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let's train our labradorsAre you struggling to train your Labrador Retriever?  Do you need a little help?

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A trained Labrador is a pleasure to own, and training your dog should be fun.

Check out  our clear, step-by-step training guides:

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Most people have problems at some stage, and with a little help you can overcome them.

Before you begin, make sure that you have the right Labrador Training Supplies and Equipment.

Common Training and Behavior Problems

Common problems for Labrador owners are dogs that drag their owners along behind them,  dogs that won’t come back when they are called,  and dogs that jump up and push past people!

We can help you with that. Check out the links below and browse through our entire training section for more resources.

All the training advice on this site is reward based and effective, and provided by experienced labrador trainers.   We hope you find it helpful!

More Labrador Training Information

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  1. I enjoy reading your articles, but can you help with our 4yr old lab gun dog, a rescue dog, that is scarred of barking dogs. She will mix with & play with quiet dogs, but runs away when she hears a dog bark. Any ideas of how to stop this?

  2. I have a 6th month male lab & 8yr old. My 6th month does not get the message to go to the door to bark or cry that he needs to go out to potty. I am the one trained to keep putting him out to go. How do you train them to bark to go out? I have not tried a bell yet. Also he will poop in my dining room when he needs to go & sometimes pee. Can’t seem to get it across to him. I tried letting him smell the poop, swat on butt & tell him no he is bad. That was a waste of time, did it the next day. Help

  3. Hy I have a 5yr old black labrador which I got of my nephew 2yrs ago but everytime I go out she howls for hours not good on neighbour’s really need advice to try and stop her I even leave music or TV on for her but nothings working