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Labrador puppies are wonderful, but they can be a handful. Especially in those early days. If you need help with your Lab puppy then you have come to the right place. From sleep to potty training, biting to crying, and a lot more besides.

Labrador puppies grow up fast, but when you are having trouble time can really slow down. They bring a lot of joy, but quite a few challenges too! This page is your doorway to the wealth of information on Labrador Puppies that you will find throughout this site.

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We’ll be looking at a huge range of topics including:

Advice on Your Lab Puppy

This complete guide to buying, raising and training a Labrador Retriever puppy will help you to choose and raise the perfect family pet. Here you can find out the best way to buy a puppy, how to feed and potty train your puppy and how to keep him healthy.

We answer your questions on growth, weight, biting, socialization and much more. And we also have a fantastic community and support network of Labrador puppy parents in our forum and on our Facebook page.

Here are some links that you are likely to need in the first few weeks with your new Labrador puppy.

Our puppy section is updated constantly. We are always at the forefront of any Labrador news and information. There is no more extensive Labrador resource anywhere on the internet. It’s all here, and if you scroll down, we’ll help you find what you need.

How to Buy a Labrador Retriever Puppy

Finding Labrador puppies might seem easy. But not every Labrador puppy for sale is a great potential pet. They also have a huge price range, from $500 to $1,500 dollars depending upon where you look. And cheaper puppies aren’t necessarily the bargain they seem.

If you haven’t found your Labrador Retriever puppies yet, we have some great resources to help you pick a the right dog. Don’t miss these important guides:

Not all Labrador puppies for sale are healthy, so its important that you know what you are looking for. There are lots more resources and information to help prospective puppy buyers in this section.

Getting Ready for your Puppy

Good preparation creates a smoother transition into dog ownership. Make sure you have a plan in mind for who is going to care for your pup during the day if you work full time. They won’t be able to be left for more than an hour or so at most for a few weeks, so planning ahead is a big deal.

Doing things like puppy proofing your house before your dog arrives, will make it easier during those first days together. Adding baby gates to the doorways, buying a puppy playpen and removing any access to small objects or cables will all help.

Feeding and Caring for your Labrador Puppies

Feeding your puppy a healthy diet is very important for his growth and health. We have lots of information on feeding and puppy growth in these two articles

Don’t miss our other many puppy care articles – you’ll find them here

How to Stop your Puppy Biting

Biting is one of the most challenging problems for many new puppy parents. But it needn’t spoil your enjoyment of Lab puppies. We have all the information you need to stop your puppy biting in no time at all. Don’t miss these in-depth guides:

Potty Training your Labrador Puppy

You’ll want to get potty training off to a great start. Here are some articles to help you make sure your puppy is clean and dry as quickly as possible.

That’s just to get you started! You’ll find much more information here

Labrador Puppies and Vaccination

You will probably want to make sure your puppy is protected against infectious diseases by having him vaccinated. In this section we answer all your puppy vaccination questions. Don’t miss:-

Socialisation and Raising Friendly Labrador Puppies

One of the great things about Labradors is their good nature. But did you know that even Labs need a little help in this direction? Puppies need to be socialised in order to grow up friendly and confident. Here is the information you need to get this important job done:

Life with New Labrador Puppies

Life with a small puppy isn’t always plain sailing! It can all be a bit overwhelming at times. Here are some articles to help you through the difficult days.

Information on Training your Labrador Puppies

You probably can’t wait to get started with training your puppy, and modern puppy training is great fun! Here are some key resources.

When you’ve read those two, head over to our Labrador Puppy Training Center for links to videos, articles, training guides, books and all the rest of the information you need.

Much More Puppy Information

For a complete guide to raising a healthy and happy puppy don’t miss The Happy Puppy Handbook.

This in-depth guide to the first few months of puppy parenthood covers every aspect of life with a small puppy. The book will help you prepare your home for the new arrival, and get your puppy off to a great start with potty training, socialisation and early obedience.

For more detailed support and access to our private student’s forum, you can also join Pippa’s Puppy Parenting course over at the Dogsnet Online Training School. Also – don’t forget to bookmark this page and come back to read through these fascinating sections.

And if you are in puppy shopping mode, don’t miss 10 things to buy for your new puppy! Alternatively, you can browse through our entire library of puppy articles.

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  1. Hi, i have a female lab n its about 1 and half months old, i have this problem that she only sleeps on my lap….what should i do abt it?

  2. Hey Pippa!
    I read all the previous questions and answers and it was really helpful. I have a two +months old lab. I have made him a comfortable bed besides my own bed. But he always want to sleep in my bed. If I don’t allow he makes a lot of noise. What should I do? Also, as he grows up should I leash him or put him in cage at night? Also I mean no offence but I gotta tell you the meaning of your name in Hindi used in India: a pippa is a metallic container built of iron or steel used for storing stuff. Hehe.

  3. hi there,
    I’ve got a 2 month old puppy and she is biting too hard. She has not been given injections yet as she too young for it. So do we need to go for rabies vaccine when she bites us?

  4. Hi!
    Just reading ‘The Happy Puppy Handbook’ in preparation for our new puppies arrival in 3 weeks. Noticed you recommend on arrival allowing the puppy to relieve herself outside….so is this ok prior to inoculations? At the moment she goes on newspaper that’s placed a small distance from her bed

  5. Hi, I’m adopting a 9 month old male chocolate lab named Scotty. I wondering what is best for him while I’m at work at his age: crate or crate him off in the kitchen for more space or no crating at all?

    Thank you!

    • I would crate him to begin with just so he gets used to a routine with u, dogs like routine and when he’s more trained to ur routine then start to introduce more space, our 5 1/2 month old puppy was crate trained then we bought ber a bed and still kept the crate but encouraged her to use her bed .. We gated the downstairs and she’s brilliant! totally housetrained and when we go out she only has to see me putting a coat on and she’s straight in her bed, hope this helps amd good luck 🙂

    • Every dog is different. Maybe your dog won’t cry or whine at all. I haven’t met your dog, so I don’t know his/her personality. Good luck!

  6. Hi I have a 5 month old black lab. He has very dry skin on the top of his back and it’s flaking. He is also losing hair slowly under his arms and legs and belly. I’ve heard it’s just the weather turning cold and to put olive oil in his food. I’ve done this for a week and it still seems to be progressing. Please help!

  7. hi pipa
    sad to say that i had a girl lab but last sunday she left us alone due to pravo. we misss her soo much she was just 2.5 month old, it was my 1st time with a dog it was really a great, her absence make us too much sad so i take a back male lab again wish for his long life, he is just 35 day old i just want to know more about how to care him more, about feeding, and its winter here so plz guide me, thanks

    • Hello Pippa,
      I would like to know that what weight should be of Labrador puppy of 2 months old and how much diet we should give. Waiting for your guidelines…. Thanks.

  8. Hi Pippa !

    We have a 15 wk old black lab Daisy, shes really very good, in her crate shes excellent and happy to ‘go to bed’ she likes to retrieve stones and sticks from the garden and has walked perfectly on her lead until about 3 days ago, she walks outside and sits down, walks another 10 steps and sits down, shes very friendly and wants to greet everyone and just sits and stares at people who don’t make a fuss of her (quite embarrassing and ive tried distracting her attention back to me with a treat, shes not that bothered) main issue is she just suddenly springs to life and grabs the lead, pulling it and thinking its a game, ive tried shortening the lead but unfortunately she grabbed my finger, ive tried a firm ‘NO’ but it didn’t work and treats didn’t work, I end up stuck on a pavement with a puppy tugging at the end of the lead, I vary her walks so its somewhere different for her, makes no difference … I just want to walk Daisy without the danger to her pulling the lead out of my hand and I would like to keep all my fingers ! haha could you advise me please.

  9. Hi, how do I remove oil stains from my golden lab’s coat? He is only 11 weeks old and decided to rub himself against my husbands bike chain in the back garden! Not sure what to use that won’t irritate his skin.

    Many thanks.

  10. sir i have 4 month old lab puppy he is around 20 kg is its weight normal coz he dosnt look fat i feed him pedigree and meat what should be my diet plan for him and quantity too

  11. hi we have a 8wks black lab how much water should she drink in a day. All she seems to do drink water its not in long till she p’s. Could she have a wee kidney infection

  12. Morning said with a huge yawn! Advice needed, my 8 wk old is doing so well during the day but however night time is not going so well. When he goes in his pen we settle him but will only sleep for an hour or so then starts to cry and messes all over his stuff it’s like he is panicking head butting the pen etc. Is he just trying it on or is he really not liking the pen?

  13. Hey , i have a 2 months old lab puppy.. he doesnt drink water at all.. if i will mix bit of milk to change the color of water like 3-4 drops of milk.. then he start to drink it otherwise it wont.. and he does pee a lot.. and when i feed him , his stomach size increases.. but in 1-2 hours , he pees a lot then he is back to thin look again.. sometimes he becomes so thin.. i am feeding him 4 times a day ,1> 6 to 7 am 2> 12 to 1 pm 3> 5.30 to 6.30 pm and 4.> 9 to 10 pm .. lunch time and dinner time.. have some more food.. .comparison of breakfast and tea time.. i am feeding him milk , bit water , and samolac at breakfast and tea time. and milk , bit water , and rice at lunch and dinner time.. …

    when he is thin , his front legs are from the bottom look bit twisted.. i hope this is not the issue… Please let me know any guidelines needed.. You can contact me personally to my email id for extra info..

  14. Hi. We just got a puppy yesterday from a breeder who said the puppy was born 7/1/11 so he is 8 weeks old today. The 2 siblings were the same size so I did not question anything. (However, he is very small compared to my sister in law’s puppy who was born 7/5/11.) Our puppy only weighs 7lbs. This puppy did not come with any papers as his mother is only 18 months old and does not yet have her certifications. Nor does the father who is 22 months old. I am taking him to my vet tomorrow. Will the vet be able to tell the age of the puppy? Thank you.

  15. I have 2 labs and they are now going to be 3 months old on Sep 1 but they are not growing and putting on weight as normal labs do! I can see their ribs! I used to give them cerelac when the were above 43 days but later started to give them milk(after adding water) with bread. Please tell me, what to do or do I have to change the diet plan and the food ? Please tell me, ASAP!

    • Hi Dee, please read the puppy feeding instructions here. Three month puppies don’t need milk, they need a good diet of either commercial food or a raw meat and bones in the right proportions.

  16. Hello,
    I have a 10 week old female chocolate lab. She weighs around 8.8 lbs and I am feeding her natural balance 1/2 cup 3x/day. Is she underweight for her age? Should I be feeding her more?

  17. Hi Pippa,
    I have a one year old yellow male lab who weighs 94lbs. My breeder told me by looking at his paws that he will be a big dog and same did a pet store supervisor say looking at his paws. But I am depressed as he doesnt seem to have grown tall. He is just 23″ in height (floor to middle of the back). We thought he will be a 26-28″ tall dog. Will he still grow? Could his height have stopped because we got him on adult dog’s food when he was 6 months old? We are now feeding him Old Dog’s food which has little protein (13%) and Less fat as he developed Pano 4 times in last 6 months. The doctor advised to lower down his proteins. Do I start puppy food again or regular food? I feed him Kirkland’s Chickn dog food 2 times a day which has a 4 star rating on Dogfood advisor. Please advise how we can make him grow taller.

  18. Hi Pippa,
    I have a one year old yellow male lab who weighs 94lbs. My breeder told me by looking at his paws that he will be a big dog and same did a pet store supervisor say looking at his paws. But I am depressed as he doesnt seem to have grown tall. He is just 23″ in height (floor to middle of the back). We thought he will be a 26-28″ tall dog. Will he still grow? Could his height have stopped because we got him on adult dog’s food when he was 6 months old? We are now feeding him Old Dog’s food which has little protein (13%) and Less fat as he developed Pano 4 times in last 6 months. The doctor advised to lower down his proteins. Do I start puppy food again or regular food? I feed him Kirkland’s Chickn dog food which has a 4 star rating on Dogfood advisor. Please advise how we can make him grow taller.

  19. Hi.
    I have a 18 week chocolate Labrador. He is healthy, lively and full of puppy teeth !! But I am worried about his size. He weighs 8.6 kilos, but compared to other puppies he has been by is tiny. He is 3-4 inches shorter than a 19 week black female and 1 inch smaller than a 12 week yellow female!! He is currently on a biscuit food that has a mixture of fish, meats, but no grain etc. (ancestral canine) the vet said that the weight sounded fine but whenever anyone sees him they all say he is tiny for his age!! His fur has gone quite coarse as well and I am trying to think if this is al food related???

    Thank you!!!

  20. Hello… My chocolate lab is 2 months old. I’ve had him for 2 days. The last 2 mornings he has woken up at 5am and I have got up. He has poo’d in his bed. (We are crate training) is this normal and how can I train him to stop. We make sure he goes to the toilet before bed. 🙂

  21. Hi Pippa,

    I have a male lab RAW aged 9 months,and he is not showing proper growth,I am giving him proper diet and protein also,but still he is 40 lbs,even my vet. Also advice me to feed some more and from,last 10 days I am feeding him more than normal,but still no result,one more problem is that he always feel like hungry and eat anything if someone is not watching,pleSe advise as I am worried about his weight and growth?

  22. Hi,we have a two months chocolate lab,i prepare food for her.I cook chicken or beef with different kind of vegetables it seems she really likes her food.I also add fruits to her food,she is ten pound.Do you think we should feed her dog food or it is ok to feed her the way we do.

  23. hey Pippa i have 2months old black lab he is very naughty never sit relaxed….tell me what should i give him to eat i usualy give him one piece bread with one cup of milk 5 times a day

  24. Hii.. I am having a 7 month old female lab.. Earlier she use to eat everything we give her banana,eggs,biscuits,rice,chapatti,curd,chicken,veggies,dog foods etc. Suddenly from last 10 days she is not at all interested in any kind of food. We are trying to feed him with hands Bt she is eating very few. We are bit tensed with this kind of behavior.
    *she is still very jolly and plays with us.
    * potty seems slightly slimy sometimes.
    *she still didn’t have her 1st heat.
    Please any suggestion…

  25. Hello! I have a 4 and a half month black lab! We are a bit unsure of how much food we should be giving him and how much he should be weighing as we do not want to overfed him as we know labs can become overweight very quickly!
    Would love to hear back
    Thank you

  26. hi mam
    our puppy is just 2 months old now..s it a right time to feed her with egg?
    or suggest me the inital feed for the growth

    • Physically they are capable of making puppies, but you must not let them. Mating brother and sister is inbreeding and can lead to genetic defects.

  27. Hi, im having a german shepered dog shes 2 months , am feeding her cerelak and recently her stool turned yellow , can you help me what shud i feed her to stop this condition thanks

  28. Anyone experience a lab puppy (sub-11 weeks old) peeing on his/her dog bed (not in crate) — including just after relieving self outside? Any idea why? How to prevent?

  29. Hey , I bought a pure black lab. He is 2 months old . He eat his food 4 times a day , but he looks a little skinny. Is it due to his growth??
    Please reply asap
    thank you

  30. Hi
    We have a 9 month old Labrador, and today we just got a 1 year old poodle from a friend. Unfortunately when our lab saw the poodle, She kept on barking and would sound like she is sad. I really need advice. please, thanks, Ahmi

  31. Hi ,
    I have recentky adopted a 4 yr old golden lab.He weighs 35 kgs and is a plesant dog.however is drinks about 3 to 4 lits per day…I also live in a city where temperature shoots to 41 celcius.Is it normal for a dog of his size to consume so much water..thank you , major roop

  32. Feedback on ‘The Happy Puppy’, which I am enjoying reading while I wait for my pup to be born! On some pages there is bleeding from the colour pictures onto the opposite pages, which I don’t mind but maybe the printers could look at.

  33. My Lab Puppy is just not taking food. He was happily feeding the Pedigree for Weaning and all of a sudden he is not at all showing interest in the food. I’m a bit worried. Please advice. It was only two days ago we paid a visit to the vet and got the tonic for worm.

    • Hi Pipa.. I Bought a 48 days old female lab puppy, which is very active and playful.. We have Marbles in our house and the vet suggested not to allow the puppy to run on the marbles until it gets the good calcium.. and also suggested not take the puppy out until complete vaccination is completed.. would you please suggest how to exercise my puppy.. Thank you so much in advance for your help.

  34. Hellooo! I was just given a “labrador” from my boyfriend and Idk where he got it but as I observe him I feel as though he isn’t all lab. He said he’s seen the parents, the dads brown and the moms yellow white and the dads big but the moms slightly small and i know for a fact that boy dogs are usually the bigger ones, I got him checked up at the vet already and they said he’s healthy. Ive looked at pictures of what my puppy should look like but i just assumed maybe its because he’s only a month old thats why i cant tell so much.. Any advice?

    • Hi Joey, I can’t advise you as to whether or not your dog is all Lab, if that’s what you mean? I should also mention that a one month old puppy should still be with his mother, and won’t be ready to leave home until he is eight weeks old. Pippa

  35. sir i hav one month old lab puppy i jst want to knw dat which food shud i gve to my puppy & sir what is age when i shud gave meats chickens to my puppy . can i gve meat to my puppy sir plz tell me

  36. Hi,
    I am Mukesh and I live in INDIA. My Labrador puppy is 7 weeks old. I used to feed her cerelac(baby food) and Royal Canin until now. Of late i switched to home cooked food that would include rice and lentils, mashed potatoes and vegetables. But she doesn’t seem to eat properly. I am so worried about her not eating properly. Please help me out so as to what to feed her. She’s eight weeks old.

  37. hi pippa
    hi have a six week labra -charlie. he is a cute and adorable family member and eat every thing. i have few questions
    he is only 2 kg in weight ;vet says its ok but web says its less . pls guide
    he is on starter dog food; should i start some home coocked veg/non veg food for him.

  38. Hi i have a 2 months and 5 days old puppy. All i wanted to know is what should be the normal weight and height of the puppy should be.