Best Dog Beds For Labs

best beds for labs

I’ve lived with a lot of Labs over the years from puppies into adulthood, and there are some things that every one of them has in common when it came to bed time. They leave fur everywhere, they chew the corners, they rub against the sides, and they occasionally spontaneously take their bed or blankets on in a furious wrestling match. The best dog beds for Labs and other larger dog breeds need to be durable, hard wearing, strong and of course comfortable. I have preference for the raised elevated beds and supportive orthopedic options, but these aren’t always the cutest or most stylish to have in the middle of your living room.


Today I’ll share my thoughts on the best dog beds for Labradors. I’ve focussed on choices that are affordable or bring something extra special to make up for the increase in budget. I’ll also give my advice for choosing the perfect bed for dog’s age, breed and even chewing habits.

There’s something here for every Lab, and some fab ideas to help you find the best dog beds for your family. Don’t forget, although some of these beds are quite tough, no soft dog bed will stand up to a determined chewer. If your dog is a known bed eater, it may be worth waiting until they are past this phase before spending a lot of money on a luxury bed. Most pups will grow out of extreme chewing by the time they are a couple of years old, although some do persist longer.

FurHaven NAP Pet Bed

The FurHaven NAP Pet Bed*(paid link) is a lovely dog bed, that comes in a couple of color options.

A luxuriously soft faux fur sleeping layer is very soft and your dog will love settling down onto it. The base of the mattress is orthopedic in design, giving support and comfort to your dog’s body as he rests. The cover is removable and machine washable, allowing you to keep it fresh and clean. You can even hand wash the foam core occasionally to help keep the bed fresh.

It comes in a Jumbo size, perfect for even the biggest, stretching Labs!

PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed & Lounge

The PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed and Lounge((paid link) is a great choice for a larger breed.

The mattress is 4 inches of memory foam, giving a very comfortable, supportive surface. A smart design ensures that the cover is water and tear resistant, with a non-skid base.

Padded Pet Bolster Dog Bed

The Amazon Basics Padded Pet Bolster Bed*(paid link) has a comfy polyester cushion, covered with a soft fleece cover.It is machine washable so can stay looking fresh. This bolster bed is ideal for Labs who sleep in a crate as it comes in these set floor sizes, and has a comfortable raised rim around the edge for them to rest against.

MidWest Quiet Deluxe Dog Bed

Another great padded bed that works well as a dog bed or crate mat is the MidWest Quiet Deluxe Micro Terry Bed*(paid link).

It comes in an even bigger range of sizes, and up to a very large 48 inches long. Great for even the biggest Labrador. This pet bed is designed to be warm in winter as well as cool in summer. It is completely machine washable and should provide a soft and snug place for your dog to relax.

Serta Quilted Pillowtop Dog Bed

The Serta Quilted Pillowtop*(paid link) is an orthopedic, extra large dog bed.

Orthopaedic beds are great for older dogs or those with joint problems like hip dysplasia or arthritis. The quality is high and it will look good in any home.

Luxury Dog Beds

Our beloved Labs tend to be large, and their beds are a prominent part of the home. Finding them a dog bed that isn’t just cosy and comfortable, but also looks good and is built to last is a big priority for a lot of families.

Luxury Overstuffed Sofa by Snoozer

The Luxury Overstuffed Sofa*(paid link) is exactly what the name suggests! This gorgeous luxury dog bed is a sofa and comfortable sofa just for your dog. It is very padded, with a microsuede fabric cover. The covers are even machine washable and tumble drier friendly. So you can keep it looking as good as the day it arrived.

This sofa comes in a range of sizes, and depending upon how big your dog is you will either want the large or extra large options.

Suede Bagel dog bed by Majestic Pet

The Suede Bagel dog bed*(paid link) is designed with your dog’s comfort in mind, but also your convenience. It has a heavy duty waterproof base, and is covered in a durable faux suede. Although this dog bed is machine washable, do be aware that it is large and therefore might be a squeeze to get into some smaller machines.

This luxury dog bed comes in a range of sizes and you will probably want to pick the largest option for the average Lab. It is also available in a range of colors, so you can again pick whichever one you think will match your home and dog best!

Dog Lounge by PetFusion

(paid link)

We love the look of the Dog Lounge.*(paid link) In fact, I am very tempted to get one of these for our chocolate Labrador! I think she’d love it! The Dog Lounge and Bed looks amazing, and has hundreds of positive reviews to back up it’s claims.

The base consists of a four inch memory foam mattress. This gives your dog a huge amount of comfort and support. It is also of a durable, anti-tear construction, with a non-skid bottom. The covers are easily removable and machine washable. And it’s designed to support even the biggest, Labrador or mix.

Cheap Dog Beds

Large dog beds can come with large price tags, and as much as we’d all like to splash out on something fancy for our Labs this just isn’t always possible. So we have put together a few selections of cheap dog beds which your Labrador will love, without breaking the bank.

Super Value Pet Bed by Majestic Pet

(paid link)

The Super Value pet bed* (paid link)is a large pillow dog bed. It has ample size to fit a fully grown Lab. It also comes in a range of fun colors. Our favourite is the purple one pictured here with a Dalmatian modelling.

It’s cover is machine washable, and it should keep your dog comfy and cosy too.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

When dogs age it is not uncommon for them to become arthritic and need a bit more support from their beds. Labradors as a breed are also sadly fairly frequently affected by hip and elbow dysplasia, which can benefit from added support when laying down. Any dog who has aches and pains in their joints, or just not a lot of meat on their bones, could benefit from an orthopedic dog bed.

Gel Memory Foam Orthopedic dog bed by Brentwood

The Gel Memory Foam orthopedic dog bed* (paid link)is designed to provide therapeutic support to dogs suffering from joint pain. It also has a waterproof liner to protect it from dirt, water and any little accidents that might befall it.

The gel memory foam has the added benefit of not only give comfort and support to your dogs joints, but providing a cooling layer. If your dog suffers from arthritis or hip dysplasia, this is a bed that is designed with him in mind.

A review of the very best dog beds for Labradors and other large breed dogs.

Raised Dog Beds

A raised dog bed is a great choice for some Labradors. Not only do they help to keep them cool, but they can be used both inside and outside. If you are looking for an outdoor dog bed then an elevated bed is a great choice. The best way to keep your dog cool seems to be to give him an elevated dog bed.

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

The Coolaroo Elevated Ped Bed* (paid link)is a big hit in our house, and we’ve used it for several of our dogs over the years.

It comes in a range of sizes and colors, to fit you and your dog’s own requirements. The knitted fabric provides a durable but comfortable layer for your dog to lay on, and the strong steel from is even portable. Ideal for keeping your dog cool in the summer months, or even taking away on holiday.

Not only is the Coolaroo a great choice of raised dog bed, this can provide an excellent outdoor dog bed too.

Original Pet Cot by K&H Manufacturing

The Original Pet Cot*(paid link) is of a very similar design to the Coolaroo shown above. This portable raised dog bed is perfect for keeping your dog cool in the summer.

It is easy to assemble and take apart again, so you can use it at home or on holiday. The mesh centre of the bed is designed to be breathable and allow air to flow around your dog, keeping her cooler when the weather is fine. It comes in three sizes, and you will want the largest for a fully grown Labrador.

Heated Dog Beds

If you find that your dog tends to get chilly in the colder seasons, then you might want to consider a heated dog bed. These are also a good idea if your dog is kennelled at any time during the day and night, for keeping them happy and cosy in bed.

Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper by K&H Manufacturing

(paid link)

The Aspen Self-Warming bed* (paid link)looks like a traditional dog bed, but is made from a material which allows your dog’s body heat to be radiated back. No electricity required. And it feels as luxurious as it looks.

Warming Pet Mat by K & H

The Warming Pet Mat*(paid link) is a great choice for keeping your dog snug in their crate or kennel. It doesn’t require electricity as the pad is simply heated in the microwave before use. Giving a warm feeling to soothe aches and pains in older dogs, or just keep your Labrador cosy in the colder climate. The other big benefit of this mat is it can also be used for cooling, simply by being chilled in the fridge! So it’s a great help all year round.

Extra Large Dog Beds

Big dogs need big dog beds. Although Labradors can range in size quite significantly, especially between show and working strains, they are universally fairly large breed dogs. If you find your Labrador just can’t get comfy on a standard sized bed, or you have two who love to snuggle together, then you will want an extra large dog bed for them.

Plush Bumper Dog Bed by Pet Dreams

The Plush Bumper Dog Bed* (paid link)is a soft and luxurious dog bed, with plenty of padding and support for your dog. It comes in a range of sizes, and it’s extra large option would be perfect for a large Lab who likes a bit of space when they sleep. It also has a handy non-slip base to keep it from moving around when they settle themselves down.

The centre pad is removable and can be used as a crate mat if required, and the bed is machine washable.

Dog Blankets

Dog blankets are a great accessory for keeping your dog comfy, but also your home and car clean and intact. Draping a blanket over your car seat or on your sofa can stop those pesky hairs and claw marks, and help you both relax together in the evening.

Big Sky Faux Suede dog blanket by West Paw Design

The Big Sky dog blanket*(paid link) is a practical choice. Designed to protect your furniture from stray dog hair and give their somewhere comfortable to snuggle up beside you on the sofa. These blankets are faux suede on one side and soft and silky on the other.

For a Labrador you will need to go for the largest size. There are a range of color options, so you can choose the one that best fits your living room decor – or the color of your dog!

The Labrador Handbook by Pippa Mattinson(paid link)

Plastic Dog Basket

When our chocolate Lab Rachael was younger she was a dreadful chewer of beds, so she slept for a long time in a durable plastic dog basket for the first couple of years of her life.

(paid link)

Our top choice of plastic dog bed for Labradors is the Quiet Time Bed Pod by MidWest.*(paid link)

This plastic dog basket is 40 inches long and 28 wide, with sides of 12.5 inches high. It is easy to clean, durable, and has an elevated and ventilated base to help keep the bed fresh. This dog basket can be lined with blankets, or veterinary bedding*(paid link) if your Lab is prone to chewing their soft bedding.

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  1. HELP!
    My great nephew is currently at the San Rafael Guide Dog school getting his 2nd Guide Dog. He needs a dog bed for the new dog. Any recommendations on the best beds and the sources for them?
    The problem is my nephew’s mother wants me to take it to her home on Thanksgiving, and she will transport the bed to her son’s home.
    It is too late for me to order on online, so I need a bed I can buy at Petco, Petsmart, or perhaps Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

  2. Cheap refers to low quality construction. Inexpensive refers to how much it costs. Sometimes cheaply made items are also inexpensive but not always, and well made items can often be purchased inexpensively. Please watch your use of the word cheap.

  3. Hi Lucy, Thanks for sharing a complete information about Dog Beds For Labrador and I think it will help all the owners who have Labrador because you have mentioned all the variety which is available in the market according to their size and priorities….nice article….Please write more articles like this.

  4. We set out one day to buy an orthopedic bed for our (show) lab. since her knee surgery a few years ago she gotten arthritis in a few of her joints and we wanted her to have a good bed. While we were in the shop, queued up to buy this expensive elegant grey velvety mattress, another customer returned a basic foam filled monstrosity in fake fur leopard print (in its wrapper, her daughter didn’t like it – no kidding) and the serving guy put it on the counter to one side.
    When we got to the counter and put ours up he made a joke about how much nicer ours was and that they have to pretty much give the other one away – well I’m not silly, he chucked it in for a fiver. We took the queen and the peasant home and I kid you not, there is competition EVERY night for who gets to sleep in the ugly bed. If the big one gets it the little one will squeeze in with her.
    Beauty is in the eye of the labrador.

  5. Both of my dogs seem to prefer the sofa or the floor. That may change as the weather gets colder (we don’t have carpeted floors) but I am making them beds/pads out of some big old pillows we have and canvas-type cloth.

    • Hi Holly, If you are referring to the bed shown in the title image at the top of the page, I am afraid that this is a stock image and not from a shop. I have tried to find it as it’s a great looking bed, but I’m afraid I haven’t had any joy myself. Sorry to disappoint you, and I hope that you have more luck than I did. Best wishes, Lucy

    • Do a search on “burrow beds for dogs” and you’ll find a number of them. Paws and Claws makes a few and sells them, too.

  6. I have a 10 year old and a 2year 9 month old labs but the younger one just chews the older ones beds so my older one is suffering all the time he suffers with his hips and I know he is not comfortable in what bed he has left I just Don’t know what to do it is not fair on the older lab.

  7. I cannot keep a bed in my 10 month old and 11 month old labs crates. I have spent hundreds of dollars on them and they always manage to rip them to pieces. One was memory foam and I found it in small pieces…..I really think they like to lie on just the plastic liner as that seems to be all that is left when they are done shredding! They get lots of exercise and only go in their crates after a long run…..they get lots to chew on but seem to like to destroy their beds. Maybe I should just wait until they are over their destructive phase….if that ever ends!

    • Ditto from me; My 13 month old Lab has killed 5 or more beds from cheap ones to expensive ones. I have thought about trying the really expensive K9 Ballistic beds, but I would bet that my Lab will destroy that one, too.

  8. labrador retrievers chew and destroy dog beds; you should review the same beds after the lab has had it in 30 days if it still exists