Labrador Training

Are you struggling to train your labrador?  Do you need a little help?

We can help you with:

A trained Labrador is a pleasure to own, and training your dog should be fun.

Most people have problems at some stage, and with a little help you can overcome them.

Common training problems

Common problems are dogs that drag their owners along behind them,  dogs that won’t come back when they are called,  and dogs that jump up and push past people!

You will find information about these and many other labrador training problems in the sections above and in our training articles.

You can find them using this link:  Labrador Training Articles

All the training advice on this site is reward based and effective, and provided by experienced labrador trainers.   We hope you find it helpful!

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This page was written by Pippa Mattinson. Pippa’s book:  Total Recall is a complete recall training programme for dogs and puppies.