs.

          Start with very short periods in the kennel (just a few minutes at a time) But bear in mind that no matter how careful you are to transition slowly, some puppies left alone in a kennel will bark and howl. All day. For this reason and because young dogs need lots of socialisation, I rarely kennel a dog under six months of age, and I never kennel dogs alone.


          • I have built a concrete cage sized 6x4x5 inches (LxWxH) with grills in sides for his proper view to outside…I am not planning to leave him in the kennel for 24hrs..but can I leave him in the kennel for whole night, ie. from 10pm to 6am, at the age of 3 months…at the day time i am planning to put him in cage for some short periods….. and pls tell me hw can i secure him from mosquitos…can i use the common mosquito killers near to his kennel????


          • Arun,

            For the dimensions of the kennel, I assume you mean ‘feet’ not inches! I can’t comment on specific aspects of individual kennel design, especially outside of the UK where weather conditions and temperatures may be outside my experience. Your cage sounds rather small and would not be suitable for long periods of time.

            You will need to make sure that the kennel cannot get too hot at any time, and that it cannot get too cold, especially at night. Your puppy will need to be able to get away from drafts, which means a raised bed of some sort. Wooden planks or boards can be used for this purpose. Part of any kennel should be a ‘run’ where the dog can go to the toilet. And you need to be able to wash the floor or it will get very smelly, especially in hot weather.

            I cannot comment on insect repellents, your local vet or the manufacturer of the product you use should be able to tell you if it is safe to use in a kennel.

            What you are proposing does not sound ideal, and my honest opinion is that your puppy would be better off indoors.


  32. Hi
    Please can you help me. My puppy always seems to breathe fast when she lies down. Is this normal? She’s 8 weeks old.
    Thank you

    • Hi Joanne, it really isn’t possible or ethical for us to attempt to diagnose potential health problems over the internet. Have your puppy checked over by your vet.
      Best wishes,

  33. hi friends,

    today a honey bee had bite my lab but its fine but has slight pain on his front rignt leage shall i go to a vat or its not necessary plz advice thx.

    • A single sting on a leg doesn’t usually cause a problem, but occasionally a dog can have an allergic reaction. If she seems unwell, get her checked over by the vet quickly.

  34. i have a one and a half year old lab golden color . he is very energetic get 1 hour of exercise two times a day that is morning and evening .in the afternoon he get to play in the garden with me but after all that he still chews every lead we buy for him .please help me with this problem

  35. thanks pippa for that answer but the problem is when we tie him because we are cleaning the house .the domestic help is scared of dogs so we have to tie him for at least an hour everyday rest of the time he roams in the house or the garden .he only chews his lead when he is tied,but he get a lot of exercise then why does he get frustrated when we tie him,

    • Hi there, I don’t think your solution lies with trying to figure out why the dog doesn’t like being tied up.

      Your objective is to keep the dog away from your cleaner and tying him up is not working. The best solution is probably to put the dog in a purpose built dog crate whilst your domestic help is working. Leave him with a kong to keep him happy whilst she is busy. Crates can be purchased online.


  36. Hi I have labrador who is 10 weeks old. His weight was only 3 kg. But his tummy is already quite big and he eat a lot and his poop is quite massive.
    I believe he is still underweight for 10 weeks old puppy. Is that right?


  37. hi pippa ths is teja i have lab of 3 months it was suffring frm jondies and it was tottaly week plz tell wht i have to do

  38. hi frns..i have a sweet young and very active lab of2 months name tuffy.i want to train him from now onwards.what can i use as treat for hime while training…

    • Hi Amey,
      You can use part of your puppy’s daily food ration, and any other suitable food that he really loves. Little tiny pieces of roast meat are really popular and tiny bits of cheese.


  39. hello i have golden lab 2 months and 2 weeks. he eats properly but is lazy. when i play with the ball he runs after it but then after a while sits then i again throw the ball he brings it to me and then sits near me and bits the ball but he doesnt play properly with the ball……i have seen that he runs for few mins and then sit done. please help me what should i do

    • A ten week old puppy cannot be fairly described as lazy. Small puppies need a lot of rest and have a very short attention span. If you want to teach your puppy to retrieve you will need to harness and encourage his retrieving desire which can very easily be extinguished by too many retrieving games.

      Please read this article before playing any more retrieving games with your puppy: Building retrieving desire in your puppy


  40. Hi Pippa

    What is the best way to discipline a biting puppy? I have tried giving her a chew toy when she starts biting us,but that only stops her for a few minutes…and then she starts barking and bouncing and biting again!

    Thank you

  41. Hi,

    I bought a Labrador female puppy ..28 days old .. Could u please guide me how to maintain it .. It’s having warmed milk with water and cerelac mixed Trice In a day .. Feel like the pup is not active at all .. It wake up and bargs for the food as soon it complete .. Goes to sleep ..;(.. Please help me out ..;)


  42. HI There,
    I have a 9 month old Lab puppy and he is shedding his hair a lot ,he also licks and scratches his body a lot.. Do u have any suggestion for me..
    thanks in advance

  43. Hi,
    I have a lab HUGO who is one year old. we are vegetarians and i would like to ask if it is necessary to feed him non vegetarian food. We give him a NON veg pedigree alternate days. He eats all kinds of veggies raw, cooked. He is always ready for food. He weighs 34 kg…is it a good weight for his age. Also if he finds food he does not want to come to us, even if we cal him. Other wise he is quite obidient. When ever we take him outside, he sits on the road if he finds another big dog than him…is this normal. Kindly answer to my queries.

    • Hi Lata,
      My personal view is that a vegetarian diet is not at all suitable for dogs.

      A dog’s correct weight is never just a number, it depends on the structure and build of the dog. You need to determine a healthy weight by the appearance and feel of the dog. This article should help you.

      Your recall problem can be resolved by training, this is our Recall Training Centre where you will find lots of information on teaching your dog to come. And yes, some young dogs will sit down, or lie down, if they feel intimidated by a bigger dog.


  44. HI,
    I have a Fawn color Labro, male, he is about 2 months and 15-20 days old i give him royal canine and drools in lukewarm water for food 4 times a day and the total amount of drools and royal canine are 1 cup exact even though the amount of water may differ, he is very playful and active and gets sufficient amount of sleep. But there is on problem! one of his front legs or hands shakes at some angle which is when he is sitting. So should i consult a vet for him or is it normal for a pup of this age to have a bit of weak or shaky front legs?!

  45. Hai,
    I have a 1 month black labrador puppy… it contain some pimples over it body what can i do? after how many days i can bath mu lab????

  46. I have a 6 month and 2 weeks old female yellow lab. She is still biting my hands quite often especially when she is excited. . I thought she would be over this by now. She doesn’t do it to my husband only on occasion. I tell her no I give her a time out. I have done the toy thing. The yelling ouch. Its like shes so used to doing it. Will this ever stop??

    Thank you for any info that you can give me.

    • Hi Cindy,
      Yes it will stop, but when it persists this long it is usually because the dog is getting overexcited. Try to focus on keeping her calm. Have a look at this article

  47. hii….i have 15 days old black female lab….i want to know what food should i give to her…although ..she is very small nd his parent mother is dead after giving birth to her ….plz advice me on this …

    thanxs .

  48. Hello Pippa
    My labrador puppy is now Seven months old and a joy. I have noticed that her paws are slightly cracked. They do not seem to be worrying her and I can’t remember our other two labs having this problem. She is fed Betapuppy. I wonder if you feel that I should be concerned about this condition.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Annie, it might be a good idea to pop in to your vet. Cracked pads can sometimes become infected, and occasionally can be a symptom of other troubles. In all probability he will tell you to worry or give you some moisturising ointment to rub in to them. But for peace of mind I would get it checked.

  49. Hii ma lab pup s 4 mnths
    she s losing alot of her hair
    vet gave a tonic bt i dont thnk it s helping
    plz help me
    is it cuz of the hot summers ??

    • Hi, if the vet’s prescription isn’t working you need to go back and tell him so that he can look at other possibilities.

  50. mam, my 30 days white labra puppy has not started walking yet..he remains vry lethargic ..he doesnt evn sit properly ..though we had pupis from our female labra befor too bt all of thm wr quite active at this age…m worried for him ..are these signs of weakness or what is it….PLZ tel me

  51. hii i have a 4 month old labrador female, i am not getting it that y she is scared of peoples and other thing also..she is so shy also..

  52. Hey. I lost my 2.5 months old labrador puppy and found her about 3.5 weeks later. The thing is it was winters and rain season so due to that she was very weak. Her body has managed to grow to the size of a normal 4 months old labrador but the size of her head hasn’t grown probaby due to starvation over those 3 weeks. Can anyone hep with this? Thanks.

    • Hi Prashanth
      Your puppy is too young to leave his mother. You need to take him back and wait until he is eight weeks old before bringing him home

  53. Hi,
    I brought a new Labrador female.. and she is 3 months old .. i DOUBT THAT whether she is lab or not as her tail is not as straight its long and curled one and she has got white patches on her feet and chest… and bites while playing.. can u guide?

    • Hi,
      I cannot tell you whether or not your dog is a purebred labrador based on your description, though white patches on chest and feet are considered a fault in Labradors, some do have them. All puppies bite while playing. Here is an article about biting

  54. i have a golden labrador who is 2 months old and we were feeding him royal canin birth,now shall we swith over to drolls for puppies or could you please suggest.

  55. My Labrador puppy is 2 months lab it is too weak I feed it without biscuits and milk what ever it eats immediately it’s geeting motions what I do

  56. Hay this is my first pet in my house my lab is 3 month 14 days which calcium and multivitamins shell I give him for his hight and good grothe

  57. Hi,
    We are taking home our second lab in 1 week. We have a choice of 2 females. This is a problem because they are both amazingly cute and sweet but are very different personalities. The confident one is first to explore new areas and first to run after the kids and the balls. First out of the barn to see you. The shy girl would prefer to sit on my lap and softly whimper. When exposed to the same situation again the shy girl does warm up. She doesn’t seem to be startled by the kids at all just new situations. Both puppies have been raised in a very social home with many kids. I do not want a scared dog.. Do you feel that this nervous behaviour will carry on through adult hood or do you think with heavy socialization this personality will disappear and I will have just a cuddly sweetheart of a dog that will love all the adventurous things our family does and will be submissive. I must mention that our grandpa 8 year old lab, 3 kids and 3 acres can be overwhelming. This is tough as I know the commitment is a long time and I don’t know if a fearful dog would manage well with us, just as I don’t want a bossy girl trying to run my house. People say choose the more confident one but for some reason I feel sorry for the timid one with the sad eyes. Do you have any great advice in choosing a puppy?

    • Hi Karrie,
      Choosing a puppy is a very personal decision, I might go for the more confident puppy, but it would depend on how I felt about the puppy when I met her and watched how she behaved. There is an article here that might help you.

  58. My 2 months lap puppy is not eating anythng for past two days.. and has lost quite a bit of weight. is there any serous problem goin on with him???

    • Hi Sachin,
      It is quite inappropriate for us to attempt to diagnose your little puppy’s problem online. Please take him to a vet without delay.
      Best wishes

  59. Hey
    I hv just bought a lab aged 1 month. After reading i am very sad to know that lab should be more than 2 month before i get him. But now suggest me wht all are the steps i have todo to take care of him and wht should i feed him to make him my super dog.

  60. Hi, I am after some advice on our (large) 13 week old black lab, milo. he seems to be finding it hard to understand toilet training (mainly in the evenings) despite our best efforts. (He is in a crate size 107cm x 71cm x 76cm and i have also got a crate style pen around this where he can use the toilet, (without this area he would toilet in his crate) whilst sometimes I can go out in the day for up to 2-3 hours he may/may not dirty his pen, however we are currently trying everything we possibly can he is still weeing and dirtying during the night even though his last feed is at 5.30pm and we remove his water between 7.30pm and 9pm his bedtime is 9pm but we do wake him between 10 & 11 pm and take him outside, last night he did 2 massive poo’s at 10.30pm and we got up at 6.30am to 2 more massive poo’s (this is usual most mornings) :( we are at our wits end as he has 3 feeds a day at 110g (110g was recommended by the breeder for his age) of wainwright food, his first been 7am second 12 noon and final feed 5.30pm we just can’t understand how or why he is pooing so much and so often, also we have noticed a dramatic change in his behaviour from around 5pm onwards whereby he becomes ridiculously hyperactive and is constantly sat by the door wanting to go out, so we take him out for up to 30-45 mins in the garden and he just plays we bring him in and within a minute he will squat and wee on the floor, 3 times yesterday evening he did this, (he is praised when he correctly goes outside!)although he won’t toilet when out on a walk. he doesn’t make a noise to go out so we have to constantly follow him to see if he is at the door waiting to go out aswell. We love our little milo but we are desperate to understand this behaviour and whilst I’d hate to ever have to rehome him it has crossed our mind as we have children in the house and a baby on the way the last thing we need is wee and poo in the house. I’d be so happy if you could give me some advice. He is large for his age and also he bites a lot which is something we are controlling by when he bites we ignore him for 5minutes. Please help as at the moment it feels we have been dealt a bad hand!

    • Hi Kerri,
      From 10:30pm until 6:30am is too long for many 13 week old puppies to last between bathroom breaks. All puppies poo several times a day and it is quite normal for a puppy this age not to ask to go out. You need to start over as if he were a new puppy. Find a length of time that he can cope (start with four hours at night and 30 minutes during the day for example, then build on that. It is vital that you break the cycle of soiling now, whilst he is still young, or it may be difficult to cure. Here is an example of the sort of size crate you need. If it is any bigger, he will use one end as a toilet. You can buy a divider if your crate is too big. And here is an article on puppies biting
      You have not been dealt a bad hand, all puppies bite and many need very frequent toilet breaks. It is an intensive few weeks when your puppy arrives, but it soon passes and it will get easier :) Meanwhile, why not drop into the forum for support and advice from other puppy owners.
      Best wishes

      • Thanks pippa I think I probably compare him too much to my mums 10 week old lab who is an absolute dream, I’m sure we will get there with milo. It scares me because I rescued a dog from the RSPCA a couple of years ago she too was a lab although not full pedigree like milo, and we believe she was roughly 3 years in age but she dirtied all the time in the house she was never trained obviously from a puppy and she had been mistreated it was easy to see sadly she had to be put to sleep last year as she had kidney disease that no one had picked up on from birth the vet seemed to think. Hence the sadness of me not wanting milo to go down the same road with the training!! Ill try all your tips and see if they work! Many thanks again x

  61. Hi Pippa
    Can you help me … many people say chocolates are dopey compared to the golden /black , especially if both parents are chocolate. I know you have Racheal a chocolate Labrador, she looks adorable. i’ve been reading your blog about her training and how well she is doing but is it that she’s doing well because of your expertise in training or that chocolate really aren’t that daft ? Have you heard that they are more daft if both parents are chocolate ?
    Set my heart on getting a choc Lab but getting lot’s of negative reports about them !
    Please help with getting my head clearer on my decision making
    Many thank’s

    • Hi Kerry, what are your hopes for your dog? Are you wanting to train for a sport like gundog work or agility? Or are you simply looking for an obedient pet? Unless you are wanting to get involved with specialist training, any Labrador is sufficiently intelligent/able, to be trained as a well mannered pet.

      • Thanks for getting back to me, I have bought both Total Recall and the Gundog club books and have decided against the gun dog training as I already have a cat that brings home unwanted presents for me :) so it would be for an obedient pet type training, although saying that I would like like to do the agility classes too for fun !
        So do you think I’m worrying too much ?

        • Hi Kerry,
          There are no guarantees with puppies, and they all have their little quirks, but yes, you are worrying too much. :) If a chocolate appeals to you, then go for it. If you like the idea of agility, you might find a working bred Labrador a better bet, not because of the brain, but because they are faster and more agile.

  62. hi :) i have a white labra of 25 to 28 days female.. and i am just giving her a milk ?.. its her first night in my home andd she woke up every 30 to 40 min and she is to noisy and she love to sleep on my tummy or on my laps 😛 and i cant sleep whole night .. tell me please any solution? or what should i feed her ?? thanks :)

  63. Hi, I have a 31/2 year old Labrador. She weighs 32 Kgs but doesn’t seem over weight to me. Firstly is she over weight?? Secondly how many times do I need to feed her. Right now i feed her twice daily but everyone suggest that I can reduce her meals to 1 a day. Is that right?? I cant let my baby starve. Please advise

  64. happy mornin..,
    i hav 2months black retriver puppy..,can anyone Suggest the Best puppy food or receipes to prepare in home(VEG) and he’s loosing his hairs.., can i know the problem and solution for tat.., pls anyone suggest..,

  65. I have a 4 months 3 weeks labrador.
    Weight = 25kg
    Height = 19 Inch
    He eats 150 gm pedigree dry food at morning
    300 gm Rice & 300 chicken boiled together with pinch of turmeric and same repeatedly at night.
    A month and a half back he got some tick and fleas so we use ek-tek teak powder but itching was still there and vet suggested to move to tick and fleas spray.
    We used and then very next day huge hair fall started with lot of itching.
    Now its been 3 weeks hair fall reduces but itching is still there. He is getting rashes everyday. Vet is giving anti itching tablet and injection as well but problem is still there.
    We are from india.
    What do you suggest? What should we do?

    • Hi, you need to go back to your vet and if necessary get a second opinion. No-one can diagnose a medical problem over the internet. Good luck with your puppy. Pippa

  66. Hi,

    My 4 months old labrador puppy is losing his milk teeths. He is very irritated and refuses to sleep. He is having some problem like bleeding from gums. How can I help him to provide some relief? Please suggest some solutions.

    • Hi Priya,
      Teething does not normally make puppies irritable or interfere with sleep. There may be a little trace of blood when a tooth comes out, but other than this, gums should not bleed. It is probably a good idea to get your puppy checked over by your vet. He will also want to chew so you will need to provide him with some indestructible chew toys.

  67. Hi….I just got a new pup about 38 days…got to know from your site its too young for them ..kindly guide what to do as I can’t return it.weare vegetarians and can give non veg….so far I have given him milk rice and idlis…and he liked it…pls suggest veggie diet…thanks anjali

  68. Hello Pippa, I have a 12 week old lab and she has only been with us 2 days she has had her first jab and due for her second in the next few days..
    I would just like some advice on how much food we should be giving her and how often as she has just been trying to vomit but I dont think she is ill but I may of fed her a little too much food… thx Sue

    • Hi Sue, if you are feeding commercial puppy food (kibble) you need to be guided by the recommendations on the packet. Divide the daily ration into three or four small meals. If she keeps vomiting, do get the vet to check her over, as small pups can go downhill quite rapidly. You may need to adjust quantities to suit your puppy if she is getting too fat or too skinny. Have a look at this article for more info. You might also enjoy the forums where you can get help and support from experienced Labrador owners.

  69. We hav a beautiful 10 week old chocolate lab, we have just noticed that his adult coat is comming through already!! Just wondered if this has happened with any one else and is it normal? The vet says he’s happy and healthy although this doesn’t explain why it’s happened. Also he weighs 9kg at 10 week what size is he likely to grow to?

  70. I hav a black lab of 2 yr 6 mnth he hav bugs and when we take out so much blood is coming please help me how to take out the bugs

    • There can be many causes for hair loss. When you see your vet about his ‘bug’ he will be able to look at the hair loss problems too.

  71. Hi, Myself and my partner have just bought our first lab (previously having dogs when growing up) Nellie is our absolute world and we love seeing her grow and learn everyday. The only thing that is concerning me is her exercise, She is 12 weeks old and we walk her 10minutes in the morning and 25minutes in the evening. Are we over doing it? We were aware it can cause problems in the future but she never seems to get tierd, and when she runs around like a mad person I would prefer to take her to the field behind our house for a proper run around and toilet break. I know excessive exercise isn’t proven that it can cause labs problems growing up but can anyone advise if im walking her too much?
    Many Thanks

  72. i have lab name sam she has 8 puppies 5 weeks old now but their weight is only 2.5 kilos. this is normal. what vitamins can i get to gain weight and height……..

    • Hi Rodel,
      If you have never raised a litter of puppies you really need someone to talk to and to mentor you. I suggest you contact the owner of the stud dog that fathered your puppies, and also recommend that you get a copy of The Book of The Bitch If you need more help, do join the forums where you can talk to other Labrador owners.

  73. Hi Pippa,

    I am adopting a two month old female black lab cross (who’s name is Pippa aswell :) ) and will be bringing her home this weekend. She is quite underweight and has terrible scarring on her face from a bad ringworm infection. Please can you advise on how often I should bath her and how often I need to feed her so that she can pick up weight and be a healthy lab pup.

    • Hi Jessica,
      Congratulations on your new puppy. :) Puppies don’t need baths unless they get really grubby. This article is all about feeding your puppy. You might also find it helpful to join the forums for help and advice from other Labrador owners
      Best wishes

  74. Hi Mate, How r u ?
    I just have one question…
    What (if there’s an answer) would you give your own lab pup in the way of dry food? Mine is about six months old (Girl). I really want know, because I only want whats best for her well being… So things like BRAND, PUPPY/ADULT/LARGE BREED FOOD, BIG/SMALL KIBBLE, ETC.
    I also give her chicken necks daily, egg and a mix of vegetables.
    If you could help that would be great.
    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,

    Steve P.

  75. hi pippa,
    i have a black female 3 month old lab puppy… how trained her about toilet place? She do it always infront of my house… I punished she with a small stick always…bt no change in its behavier…

        • Hi Adesh, the articleI linked to for you in my previous answer explains why punishment is not effective in housetraining. I hope you can find time to read it. There is another article here which looks at the downside of punishment in dog training generally.

  76. Hi Pippa, We have finally got our black male lab puppy. He is 11 weeks old and is chewing and biting everything. We have removed from his sight objects that he might chew or bite but he is biting us very strongly and it is extremely painful. We do tell him “No” and walk away when he bites us but he just comes behind us and continues biting, what can we do?


    • Hi Jym,
      Your puppy’s behaviour is completely normal. Puppies do bite very hard. This article will help you deal with the biting. You are at the worst point now, things will get better over the next few weeks, so hang on in there!

    • Hi Kimberly
      There can be different causes of hair loss, it would be best to take the pups along to your vet. He may want to take skin scrapes and send them off for analysis before making a definite diagnosis.

  77. in india the breeders and other people selling the puppies are very money minded,they dont care about puppys health ,they use to sell puppies as young as 5 days old…this is very disgusting but nothig can be done…i feel so helpless…

  78. u can find numerous advertisement on net stating 10 days old,20 days old pups for sale as their are no animal laws regarding this and they use to breed female dog from 6 month of age and every time she comes into heat regardless of her health…

  79. Hi Pippa
    I’ve got a black female Labrador, 2.5 months old weighing 4.5 kg . We feed her home made food which comprises of spinach, bottle gourd, pumpkin, carrots, chicken, brown rice and cheese. She takes 4 meals a day and happily finishes off her food. Her bowel movement is also fine. I have 2 concerns for her health:
    1. She’s shedding a lot since last 3-4 weeks. We stay in New Delhi (India) and it’s quite hot here. Initially she developed 2 bald spots, and then losing her coat gradually all over. We consulted a vet who took skin scrapes to examine for any serious skin infection, but found none. She was recommended antibiotic for a week. There’s a little improvement. But still there’s a lot of hair loss. Can it be due to some un-diagnosed infection OR diet imbalance OR just because of hot climate?
    2. We feed her over 3 bowls a day (spread over 4 meals). Is this sufficient for her in these growing months? We give her supplements for Calcium, Multi-vitamins and Omega3, Omega6 supplement. Is there anything else to be considered in her diet?

    Please advise.

  80. i have 3 month old female lab… Last day i notified a small projection on her head?? Is that a big problem? Total confused about my lab??

  81. hi I have got a black lab puppy last week and he is 8 weeks old, well 9 now. he has a white chest does this mean he is a cross with another breed?

    • Hi Caroline, a white mark on chest is considered a fault, though it is not uncommon in some working lines of Labrador. Other than that, I couldn’t comment on the ancestry of your dog based on his chest colour.

  82. Hi Pippa, I have 54 days old black lab puppy. He is very smaller in size. My vet say that he is unhealthy & give him milk a lot to drink. But he does not like milk. He like only biscuts. How do I give him milk?Himother had 7 litters including him. His co-litters arhealthy pups excluding 2 of them( 1 is him). does he grow like other labs? I am giving him syrups to grow. What food I give him?

  83. Hi Pippa,

    I have a 9 week old Labrador Pup and he is getting really well. I was just wondering what is the best way to settle him on a night. He goes to sleep, but then is up a few times in the night. Should I take his cage in my bedroom or leave it downstairs? Thanks Danni.

    • Hi Danni, it is normal for pups to need to go out for a wee at least once during the night for the first couple of weeks. If he is crying because he is lonely, you can either have the crate in your bedroom for a few nights, or harden your heart and leave him to settle alone. You might this article helpful. And there are lots more like it in the puppy care section

  84. We have two Lab’s having puppies 1 week apart!. i have made a whelping box which has a dividing middle. Are we ok to have them in the same room?

    • Hi Rob,
      You should not have whelping labs in the same room, let alone in boxes next to one another. Many bitches would be very upset to have another bitch in such close proximity which could cause all sorts of problems from delayed labour to damaging her own pups or the other bitches pups.

      Every bitch needs complete privacy and your full attention during labour. Which with only a week apart could take place on the same day. It only needs one to be late and the other early. So do make sure you have another adult on hand that the dogs know well, just in case.

      Best wishes

  85. Hi,
    I have had my 8 week old chocolate lab for 2 full days now. He seems to be picking things up very quickly, ie housebreaking, sleeping in the create without whining, but he just wants to sleep all day and he is not eating much. He seems to enjoy the food, but will not eat it for very long. He is about 13 pounds and looks healthy but is only eating about a cup of dog food per day.

    Does this sound “normal”?


    • If you are using kibble, the manufacturers will give you guidelines on the packet for quantities. Some of the more expensive kibbles are very concentrated and should be fed in lower quantities. There is no rule of thumb on this. Small puppies sleep a lot, but they should have several lively periods during the day when they are very bouncy and playful. If your puppy is lethargic all day, he needs to see a vet. It may be that he is just feeling a bit overwhelmed by the change in his world, but best to be on the safe side.

      • Hi Pippa,
        Thanks for the quick reply!

        I felt that he might be feeling a little overwhelmed/ stressed by the changes and that might be causing it.

        I am using Innova Puppy and the recommended quantity for his age/weight is 2.5 cups per day.

        I think I will take him to the vet just in case!

        Thanks again!

  86. Hi,

    I have a 2 month 1 day old Female Labrador. I was giving her Cerelac. But now as per vets instructions I brought Pedigree Puppy Weaning.

    He asked me to give here 10 pallets every 4 hours with Milk. But i am very confused. 10 pallets are just 10 granules right? will that be sufficient?

    On the pedigree pack it is mentioned that i have to serve 40 to 120grms. But is it per serving or per day?

    Can you guide me on this?

    Thank you

    • Sorry Kris, I am not familiar with Cerelac, or with puppy food sold in pallets. Here in the UK puppy food is sold in packs of kibble and we do not feed puppies milk after six weeks or so.
      You need to go back to your vet and ask him to clarify.

      • Hi Pippa,

        Thanks for the reply.. Yes the puppy food we get is also packs of kibbles.. I guess when the Vet said 10pellets he meant 10kibbles..

        • Ten pellets doesn’t sound very much, but you can increase the amount she eats gradually, as long as she is not getting fat.

          • What do you think is the decent amount per meal? i gave her 30 for the dinner thinking 10 would be very less..

  87. my puppy is 4 months old now and he has not gained much height. Is it because my puppy is male? is it true that female dogs grow faster at first few months than males? pls reply

    • I am not aware of any evidence to support such a theory. But if your puppy is not growing as he should, a visit to your vet is in order.

      • Thank You for the reply miss. I say his height gain is slow because when i compare him with my friend’s dog who is a female lab she was quite big. That is Why I asked if female dogs grow faster at first few months than male. On a four leg stand his height is 50cm is that normal for a male dog of 4 month age?

  88. Hi Pippa,
    I have a 6 month old golden white male lab. Could you please tell me how often should I give him a bath?? And may I use shampoo and other bathing products for him??

    • Hi Nina, it is entirely up to you. I hardly ever bath my Labradors. Give him a bath if he rolls in something horrible :) You can buy proprietary dog shampoos. I would avoid bathing him in the winter if he swims a lot, as the shampoo may interfere with the natural waterproofing oils in his coat.

  89. hi i have 6months golden lab retriever, i am planning to give ìm royal canine maxi how much quantity and hom many times shall i give him. .

    • Hi, you can divide his daily ration into two portions, and feed morning and night. The quantities will be indicated on the packet. Use these as a guide and adjust if he looks a little over or underweight. Pippa

  90. Hiya,
    we’re getting our new lab puppy in a couple of weeks and she’ll be nearly 9 weeks old. We are all ready with a crate etc but I wanted to ask how long I could leave her for at the beginning, is an hour – an hour 1/2 ok? Do I need to buy a play pen thing so she has her crate and can walk around and still be safe from the kitchen?

  91. Hi,
    I live in New Delhi, India. I have 2 six month old pups… a female lab (Minka) and a male Indian (Simba). Within a month of my first getting them, Minka was severely sick with tick fever and we could just barely save her. A few weeks later, Simba got the same, though his wasn’t that serious. They are both fine now, except that they seem to have weak tummies… Minka more so than Simba. For the past couple of days, their stool after their afternoon meal is quite soft. But the morning and night time stool for both is of good, solid quality. We feed them thrice a day… Royal Canin (pellets) with a bit of curd in the morning; Boiled rice, chicken, home-made chicken stock & boiled veggies in the afternoon; And Rice, boiled potatoes and curd at night. My vet says the curd is good for their tummy as it contains probiotics. But their stool keeps varying in quality every few days, going from semi-solid to solid. Is this worrisome? Also, how many times should they be pooping, ideally? Much appreciate a reply. Thanks

    • Hi Triparna, you need to check with your vet. We do not feed Labradors this way in the UK so I cannot comment on whether or not the diet is making things worse, though I would not be surprised. I also cannot speculate as to the whether you should be concerned about their stool, that really is a matter for your vet. Incidentally, as far as I am aware, Royal Canin is a complete food, there is no need to add vegetables, rice etc.
      Best wishes

  92. Hi Pippa, I have a 3 month old lab puppy. Earlier he was a unhealthy one. but at present he is healthy. my problem is that, his ears were fold backwardly not like other lab. did that will change like other labs? my vet says that this is because of his growth is vastly in 1 week, from unhealthy to healthy. before his ears have no problem. first his right and then his left ear fold backwardly.also you advise me the growth ,height and weight chart of Labrador. did this problem change…..

  93. Hi, my lab is 5 months old and very very calm, almost too calm. I worry that she should be more active at such a young age. I’m not complaining, she’s well behaved and sweet but she sleeps most of the day. We keep her active by going on walks and playing fetch but otherwise she just lays around. Is this normal? I’m just nervous she’s sick or something.

    • Hi Lisa, it is natural for dogs to sleep a lot. Especially when there is nothing else going on. If she is bouncy and active when walking and playing she is probably fine, but if at all worried, check with your vet.

  94. Hi Pippa, I have a 15 week old white lab that we got from a breeder. we are feeding him 1 1/2 cups of eukanuba large breed 2 times a day as per breeder. He is pooping 6-9 times a day, is this normal? He is healthy with no parasites and weighs 25 lbs.

    • Hi Chris, some puppies do poop a lot. If his poops are firm and well formed it is probably nothing to worry about. Check with your vet if his stools are loose.

  95. hi i own a female 2months labra and i am feeding him pedigree puppy dog food twice daily along with one egg per day and yogurt and i am also giving 250gm calcium and multimineral&liver drops although she is very active only problem is that his stomach is looking oversized in comparision to whole body can you please suggest me that is it normal?

    • A two month old puppy need four meals a day, not two. Pedigree Puppy food in the UK is a complete food containing all the nutrients needed by the puppy, so you do not need to add eggs or supplements. Bloated tummies can be due to worms. Best to get your puppy checked out by your vet. Pippa

  96. and please if you can suggest me a proper diet i live in india and i dont rely on vets at all as they are always forcing for uneccesiarly expensive dog foods

  97. hi pippa thanx for your advice i have dewormed my labra from vet when she was 45days should i repeat the process again for bloated tummy

  98. I have a 13 week old labra doodle. He went for a vet check today and weighs 35lbs. His paws are as big as my 5 year old daughters hands. He is very lean and the vet says he likes them a little lean when they are young. I understand but my boy is always hungry. He eats 1 and a half cups of Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy mixed with a few spoons of Blue Buffalo canned food 3x a day. Should I be worried or is it normal? He has no parasites and is very healthy. Thank you!
    Also, is he going to be a giant as big as he is now?

    • Hi, it is not uncommon for Labradoodles to be bigger than pure bred labs and it isn’t possible to predict the final size of your dog. Many puppies (and adult dogs) are always hungry and ready for food. Enjoy your healthy puppy. :) Pippa

  99. Hi,
    Pippa i Bought a female labrador puppy its 2 months old can you tell me about on what period i need to give her 1st vaccine i went to vet he said that the puppy should be vaccine after age of 3 month old. Is it good for my puppy or i need to visit another vet

  100. Hi,

    I have a 2 months old lab (LEO) he is not taking his food and became very weak. He is just not eating anything, I had changed his dog food 2-3 times (Royal Canin, pedigree, drools), tried everything I could. I take him regularly to a vet for deworming, checkups and vaccination. I am very worried that he don’t even take one complete diet in a day. I want to know what is the diet of puppy of this age and what can be the reason for not eating his food.

    • Hi Rishabh, Royal Canin and Pedigree are both well regarded foods. I haven’t heard of the other. It seems unlikely that food is the problem. It is not a good idea to keep changing a puppy’s diet.

      If your puppy is not eating and is getting thin, your vet needs to find out what is wrong with him. If he is not thin, and is full of energy, then he is probably getting enough to eat. Here is information on feeding your puppy


      • Dear Pippa,

        Thanks for your suggestion, I am taking him regularly to a Vet and infact he has got his blood tested 2 times for verifying the reasons. The report shows lower Haemoglobin (8.2) rest everything is Ok. His poop is also like paste without solid content and green in colur. The doctor is doubting on bad stomach but it is too long as he is taking regular medicines. What can be the probable reason for his stomach upset or any other reason.

  101. Hi! I just got an 8 week old chocolate lab and we have her on BLUE puppy food. How many times a day and how much should I feed her?

    We also have a 2 year old yellow lab, but can’t remember how much we fed her when she was that age.
    Please help.

    Thank you very much.

  102. Sir.

  103. Hi,pippa… My 3 months lab eats soil,small stones, whenever I tk hm outside for a walk, its difficult to control hm from doing dis… I found 3-4 small stones in his poo which he eat during walk. What should I do.. Plz suggest something…

    • Hi, lots of puppies do this. Try and keep him amused and interacting with you whilst he is outside, and if you can find a grassy area, away from stones, so much the better. He will probably grow out of it. He also does not need walks yet, just a place to play outdoors. Pippa

  104. Hi There! I am planning to bring in a yellow lab puppy, however I do realize that its a big responsibility to have one and therefore I have concern, I would have nobody at home for at least 6 hrs at a stretch (8am to around 2 pm) and then again for about an hour or two in the evening, rest of the time I will available for him. I stay alone. Also, this would be my first ever pet. Please advise….. should I even go ahead with it?? If, yes, please let me know! Please do reply…

    • Hi Karan,
      This is a big problem for many puppies. So many people work nowadays, and puppies are left alone for far too long. A puppy left alone for long periods of time may become very noisy, or destructive, and of course you cannot crate a puppy for more than an hour or so during the day. Your puppy would have to toilet indoors on newspapers or puppy pads and this can make housetraining a slow process.

      Labradors are very social dogs, and my personal view is that your puppy would be unhappy, though of course others may disagree. One solution that many working people use is to find a puppy walker or creche to take care of the puppy during the day.

      Best wishes,

  105. hello,
    I have an yellow one nd i would like to knw its food table + he is only 48 yrs old nw. nd plz tell me the precautions to be taken as u r very experienced…..also i’m new in this field….

    thank u pipa for studying my doubt…….good day plz rply soooooooon

  106. I had 4 1/2mnth old female lab I m giving her royal canin for very start when she was 34day puppy bt suddenly these days some time she ignores the food………is it any serious problem ….plz rlpy asap

  107. My black lab is 22 weeks old and 44 lbs. She is getting a raw diet from a reputable source. Beautiful coat, lots of energy. 3 weeks ago she weighed 40 lbs. Doesn’t look or feel thin at all.m just wondering if she is gaining too slowly or should weigh more than this. Her siblings all outweigh her, however, they are being fed a premium dry food diet., and I am feeding a premium varied raw food diet.

    • Hi Suzanne,
      It does not matter what your five month old puppy weighs if she is neither too fat, nor too thin, and is in great condition. You cannot compare with siblings as puppies from the same litter may vary greatly. I never weigh pups unless I need to give them medication. Sounds like you are doing a great job.

  108. Hello..

    I have a 2n half months old lab.. its going motions n also has vomitings.. took it to hospital bt ders no improvement.. could you please suggest on how to go abt it.. really worried abt ma puppy.

    • Hi Jack, sorry to hear your puppy is ill, if the treatment recommended by the vet is not helping, you need to take the puppy back and ask the vet to have another look at him. I hope he gets better soon. Pippa

  109. Hi Pippa,
    I have a labrador puppy which is 8 weeks old and weighs 4.3 Kgs and I live in INDIA . My questions : Is his weight correct as per his age..? (2)At times he becomes aggressive ( while playing / while chewing a cloth ) .. Is this a bad sign ?
    (3) As he is 8 weeks old for now, what do you suggest me to feed hereafter… ? He doesnot like water at all…. are these behaviors normals with an 8 weeks puppy… By the way I have a cream colour labra

    Thanks in advance for your reply…

  110. I have a lab puppy black who is 4 months old. He just had his anti-rabies vaccination. I am wondering why does he bite his own teeth, making a rattling noise at times, does it say something. i am bit worried about it, She has a lot of toys to play with , but still she does that biting her own teeth at times…

  111. hey.. pippa I also want to know my labrador(5 months old) is still having milk twice a day.. should i continue with milk or should I give him only kibbles.. and what should be the quantity of kibbles for 5 months old labrador..

  112. Hi I’m getting a male Labrador tomorrow. He is 8 weeks old. Can you suggest an ideal weight and diet? Currently the breeder is feeding him Pedigree. Also, shall I buy one puppy or two? Thanks

  113. i have 3 7 month old Labs, i have a serious problem with training them. this is my second experience with dogs. they weren’t raised with leashes, so putting them on a leash causes them to react aggressively or like a wild beast, secondly, i dislike it when they jump all over me, when i coming home from work or church, messing up my clothes with mud. how do solve those two issues among others.

    • Hi Donna, you will need to train your dogs to walk on a lead. You will need to teach each dog separately, whilst the others are out of the way. It will be quite time consuming with three dogs the same age, but you can find plenty of articles on lead training in the Basic Obediencesection.
      Here is an article on Jumping Up

  114. Hi
    Our black lab puppy Shadow is now 13 weeks old. He is really enjoying his walks and is already walking off the lead in the park when there are no distractions and comes easily when called . However he is refusing to walk home , when we get near the house he sits or lies down and refuses to move! If there are two of us we can play the recall game and reward him with treats but this cant be done when you are walking alone. I dont want to carry him back as he is going to get big. What can I do. Will feeding him when he gets home help?

    • Hi Linda, yes, you can overcome this with lots of tasty rewards, make arriving home a very happy experience. Don’t forget a small pup doesn’t need much exercise.

  115. hi pippa i am having a 3 month old labra female an i want to know that what amount of calcium should i give him and what other vitamins should i give her

  116. Hi there
    We recently picked up our new lab puppy when she was old enough to leave her mum. Since she came home she has been eating great, and toileting super (she’s getting to know to go outside now). She plays alot with me as I stay with her during the day but in her routine she sleeps alot. When we went to see her at different stages as a puppy, she was always the smallest one and wasn’t really involved by the other pups. Would this affect her ability to play and sleep as she may have been ‘bullied out’ by the other pups who may have pushed her out and she hasn’t pushed her way back in. She seems quite shy for a puppy.

  117. Hi , I bought a labrador pup of 35 days 3 days ago. He was very active ,healthy and playful on the first day when i brought him to my house.
    Unfortunately I fed him 6 times a day on 2nd day with ” Royal Canine Starter ” with 2 1/2 spoon with luke warm water.He ate all.

    on next day the pup tried to vomit but it didn’t. And he didn’t eat anything. Later on the day he became very lethargic, so i took him to a vet. The vet gave him an injection and a mouth spray and an alkalizer. After returning home the pup vomited and gave out yellow liquid only, because of injection.

    In evening again I took him to the vet, the vet again gave him the injection and this time he also gave my pup glucose through his right paw. After returning home the pup played alot and as very active. But again around 9 pm he vomited and gave out same yellow liquid and became very lethargic again.

    In night he pooped once with semi solid stool, like solid stool in liquid stool, both were mixed. The next morning he did the same thing. I gave him wheat cerelac with a little bit of sugar, he ate two spoons of cerelac and I also gave him two glucose biscuits mixed in water, he also ate it.

    Now he has not gave out yellow liquid from his mouth from past 12 hours. In morning he played a little and now he is sleeping.I want to ask you is this situation lethal to my labrador pup. And what should I give him to eat so that he should be back in his healthy state.

  118. Hello! We are in the process of adopting a 9 month old lab from friends. However, the lab is very scared of new people but completely awesome and tame with them. They never took her out of the house other than for her vet trips and such. When I met her she barked and growled but once she warmed up to me she licked me and sat on me and let me do whatever I wanted play wise with her. I’m afraid to take her around new people and to the dog park because of how shy she is. Is this behaviour normal and how can we get it to go away? Thanks!

  119. hi my lab pup which is 3 months old is on a professional food available in india, do i need to give him some extra calcium and multi vitiams and in what quantity.

  120. Hi pippa i have a 3 and a half months old female labra and i have noticed that her tail is bigger than the pups of her age and breed?

  121. Hi pippa i have a 3 and a half months old female labra and i have noticed that her tail is bigger than the pups of her age and breed? is that a sign of impurity in breed?

    • A genuine pedigree Labrador that has been bred from generations of dogs with poor conformation may look very little like a Labrador, and a very nice looking Labrador that looks genuine, may actually be a cross-breed.

      I’m afraid that no-one can say with any certainty, whether or not your puppy is a genuine Labrador on the basis of your description of some part of his anatomy.


  122. Hi Pippa,
    I love the website and have read and learned a lot about Labrador puppies from it.
    We have recently purchased a dear black lab 8 week old named Jotta. He has been with us two weeks and is doing brilliantly. He seems to be a big puppy, large paws and generally big but not fat. He is sleeping through the night, quasi house trained (two – four accidents a day max), is learning not to bite hard (according to your instructions). I have never had a puppy but have always had older rejected dogs which are not trained. SO I am determined to train Jotta.

    We live in a unique situation being a children’s centre in Mozambique. There are 250 children living in close proximity around us. Jotta will be firstly be living with my husband and I, we have no children in our immediate house, but he will be playing with 7 teenage children and one 2 year old untrained neutered yappy maltese/poodle-all who live connected to our house and frequently enter the house. The maltese dog is not happy with the appearance of Jotta but we are taking that slowly, Jotta assumes a submissive/frightened position but is getting sick of the yapping, and has now goen at the maltese twice, we limit the visit to an absolute maximum of 5 minutes, usually 3 – 4 minutes.

    Unfortunately he had a traumatic experience on his first separation as he was left in a bathroom on his own for 1 & ½ hours and was beside himself when my husband got back to him. Now he will not stay in his enclosure without getting distressed I am regularly using the method you suggest for crate training but he is very slow to shw any improvement. Managing between 10 seconds and 2 minutes without getting distressed. Sometimes its ahrd to find enough seconds to reappear to praise him before he is off again.

    He is doing brilliantly with recall even with 30 toddlers calling him he came to me (for kibble of course).
    In two weeks we will be away for 3 weeks, Jotta can spend most of his time in with the teenagers but they tend to excite him and inadvertantly will feed him scraps. He can be in our home some of the day.

    When Jotta is 5 months old he will transition to my daughters house who will be living next door and is closely connected to our house. She, her husband and their children aged 3 & 6 will be the main careers for Jotta but he will be free to come between the two houses. You can see he needs to be flexible. Right now he is totally easy with all his new situations, new people and lots of children however he has a few challenges in his life I feel unequipped to deal with these are;
    • The older maltese dog.
    • The transition to my daughter house.
    • How to manage our three weeks away
    • What to do when he messes (mostly under my bed at night), he is not up to being in the enclosure at night.

    Lots of questions hopefully you can help with some answers.
    Regards Ros.

    • Dear Ros,
      I am so glad you are enjoying the website, I am sure your puppy will thrive with your commitment to his welfare. There is quite a lot going on in your post :) and it really deserves a little more time and attention than I have right now.
      I will try to get back to you later in the week, but could I suggest in the meantime that you join the forum and copy this post up there? It is a very friendly place where you will get lots of support and good advice from all the other puppy owners.

  123. Hello.. I have a 9 year old black lab, we feed him twice a day ( early morning and evening).Recently he has started following us all around the house in the afternoon wanting something to eat. Should we change his feeding to thrice a day ?

  124. Hello Sir,

    My 37 days Lab bitch(chilli) is suffering from bloody diarrhea i have given her medicine but do not thing it works….. my another pom bitch(ginger) is also vomit white fluid .. I m worried. dnt klnow what is wrong with them

  125. my lab is two year old we adopted him from a family a year back who was moving abroad. he is been a trained dog knows basic commands like sit lie down no etc, has not been not neutralised.
    recently changes in his behavior
    -he barks on other dogs and becomes aggressive
    -he does not want to stay alone in the nght when we put his bed next to the stairs .cries howls scrtches the door till we let him in the bedroom.neighbours complain.
    – he has started urinating at midight . we take him for walsk in morning evening and twice in the night still he wakes me up again at 4 am .
    very tired of cleaning up and unable to son does not allows me to give him for adoption.husband is not very fond and is traveling so all responsibilty fall on me

  126. hello i have bklack lab puppy approx 55 days, what shold i give him in food and how many times milk a day. now he goes pooty(toilet) 4-5 times. i feed him 5 times a day 3 times only milk 1 time milk with pedagree stage 1 and 1 tme chappati( wheat flor roti) with milk. is it sefficent for him in a day

  127. Hi Pippa, our 9 week old puppy Jotta (referred to above) is quite astute he knows when I am not pleased with his behaviour as I stop and fold my arms and look away, he does not like this action and comes back at me with a loud bark and appears to have his teeth bared (not a friendly look) he then lays down. Would I interpret this as an aggressive action from him? If so how should I modify his behaviour. (no one is cruel or aggressive to him), Regards Ros.

    • Hi Ros, your nine week old puppy is not being aggressive, he is just trying to get your attention. Ignore any barking and make sure you don’t reward him for doing it. Pippa

  128. Hi,

    I have male Lab of 19month he is vegitrian & very much active but the problem is his weight is 43kg and most of the VET say it is over weight. We just feeb chapati milk and he like to eat raw vegetables like potato, peas and other stuffs like that. So my question is.
    1. Is he Over Weight?
    2. If yes how do i make hime lose weight.

    He is sweetheart of the family if he is hungry and asking for food no one can be strick to him so he gets what he want.
    If we take him for exercise he gets exhausted very quickly but he never gives up so he keeps on runnning but once we are back he sleep whole night without even going for pee.
    So please suggest some thing.

  129. hello pippa i have a 4 mnths old female labrador ,all is going well but my vet has warned me that my floor surface which is of victrified tiles will result up in crippled legs of my dog he has prescribed calcium and told me to keep her on anti skit surface although i am taking precautions but i still found that when i take her for a walk her left back leg seems to be slipping even on the mortar road ,
    from your such a long expereience would you please help me out to ensure that my dogs leg could be prevented from getting crippled?

    • Hi there, I think your best chance of a healthy dog will lie in following your vet’s advice. Keep him up to date with progress and let him know if you have any concerns. Good luck with your puppy . Pippa

  130. Hi Pippa,
    My Lab..HUGO is one and a half yr old. From the past 4 months he is scratching severly and when taken to vet ..she said he has infection and prescribed Tab clavet 500mg, TabRantac D, Tab pet peo. For local application she gave me sebolylic and pet derm twice a week, pet derm spray turbenatile twice a day.
    There were no changes in his scratching and he got boils all over his body….specially on the stomach, we could see big round patches.
    When we took him again to vet she changed the medicine to Tab Moxpet 1000 mg, tab rantac D, tab Atarax 10 mg she also gave us some medicated shampoo to bathe him.
    The problem has still not got solved. I have shown him to three different vet but everyone gives different answers.
    Kindly suggest me a proper medication and the remedy for the same. He has boils randumly errupting in his body, he keeps scratching and biting his body. When the boil drys the hair on that part falls off like a chunk making him bald on that part. He eats well, is very playful, all his activities are very normal.
    I am very worried with this infection …Please help me…
    I thank u so much for this forum where i could share my problem

  131. Hi Pippa

    We have a 9week old black lab Stanley we have had him just under a week. He hasnt been out in the garden since we got him and is very nervous outside the comfort of our home, he just cries in the car.

    Today my mums dog (a chug) came round (she has had all her vaccinations) they had a very playful afternoon, as stan loves to play he was just normal playful self.

    however stan has now got a bout of diarrhoea, he has had his dinner this evening and went to the toilet 1 1/2hrs after, it was very loose almost watery. He has been drinking lots of water since without prompt, so I feel comfortable he is keeping himself hydrated, could it be the fact he is over excited by today? Or would you advise to go to the vet immediately? As he has mixed with another dog before his 10week vaccination

    Many thanks

  132. Hi Pippa,
    My Lab..HUGO is one and a half yr old. From the past 4 months he is scratching severly and when taken to vet ..she said he has infection and prescribed Tab clavet 500mg, TabRantac D, Tab pet peo. For local application she gave me sebolylic and pet derm twice a week, pet derm spray turbenatile twice a day.
    There were no changes in his scratching and he got boils all over his body….specially on the stomach, we could see big round patches.
    When we took him again to vet she changed the medicine to Tab Moxpet 1000 mg, tab rantac D, tab Atarax 10 mg she also gave us some medicated shampoo to bathe him.
    The problem has still not got solved. I have shown him to three different vet but everyone gives different answers.
    Kindly suggest me a proper medication and the remedy for the same. He has boils randumly errupting in his body, he keeps scratching and biting his body. When the boil drys the hair on that part falls off like a chunk making him bald on that part. He eats well, is very playful, all his activities are very normal.
    I am very worried with this infection …Please help me…
    I thank u so much for this forum where i could share my problem

    • Hi Lata
      I am so sorry to hear of your troubles. Unfortunately I am not a vet and we do not offer veterinary advice on this website. Your best bet is probably to chose the vet you feel most confident in, and let them decide the appropriate treatment. Best wishes. Pippa

  133. Hi Pippa,

    Need your best advise. I have adopted an 8weeks old black lab (her name is Sheba) from a litter of seven from an irresponsible dog owner in Manila, Philippines. All pups were under nourish, underweight and under height. Sheba weigh about 1.5 kl on her 8 weeks which is way beyond the average scale at her age.. i already went to the Vet and i was advise that i should feed her every 4 hours and give her more than what she could eat in each feeding. I’m worried about her well being and if i will be able to help her gain its loss weight and height. I bought her eukanuba dog food which is one of the best quality dog food here in Phils. Do you have any suggestions on how to take care of her to regain the nourishment that was taken out from her since birth.. Really need your help… God Bless and all the best to you!

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Sherwin, my suggestion would be to follow your vet’s advice. He knows what is available locally, and has examined your puppy. Good luck with her, I hope she thrives with your good care and attention. Best wishes, Pippa

  134. Hi pippa….
    I have a 45 days old male lab. Vet suggest me feed him carelac, so I follow her instruction. Last 2 days I saw my puppy become thin and rough skin. What to do for Intel’s health? My name is Gopal from india.
    Thank you.

  135. hey pippa…
    my lab puppy who is 4 months old,he is bitting alot. offcourse he is active but sometimes he is more active and bits hard…….can u plz suggest me asolution for that ……….!

  136. hi, I have yellow lab with 1 year and 2 month we gave him training classes but still he is crazy and everytime we are near he bites us everywhere and we have problems with our neighbors too, cause he jumps them and they are afraid of him. How can we make him calm? thank you

  137. Just joined your site Pippa….we are just waiting for our little bundle of joy a yellow lab.we get him on Nov.24…..we are in Canada……just loving this sit!!Thks.J

  138. Hi Pippa
    Recently one of may neighbour’s lab passed away. She had 2 kids aged 2 weeks. Can they survive without their mother? I plan to adopt one of hem . Whats your advice?

    • Hi, the pups will survive with good care and hand-feeding. Their temperament will be influenced by the lack of maternal interaction. An experienced breeder will know how to compensate as best she can.

      For your own dog, I would advise you to spend a lot of time looking for the very best puppy you can find, as it is going to be with you for a long time, and not to be influenced by the proximity, convenience or how much you want to help out your neighbour. Good luck. Pippa

  139. hii
    I had purchased lab 30 days puupy
    after using de worming medicine for the puppy got very weak .
    its active ness was not found .

  140. I am planning to buy a puppy. But after reading somewhat on this site, I am into a dilemma.
    1)Should I buy a puppy or a grown dog because I have college daily and I go remain outside of house for 5 to 7 hours?
    2)Should I consider buying a dog or not because I live in a 2BHK flat?

  141. sir,i have a lab of age 3 months,she is too much playful and really very skiny,her bones are easily visible,but d beacon is she is growing in size now as i m giving her good quality foods,but hardly getting any fat on her body,can you please help me with the information that how can I make my puppy a bit fleshy and fat.
    thank you for reading,will be waiting for your response to come :)

  142. hi pippa
    my male lab pup is 52days old.his weight is just 2.9 kg :( ..
    i feed him pedigree dissolving with warm water four times a day.i also add calcium and boosting syrup with food twice a day.he dont have worm as well.but comparing him with other lab of his pup is too skinny.what should i do for his health? really worried

  143. Hi,
    when i adopted my lab he was 1.5 months(45days) old puppy and weight was around 3kg after more one month when he was2.5 month old weight was 6 KG, now he is 3.5 month old before 2 week his weight was around 9 KG, is it normal or should i feed him more , i feed him thrice a day,he looks little thin, and these days he starts bite me while playing, and he dont bark at stranger, how can i train him to bark?

  144. Hi Pippa,
    My 9 week old chocolate labrador is sleeping through the night without whining or needing to go out for a wee. The first couple of nights he needed it but last night was quiet between 10.00pm and 06.30. I have followed your recommendations thus far on everything – crates, water, feeding, attention – and was just wondering if I should stop moaning and enjoy it! He’s full of life otherwise and eating and drinking well, so I was only wondering if there might be something I was missing in him sleeping through the night? Many thanks for all your help thus far and congratulations on a wonderful website.


  145. hi i hav a white lab 3 months it often tends to bite me.i sometimes try to beat him bt then he ecomes more violent and attackes to get rid of this..
    pls help me..

  146. We have a yellow lab, almost 11 weeks old. We’re just getting to know him. We’ve noticed when outside he will begin chewing on leaves, twigs, etc, possibly swallowing some. Is this normal?

  147. Hi pipa
    I live in uttar pradesh, india. I have a 45 days old black lab bitch. It is very laid back and not at all chirpy. It takes food normally and lies down.
    What shall i do?. Plz. Help me

  148. Hi Pippa, My 5 month old puppy is on Hills Science and has had cake mix style poo for just over a week. We feed him 450 gms (3 cups) of food 3 times a day. He is correct weight and is happy in himself. Shall we start and feed him same amount twice a day? Do you think that will help firm up his stools?
    Please help.
    Ps I have your book and love it.

  149. Hi..
    I have recently gt a female lab which is over 4 months.. there is no growth n luks still lyk a 2 months old puppy.. as far as I knw da puppy is nt vaccinated.. is it because of dat.. der cud be some othr reasons.. please suggest..

  150. Hi – We were told yesterday that our 12 wk old boy pup is slightly overweight. We have been feeding him Purina Beta Puppy to the recommended amounts on the bag (it is quite a big portion range). The vet recommended a change to Royal Canin Large Breed. The vet surgery sells this. Any thoughts on either brand, or a different alternative? Kevin

  151. Hi i have a 2 months and 5 days old puppy. All i wanted to know is what should be the normal weight and height of the puppy should be.

  152. hi pippa
    hi have a six week labra -charlie. he is a cute and adorable family member and eat every thing. i have few questions
    he is only 2 kg in weight ;vet says its ok but web says its less . pls guide
    he is on starter dog food; should i start some home coocked veg/non veg food for him.

  153. Hi,
    I am Mukesh and I live in INDIA. My Labrador puppy is 7 weeks old. I used to feed her cerelac(baby food) and Royal Canin until now. Of late i switched to home cooked food that would include rice and lentils, mashed potatoes and vegetables. But she doesn’t seem to eat properly. I am so worried about her not eating properly. Please help me out so as to what to feed her. She’s eight weeks old.

  154. sir i hav one month old lab puppy i jst want to knw dat which food shud i gve to my puppy & sir what is age when i shud gave meats chickens to my puppy . can i gve meat to my puppy sir plz tell me

  155. Hellooo! I was just given a “labrador” from my boyfriend and Idk where he got it but as I observe him I feel as though he isn’t all lab. He said he’s seen the parents, the dads brown and the moms yellow white and the dads big but the moms slightly small and i know for a fact that boy dogs are usually the bigger ones, I got him checked up at the vet already and they said he’s healthy. Ive looked at pictures of what my puppy should look like but i just assumed maybe its because he’s only a month old thats why i cant tell so much.. Any advice?

    • Hi Joey, I can’t advise you as to whether or not your dog is all Lab, if that’s what you mean? I should also mention that a one month old puppy should still be with his mother, and won’t be ready to leave home until he is eight weeks old. Pippa

  156. My Lab Puppy is just not taking food. He was happily feeding the Pedigree for Weaning and all of a sudden he is not at all showing interest in the food. I’m a bit worried. Please advice. It was only two days ago we paid a visit to the vet and got the tonic for worm.

    • Hi Pipa.. I Bought a 48 days old female lab puppy, which is very active and playful.. We have Marbles in our house and the vet suggested not to allow the puppy to run on the marbles until it gets the good calcium.. and also suggested not take the puppy out until complete vaccination is completed.. would you please suggest how to exercise my puppy.. Thank you so much in advance for your help.

  157. Feedback on ‘The Happy Puppy’, which I am enjoying reading while I wait for my pup to be born! On some pages there is bleeding from the colour pictures onto the opposite pages, which I don’t mind but maybe the printers could look at.

  158. Hi ,
    I have recentky adopted a 4 yr old golden lab.He weighs 35 kgs and is a plesant dog.however is drinks about 3 to 4 lits per day…I also live in a city where temperature shoots to 41 celcius.Is it normal for a dog of his size to consume so much water..thank you , major roop

  159. Hi
    We have a 9 month old Labrador, and today we just got a 1 year old poodle from a friend. Unfortunately when our lab saw the poodle, She kept on barking and would sound like she is sad. I really need advice. please, thanks, Ahmi

  160. Hey , I bought a pure black lab. He is 2 months old . He eat his food 4 times a day , but he looks a little skinny. Is it due to his growth??
    Please reply asap
    thank you

  161. Anyone experience a lab puppy (sub-11 weeks old) peeing on his/her dog bed (not in crate) — including just after relieving self outside? Any idea why? How to prevent?

  162. Hi, im having a german shepered dog shes 2 months , am feeding her cerelak and recently her stool turned yellow , can you help me what shud i feed her to stop this condition thanks

    • Physically they are capable of making puppies, but you must not let them. Mating brother and sister is inbreeding and can lead to genetic defects.

  163. hi mam
    our puppy is just 2 months old now..s it a right time to feed her with egg?
    or suggest me the inital feed for the growth

  164. Hello! I have a 4 and a half month black lab! We are a bit unsure of how much food we should be giving him and how much he should be weighing as we do not want to overfed him as we know labs can become overweight very quickly!
    Would love to hear back
    Thank you

  165. Hii.. I am having a 7 month old female lab.. Earlier she use to eat everything we give her banana,eggs,biscuits,rice,chapatti,curd,chicken,veggies,dog foods etc. Suddenly from last 10 days she is not at all interested in any kind of food. We are trying to feed him with hands Bt she is eating very few. We are bit tensed with this kind of behavior.
    *she is still very jolly and plays with us.
    * potty seems slightly slimy sometimes.
    *she still didn’t have her 1st heat.
    Please any suggestion…

  166. hey Pippa i have 2months old black lab he is very naughty never sit relaxed….tell me what should i give him to eat i usualy give him one piece bread with one cup of milk 5 times a day

  167. Hi,we have a two months chocolate lab,i prepare food for her.I cook chicken or beef with different kind of vegetables it seems she really likes her food.I also add fruits to her food,she is ten pound.Do you think we should feed her dog food or it is ok to feed her the way we do.

  168. Hi Pippa,

    I have a male lab RAW aged 9 months,and he is not showing proper growth,I am giving him proper diet and protein also,but still he is 40 lbs,even my vet. Also advice me to feed some more and from,last 10 days I am feeding him more than normal,but still no result,one more problem is that he always feel like hungry and eat anything if someone is not watching,pleSe advise as I am worried about his weight and growth?

  169. Hello… My chocolate lab is 2 months old. I’ve had him for 2 days. The last 2 mornings he has woken up at 5am and I have got up. He has poo’d in his bed. (We are crate training) is this normal and how can I train him to stop. We make sure he goes to the toilet before bed. :)

  170. Hi.
    I have a 18 week chocolate Labrador. He is healthy, lively and full of puppy teeth !! But I am worried about his size. He weighs 8.6 kilos, but compared to other puppies he has been by is tiny. He is 3-4 inches shorter than a 19 week black female and 1 inch smaller than a 12 week yellow female!! He is currently on a biscuit food that has a mixture of fish, meats, but no grain etc. (ancestral canine) the vet said that the weight sounded fine but whenever anyone sees him they all say he is tiny for his age!! His fur has gone quite coarse as well and I am trying to think if this is al food related???

    Thank you!!!

  171. Hi Pippa,
    I have a one year old yellow male lab who weighs 94lbs. My breeder told me by looking at his paws that he will be a big dog and same did a pet store supervisor say looking at his paws. But I am depressed as he doesnt seem to have grown tall. He is just 23″ in height (floor to middle of the back). We thought he will be a 26-28″ tall dog. Will he still grow? Could his height have stopped because we got him on adult dog’s food when he was 6 months old? We are now feeding him Old Dog’s food which has little protein (13%) and Less fat as he developed Pano 4 times in last 6 months. The doctor advised to lower down his proteins. Do I start puppy food again or regular food? I feed him Kirkland’s Chickn dog food which has a 4 star rating on Dogfood advisor. Please advise how we can make him grow taller.

  172. Hi Pippa,
    I have a one year old yellow male lab who weighs 94lbs. My breeder told me by looking at his paws that he will be a big dog and same did a pet store supervisor say looking at his paws. But I am depressed as he doesnt seem to have grown tall. He is just 23″ in height (floor to middle of the back). We thought he will be a 26-28″ tall dog. Will he still grow? Could his height have stopped because we got him on adult dog’s food when he was 6 months old? We are now feeding him Old Dog’s food which has little protein (13%) and Less fat as he developed Pano 4 times in last 6 months. The doctor advised to lower down his proteins. Do I start puppy food again or regular food? I feed him Kirkland’s Chickn dog food 2 times a day which has a 4 star rating on Dogfood advisor. Please advise how we can make him grow taller.

  173. Hello,
    I have a 10 week old female chocolate lab. She weighs around 8.8 lbs and I am feeding her natural balance 1/2 cup 3x/day. Is she underweight for her age? Should I be feeding her more?

  174. I have 2 labs and they are now going to be 3 months old on Sep 1 but they are not growing and putting on weight as normal labs do! I can see their ribs! I used to give them cerelac when the were above 43 days but later started to give them milk(after adding water) with bread. Please tell me, what to do or do I have to change the diet plan and the food ? Please tell me, ASAP!

    • Hi Dee, please read the puppy feeding instructions here. Three month puppies don’t need milk, they need a good diet of either commercial food or a raw meat and bones in the right proportions.

  175. Hi. We just got a puppy yesterday from a breeder who said the puppy was born 7/1/11 so he is 8 weeks old today. The 2 siblings were the same size so I did not question anything. (However, he is very small compared to my sister in law’s puppy who was born 7/5/11.) Our puppy only weighs 7lbs. This puppy did not come with any papers as his mother is only 18 months old and does not yet have her certifications. Nor does the father who is 22 months old. I am taking him to my vet tomorrow. Will the vet be able to tell the age of the puppy? Thank you.

  176. Hey , i have a 2 months old lab puppy.. he doesnt drink water at all.. if i will mix bit of milk to change the color of water like 3-4 drops of milk.. then he start to drink it otherwise it wont.. and he does pee a lot.. and when i feed him , his stomach size increases.. but in 1-2 hours , he pees a lot then he is back to thin look again.. sometimes he becomes so thin.. i am feeding him 4 times a day ,1> 6 to 7 am 2> 12 to 1 pm 3> 5.30 to 6.30 pm and 4.> 9 to 10 pm .. lunch time and dinner time.. have some more food.. .comparison of breakfast and tea time.. i am feeding him milk , bit water , and samolac at breakfast and tea time. and milk , bit water , and rice at lunch and dinner time.. …

    when he is thin , his front legs are from the bottom look bit twisted.. i hope this is not the issue… Please let me know any guidelines needed.. You can contact me personally to my email id for extra info..

  177. Morning said with a huge yawn! Advice needed, my 8 wk old is doing so well during the day but however night time is not going so well. When he goes in his pen we settle him but will only sleep for an hour or so then starts to cry and messes all over his stuff it’s like he is panicking head butting the pen etc. Is he just trying it on or is he really not liking the pen?

  178. hi we have a 8wks black lab how much water should she drink in a day. All she seems to do drink water its not in long till she p’s. Could she have a wee kidney infection

  179. sir i have 4 month old lab puppy he is around 20 kg is its weight normal coz he dosnt look fat i feed him pedigree and meat what should be my diet plan for him and quantity too

  180. Hi, how do I remove oil stains from my golden lab’s coat? He is only 11 weeks old and decided to rub himself against my husbands bike chain in the back garden! Not sure what to use that won’t irritate his skin.

    Many thanks.

  181. Hi Pippa !

    We have a 15 wk old black lab Daisy, shes really very good, in her crate shes excellent and happy to ‘go to bed’ she likes to retrieve stones and sticks from the garden and has walked perfectly on her lead until about 3 days ago, she walks outside and sits down, walks another 10 steps and sits down, shes very friendly and wants to greet everyone and just sits and stares at people who don’t make a fuss of her (quite embarrassing and ive tried distracting her attention back to me with a treat, shes not that bothered) main issue is she just suddenly springs to life and grabs the lead, pulling it and thinking its a game, ive tried shortening the lead but unfortunately she grabbed my finger, ive tried a firm ‘NO’ but it didn’t work and treats didn’t work, I end up stuck on a pavement with a puppy tugging at the end of the lead, I vary her walks so its somewhere different for her, makes no difference … I just want to walk Daisy without the danger to her pulling the lead out of my hand and I would like to keep all my fingers ! haha could you advise me please.

  182. hi pipa
    sad to say that i had a girl lab but last sunday she left us alone due to pravo. we misss her soo much she was just 2.5 month old, it was my 1st time with a dog it was really a great, her absence make us too much sad so i take a back male lab again wish for his long life, he is just 35 day old i just want to know more about how to care him more, about feeding, and its winter here so plz guide me, thanks

    • Hello Pippa,
      I would like to know that what weight should be of Labrador puppy of 2 months old and how much diet we should give. Waiting for your guidelines…. Thanks.

  183. Hi I have a 5 month old black lab. He has very dry skin on the top of his back and it’s flaking. He is also losing hair slowly under his arms and legs and belly. I’ve heard it’s just the weather turning cold and to put olive oil in his food. I’ve done this for a week and it still seems to be progressing. Please help!

    • Every dog is different. Maybe your dog won’t cry or whine at all. I haven’t met your dog, so I don’t know his/her personality. Good luck!

  184. Hi, I’m adopting a 9 month old male chocolate lab named Scotty. I wondering what is best for him while I’m at work at his age: crate or crate him off in the kitchen for more space or no crating at all?

    Thank you!

    • I would crate him to begin with just so he gets used to a routine with u, dogs like routine and when he’s more trained to ur routine then start to introduce more space, our 5 1/2 month old puppy was crate trained then we bought ber a bed and still kept the crate but encouraged her to use her bed .. We gated the downstairs and she’s brilliant! totally housetrained and when we go out she only has to see me putting a coat on and she’s straight in her bed, hope this helps amd good luck :-)

  185. Hi!
    Just reading ‘The Happy Puppy Handbook’ in preparation for our new puppies arrival in 3 weeks. Noticed you recommend on arrival allowing the puppy to relieve herself outside….so is this ok prior to inoculations? At the moment she goes on newspaper that’s placed a small distance from her bed

  186. hi there,
    I’ve got a 2 month old puppy and she is biting too hard. She has not been given injections yet as she too young for it. So do we need to go for rabies vaccine when she bites us?

  187. Hey Pippa!
    I read all the previous questions and answers and it was really helpful. I have a two +months old lab. I have made him a comfortable bed besides my own bed. But he always want to sleep in my bed. If I don’t allow he makes a lot of noise. What should I do? Also, as he grows up should I leash him or put him in cage at night? Also I mean no offence but I gotta tell you the meaning of your name in Hindi used in India: a pippa is a metallic container built of iron or steel used for storing stuff. Hehe.

  188. Hi, i have a female lab n its about 1 and half months old, i have this problem that she only sleeps on my lap….what should i do abt it?

  189. my yellow-lab is going to turn 6months on this feb 8 but it looks small its of 19 inches only,is it proper height or small.. weight is around 15 or + (expectation) so is it in its proper growth.. it eats much of food 2times pedigree and 1x meat rice or egg rice as veternary suggested (.approx 650+grams) per day more than it needs… if it is small how do i improve height

  190. Hi I have a 10 months old lab I give him a half a glass of milk with boiled vegetables and veg pedigree for taste is it good to feed him milk at this age????

  191. hey there, i have a puppy which is about 1 month 12 days old. She is not very active, She always wished to sleep or always try to rest at a certain places. Is this is a normal thing or it is common for all one month old puppies.
    please help me

  192. i am doing an assignment and these were some of the questions based on two 12 week old labs i was unsure on if you can answer please do :)

    1. Mrs Smith has left her two twelve week old Labrador puppies with you for one week. Their names are Hudson and Cooper. She noticed that Hudson tends to scoff all the food and Cooper may miss out.

    a) On admission what are their weights and body scores?
    b) What premium dog food would you offer? Why?
    f) Is there another way you can present the food to help reduce this scoffing behaviour? (You can include diagrams to support your answer).
    g) What is the easiest way to monitor their water intake?

  193. Hi, Pippa!
    We bought our 9 week old Labrador puppy (Pickles) 2 days ago. We live in Melbourne, Australia, so the climate is just right for him. He loves to play all sorts of games. I know we can’t take him out yet, but can we have other dogs come over to play with him? Also, most puppies cry at night, but surprisingly, Pickles doesn’t! Is this normal?i have also noticed simple like spots on his belly. I have ne ver heard of them before, should i take him to the vet

  194. ANother thing i wanted to add, was that pickles is chasing our son, he ripped his pants yesterday and my son is terrified of him! We have told him to stop, but he never does ! Please help!

  195. hi sir i ve bought a 45 days male pup named pepper my question is my pups front leg looks like a slight bend not straight as i am new to growing dogs lot of qus in my mind and he is running and walking ok but some times he leaps on his back legs, he weighs 2.8 kg is it ok ?and i am giving him milk & drools premium brand food and some says the brand food which i am using is not good pls help me with proper food brands & guidance


  197. Hi Labrador female had just deliver the pupies n now they are 10 days old and I want to that can I feed them cerelec becoz mother female is not gaining much milk due to that puppies are not getting suficent feeding help me what to do..

  198. I have a 2months and 4days old labrador puppy. Hes fur was falling. Is that normal? Do I need to Change he’s shampoo?

  199. Hello,
    I have a new lab puppy (9 weeks) and I am having trouble house training him. The first week we had him he never messed in the house and now he can’t hold it. I get up 2 times a night with him midnight, 2 am and then 5am. Is this enough or should it be more?

  200. I have an 8 week old lab puppy and wanted some advice on nail clipping and bathing. How soon should both happen? I see a lot of mixed information on when/how often to bathe a puppy. The general information I saw for clipping his nails was whenever he needs it so he gets used to it.

  201. Hi tis is Nina here..I have a chocolate labby of 55 years old..his hairs are falling there any specific reasons? Am worrying abt it..I think he is lacking in his nutrient supplement..please help me hw to handle?

  202. Hi we have a 12 week old black lab she’s so good but when take her on walks she sometimes just sits wont move or crys when walk but looks at me when she crys then jumps up any tips

  203. Hi, Can a lab puppy be switched to vegan at his initial stage after having non veg? Where..can we assure that he would never have non veg at later stage??

  204. Hi – can anyone recommend a decent harness for walking a growing 17 week lab? We must be on our fourth. Thanks, K

    • i have a lab puppy of 3.5 month but he’s size is still of 2 weeks old puppy.Please help me and one more thing he is without his mom.’

  205. i have a lab puppy of 3.5 month but he’s size is still of 2 weeks old puppy.Please help me and one more thing he is without his mom.’

  206. Hi,
    I have a 4 month old lab puppy. When we took him to the vet for a check up, the vet told that his legs were not straight and suggested that he should walk. So the question I have is that how long should my lab walk in order to be fit and healthy. Also we have a lot of problems potty training him. We tried several methods but none were successful. So I would be grateful if you suggest some…Thank you!

  207. I m having lab he is 45 days old n when i m feeding him food drools mix with areion lac milk powder n. Digyton mix with it his.stomach looks out y so cn any me tension

  208. heyy
    i hav a lab cross she is 3.5 months old. what should be her ideal weight.
    she sleeps or sits alot…is there any severe problem?

  209. Hii…

    I have 3 months old lab of 3kg . I just wanna know whether I can give him cerelac or not as he used to have milk with chapatis and banana all the day long and sometime pedigree too.

  210. Hi pipa,
    I have a 7 month old black lab. Quiet intelligent. His weight is 62 lbs. I m feeding him with royal canine, but his face is not getting punch. Please let me know if he is a pure breed. Is long face a trait of pure breed or not.

  211. Hi my labrador is 7 weeks old and he has sloppy poo’s.He is on bakers dried food for puppies.Do i change it or just let him eat it