Caring For Your Labrador Puppy

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Your questions answered

A new puppy is a time of great joy. It’s also a time of challenges, and questions! It can be difficult to know where to begin, but you’ll find the answers to many of your puppy questions below. We look at potty training, feeding, and biting. And we help you with puppy growth issues, crate training problems and upset tummies. We bring you information on diet, exercise, vaccinations, obedience and socialization too. It’s all here!

Puppy Parenting Courses

Our aim is to help you enjoy your new puppy, and for those of you looking for more support and guidance, we’ve recently added a Puppy Parenting course to our Dogsnet Training Program. You’ll find more information, on the Dogsnet website

Below you’ll find resources covering every aspect of Labrador puppy care and development.

General Puppy Care

Puppy Feeding, Growth Puppy Exercise, Food & Growth

Puppy Stages

Puppy Vaccinations and Socialisation

Puppy Potty Training

Puppy Behavior

Puppy Training

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When To Collect Your Puppy

The Kennel Club recommends that puppies are not removed from their breeder until they are 8 weeks old. There are lots of good reasons for this. It helps puppies develop good bite moderation skills before they are adopted into a family, ensures that they are ready to adapt quickly to their new life. And it helps to reduce the sad numbers of puppies bred for a quick profit.

Puppies sold under seven weeks old often have health problems and need special care, and extra veterinary attention. So it’s really important that  puppies are left with their breeder until they are eight weeks old.
Everything you need to know about caring for your Labrador Puppy!
Check out the following articles for further information:

Your first puppy

Your first puppy is a huge adventure. You have so much fun ahead. It’s important to arm yourself with as much information as you possibly can and to raise your puppy to focus on you and pay attention to you. Labradors are generally very friendly dogs, but they can also be very distractible. So do start daily training games, using plenty of food.

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  1. I have 6 week old puppy while playing with he bytes my fingers it has minor skin break I need to put TT injection now

  2. The part of your article that mentioned how labradors are easily distractable caught my attention. We have a lot of space around our house where the dog can possibly try and run off to in case we don’t train it properly, so I would need to take this into account. I’ll make sure we focus on training it not to wander off into the house when we adopt our first labradoodle puppy from a pet store in the area.